Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/31/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/31/08


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Outside the café in Marseilles, Les approaches Max as Stephanie walks out. Max asks him if he can help him. Les thinks he can. Max is looking for Mel, right?

At the Java Café, Trent leaves Melanie a voice mail, complaining that he has tried to call her three times in as many days. Nearby, Nick watches Melanie on her webcam over the internet. He thinks he has seen her somewhere before. Trent comes over and Nick hastily shuts his laptop. They make small talk about the coffee, and Trent asks Nick about his bartender friend. He hasn’t seen him around lately. Is he on vacation or something? Nick fidgets.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ plays on the floor of the living room with the twins. Sami comes in looking for her phone, and EJ urges her to join them, saying that they are destroying block villages. Sami isn’t sure, but Johnny bangs his blocks together convincingly, and she heads over. Sami starts building a tower, and EJ knocks it over playfully. Sami grabs Allie and heads across the room to build their own block village.

At the hospital, Nicole tells Chloe that Lucas will be fine. Chloe says that he looked horrible. Nicole thinks he just got in a little fight, but Chloe thinks it was more than that. They never should have sent him to that maximum security prison. Nicole gapes. That’s ridiculous. Why would Lucas belong in a place with hardened criminals? Chloe says that the can’t go back there. Nicole think Roman might be in there telling Lucas he’s not going back to jail. Chloe hopes so. Nicole think it’s possible. Why else would he have them wait in the hall?

In Lucas’ room, Roman asks him what the hell happened. A battered and bloodied Lucas groans. He did what Roman asked. And they almost killed him for it.

Sami and EJ play with the twins. She apologizes, saying that she knows she has been difficult lately. She has been really stressed out, what with Lucas going back to prison. She thought everything was going to work out, but she was wrong. EJ admits that he hasn’t been the easiest person to live with, either. Sami agrees. This is all partly his fault. He never should have threatened to take Johnny out of the country. It sent her over the edge. EJ says he was just afraid that she would walk out the door and he would never see his son again. Sami says she would never do that. He should know better. EJ sighs. It’s just that her, Allie, and Johnny mean more to him than anything else. Sami says she knows how much the kids mean to him. He’s a good father, and she would never take Johnny away from him. Lately, things have been great. She hopes that they can be friends for the kids sake. EJ says there’s a problem with that--Lucas.

Roman offers to call a nurse so Lucas can get something for the pain. Lucas says they’ve given him something, but it hasn’t kicked in yet. Roman asks if he is up to telling him what happened. Lucas says that his cover was blown, but he doesn’t know how. He got close to Manny Ortega, just like Roman asked. Roman asks if he is still trafficking drugs from prison. Lucas says he is. He even got the names of suppliers. But they found out what he was doing. One minute they were talking about moving fifty kilos in L.A. harbor, and the next, two guys were kicking him in the head. Roman shakes his head and sighs. He warned Lucas that this might be bad idea. Lucas asks if he has to go back to prison. He thought Roman said he was a free man. Just then, Chloe and Nicole walk in. Chloe gapes, asking if he is free.

Trent fishes for information about Max. Nick says that he hasn’t talked to Max in a while. In fact, he didn’t even know he was gone until he spoke with Caroline. Nick says that Max goes out of town pretty often to visit his buddies on the racing circuit. Trent asks if Nick knows where he is now. Nick shakes his head. Trent’s guess is as good as his.

Les wants to know why Max is looking for Melanie. Max tells him to take a step back as Les’ friends surround him. Besides, this is none of his business. Les thinks it is his business. He demands to know where Melanie is. Max asks if he is looking for her, too. Les says that is none of his business. Max is going to tell him where Melanie is--now. Stephanie looks on worriedly.

Chloe apologizes to Roman, saying that she had to see how Lucas was. Roman says it’s fine, and she asks him how he is. Lucas says he feels like he got hit by a bus. Nicole thinks he looks like hell. He frowns and thanks her. Chloe asks if it is true that he is free. Lucas asks Roman if he can talk about it. Roman says it’s ok, and says he has to make a few phone calls. He’ll be back in a few minutes. Chloe asks Lucas what’s going on. How did he get released? Lucas tells her and Nicole that he made a deal with the Feds. They agreed to commute his sentence. Nicole thinks that was a lucky break. She doesn’t care what people say, she thinks he’s a great guy. Lucas begrudgingly thank her. She says she is going to go, and heads off. Lucas thinks that was strange. Chloe says that Nicole has been acting weird all day. Lucas groans. Chloe wants to go get a nurse, but Lucas stops her, saying that he is fine. He’s ten times better now that she is here. She says that she was really worried about him. He tells her that he has been thinking about her a lot since he left. Chloe grabs his hand.

