Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/25/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/25/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Caroline shows up at Steve and Kayla’s apartment with a present for Joe. She asks Kayla how the baby’s first night at home went. Kayla says it went well and opens the gift to fin a new outfit, telling Caroline that she shouldn’t have. She asks where Steve is, and Kayla says that he went out. Caroline says they need to talk. She’s concerned about her brother, Bo. He has been acting very strange lately. She’s very worried about him.

Steve shows up at Bo and Hope’s place, wanting to go get a beer with Bo and talk, but Bo nixes the idea. He has to watch Ciara, since Hope is out shopping, and besides, he had too much to drink last night, anyway. Steve thinks that’s perfect, and that they can talk right here. Bo insists that there is nothing to talk about. He shouldn’t have said what he said last night. Steve says they are best friends. What happened was eating him up inside. He had to tell someone. Bo thinks it was eating him up for good reason. Steve isn’t so sure. In fact, he came to see Bo to tell him that he thinks that did the right thing. Victor can’t take any more stress, and Bo helped an innocent man. Bo isn’t sure that Phillip is innocent. He may have murdered Paul. Steve thinks Phillip is a lot of things, but a murderer? He isn’t so sure about that. Bo says he has another problem. He destroyed evidence. He could lose his badge. He could lose everything--including Hope. Steve asks if he is going to tell her, but Bo says no. He can’t get her involved since she is a cop. Steve reminds Bo that Hope is smart. She knows him. How long does he think it’s going to take before she figures out what’s going on?

Kate and Phillip have breakfast at the Kiriakis mansion. She doesn’t think he looks like he slept. Phillip scoffs. Kate says she hasn’t been getting much sleep either, what with one son in prison, and the other on his way if she and Victor hadn’t intervened. Phillip says that Bo is the one that put his neck out on the line. Kate says that he did it for family, but Phillip doesn’t care. He tells her that despite his motivations, Bo thinks that he killed Hollingsworth. Kate says that he may not be the only one.

At the DiMera mansion, John and Ava sip coffee and read the paper. She goes on and on about what a good time she had last night and this morning, and then notices that John isn’t paying any attention to her. She asks what is so interesting, and John says it’s an article about Paul Hollingsworth. They found his jacket in the river, and they’re dragging the river to find his body. John thinks it’s a waste of time. Just then, Marlena barges in after an apologetic Rolf. She asks John how he knows it’s a waste of time. John asks if she is here on her own behalf or that of the Salem P.D. She sarcastically apologizes for interfering with his private time. John says that Marlena is always welcome here. She’s his wife. She doesn’t think he acts like she is. He doesn’t think she does, either. Ava says she has things to do and starts to head off, when EJ comes in, stopping her. He says that they need to have a little chat about how to keep her out of prison.

Bo tells Steve that Hope already suspects something is going on. She questions him about it, he can’t say anything, and then she gets all upset. He just can’t get her involved, even though they never keep secrets from one another. Steve says he understands, but asks Bo if he really thinks Phillip killed Paul. Bo isn’t sure, and Steve asks if any new evidence has come up to prove his guilt. Bo says no, but the department is really gung-ho about investigating this, which is why he feels so guilty. Steve thinks that he might be able to help. He wants to investigate Hollingsworth himself. Bo will feel better about all of this if Phillip is innocent. Bo isn’t sure he will ever feel ok about this, especially about lying to Hope. Steve says that secrets have a way of coming back and biting people. He knows better than anyone. Bo wonders if he will be able to go through with his surprise for Hope. He’ll feel like a hypocrite if she found out the truth. He says he has to call it off. Steve sighs.

