Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/1/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/1/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Chloe comes into Lucas’ room at the hospital, asking if she is ok. She saw Sami on the way in, and she looked pretty upset. Lucas tells Chloe not to worry about her. He’s glad she’s here. She’s brought Lucas some magazines and pistachios. He wonders why she is doing all this for him. Chloe ignores him, bustling around trying to fluff his pillows and asking him if he needs a drink. Lucas sighs. He was beaten up in prison. This isn’t her fault. Chloe say she wants to be here for him until he gets back on his feet. Just then, Maggie walks in with flowers. She wonders what Sami would have to say about that.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ tells Nicole that he can’t believe Trent is forcing her to stay away from him. Nicole sighs. She wouldn’t do it, except he was threatening to tell everyone they’re married. EJ calls him an SOB and wonders why he would even care who Nicole sees. She isn’t sure. She guesses it’s because Trent is a control freak. When they were together, she always did what he told her with no questions asked. She sighs. This isn’t about the money, but EJ was right about Victor and her divorce settlement. She wants Trent to stay away form her, and she can’t afford for him to go off on her right now. If Victor finds out she was married, she could stand to lose everything. She hopes that EJ will help her. EJ thanks her and kisses her forehead. He really appreciates the fact that she was honest with him and told him the truth. Nicole says that the truth is, she hated pushing him away. EJ says he’d be lying if he said that thought didn’t cross his mind. He wonders where this whole situation leaves them now.

At the police station, Roman reads the letter the anonymous e-mailer sent in. He wonders what evidence they are talking about. Hope isn’t sure. He asks about Morgan, and Hope said she spoke with her earlier. She doesn’t know anything. Roman asks if Hope is sure Morgan didn’t take something. She says that she and Bo were with her the whole time. She didn’t take anything out. Hope is sure of it. Roman sighs. They didn’t pull Paul’s body out of the water. They need this evidence. Hope wishes they could catch a break. She knows whatever Paul left behind could help in finding him. Roman agrees. Hope decides to talk to Harry and see if he can get a trace on the anonymous email. Roman think that a good idea. Whoever sent it may know more about this. He tells Hope to keep him posted and she heads off. Roman sighs.

Bo comes into Phillips room at the hospital, glad to see he is doing better. Phillip asks about Victor. Bo says that he is having a rough time, but he is hanging in. Bo tells him they have to talk. Someone sent an anonymous e-mail to the station, asking about the missing evidence in the Hollingsworth case. Phillip says he isn’t surprised. Right before he left to go to John’s, he got a letter at the house telling him that someone knew his secret. Bo groans This smells like a set-up. Someone knows that he stole evidence. Phillip isn’t worried. The evidence is gone. The cops don’t know anything. Bo fumes. This isn’t going away. Someone is after both of them.

Roman and Hope talk to Harry about the e-mail. He tells them that it looks like it originated from the Kiriakis mansion. Roman thinks Phillip is too smart for that. Hope says that Victor and Phillip are both in the hospital, anyway. They couldn’t have sent it. Harry says that the email has another point of origin--the Java Café. It looks like the sender tried to reroute the email through the Kiriakis’ IP address to deflect attention. Hope thinks this sounds like a set-up. Roman agrees. Hope decides to head over to the café to see if she can find anything out. Roman thanks Harry for all of his help. He heads over to Hope and tells her to talk to Leo, the undercover guy he’s got on John. He isn’t sure if John sent the email, but he’s damn sure he knows where Paul Hollingsworth is. Hope asks if anything has been reported on John so far. Roman says there’s nothing unusual yet, but he knows John is in this over his head. Hope says he’s not the only one that thinks so and heads off. She calls someone and asks them to meet her at the café.

Phillip swears that no one knows about this evidence except his father, and he’s not talking. Bo says that it’s obvious that someone knows, or they wouldn’t be getting threatening letters. Phillip thinks it’s John. Bo wonders how John would know about all of this. Phillip isn’t sure that he does. He could be bluffing and trying to get the spotlight on Phillip and away from himself. Bo nods. It would make sense if he’s the guilty one. Phillip says that someone may have done something, but it wasn’t him. Bo says he was relieved to find out Phillip was innocent. He says that’s the only thing that makes him feel a little better about what he did. It’s totally against who he is. Phillip says that he is a Kiriakis. Bo sighs. He spent many years trying to pretend the blood that ran through his veins didn’t matter, but it does. He loves his parents, but Victor--. Phillip interrupts, saying that he isn’t an easy man to love. Bo says that he is his father, and that makes him and Phillip flesh and blood. The first time it felt real was when Phillip came and saw him in the hospital. Phillip agrees. He hopes what Bo did for him doesn’t change that. Bo hopes it doesn’t either. Phillip has to understand that he and Victor aren’t his only family. When he stole that evidence, he put both of his families at risk. Phillip says he will never forget what Bo did for him. He is so sorry.