Sami says that EJ needn’t drag Lucas into this. This has nothing to do with him. EJ disagrees. He thinks this has everything to do with Lucas. Doesn’t she remember what it was like before he came back? They had their little team, and everything worked perfectly. Then Lucas showed up, and EJ became someone he didn’t like. Sami became someone that she just wasn’t. Sami is taken aback. That isn’t true. EJ says it is. Every time he sees her with Lucas, he gets jealous. And she has to face it. She’s a different person around Lucas. Sami doesn’t agree. EJ says she’s highly-strung, as if she feels she needs to prove her worth to Lucas. In reality, he should be proving his worth to her. Sami says it is a moot point. Lucas is in prison. Her phone rings just then. Sami finds it behind a cushion. Roman is on the other end. He tells her that everything is fine, but he needs her to get down to the hospital as soon as possible. She asks what’s wrong. He says that Lucas is there. Roman will explain everything when he sees her. Sami gapes.

Trent find it curious that Max didn’t tell Nick where he was going. Nick says that he spends a lot of time with Stephanie now. Trent asks if she went with Max. Nick says she probably did, but he isn’t sure. Trent hopes that Nick will tell him if he happens to hear from him. Nick is suspicious. Why is Trent so curious about Max’s whereabouts? Trent tells Nick that Max is his son. Nick asks if he is serious. Trent is surprised that Max didn’t tell him. Nick wonders why he is telling him this. Trent just wants Nick to know why it’s important for him to know where Max is. Trent asks Nick to keep that to himself. Nick still wants to know why Trent wants to know where Max is. Trent says they still have some issues to resolve. He excuses himself and heads off.

Nicole meets Chloe outside Lucas’ room. Chloe tells her that Roman is in with him. Nicole says he went and saw Phillip. He’s sleeping, but the nurse said he was doing much better. Chloe says that Roman will be a while if she is waiting to see Lucas. Nicole says she wants to talk to Chloe about her relationship with Lucas. Chloe doesn’t want to have this conversation with her. Nicole thinks that Lucas is a good guy, but she doesn’t think Chloe will be happy with him. Not as long as Sami is in the picture. She thinks Chloe needs to walk away. Just then, Nicole’s phone rings, and she walks off to answer it. It’s Trent, wanting to know if she has made any headway in her assignment. She says she still doesn’t know why max is in France. Trent growls, telling her to get on it.

Roman tells Lucas that the doctor says that he will be out of here in a couple of days. He asks him if he is looking forward to going home. Lucas isn’t sure where home is anymore. Roman is sure that he and Sami will find someplace. Lucas says he loves Sami with all his heart, but he isn’t sure if they can work things out. Roman says the real question is whether or not he wants to be with her.

Sami heads out the door, and runs into EJ, who is coming in from getting the paper. She say she has to go to the hospital to see Lucas. He asks if she is sure she has to go right now. Sami nods. She needs to see him. EJ says he hopes everything is ok, an Sami heads off. EJ smiles sadly.

Les again demands that Max tell him where Melanie is. Max practically shakes with anger. Why would he be looking for Melanie if he already knew where she was? One of Les’ friends whispers in his ear. He grins. He hears Max is a famous racecar driver. He hears people like him make lots of money, and he’s willing to strike a deal. Les will stop looking for Melanie if Max pays him what she owes him. Stephanie gapes.

Nicole comes into the mansion and tells EJ that he looks upset. He sighs, asking if there is a reason for her visit. She says there is. She needs his legal advice.

Sami rushes into Lucas’ room and wails. Who did this to him? What happened? Lucas says it was just some close friends in prison. Roman heads off to get coffee, and says he’ll let Lucas tell Sami the good news. Sami asks what it is, and Lucas tells her he is being released. Sami doesn’t understand. Lucas says this time it’s for good. He’s coming home.

Nick watches Melanie’s video blog. She talks about the party scene in the area, and the weeks’ hits and misses. Nick wonders where he has seen her before. He flashes back to Max talking to him about finding his sister. Nick gasps. That’s it! He watches the video as Melanie giggles and signs off.

EJ tells Nicole that he thought they were through. Nicole says they are through having sex, not working together. EJ sighs. Nicole thinks he looks upset, and it must be about Sami. Did he hear that Lucas got out of jail? EJ says he didn’t. Nicole fills him in on what Luca did and how he got beat up. He’s coming home after he gets out of the hospital. EJ thinks they should get back to her problems. She wants to know how to stop a blackmailer. He asks who is blackmailing her, and she says it’s Trent Robbins. EJ isn’t surprised. What does he have on her? Nicole says it’s something pretty big. That’s why she needs EJ’s help. She has to burn Trent before he can burn her.

Sami can’t believe that Lucas did this. He could have been killed. What if the guards didn’t get to him in time? Lucas reminds her that he is coming home. He did what he ha to do to make that happen. Sami weeps with joy. Lucas risked his life so that they could be together. He shakes his head. That’s not why he did it at all.

