Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/28/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/28/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Chelsea comes into Victor’s hospital room, where he appears to be sleeping. She tells him that Daniel said he was doing much better, but it’s important that he stay calm and not get upset. That’s part of the reason she is here. She noticed there was some tension between him and her dad. Bo won’t talk to her about it, and maybe Victor won’t tell her either, but she was hoping he would. Daniel comes in just then, asking Chelsea what she thinks she’s doing.

At the station, Bo asks Hope if she is sure she doesn’t mind taking an extra shift tonight. She says she doesn’t, and he asks her if she is still mad at him. Hope says she isn’t mad. She is upset, and disappointed. She thinks that if he really trusted her, he would tell her what he knows about the Hollingsworth case. Bo says he just has theories. He could be wrong. She doesn’t think that he is wrong often, and asks him to tell her what he does know. Just then, the phone interrupts, and Bo rushes to answer it. He says he’s on his way and hangs up, telling Hope that Phillip has been shot at the DiMera mansion. They have to get over there right away.

At the DiMera mansion, paramedics work on Phillip. Roman arrests Eddie as Morgan shrieks in the background. Ava comes in, asking what happened. Roman tells her that her cousin shot Phillip. Eddie explains that Morgan was acting crazy. When she reached into her purse, he assumed she had a gun. Kate comes in just then and catches sight of Phillip. She screams in horror and rushes to his side, crying. Roman tries to comfort her. Morgan says that this is all her fault. Phillip was trying to protect her. Kate bawls, asking how this could have happened. Eddie tries to explains again, but Ava tells him to keep his mouth shut. Bo arrives, and Roman tells him it’s a stomach wound. Bo says they have to get him to the hospital right away. The paramedics wheel him off, with Bo and Kate following. Morgan starts to go after him, saying that he saved her life, but Hope stops her, saying that she can’t do anything right now, and that Morgan should come with her. They head off. Roman tells John that he needs to tell him exactly hat happened here. Since it would benefit him to have Phillip out of the way, it’s possible that John set all of this up. John smirks.

Daniel pulls Chelsea out of Victor’s room, saying that she isn’t supposed to be in there. She says that she was just talking to him, but Daniel thinks she was doing exactly what he told her not to do. If there’s something going on between her dad and her grandfather, it’s none of her business. Besides, her knowing what it is won’t help solve it. Chelsea huffs. He doesn’t know that. Daniel says he does. Her pushing Victor could elevate his heart rate and blood pressure, which could lead to another stroke. Chelsea says she doesn’t want that. Daniel adds that they aren’t even positive anything is going on. That’s why he’s banning all visitors, including her. Chelsea wants him to know that she would never intentionally hurt her grandfather. Daniel knows that, but there is another reason he doesn’t want her involved. If something is going on, it could involve John and Phillip and that whole mess down at the docks. For heaven’s sake, her friend’s father is missing. Chelsea wonders if Victor had something to do with it, and that’s why he’s so stressed. Daniel isn’t sure, but he knows that Victor’s world can be a dangerous place. He doesn’t want her to get involved in it. Chelsea reminds him that Victor is family. He says he just trying to protect her, but Chelsea doesn’t like the way he is ordering her around. Daniel retorts that he doesn’t like her arguing with him and ignoring what he tells her. Daniel gets a page, and says that he has to go to the OR, but he wants her to stay away from her grandfather. He rushes off, and Chelsea stares at Victor through the window and sighs.

EJ tells Roman that Morgan was acting like a lunatic. Roman says he wouldn’t put it past John to have set this up. John rolls his eyes. Yes, sure, he whipped Morgan into a murderous frenzy, all the while knowing that Eddie would take a shot at her just as Phillip came in, leading Phillip to dive in between them. Roman asks Ava why Eddie was here. It is a quite the coincidence that someone that was going to testify against her for the plane sabotage was shot by one of her men. EJ jumps to her defense, saying that Ava wasn’t there when it happened. John tells Roman what happened for a second time, and EJ corroborated his story. The girl was acting out of her mind. Roman says that Morgan wasn’t armed, and she had every right to be upset. She thinks her father is dead, and that John had something to do with it. John says no one is even sure that Paul is dead. Roman says that he may not be, but he is missing. The question is, did John have something to do with it. EJ tells John not to answer that question. Roman thinks those two are pretty tight, but then again DiMeras always look out for one another. John asks EJ if they can get a case against Morgan for breaking and entering and harassment. EJ thinks so. John tells Roman that he would hate for the kid to have to through that. Perhaps Roman can just decide that what happened here tonight was on big misunderstanding and they can all forget about it. Roman says he will see about that. He has to take Eddie in for a statement, and to check on his permits, but he will be released later. John thanks Eddie and he and Roman head off. John tells EJ that he did nice work and offers him a drink. EJ says no and tells John that if he wants EJ to fight for him, then he needs to know everything.