Maggie tells Lucas that Sami isn’t going to be very happy if she comes back here and sees Chloe. Lucas says that Sami just left. Maggie says she is just trying to prevent trouble. She brought him some donuts, and Alice sends her love. Chloe says she’s going to get some coffee and will see Lucas later. Maggie tells Lucas that she can’t believe Sami left him alone with Chloe. Lucas says she needs to know something. He told Sami that he wanted to take some time apart. Maggie asks why, and he says they are going through some tough times. They love each other, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Being with Sami is draining. You never know what kind of mood she’s going to be in. Maggie asks if Chloe is the answer. Lucas isn’t sure. Maggie admits that she knows what happened between them during the blackout. Lucas grumps. He hates this town. Nothing is a secret. Maggie doesn’t think he should throw away what he has with Sami just because he got caught with another woman. Lucas isn’t sure what he has with Sami. Being with Chloe put things in perspective for him as far as the kind of person he wants to be with. Maggie thinks he needs to slow down before he makes any life-changing decisions. Lucas says he isn’t going to be with anyone for a while. It’s just that Chloe is so different from Sami. He hates to say it, but he finally realizes what it’s like to be in a calm, caring relationship. Isn’t that was love is all about?

Nicole says that she would love nothing more than to be with EJ, but if Trent saw them together, he would make good on his threat. She knows that he would. She cries, saying that this is so hard. EJ hugs her. He knows she is tough. They are going to figure something out. She just needs to dig deep and come up with some of Trent’s skeletons. He knows he must have some. Nicole says he has two, counting this marriage. EJ asks what it is. Nicole tells him that Max Brady is Trent’s biological son.

At the Java Café, Hope talks to Evan about the e-mail. He agrees to look at their security tapes from around the time the e-mail was sent. Hope thanks him just as Doug walks over. They hug and sit down, making small talk. He asks why she wanted to meet him, and Hope gets serious. She asks if Doug would ever break the law to protect a family member.

Bo tells Phillip that none of this is his fault. He was the one that hid the evidence. He just needs to rest and get his strength back. Phillip fumes. He knows John was behind the note and the email--he just wishes he knew how John knows about the evidence. He’s sure there’s a trail that leads back to John. Bo nods. Now they just have to prove it. Phillip tells him that what he did means a lot. No matter what happens, he has Bo’s back. Bo says he meant what he said, too. Bo says there’s something else he needs to say, but he wants Phillip to get his rest. He says he’ll talk to him later, and Bo leaves.

Doug asks Hope if she is in any kind of trouble. She says no, it’s just something she’s working on. Doug says that it would depend on the circumstances of the case. Hope says she can’t divulge them. Doug sighs. He isn’t going to pretend that he hasn’t had his share of run-ins with the law. Before Hope was born, he did time in prison for fraud and all sorts of cams, and he wasn’t helping out a family member, either. Hope asks him if he thinks about that now. Doug says it’s hard to forget once you’ve run afoul of the law. To answer her question, if it was to protect his family, he probably would break the law. After all, there’s hell to pay either way. Hope never thought of it that way. Doug says that if she is ever in a bad place, she can come to him anytime, no matter what. Hope says she knows that. She promises that she isn’t in trouble. Doug asks if Bo is. Hope says no. Just then, Evan motions her over. Hope says she has to go, but she wants both Doug and Julie to come by the house. She heads off to speak with Evan, who has the security tape that she wanted. He has it hooked up to a computer. Hope gets ready to view it.

Nicole tells EJ that Trent admitted to her that Max was his son. Max’s birth mother died when he was very young, and of course, Trent didn’t want to take responsibility for him. He stuck him in foster care, and the Bradys adopted him. EJ assumes Trent doesn’t want anyone to know about Max. Nicole nods. She says Max doesn’t want anyone to know either, as he hates Trent. Anyhow, Max went to France, and Trent wigged out. He wants Nicole to find out what Max is doing there. Nicole says she doesn’t really care. She just wants Trent to stay away. EJ thinks she might be making am mistake. After all, knowledge is power. He thinks they need to learn all they can so that they can get leverage. Nicole likes the way he thinks. EJ wants her to know that he is doing this as her friend, not as her lawyer. Nicole thanks him. EJ says that once they learn more about this, they might be able to use it to get Trent to back off. And then they can do whatever it is their hearts desire. Nicole smiles.

Maggie thinks that Lucas needs to reconsider. No matter what he is feeling for Chloe, he and Sami have a long history. Lucas sighs. He just feels beaten in body and in spirit. He needs to g somewhere for a while and recharge. He knows she probably doesn’t understand. Maggie says she does--in fact, she knows just the place where he can do it.

Hope calls Roman and tells him that he won’t believe it. She is looking at security footage at the café from the time the email was sent. Ava Vitali is on the camera, using her computer. Roman doesn’t think they can get a warrant with just that information. Hope knows, but she says that this proves that John is behind all of this. Ava is a direct link to him. Roman agrees, but they don’t have enough to go on. He hopes that since Ava wasn’t savvy enough to avoid the camera, that the can get her to lead them to evidence of Paul’s whereabouts. Roman says he will put a tail on her, too. Hope says she has to call Bo, but will talk to him later. She hangs up and sighs, wondering what it is Brady has done.