Max thinks Les must be joking. He says he never jokes about money. He needs to pay up for his little girlfriend or else. Max says he doesn’t appreciate his friends being threatened. Besides, Les must be mistaken. He doesn’t have a whole lot of money. Stephanie sneaks off. Les thinks Max’s girlfriend must be worth a few hundred euros to him. Max say that Melanie isn’t his girlfriend. She’s an old friend from a long time ago. Les doesn’t believe him. That doesn’t surprise Max. Inside the café, Stephanie takes a call from Nick. He says he has been trying to call Max. Trent is looking for him. Stephanie can’t believe it. Nick tells her that he volunteered the fact that he is Max’s dad. Nick had to pretend to be surprised. Stephanie thinks Max will flip when he hears this. Nick tells Stephanie she needs to tell Max one more thing. Nick knows how to find his sister.

EJ tells Nicole that he needs to know what Trent has on her. Nicole doesn’t think he’ll like it, but launches into her story anyway. When she was in college, she met Trent. He was working on his P.H.D. She thought all bad guys were like her father but she was wrong. Trent was well-educated, and he was nice to her They got married after six months. EJ asks if she loved him. Nicole says he thought she did at the time. She hates to say it, but a lot of who she is today is because of Trent and the way he treated her. EJ says he is sorry. Nicole says she is too. EJ asks how it ended, and Nicole says she packed a bag and left. She never thought that she would see that SOB again. EJ says that Trent is a well-respected member of the community. No one will look down on her for being married to him once. Nicole says that is just it. She never filed for divorce. They’re still married. EJ winces.

Lucas tells Sami that he did this for the kids. Sami wonders if he cared whether or not he spent the next ten years without her. Lucas says he didn’t say that. Sami knows he said a lot of things before he left, but it’s different now. Back then, he thought he wasn’t coming back for a long time. Lucas says that’s not true. He struck a deal, and he knew he might get out before he left. Sami gapes. He knew and didn’t tell her? Lucas says he was trying to protect her, but Sami doesn’t buy it. He was trying to keep her in the dark, just like the times he took off his ankle monitor. He didn’t seem to have any trouble confiding in Chloe, though. Lucas says this isn’t about Chloe. This is about them. He couldn’t come to her after what happened. Sami wants to forget about everything and move forward. Doesn’t he want to start over have a future with her? Lucas doesn’t know what he wants. He can’t just forget that anything happened. He can’t make those feelings go away Sami knows he can’t forget, but she knows he can forgive. She wants them to find a way to forgive each other and move on.

Nick tells Stephanie that Melanie is a blogger and a party girl. He went and saw some of her video, and he’s sure that’s the girl from the picture Max had. Stephanie sighs. She guesses she shouldn’t be surprised. The more she finds out about Max’s sister, the more trouble she sounds like. Stephanie is starting to wonder if she’s worth it. Stephanie stares out the window at Max and Les worriedly. Suddenly, she loses the call with Nick.

Nicole tells EJ that she never checked on the marriage because she figured Trent filed on grounds of desertion. She never really cared before, but now it has come back to bite her. EJ groans. If word gets out, her divorce is no good. Nicole knows. That’s why she needs his help. EJ asks her what Trent is blackmailing her for. Money? Nicole says he has his own. He just asks for small favors. He did ask her to do one thing she regrets. EJ asks what that is. She says she had to stay away from him.

Max tells Les that he isn’t giving him any money. Les tries to persuade him to give him a thousand euros. Max refuses. Les says that Max better hope that he finds Mel before Les does, then.

Sami wants to make a fresh start with Lucas. He thinks she makes it sound so easy. She thinks it is, but Lucas disagrees. Things have always been hard for them. That’s just the way it is. Sami says that they love each other, though, and that’s all that matters. Lucas says that isn’t all that matters. They have a lot of problems. Sami think they can work them out, but Lucas isn’t so sure. They’ve always had more downs than ups. He decides that can’t talk about this anymore. He cant go through it, and he doesn’t have the energy to deal with it. Sami cries. What does that mean? Is he saying they’re through? Lucas thinks they need to take a little time. Sami asks how much time. Lucas says a couple of months, maybe. He thinks it will be good for her, too. She can figure out what she really wants. She says there is no question in her mind what she really wants. She wants him. Lucas says he is tired and in pain. He can’t talk about this anymore. He asks her to leave. She sobs, saying she will give Allie a kiss and hug for him and leaves. Sami cries and peers in the window. Lucas closes his eyes. Sami practically hyperventilates.


Chloe says, “Lucas, I feel responsible for what’s happened to you.” Lucas replies, “Don’t, alright? You’re not.”

Phillip tells Bo, “Whatever happens, I got your back.” He replies, “I know you do. I meant what I said, too.”

EJ tells Nicole, “It means a lot to me that you trusted me enough to tell me the truth.” She replies, “The truth is, I hated pushing you away.”

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