Bo and Hope take Morgan back to the police station to talk about what happened. Hope thinks it was a mistake for her to confront John, but Morgan doesn’t know what else she was supposed to do. Hope reminds her that her father might not be dead. What if someone just planted his jacket in the river so they would think that? Morgan thinks John is the only person that wants her father dad. Hope thinks it’s still possible that Paul arranged his own disappearance. Perhaps he wanted the people after him to think he was dead. Morgan insists that her father is a good man, even though he made some mistakes. She wishes she had a gun, because she would have shot John herself. Bo tells her not to say anything else, but Morgan doesn’t care. She knows that her father is dead, and that John Black killed him. Bo flashes back to hearing the tape on which Phillip threatened Paul’s life. Hope knows that Morgan is convinced that John killed her father, but he must have come into contact with other possible suspects. Morgan says that as a customs official, he stopped lots of people from bringing anything illegal into the country. But he only seemed to be really threatened by John. Hope asks if she is sure as Bo looks on, concerned. Morgan says there is one other person that her father asked her to stay away from, but it was weird, because he isn’t dangerous. Hope asks who it is. Morgan admits that it’s Phillip. Bo sweats.

Kate paces around at the hospital, wondering why they haven’t heard anything yet. Chelsea thinks they would have heard bad news by now. Late continues to pace. If Phillip doesn’t make it, it will kill his father. Chelsea doesn’t want her jumping to conclusions before they’ve heard any news. Chelsea asks what happened, and all Kate seems to know is that Ava’s cousin took a shot at Morgan and Phillip took the bullet instead. Chelsea doesn’t understand why Morgan would be at the DiMera mansion or why anyone would want to shoot at her. Kate says it has something to do with Paul’s disappearance, but that’s all she knows. Daniel comes over and tells them that Phillip is in recovery. The wound was clean, and Phillip is fine, but there’s one problem. He lost a lot of blood, and they are out of his uncommon blood type. Kate offers to give some of hers, but she can’t, a she is isn’t a match. Victor is out because he’s weak and full of drugs. Daniel tells Kate that are checking with other area hospitals. They’re going to get the blood they need. Kate asks what happens if they don’t. Daniel tells her not to think that way and asks Chelsea to get her some water. Chelsea heads off and Kate moans, saying she can’t handle all of this, what with Lucas in jail, Victor in the hospital, and Phillip being shot. Daniel hugs her.

EJ tells John that being forewarned is forearmed. He does not like surprises. John smiles. He did not import drugs into the country, he did not torch a warehouse full of his own goods, and he did not kill Paul Hollingsworth. Does EJ have any more questions? EJ says he just wants the truth. Ava says that she believes John, but she does feel sorry for Morgan. She knows what it feels like to not know if your father is alive or dead. EJ thinks she has plenty of things to worry bout when it comes to her own legal affairs without worrying about John and his. Ava says she pays EJ to do her worrying. EJ thinks it’d be best that if she stayed out of this situation. He says John he’s not in the clear either. Morgan’s little performance just shined a huge spotlight on him. John tells him it’s his job to get him out of it. EJ gets a call from the D.A, and John leaves him and Ava to talk. EJ hangs up and tells Ava that the office is faxing something over. There’s been a new development in her case. Later, they go over the fax as John comes back in. EJ tells him that the Irish government’s request for extradition has been denied. Ava says that the trial will take place right herein Salem. John thinks that is worth celebrating. He’ll have Rolf get some champagne and caviar out here. They can clean the blood up later. EJ thinks that Ava should thank John, but John doesn’t understand what he had to do with this. EJ tells him that Judge Fitzpatrick will be presiding over Ava’s case. John smiles. He and Karen go way back. Ava will be in good hands. Ava beams.

Bo gets off the phone and tells Hope and Morgan that Phillip is out of surgery. He’s weak, but the prognosis is good. Morgan wants to see him, but Hope says they have to get her statement first. She also has a few more questions, wanting to know why Paul told Morgan to stay away from Phillip. She isn’t sure, and assumed that it had something to do with his reputation. Now she thinks that John just wanted her father to hate Phillip. He took a bullet for her. He’s clearly a good person. Morgan wants to make her statement so she can get down to the hospital, and Hope agrees. Morgan calls Chelsea, asking for a ride, but Chelsea isn’t so sure that Kate wants her there. Morgan says she doesn’t care, and Chelsea agrees to come get her. Hope takes Morgan outside to make her statement, and heads back in to confront Bo afterwards. She wants him to tell her what is going on, or she is going to Abe and telling him that Bo is withholding information.

