Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/29/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/29/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Nicole comes into the Java Café, shushing Pookie, who she has hidden in a gigantic purse, as there are no animals allowed inside. She sits down, and Evan comes over to take her order, telling her no dogs are allowed. Nicole claims that Pookie is at the beautician down the street. Marlena comes in, followed by a young girl on her cell phone. The girl sits down near Nicole, gushing about her date from the night before. She thinks this guy might be the one. Nicole flashes back to making love to EJ in the elevator. She sighs.

Marlena makes small talk with Evan at the counter as Trent comes in, busily talking on his cell phone. Nicole turns away, trying to hide. Trent brushes up to the counter, cutting in front of the young girl behind Marlena. Marlena interrupts him. Trent asks if there is a problem. Marlena smiles. Actually, there is.

In Marseilles, Stephanie and Max approach the Bistro Raoul. Stephanie hopes that Max’s sister Melanie is inside, because she wasn’t at the school. Max nods. This is their only other lead. Stephanie wonders what Max will say to her. He isn’t sure, but he doesn’t think introducing himself to her as her long-lost brother is a good idea. Stephanie agrees that he should test out the water first. Max says he has a ton of questions for her, like what her favorite food is, and whether or not she is good at math. Stephanie wants to know what she thinks about her dad. Max isn’t sure, but if Trent sent her off to school in France, they can’t be on the best of terms. Stephanie says she has to call her parents, but sends Max inside with a pocket translator and tells him to look around. Max heads inside and orders an espresso, but has trouble with the bartender, who only speaks French. Max takes a seat and a girl runs up, calling Max by name. She grabs him and kisses him. Stephanie looks through the window in horror.

Marlena explains to Trent that the young woman he just bumped was in front of him in line. Trent doesn’t think it matters if she gets her coffee thirty seconds later. Marlena says that isn’t the point and tells the girl to go ahead and order. She takes a seat near Nicole as Trent huffs over. Nicole slips down in her chair and listens in as Trent tells Marlena he didn’t mean to be rude. Marlena says he was, despite that. Trent demands to know who died and made Marlena the authority on coffee house etiquette. She says that people should be served in the order they arrive. Plus, she thinks he other customers deserve an environment which is not polluted by guests on their cell phones. Nicole grins, saying to herself that Marlena has guts.

Stephanie tells her mom that she has to go and hangs up. Max pulls the girl away from him, and tells her he has to go get his drink. He meets Stephanie at the bar, and tells her he’ll explain later. She thinks he must want to get back to “Hot Lips.” Max says that she is just an old friend who can help him find Melanie. He asks her to talk to the bartender and heads back over to his friend. They reminisce about the first time they met. She was reporting on him after a race. They had a nice time in her hotel room, and then he never called her again. Max tells Daphne that he is very sorry. She’s surprised that he remembers her name. He hopes she won’t be mad at him, and she admits that he is too cute for that. She strokes his chin as Stephanie glares at them from across the room. She asks why he is back in town, and Max tells her that its on personal business. Daphne thinks she might be able to help.

EJ comes into the Java Café and greets Nicole. He asks if he can sit down, but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. EJ starts to head off, thinking she is afraid of Professor Bulldog, but Nicole changes her mind and asks him to sit down. They’re just two friends having a drink. EJ asks if they are really just friends. Nicole changes the subject and asks how things are going with Sami. He says they are through, but Nicole doesn’t think he can turn his feelings off like that. EJ smiles. Does she mean like the way she turned off her feelings for him, just like that?

Marlena makes small talk with Evan about Trent. He tells her that he’s a professor at the university, and Marlena remembers that he wrote a book. Evan says that he hasn’t had a run-in with the guy, but his coworkers have. Marlena asks if he has a big ego. Evan chuckles and says that she should see him on one of his bad days. He heads off, saying that he has to get back to work. Marlena looks at Trent curiously.

EJ tells Nicole that he wants to talk about their feelings for one another. Trent sits down nearby and glares at Nicole. She says she doesn’t want to do this right now. EJ asks if he is making her uncomfortable. Nicole sighs. He’s not the one making her feel that way. She glances over at Trent.

Stephanie sits at the bar and makes small talk with the bartender about how bad Max’s French is. She lies and says that she is in town for the summer visiting family. The bartender gives her the name of a beach club that has a lot of dancing, and Stephanie thanks him. She tells him that she was here the other day, and met a girl who borrowed her pen and forgot to give it back. Normally, she wouldn’t care, but it was a gift from her grandfather. She thinks the girl’s name is Melanie Layton or Landau or something like that. The bartender thinks he knows who she is talking about. He doesn’t know her personally, but he knows someone who does. He points a young man named Georges out to Stephanie, saying that he knows Melanie. Stephanie heads over to speak with him.