Kayla tells Caroline that she is also worried about Bo, and Caroline asks her if she knows anything. Kayla tells Caroline about Marlena being worried about Bo and coming to talk to her. Caroline is glad that it isn’t just her imagination. Hope and Chelsea know something is going on, too. She tells Kayla that Daniel told her that Victor’s heart monitor reacted strongly when both Bo an Phillip visited him. Kayla thinks that’s strange. Caroline says it’s so serious that Victor isn’t allowed any visitors. Caroline can’ imagine what has upset Victor so much, but something strange is going on between him and Bo. There’s some kind of tension that she just can’t explain. Kayla says they have always had a tense relationship. Caroline says that Victor also said something odd. He told her to tell Bo that he said thank you, but she isn’t sure for what. Caroline went as far as to ask Bo what was going on, but he wouldn’t say. She thinks that this is all tied in somehow to the Hollingsworth case, and the dock war with Phillip an d John. Kayla asks what Hope thinks, and Caroline tells Kayla that she also thinks this is about Paul, and she’s very upset. They both think Bo is in trouble. Kayla tells her that she sent Steve to talk to Bo the night before, but he didn’t tell her if he found out anything. They’ve been pretty preoccupied lately with the baby--and with Ava. Caroline asks if she is causing trouble, and Kayla fills her in on how she almost moved in across the hall. Kayla says she is also worried about Stephanie, and now Bo. Caroline assures her that everything with Stephanie will be fine. Kayla thinks so too. Now she just prays her brother comes to his senses. Caroline does too. He should know that secrets can destroy a marriage.

Phillip thanks Kate sarcastically, saying that that was just what he needed to hear. Kate tells him to relax. The tape is gone, so there is no evidence linking him to this. Phillip groans. He can’t believe that his own mother doesn’t believe him. Kate says that she does believe him Phillip thinks that she did, until the police found that jacket. Kate wants him to know that she believes that he did whatever was necessary. Phillip fumes. He didn’t do anything. The person that needs to know that the most is Bo. Kate assures him again that the evidence is gone. No one will ever know what happened. Just then, Henderson comes in with a note he found on the front stoop. It’s addressed to Phillip.

Steve comes back and makes small talk with Caroline about the baby. They ask about Bo, and what might be wrong with him, but he doesn’t think they have anything to worry about. They ask if Bo said anything, but Steve says they don’t have anything to worry about. Kayla knows they aren’t the only ones that are concerned. Hope is worried, too. Caroline says she is going to have to go talk to Bo. Kayla wants to go with her. They head off, leaving Steve with the baby.

Phillip asks Henderson if he saw who left the note, but he says he didn’t, and leaves. Phillip opens it, reads it, and hands it to Kate. She reads it and gapes. It says, “I know your secret.”

Ava tells EJ that she is heading off to talk to someone that might be able to help her. EJ wants to know who it is, but Ava thinks they should discuss it later. Dr. Evans works for the other side. EJ agrees, and Ava kisses John, thanking him for last night. She leaves. Marlena notes that she an John have gotten mighty friendly. John says it’s nice to be around someone who accepts him for who he is. Marlena asks him if he is aware that this is called infidelity. John guesses that she has grounds for divorce. Marlena asks him if that’s what he wants. John thinks it might be best for everyone. He cant give her what she wants. Marlena says it’s sad, because he never even tried. She huffs off, and runs into Rolf in the foyer, saying that she has to speak to him. Rolf groans, asking if it is about the disc. Marlena begs him to help her. She spoke with Roman about granting him immunity. All he has to do is help the ISA. Rolf says he can’t, and besides, John would have his head if he knew he was working against him. Marlena promises that that won’t happen. Rolf thinks John might get his memory back on his own. Marlena has always been able to reach him on some level. She says that she can’t this time. She is losing him, because he is falling in love with someone else.

EJ asks John if he will be needing a divorce lawyer. John thinks so. Marlena is better off without him. She needs to move on wit her life. EJ notes that he has certainly moved on with his. John says he didn’t have a choice. EJ wonders if he would have done anything differently if he had. He seems to like who he is now. John says that no one else really does, though. EJ thinks it’s important to stay true to oneself. It never works out when you pretend to be someone you aren’t. John tells EJ that it won’t be that easy to jump ship from the Bradys to the DiMeras. He still needs to prove himself. EJ said they had that conversation, and he is sure. He wants his old life back. The bell rings and John asks if he is expecting someone. Judge Fitzpatrick comes in and thanks John for his generous donation. EJ says they are always glad to help out a good cause. Speaking of good causes, he has a favor to ask of the judge. It has to do with Ava Vitali.

