Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/4/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 8/4/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Marseille, Max talks to Stephanie on the phone, as she is back at the hotel with a headache. He tells her that he can handle Les on his own, and hopes he finds Melanie before Les does. He gets another call from Nick and takes it, but the connection is bad, and Max loses him.

At the Java café, Nick curses as he loses the call. He tries to find out more information about Melanie as Chelsea shows up. They make small talk, and he admits that he is trying to get in touch with Max. Chelsea ask why and Nick says that he has to tell him something. She catches sight of the picture of Melanie on his computer. He asks who she is. Nick says he can’t tell her that.

Ava rushes into the DiMera mansion, telling John that they have big trouble. She’s being followed. She’s sure of it. John asks who is following her, but Ava isn’t sure. She assumes it’s an undercover cop of some sort. Whoever it is is on to her.

At Bo and Hope’s house, Hope encourages Ciara to eat her pancakes as Bo rushes in. He can’t believe he slept so late. Hope grumps, surprised he slept at all. Bo makes small talk with Ciara, but she gets right to the point, asking him why her mommy is so sad. Bo gapes. Hope raises her eyebrows.

Kate visits Victor at the hospital. She’s glad to see that he is doing better, and they talk about Daniel forbidding him visitors. Kate says that he really laid into her, but later apologized. Victor is just glad he was able to find some blood that matched Phillip. Kate thinks Daniel is a pretty amazing guy. Victor thinks she sounds pretty fond of him. Kate wonders why she wouldn’t be. He saved Bo, Victor and Chelsea’s lives and put her two sons together again. Victor hear about Lucas. He thinks he did a very brave thing. Kate just hopes he doesn’t end up with Sami. Victor says they have more important things to worry about. Kate agrees. They need to talk about Phillip. Victor sighs. Despite their best efforts, he fears that Phillip is headed for disaster.

John tells Ava that it’s no big deal, but she disagrees. The cops are following her to get something on him. John isn’t worried. He doesn’t think they’ll be able to find anything out. Ava says they’re trying to pin Paul’s disappearance on him. John knows. He’s waiting on that tape to surface, and then the cops will look elsewhere. Ava doesn’t think the tape will show up, since it hasn’t by now, Just then, EJ comes in and interrupts. John says they are having a private conversation. He claims to be whispering sweet nothings to his girlfriend. EJ says he doubts that. John says this is none of his business, but EJ disagrees. He is their lawyer. If either of them have something to tell him, they ought to do so now.

Bo sends Ciara off to brush her teeth and Hoe complains that she didn’t sleep a wink after his confession. Why didn’t he tell her before? Bo says he didn’t want to involve her. She can’t believe that he withheld police evidence. Bo says he wouldn’t have done it if he weren’t sure his brother is innocent. Hope asks how he is sure. Bo sighs. Phillip said those words in anger, but he didn’t kill Paul. He doesn’t have it in him. Hope says that doesn’t make it right. She thinks that Bo is acting more like a Kiriakis than the man she loves.

Morgan comes into Phillip’s room at the hospital. He tells her that he had an amazing dream the night before. She says she did, too. He asks her what her dream was about. She kisses him.

Max sits at the café and has a coffee while Les skulks around the bar. Just then, Melanie comes in and Max spots her. He sees Les and flashes back to Les demanding money from him on Melanie’s behalf. Max comes back to the present and frets.

Chelsea asks Nick why he is being so secretive. Nick says he isn’t. He just isn’t ready to discuss this. Chelsea takes another peek at the screen. She didn’t think a party girl would be Nick’s type. He grins. He’s just trying to move on, like she did. Just then, Lexie and Theo come over. Lexie heard Chelsea was assisting the occupational therapist today. Chelsea says she is, and talks to Theo about the fun games they will play. Theo stares at the floor. Lexie wanted Chelsea to eat with them so she and Theo can get to know each other. Chelsea agrees, and Lexie asks Nick to join them, but he says he is busy. The three of them head off, and Nick calls Max.

Max’s phone rings as Melanie walks in. He ignores it as another girl runs up to Melanie, freaking out. She tells Melanie that she went to a club and saw Gigi all over Gabe on their monthiversary. She says she’s going toe be sick and drags Melanie off to the bathroom. Max stares at Les, who is still at the bar.

John tells EJ that their discussions are on a need-to-know basis. There’s nothing he needs to know. EJ doesn’t like the sound of that. Ava pipes up, saying that she is being followed, but John doesn’t think that it’s a big deal. EJ does. He ask John to excuse them, as he needs to speak with Ava about her case. Ava says he can speak in front of John, but John has something to check on. He heads off, and Ava tells EJ she hopes that she has a trial date. After she heard the trial would be where with Judge Fitzpatrick, she wants to get this over with so that she can move on with her life. EJ says he does have news, but it isn’t particularly good.

