Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/30/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/30/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In Victor’s hospital room, Daniel complains about how Victor isn’t even safe when he locks down his room. Bo wants to know how he is, and Daniel says that he is fairly stable. The problem is that his blood pressure is high, which indicates he’s stressed. Daniel knows that Bo is concerned, but he needs to get out of here. Victor mumbles that he needs to speak with his son. Daniel says he can’t allow it. Victor insists that it is important. Bo thinks that Daniel denying Victor’s requests might be stressing him more than anything else. Daniel reluctantly agrees and heads out, leaving them alone. Outside, Kate asks him how Victor is. Daniel says that he needs to know the truth. She said that she and Victor were just talking when he went into cardiac arrest, but Daniel isn’t buying it. Daniel wants to know what she said that almost killed him. Chelsea listens in curiously.

At the DiMera mansion, Ava asks John why he is so doom and gloom. They are supposed to be celebrating her good news. Since she isn’t going to be extradited, they are going to be together for a long time. John apologizes and says that it’s the whole situation with Paul. His daughter could be in the hospital right now. Ava says she would be if it weren’t for Phillip. John sighs. Phillip taking a bullet was not part of the design. Ava says that he will be fine. John agrees. After all, he is a Kiriakis. Ava nods. And after he gets better, they have to figure out a way to pin everything on him.

In Phillip’s hospital room, Morgan cries quietly and sits by his side. She wishes she could trade places with him. She is the one that is supposed to be in this bed, not him. She kisses him softly and admits that she has never felt this way about someone before. She thinks that she is falling in love with him. Chloe clears her throat behind Morgan.

John thinks it’s strange how things got so out of hand. Ava agrees. She could strangle Eddie for being so careless. He was trained to avoid these kinds of situations. John shrugs. It can’t be helped now. Besides, he doesn’t want her worrying about anything. He still has an ace up his sleeve.

Daniel tells Kate that he doesn’t want anyone trifling with the health of his patients. Kate says she had the best of intentions. Daniel doesn’t give a damn what her intentions were. Chelsea steps in at this point, telling him that that’s enough. Kate already feels bad enough, and considering the stress she is under right now, he is being too hard on her. Kate apologizes, saying that she just felt that Victor had the right to know that Phillip was in the hospital. Daniel says that Victor his is main concern. Normally, he would agree with Kate, but his health is precarious. He has to be protected from stress. Kate wails. This is about his son. Daniel says this is about Victor’s life. Daniel yells that Victor is his patient. He will be the one that decides what he needs to know. Chelsea asks what is wrong with him. Daniel tells her to stay out of it. Chelsea huffs. She does not appreciate him speaking to her grandmother that way. Kate say it’s alright, but Chelsea disagrees. She demands that he apologize to Kate immediately.

Bo tells Victor that Phillip is going to be fine. At first, they had a little trouble getting blood of his type for the transfusion, but they found some. Phillip is a tough kid, and he;s on the mend. Victor tells him that if the hospital needs more blood in Phillip’s type, he can always get it. Bo says that’s good, and that they may need it. He tells Victor hat he will pick it up, but Victor say she can’t.

Chloe huffs and not-so-kindly apologizes for interrupting such a private moment. Morgan asks how long she has been standing there. Chloe doesn’t think it matters. She gasps when she sees Phillip lying there unconscious. Morgan says that he is doing much better now. He’s going to pull through. Chloe smirks. Her love for him probably saved his life, right? Hope comes in just then, asking if she can speak to Morgan for a moment. Morgan agrees and leaves with her. Chloe sits by Phillip and takes his hand. She says that she is really sorry about how the way things turned out for them. They will always be friends, and she is trying hard to not be jealous or hurt by what happened, but she was upset when she found out he got shot protecting Morgan. Chloe thinks she should have done everything she could to keep him away from that girl.