Morgan shows up in Phillip’s room, asking how his tests went. Phillip says he’s through, and is feeling better. Morgan is glad. He has no idea how terrible she feels. Phillip wants to know what she was thinking when she decided to confront John all by herself. She just thought that she could find out the truth about her father. Phillip tells her that John isn’t about to admit anything. Morgan sighs, saying that she is doing anything and everything to try to find her dad. She feels like she is going to have a nervous breakdown. She immediately apologizes for complaining when he is here in a hospital bed. Phillip tells her not to apologize. He wants to talk to her about something. He has heard that people that are unconscious can hear what’s going on around them. Morgan perks up. She said she saw this story on TV about this lady in a coma--. She breaks off and gasps. Phillip takes her hand. He heard everything she said.

Bo comes home and greets Hope, filling her in on how Ciara’s gymnastics class went. Hope tells him that they got a card from Shawn and Belle. They’re still in Fiji, and Claire is learning to fish. Bo tells her that he went to the hospital and saw Phillip. He is doing better, and they talked for a while. Hope is glad that they are working things out. She knows that that will make Victor happy. Hope tells Bo all about the how she had the email traced. He guesses John sent it. She says he’s close--it was Ava Vitali. Bo is sure she sent it on John’s behalf. Hope agrees. She still wonders about that missing evidence, but Brady knows all about that, right? Bo sweats.

Nicole tells EJ that she made a call to her friend from the café. She now works at the pub, and she got some information from Caroline. All she knows is that Max went to France, and his girlfriend, Stephanie, followed shortly after. EJ says that’s wonderful. Stephanie is an old racing buddy of his. He can call her. She’ll tell him everything they need to know. It’s a little late to call now, so EJ wants to go ahead and get down to the office to work on Nicole’s legal position. He asks when and where she got married to Trent. Nicole asks if he is serious about helping her. He says he is, of course.

Maggie gives Lucas the key to the Horton cabin. It’s isolated, so he can commune with nature and just relax. Lucas asks if she is sure. She chuckles, reminding him that he is a Horton. He thanks her, saying that this is just what he needs. She says it’s nothing. The two of hem have always had a special connection. He says that she is family, and his sponsor. She is important. Maggie feels so bad for him She can’t imagine what it was like to be incarcerated. Lucas says it wasn’t even imaginable. He kept thinking about Allie. If he died, she would think that he abandoned her. Maggie says that that is all behind him now, and he is home. She wants him to do her a favor. Lucas say he will do anything. Maggie wants him to really think about his feelings for Sami. They have a lot invested in each other, especially since they have children. Lucas promises to think about it as Chloe comes up outside the door and listen in. Maggie thinks some time alone at the cabin is just what he needs. Lucas agrees. All he needs is Allie.

Morgan comes back into Phillip’s room, apologizing for not being able to stay while the nurse changed the bandage. He thinks she was embarrassed. She says she is even more so now. She didn’t know he could hear her. He grins. He heard her loud and clear. She admitted that she loved him. She thought he was going to die. He says it was wonderful. He knows they got of to a rocky start. She says they did because she thought he had a girlfriend. He tells her this is all happening so fast, but he is just going to say it. When he woke up, the first thing he thought of was her and what she said. He has something he wants to tell her. Morgan leans in and Phillip whispers in her ear. She smiles and kisses him.

EJ asks Nicole if something is wrong. She says nothing is. In fact, everything is too good. She can’t believe that he is willing to help her. He hugs her and kisses the top of her head, telling her to get used to it.

Chloe comes to Lucas’ room with some green tea. Maggie says she is going to go, but encourages Lucas to go to the cabin alone. He thanks her, and she tells him that she just wants him to be happy. She leaves, and Lucas tells Chloe about Maggie giving him the key to the cabin. He says he is going. She asks if he sure, or if he would rather stay here and patch things up with Sami. Lucas says he needs to spend some time alone and figure out what he really wants.

Hope tells Bo that she wants the truth. Bo says they have been through this already, but Hope wants answers. He hasn’t been himself for a while now. He said he was dealing with something alone, so she backed off. Now they get this email about a police cover-up. Bo say that if she has something to ask, she should just ask it. Hope steels herself. She asks him if he knows anything about the missing evidence. Bo sighs. He wanted to keep her out of this. He admits that he tampered with evidence. He did it to protect his brother, Phillip. She gasps, asking him what he has done.


Morgan tells Phillip, “I mean, I’ve just never had anybody save my life before.” He replies, “I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

Ava tells John, “Thank God you’re here. We’ve got big trouble.” He asks, “What’s going on?” She replies, “I’m being followed. I’m sure of it.”

Hope tells Bo, “Now you’re acting like a Kiriakis, not the man that I love.”

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