Kate tells Victor that she is worried about Phillip, even though they destroyed the evidence. Victor meant he feared that Bo would crack, not Phillip. Kate hopes not. Victor says it will all be a moot point as soon as Bo catches the true culprit. Kate sighs. Victor asks her what is wrong. She say nothing, but Victor can see it in her eyes. Kate says it’s nothing important, and Daniel will kill her if she upsets Victor again. He claims he is fine and Kate cracks. She tells him about the anonymous note Phillip got at the mansion. He went over to confront John, sure that he wrote it, and that was when he was shot. She tells Victor that Morgan is convinced that John had something to do with her father’s disappearance. Victor thinks he probably did. The question is, does John know about the tape. Kate thinks that he would have turned it into the police himself if he knew about it. He’s under the most suspicion, and he’d love to see Phillip fry. Maybe John is just playing games with him. Victor frowns. From now on, John is going to have him to deal with.

In Paul’s cell in John’s basement, Paul asks John about the evidence. John says Phillip hasn’t been arrested yet, so they must not know about the tape. Paul thought that Ava sent an email to the cops, letting them know the evidence is missing. John says she did, but he hasn’t heard anything yet. Paul stomps around and curses, yelling that he wants Phillip in jail and the hell away from his daughter. John says that when Phillip goes down, they’ll get Paul out of town, and John can arrange for his daughter to meet him. Paul is ready to get that plan in motion, because this arrangement is not working out for him. John thinks that they just need to raise the stakes.

Lexie, Chelsea, and Theo are back at the hospital. Lexie’s shift is getting ready to start, so Chelsea offers to take Theo down to therapy. Lexie thanks her and explains to Theo that she will see him later. He and Chelsea head off as Tony rushes up, breathless. Lexie asks what’s wrong. Tony can’t believe she hasn’t heard.

Bo comes back from dropping Ciara off at daycare. Hope asks if he is going to work, and he says he is. He has a job to do--to see justice served. Hope isn’t so sure, since he destroyed evidence. Bo says that he has always been one to bend the rules. Hope says it was way more that that. Bo doesn’t think that tape proves anything. His brother needed him, and he knows he’s innocent. If she can’t understand that, then maybe she doesn’t know him as well as they both thought.

Phillip thinks he was just dreaming. Morgan shrugs. She has never had anyone save her life before. Phillip sighs. So she was just repaying him for that? He says he would do it again in a heartbeat. Morgan doesn’t think she’s ever met someone so amazing and infuriating all at the same time. Phillip doesn’t want to play games anymore. He knows what she said and she knows what he said and neither of them were dreaming. The question is, did she mean it? She asks if he did. He nods and they kiss.

Nick tries to call Max, but he isn’t answering. Nick goes back to watching Melanie’s web blog. She complains about how she can’t find love because guys only care about what she looks like or what she can do for them. She wishes she could find the right person, but she doesn’t think it will happen. Nick blushes.

Max tells Les that he is going to have to wait for his money for a while, so he might as well stop hanging out here. Just then, Les sees Melanie coming out of the bathroom. He tells Max that that was a nice try and pushes past him. He grabs Melanie by the arm and tells her he isn’t leaving until she gives him what she owes him. Max tells Les to leave her alone. He pulls out his wallet and offers to pay whatever she owes. Melanie asks who the hell he is.

EJ tells Ava that Fitzpatrick has been removed from her case. She has been replaced with one of the toughest judges in the state. Ava groans. EJ says that that isn’t all. He spoke with the D.A.’s office, and they have new evidence. They found an email Ava sent to one of her men about tampering with the plane. Ava says that’s impossible, but EJ says they have it. It was found on her father’s computer, and now’s there’s direct evidence linking her to three people’s deaths. Ava says they must be able to do something. What about the fact that she was drugged? She thought that was a good defense. EJ says it’s a long shot. She asks if he is saying there is no hope. EJ says that there is very little. He is very sorry. She asks about a plea deal, but he doesn’t think it will be favorable, what with the new evidence. Just then, John comes in. Ava asks EJ to keep quiet. EJ think John might be able to help her, but she wants to tell him on her own. John asks how everything is, and Ava says it’s fine John asks to have a word with Ava alone, and EJ agrees to make himself scarce. Before he goes, he asks John to consider their conversation earlier. He can’t help him if John isn’t truthful with him. He heads off. Jon thinks EJ is too smart for his own good. Unfortunately, he doesn’t trust him enough to tell him the truth. Ava asks about Paul, and John tells her he is frustrated that the tape has not yet surfaced. Ava knows they must have received the email. John gets on the phone to call his police contact.