Trent starts to head over to Nicole, but Nick(!) comes in with a question for Trent and distracts him. EJ asks why Nicole is staring at Trent, but she says she’s not. In fact, she wants to be clear about her feelings for him. EJ is glad, because she hasn’t been clear about much else. She says she likes him, but--EJ cuts her off. He gets it. They have had this conversation before. But he felt something with her that night, and that wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t somewhat return his feelings. Nicole says it’s Sami. She refuses to compete with her anymore. EJ thinks she is using Sami as an excuse. He was in a relationship for two years and it went nowhere. He had women coming up to him all the time, but he never glanced twice at anyone--until Nicole came along. EJ says that he can’t keep his eyes off of her. EJ proposes that they just have dinner--no strings attached. Trent glares at Nicole as EJ takes her hand. She says she wants to go to dinner with him, but now isn’t the right time. EJ says that he might ask her again, as he is a glutton for punishment. Nicole apologizes again, saying that they could make it work if the situation were a little different.

Marlena heads off to take a call as Trent and Nick discuss a formula they are working on. Trent is ready to wrap things up, and Nick offers to work on this more at home. Trent thinks he needs to lighten up. it’s the summer. Nick says that he doesn’t mind. The work helps keep his mind off of other things. Nick asks if there’s anything else and Trent tells him that he is thinking of having a get-together for another professor who is moving. He’d like to rent out the pub, but he and Max got off to the wrong foot. He was hoping Nick could speak to him for him. Nick says that he actually needs to speak with Caroline. Trent thanks him and heads over to EJ and Nicole’s table. He thinks they look like an old married couple. Nicole insists that EJ is just her lawyer. EJ says that he has to go, and heads off. Trent reminds Nicole that he wants her to stay away from EJ. She claims the situation is innocent, but Trent doesn’t think so. If EJ is just her lawyer, then why was he holding her hand?

Max tells Daphne where Melanie is staying. She tells him that the school is for trust fund babies--long on privilege, short on manners. He asks if she can find anything out for him. She tells him not to insult her skills. She could find out the color of his boxers, if she so desired. She heads off and Max goes over to Stephanie. She thinks he is loving this. He says the French are just affectionate. She harrumphs and heads over to talk to Georges about Melanie. He tells Stephanie that he knows her, and if she sees Melanie, to tell her that they are through.

EJ runs into Marlena at the café and says hello. Marlena can’t believe he is acting as if there isn’t a problem. EJ doesn’t understand. Marlena tells him that he stepped way over the line by trying to take Sami’s son away from her. EJ says that she was trying to take his son. He just did what he had to. Marlena says that Sami would never do that, and he knows it. He used his DiMera influence to bribe a judge. EJ says that Sami would do the same thing, if she had to. In fact, she’s done worse. Marlena isn’t so sure. She knows about EJ bribing the Immigration official, too.

Georges explains to Stephanie that he and Melanie used to date, but she took off when his savings dwindled. She has expensive tastes, and when his parents find out he was squandering his allowance on her, they cut him off. Melanie took off soon after. He should have known she wasn’t interested. She is popular and he’s secretary of the local future geologists’ club. He sulks. Stephanie tells him not to let one bad experience or girl sour his outlook on dating. Georges thinks that Max looks like the kind of guy Melanie would be interested in. Stephanie asks what he is drinking and excuses herself to speak with Max. They talk about what they know thus far, and Stephanie heads back over to Georges. The bartender makes a call, telling someone that the two are looking for Melanie.

Marlena tells EJ that he was manipulating her daughter as well as everyone else. EJ is suddenly saved by the bell, as his phone rings. He says he has to take the call, but he wants to finish this conversation soon. Marlena agrees, and EJ heads outside to take the call.

Nicole tells Trent that she is sick of him spying on her. EJ wasn’t holding her hand. Trent knows what he saw. She is tired of him trying to control her. Men have used and abused her her whole life. She’s not going to put up with it anymore. Trent says that she brings all that on herself with the way she flirts and dresses. She likes the attention. Nicole glares. If he thinks he is going to make her feel weak and insecure, then he is wrong. She bets that kills him. Trent asks her if she really wants to test him. She doesn’t really want her secret getting out, does she? Nicole wonders why she ever got involved with him and what’s wrong with her. Trent says a lot is, but she needed a father figure, he was more than happy to fulfill that role. Nicole says he is as horrible as her real father was. She wishes that she had never met him. She storms off and heads up to the bar. Evan comforts her, telling her that Trent is a jackass. He can keep him out of here if she wants. Nicole thanks hi, but says she can handle this herself. Meanwhile, Nick pulls up a website proclaiming that the ex-racecar driver, Max Brady, is in France. Trent spies over Nick’s shoulder.