John wonders if he is going to tell her about this ace up his sleeve. John ignores her, saying that this place looks like a crimes scene. Ava says that she is serious. They have to do something to get the cops off of John’s trail. John says the first thing he is going to do is get Rolf to clean all the blood up, and then he wants to show her something. It will take away all her fears.

Hope tells Morgan that she has a few more questions for her. Morgan assumes that she wants to talk about the shooting, but Morgan says that it’s about Paul’s disappearance. Morgan isn’t sure she is up to it, what with Phillip and all. Hope assures her it will just take a few moments. She wants to go aver the letter Paul wrote Morgan. Morgan remembers that her told her he feared for his life and had to get out of town. He knew who was after him and he left her proof. Hope nods. All that was inside the package was a letter and some cash. Paul said he left her proof, but it wasn’t in the package. She asks Morgan if she saw anything else in the package. Morgan doesn’t think so. She asks if Hope thinks there was something in there she didn’t see.

Kate says she doesn’t want an apology from Daniel. She doesn’t want anything from Daniel. She heads off. Chelsea shakes her head. How could he treat her like that? Daniel says he was just doing his job. His patients are his priority, and Kate jeopardized Victor’s health. Chelsea defends Kate, saying that Phillip had been shot. She was upset, and Victor needed to know. She wonders what happened to compassion and understanding. Daniel rages. He told Kate not to upset Victor. She did anyway, and he went into cardiac arrest. How dare she talk about compassion? Chelsea is taken aback. She says that she has never seen Daniel like this before. He again insists that he is doing his job. Chelsea wonders why that renders him incapable of behaving like a decent human being. She just wants him and her grandmother to be civil with one another. Apparently, that is asking too much. Chelsea storms off.

Victor says that he will send one of his own men to pick up the blood. He thanks Bo for what he did. Bo frowns. He stole evidence and gave it to Victor. He compromised his ethics. Victor says that what he did was in the best interests of the family. Bo reminds Victor that Hope and his kids are family, too. He could lose everything because of what he did for Victor.

In what looks to be John’s cellar, both he and Ava approach a door. She asks if this is the ace up his sleeve. He hands her a key, asking her to open the door and find out.

Victor tells Bo that no one will ever know what happened. He destroyed the evidence. Bo says that he will know. Plus, Hope has figured out that something is going on. Just then, Daniel comes in and tells Bo that his time is up. Victor needs some tests run. Victor apologizes to Bo. Bo nods and heads off. Daniel can’t believe Victor didn’t have another cardiac episode. Victor ignores him and says that he knows someone that can get blood for Phillip. Daniel tells him not to worry, as the hospital has plenty. He says that he’s glad that Bo’s visit didn’t send Victor into a tizzy, but whatever is going on between them has to lay off. Victor has to concentrate on getting well. Victor says that he wants to see Phillip. Daniel shakes his head, saying that he can’t allow it.

Hope tells Morgan that Abe has gone through the letter and envelope several times. There’s nothing there. Morgan says she didn’t see anything either. She hopes that Hope doesn’t think she’s withholding information. Hope says she doesn’t. She just wants to be thorough. She can’t understand why Paul didn’t provide the proof he talked about. Morgan say she doesn’t either, but she really can’t focus on anything other than Phillip right now. She says that she is sorry and heads off. Hope sighs.

Chloe says that she will be praying for Phillip and that she will always be there for him. Morgan comes in just then. She tells Chloe that she doesn’t want to fight. She knows that she probably blames her for what happened. Chloe says that no one deserves blame but the man that pulled the trigger. She wants Phillip to be happy. If Morgan is what makes him happy, then she is glad for him.