Bo says he is sorry she is disappointed in him. Keeping this from her has not been easy, nor was the decision to withhold the evidence. Hope is sure that’s true. The problem is that someone knows. She thinks Ava sent the email. Bo agrees, and he is sure she sent it on John’s behalf. Hope says they have no proof. What is he going to do? Bo says he going to try to smoke out whoever is responsible for Paul’s disappearance. He is sure that is John. He reminds Hope that she now knows all about this, making her an accessory after the fact. So is she with him on this, or is she going to turn him in?

Victor worries that Phillip could go to jail for murder. Kate tries to soothe him. The evidence is gone, and besides, there is no way he killed Paul. Victor says that the police still heard it. He had to guilt Bo into handing it over to him. No someone else knows and both of his sons could be in serious trouble .Kate says they are going to get to the bottom of this. At the end of the day, the recording is gone, and that is all that matters. He says she has to get going, ad Victor thanks her. Phillip is lucky to have her for a mother. Kate smiles. That’s what she tells all her children. She heads off.

Kate greets Lexie and Tony on her way out, and Lexie asks Tony what’s going on. He tells her that Stefano had a seizure. He’s being taken out of long-term care, and is on his way here. Lexie gapes. Tony nods ruefully. The doctors are saying there’s a chance he could come out of the coma.

Nick wonders what happened to Max. He heads out of the café and makes a call, asking someone to make sure his summer school shifts are covered this week. He knows it’s short notice, but he has to leave the country. It’s an emergency.

Max hands a wad of bills over to Les. It’s not all he wants, but he will have to take it. Les counts it and chuckles. This isn’t nearly enough. Max says he can take that, or nothing. Melanie gapes. Les says he isn’t walking away with nothing. Max says that he can make real trouble for Les. If he doesn’t believe that, he can try him. Max tells him to take the 500 euros and get of here. Les tells Melanie that she got lucky and leaves. Just then, her friend runs up, complaining about her boyfriend texting her. Melanie tells her that she is busy right now. Susan heads off to cry at home. Melanie asks Max why he paid off her debt. Max says Les had it in for her, and wonders why she would borrow money from someone like that. She says it’s none of his business, as she can pay her own way. She takes off a bracelet and hands it to Max. He says this should be enough to cover it and wonders where she got it. She refuses to answer any more questions until he tells her who he is.

John gets off the phone and tells Ava that the police got the email. Roman and Hope Brady are investigating it. Ava sighs. John wonders what is wrong. She hopes she isn’t still worried about the police following her. She says she is worried about a lot of things. This whole situation with Paul has gotten out of hand. John wonders what life would be without adventure. He assures her that everything will work out. She says it might. John hopes she isn’t dumping him. She says she isn’t. In fact, she wants to focus on something right now that has brought her so much pleasure. He hopes he feels he same way. He asks what she has in mind. She asks him to come upstairs so that she can show him. They head off.

Lexie tells Tony that she can’t believe that Stefano could come out of the coma. Just then, EJ rushes up, asking if Stefano is here. Lexie says that he isn’t, yet. EJ asks if he is waking up. Lexie and Tony avoid his questioning stare.

Max tells Melanie that he is just concerned about her. She insists that she can take care of herself. She would have just given Les the bracelet. Max asks if she stole it. Melanie says she doesn’t have time for this. She has to go, so is he going to tell her who he is? Max asks her to sit down. She asks if he thinks he owns her now or he if he wants something from her. Max says he doesn’t. She asks if he is just some nosy do-gooder. He thinks she has real attitude problem. She freaks out. He is meddling on her life, and she has no idea who he is! What does he expect? Max says he didn’t want this to go this way. She asks what he means. Max tells her that he is her brother.

Ava comes downstairs and leaves a letter for John on the table in the foyer. She takes one last glance behind her and heads out the door.

Hope frets. If John is behind this, she is even more worried about Bo. What if the department finds out? Bo tells her not to worry about that. They have to focus on putting the right man behind bars. Bo wonders if she is going to stand beside him on this. Hope says that she will always stand beside him. She loves him. Bo says he doesn’t deserve her. She chuckles, saying she knows that. Whatever happens, they’ll face it together. They hug.


Morgan tells Phillip, “I relieved Henderson of his duties. I’m going to be taking care of you whether you like it or not.” Phillip replies, “ I like it. I like it very much.”

Melanie asks Max, “Why didn’t my dad tell me about it? I’m going to call him.” Max yells, “No! No, you can’t do that.”

Marlena tells John, “I came to warn you. Stefano’s had a seizure. He could be coming out of the coma.”

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