Max asks Daphne if she found out some information for him, and she sits down to spill what she knows. Daphne tells Max that Melanie is heavily involved in the club scene. She’s young, pretty, and popular, so she’s on all the VIP lists, and she makes an influence with the men in town. Max grimaces. Daphne asks what is wrong. Why is he so interested in this girl?

Georges tells Stephanie that when he was with Melanie, for the first time, guys wanted to be him instead of wanting to beat him up. He admits that he still carries a picture of Melanie in his wallet and shows Stephanie. She thinks they had a lot of nice memories together. It’s normal to want to hold onto that. She asks for more information about Melanie, but Georges is suspicious. Why is she asking so many questions?

EJ comes back in to talk to Marlena. She is angry that he lied to them about his dual citizenship. She gave him the befit of the doubt, and thought he had changed, but she was wrong. EJ asks who else knows about this, and Marlena says no one does. She did make a call to the Immigration department. His Mr. Burke will most likely be out of a job soon, and if it was up to her, he’d be behind bars. EJ groans. Marlena tells him that this isn’t over. Not by a long shot.

Trent catches up with Nicole outside and she tells him to leave her alone. He has something he needs her to do for him, but she thinks he can do his dirty work on his own. Trent tells her to stop acting like a child, or he will put her over his knee. Nicole grimaces and sits down, waiting to hear what Trent wants. He tells her that the favor involves his son, Max. Nicole sighs. She already asked around. She doesn’t know where he is. Trent says that Max is in France. He wants Nicole to find out why he is there, although Trent fears he may already know the answer.

Daphne asks Max to escort her to her hotel, and Max agrees. They head off, as Georges asks Stephanie about Max. She admits that they are together, and that she loves him a lot. Georges asks if she is jealous that he’s with another woman, but she insists that they trust one another. Georges thinks that must be nice. Stephanie tries to comfort him, telling him that there are a ton of girls out here that would love to date him. He doesn’t think so, and besides, he only wants one. Stephanie thinks he deserves a lot better based on what he has told her. The bartender tells someone on the phone that the guy looking for Melanie just left. He’s right outside.

Max says goodbye to Daphne outside and thanks her for her help. She asks if he wants to get together for drinks later, but he says he can’t. She gets it. That girl in there is his girlfriend. Max admits that that’s true. Daphne understands. She tells Max that it was nice to see him and heads off. A strange man spies on Max from around the corner.

EJ tells Marlena that she’s going to be waiting for an apology for a long time. Marlena thinks that Sami is the one that deserves an apology. What EJ did to her was unthinkable. She hopes Sami never forgives him. EJ says that Sami says she is finished with him. He thinks that Marlena can rest assured that his days with Sami are numbered. Marlena isn’t so sure. He is a DiMera. He always goes after what he wants. That’s what concerns her. She asks EJ if he is still in love with her daughter. He says that he will always love her as the mother of his child. Marlena says he might have believed him had he told her that a month ago. EJ tells her that he was the one that told Sami about Burke and the Immigration scam. He didn’t have to do that. Marlena says he’ll wait a long time for a pat on the back from her. EJ says he wanted to show Sami that he was honest and earn her respect. Marlena think it backfired. EJ agrees. The fact of the matter is that no matter how he feels about Sami, his feelings aren’t reciprocated. So he is moving on with his life. However, he is not moving on when it comes to his son. EJ excuses himself.

Earl and Nick check out the gossip website with Max’s pictures. Nick sees a picture of Melanie as one of the premier party girls in Cannes. Earl thinks she is hot. Nick agrees, and feels like he has seen her somewhere before.

Nicole thinks that Max is probably just partying. She thinks Trent should ask that kid Nick. He’s Max’s friend. Trent says he already tried, but he isn’t saying anything. He wants Nicole to talk to Caroline Brady. Nicole laughs. Sure. They’re best friends and play bridge together. Trent said she had better hope so. Otherwise, people might find out that the two of them are still very much married. He heads off.

Stephanie thanks Georges for all of his help and tells him to give her a call if he’s ever in the States. He wishes her luck, and tells her to stay away from Melanie. She’ll only cause her big trouble. Outside, the man continues to spy on Max.


Daniel screams at Chelsea, “I will be the one to decide what my patient needs to know!” Chelsea huffs, “Excuse me?”

Ava asks John, “John, what’s in there?” He replies, “Why don’t you open it and find out?”

As Chloe listens in, Morgan tells Phillip, “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

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