Kate flashes back to destroying the tape incriminating Phillip in front of Victor. She asks Daniel if she can see Victor. She knows he isn’t allowed visitors, but she has to see him. Their son almost died today. Daniel reluctantly agrees and heads off to check on Phillip. Kate goes into Victor’s room and sits down, crying. He says she wishes Victor hadn’t given Phillip so much responsibility with Titan. He wanted to please his father, and that is why he got so involved in this mess with John and the shipping contracts. Victor opens his eyes and asks what happened. Kate bawls. Phillip was trying to protect Morgan and he got shot. Victor’s machines beep wildly and his eyes roll back in his head. Kate runs for the door and starts screaming out into the hallway for someone to help her.

EJ says that he has to go, but tells Ava and John to enjoy their celebration. John doesn’t think he should have any presumptions about the judge, but EJ isn’t worried. He knows how to play the game. He could be happier if he hand picked the judge himself. He heads off, and Ava and John toast. She asks John what they know that she doesn’t, but John tells her that she doesn’t need to know. She says that her daddy used to tell her that all the time. She thinks something is going on between John and that judge. John feigns innocence. Ava lets it go and tells John that she hasn’t properly thanked him for his help. She kisses him.

Daniel rushes into Victor’s room with a crash cart and an nurse. He hustles Kate out and applies the defibrillator to Victor’s chest.

Bo tells Hope that she isn’t going to Abe over anything. He has just been stressed out about this case on top of Victor and Phillip’s health. Hope suggests that because if Phillip’s involvement, Bo might not be objective about the case. Bo sys he isn’t being taken off of it. He has told her what he can, and she has to accept that. Bo storms out. Hope sighs.

Kate asks Daniel how Victor is, and he says that they got him back. He wants to know what the hell went on in there. Kate says they were just talking, but Daniel doesn’t buy it. Something she said provoked him. Kate won’t say what it is, and Daniel explodes. He is Victor’s doctor and his life is in his hands. He never should have let Kate in there. She says this isn’t his fault. He snaps, telling her to never ask him if she can see Victor until he tells her she can. She promises and asks about Phillip. Daniel says he is stable, but still unconscious. Kate asks about the transfusion, and Daniel tells her hey found a city donor. The blood is on its way. She asks what will happen if it isn’t enough. Daniel assures her that he will find more. He isn’t going to lose them--not Victor, and not her son. Later, Bo shows up as Daniel checks on Victor. Daniel comes out and tells Bo there’s no way that he can see him. He almost killed him the last time, and Kate has done a number on him today. Bo asks about Phillip, and Daniel fills him in on the donor situation. They’ve checked, but no one in his family is a match that can donate. Daniel assures Bo that Phillip will be fine. Bo asks if Victor will make it. Daniel hesitates.

Ava and John talk about Judge Fitzpatrick. Ava thinks John must have bribed her, but he says they are just old friends. And she happens to be a friend that appreciates generous campaign contributions. Ava laughs, saying that John is funny. She loves that he knows how to help his friends out. She justices she could show him just how much she appreciates all that he does for her. She can be very appreciative. They kiss.

Bo tells Daniel that he needs to speak with Phillip about the shooting as soon as possible. Kate and Chelsea come over, and Kate wonders why Bo isn’t talking to John. He is the one that has wreaked so much havoc on both Victor and Phillip’s lives over the business. Chelsea asks how Victor is, and Daniel says this latest attack set him back quite a bit. Both he and Phillip are in for a long night. Kate thinks they all are, and Chelsea offers to stay with her. Hope come rushing up just then, asking about Phillip. Bo fills her in, and she apologizes for pushing him so hard earlier. She wants him to know that she is on his side.

Later, Bo approaches Phillip’s room and flashes back to Phillip visiting him in the hospital. They talk about how their lives were so different growing up, even though they shared a biological father. Bo heads into Phillip’s room and apologizes for being so hard on him the last few days. He took a bullet, and heck, John may as well have shot him himself. He tells Phillip to rest and get his strength up, and promises to take care of all this by the time he gets out of the hospital. Morgan comes in just then, saying that she can leave, but Bo says it’s fine, and heads out. Morgan sits by Phillip’s bed and thanks him for saving her and crying all the while. She hopes he gets out of here soon so she can try to make this up to him, even though she knows she never can. She wants him to know how she feels--he saved her life, and she loves him for that.

Ava and John kiss and canoodle on the couch. John breaks it off, and Ava asks what’s wrong. He says it’s Hollingsworths’ daughter. She would have shot him if she had had a weapon. Ava reminds him that she didn’t. She’s just a girl that’s worried about her father. John thinks she has a lot of backbone. Ava agrees. John says it worries him. If she would do that while knowing nothing, what would she do if she really knew what happened to her father?


Nicole tells EJ, “I want to be clear about my feelings for you.” He smirks, “You haven’t been clear about very much else.”

Stephanie asks Max, “I bet you have a lot of questions for her, huh?” He replies, “Tons.” Stephanie says, “I want to know what she thinks about her dad.”

Trent tells Marlena, “I don’t mean to be rude.” She replies, “Well, you were.” Trent glares, “Who died and made you the authority on coffeehouse etiquette?”

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