Ava walks into the room and gapes. The camera pans up on Paul Hollingsworth, who is unshaven and quite dirty looking. John tells Ava that he thought the man might be more useful to him this way. Paul asks if John is sending more of his men to rough him up. John tells him that he is lucky. He could be a bloated rag doll floating in the Salem river right now. Ava can’t believe that John has had Paul down here the whole time and never told her. John grins. He guesses he trusts her more now. Paul hates to break up this tender moment, but he wants to know when he can get out of here. John tells him to shut up. Paul refuses. He needs to see Morgan and let her know he is alive. All she has are two cryptic letters, the second of which John forced him to write and a recording of Phillip threatening Paul’s life. His daughter thinks he is dead, and that doesn’t fly with him. John tells him that the recording hasn’t turned up yet. He has to wonder what happened to it.

At the police station, Hope asks Bo about Victor and Phillip. He tells her that they are both stable, and that Daniel is being over-protective of Victor, per usual. They head into Roman’s office, and Hope tells Bo that she questioned Morgan about the package a second time. She may be spinning her wheels here, but she finds it odd that Paul didn’t include the proof he promised. Hope goes over what happened as Bo sweats. Hope remembers that she took Morgan home. Bo tells her that afterwards, Abe had the package sent to the lab to be analyzed. Hope says there’s a break in the chain of evidence. Bo was alone with that package. Bo’s eyes widen. Hope gasps. He found something in that package, didn’t he?

Chloe asks Morgan if she believes her. Morgan isn’t sure. Chloe is usually so angry when she sees them together. Chloe says that she has decided that if Morgan is what is right for Phillip, then she is alright with that. Morgan isn’t sure if she is right for Phillip. He deserves so much. Chloe agrees, and tells Morgan not to hurt Phillip. Morgan says she won’t and Chloe leaves.

At the Java Café, Chelsea and Kate sit and have coffee. Chelsea can’t believe that Kate isn’t more upset about what happened. Daniel was totally out of line. Kate says it’s no big deal. Daniel just puts his patients first. Chelsea says that that is no excuse. He could see how upset she was, and he didn’t give a whit for her feelings. Kate thinks she is blowing this out of proportion. She asks Chelsea to let it go. Just then, Daniel comes over, saying that he needs to speak with Kate alone.

John talks with someone on the phone, telling them that to let him know as soon as it breaks. He hangs up and tells Paul that his source at the police station has reviewed all the evidence for this case. The tape hasn’t surfaced. John doesn’t understand what happened. Paul doesn’t either. He saw him put the tape in the envelope. Ava knows what happened. Bo Brady is Phillip’s brother. He made the evidence disappear. Paul says that he has to see Morgan. John refuses. His plan needs time to work itself out. Besides, Phillip can’t be framed for his murder if he is still breathing so he might consider being more helpful. Paul says he has been helpful. He has done everything John asks and he just wants this one thing in return. John says that one thing would ruin his plan. Morgan seems to have fallen in love with Phillip, and he feels the same way. Paul gapes. Ava nods, saying that Phillip took a bullet for her. In her eyes, he’s her hero. Paul grimaces.

Chloe sits out in the waiting area as Nicole comes rushing in, asking about Phillip. Chloe fills her in and Nicole sits down, sighing. This really makes their own problems seem petty. Chloe agrees. She thinks Phillip would probably wake up if he saw them out here being so civil to one another. Nicole wants to go inside and send him some positive energy, but Chloe says Morgan has to get her time in first. Nicole ask if that is Paul’s daughter. Chloe says yes, and that Phillip took the bullet for her, so he’s her hero. Not only that, but she’s in love with him.

Morgan fantasizes about her and Phillip, dressed to the nines, and dancing under the stars. She comes back to the present and strokes Phillips’s hair, asking if he can hear her. She urges him to wake up.

Chelsea tells Daniel that he can say whatever he has to say in front of her, but Daniel says he can’t. Kate tells Chelsea to give them a few moments, and Chelsea heads off. Daniel apologizes to Kate. He is usually able to keep himself in check better than that. Kate says she understands. He is just serious about saving lives. She should have never said anything to Victor. She was just afraid that someone else might. Daniel says that he is doing his best to take care of both her son and Victor. Kate says he knows that he is a good man, but he under a lot of strain right now what with their relationship coupled with his feelings for Chelsea. Daniel says that is no excuse for him blowing up at her. Kate understands that he is passionate, but she also knows that he has kind heart. That’s what drew her to him in the first place. And that’s why-- She stops and breaks off. Daniel asks her to finish. She tells him to never mind and leaves.

Ava tells Paul that it was nice to see him again, and heads off. John locks the door behind her and tells Paul what happened to Morgan and how Phillip got shot. Paul freaks out. He wants to know what that moron Eddie was doing firing a weapon at his kid. He’s crazy to think that she would have a gun. John shrugs. She was threatening his life. Paul fumes. He can’t wait to tell Morgan that it was Phillip who had those drugs planted on John’s ships, and had John’s warehouse torched. John tells Paul to be patient. This game still has many moves left, and when he is finished, Paul’s daughter will want nothing to do with Phillip.

Morgan fantasizes about finishing her dance with Phillip. They kiss passionately. Meanwhile, Phillip’s eyelids flutter and he starts to wake up.

Nicole thinks it’s ironic that things like this make you realize how much you care about someone. Chloe smiles, saying she is just glad Phillip is going to be fine. Nicole asks if she thinks the two of them will work things out when he is well. Chloe says no. It wasn’t meant to be. She can’t believe that the two of them are talking like this. Nicole thinks it’s called becoming friends. Chloe chuckles, telling her not to get too hasty. Nicole says she is right. She makes a cross sign at Chloe and hisses. They both laugh.

Ava heads into the Java Café and sits down. She opens her laptop and looks around stealthily.

Chelsea comes into Victor’s room to find Daniel alone inside. He says that Victor is having a CAT scan and an MRI. He apologizes about what happened earlier with Kate. Sometimes he just lets it fly when he shouldn’t. Chelsea just thought it seemed like he wanted to hurt Kate on purpose. Daniel says that wasn’t it at all. He was worried about Victor and blew up, but the storm passed. That happens with him sometimes, and Kate understands. Everything is good now. Chelsea thinks her grandma is a very forgiving lady. Daniel agrees. He wonders if she is. Chelsea thinks that everyone is just really stressed right now. Her grandpa is lucky to have him in his life--and so is she. They kiss. Kate walks in and stares.

John reminds Paul of the stupid reckless things he has done. Paul realizes it, and he is sorry. He is trying to make up for that. John says that that is why he is here. And he has to stay here until it’s all clear for him to leave. Paul says that this is about his daughter. John thinks that he should have thought of her before he became Phillip’s mole and let greed dictate his life and fatten his wallet. Paul asks if he is going to keep him here forever. John tells Paul that he almost died on the pier that night. He is very lucky that John’s men followed them. He’s lucky John’s men fished him out of the water. He thumps Paul on the chest, saying that he ought to be grateful. Paul says that he is eternally grateful. John is glad. He tell Paul to shut up and do what the tells him.

Chloe thinks that she and Nicole should go ahead and go in. Morgan is taking forever. Nicole thinks she might need a shot first. A nurse comes by, and Chloe asks about Phillip’s condition. The nurse says she doesn’t know, as she has been assigned to his brother’s case. Chloe doesn’t understand. The nurse says that Lucas has just been admitted to the hospital.

Bo tells Hope that there was nothing else in the package. He has to get to the hospital. He starts to head off as another officer brings Hope an anonymous email sent to the station. She reads it and gapes. The author wonders what happened to the evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case. They think it’s a police cover-up. Bo sweats.


Sami tells EJ, “This has been great. I hope that we can find a way to get along and be friends.”

Roman tells Lucas, “I had my doubts about you doing this.” A bloodied and battered Lucas replies, “I don’t have to go back to prison, right?”

Nicole tells Chloe, “I don’t think you’ll be happy with him, not as long as Sami’s in the picture; so if I were you, I would turn around and walk away.”

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