Ava runs into Marlena at the pub and apologizes for what happened earlier. Marlena huffs. Like she said, she won’t testify against Ava, but she is going to fight for her husband. Ava thought Marlena wanted a divorce. Marlena tells her that she is doing this for John’s sake as much as her own. Ava scoffs, wondering when Marlena is going to accept that her husband is never coming back. Marlena thinks he will. The man that slept with Ava was not her husband, it’s true, but he is still in there somewhere, and she thinks he would hate what he has become. Ava disagrees. Marlena doesn’t think she knows a damn thing about him. Ava doesn’t think Marlena does. Marlena tells Ava to enjoy this while it lasts .When the real John comes back, he will be through with her.

Kayla and Caroline show up at Bo and Hope’s to talk to Bo. Caroline heads upstairs to see Ciara, and Kayla tells Bo that Steve told her that they talked. She knows something is going on with him at work. Bo groans. Kayla says she doest even want to know what it’s about, but it upsets her to see him so stressed. Bo says everything is fine. He’s glad she stopped by, because he is going to call off that surprise he had planned for Hope. He thought she should know. Kayla tells him to do no such thing. If he trusts in his partner, everything will work out. She stops short, saying that she needs to heed her own advice. She tells him to tell Caroline that she has to go home, and again urges him to tell Hope everything. She’ll understand. She heads out just as Caroline comes back downstairs. Caroline says that what Kayla said about Hope is true, and the same goes for his mother.

Ava stops by Steve and Kayla’s place, wanting to talk to both of them. Steve says Kayla isn’t here, and that she had better just say what she has to say to him. Ava launches into another apology, saying that is a completely different person now. She loved Steve once, but she accepts that’s it’s over, and she is moving on with her life. Steve scoffs. She’s moving on with a married man. He sarcastically congratulates her. Ava says she has always been a little bit of a misfit, just like Steve. He tells her to cut to the chase, and she admits that she’s here ask a favor. Her trial is coming up, and it isn’t looking good. She was hoping that Steve would testify on her behalf. Steve gapes.

The judge says that she is familiar with Ava’s case, but she heard that Ava was being sent back to be tried in Ireland. She isn’t sure that she can do anything. EJ says that that is just it. He is trying to get extradition stopped, and the trial moved back to the States. He doesn’t think that’s unreasonable, considering that Ava is a citizen. The judge agrees with him. EJ says that is why they want her advice. In fact, he and John consider her a friend. The judge smiles. She considers them both close friends as well.

Kate asks Phillip who the hell wrote this. What do they know about him? Phillip flashes back to Bo telling him about the tape on which he threatened Paul’s life. Phillip tells Kate that someone is obviously trying to get to him, and he doesn’t like it. Kate asks him who could be doing this. Phillip scoffs. Who else? John Black. Phillip vows to put a stop to this right now.

EJ comes back from showing the judge out, and John asks him if he really thinks that she will be able to help Ava. EJ says it can’t hurt to have her in their corner. John reminds him that they had to bribe her. EJ shrugs. John hasn’t been above that tactic. Besides, it won’t hurt having her around to help for Jon’s own trial. John says that he isn’t worried, but EJ thinks that he should be. Some rather challenging new evidence has come to light. The cornerstone of their defense is that Paul planted the drugs and set the fire, and now he is missing and presumed dead. John wonders if EJ is asking if he had anything to do with that as the bell rings. Rolf comes in apologetically and announces Morgan. She storms in, demanding to know what John did with her father.

Steve tells Ava that he is going to testify about the plane crash and all of the other things she did. He won’t lie for her. Ava doesn’t want him to. She wants him to testify to the fact that she was a different person before her father started drugging her. Sure, they were wild and crazy back in the day, but he knows she was never capable of doing the things that she did recently. Steve thought that Ava wanted to take responsibility for what she did. Ava says that John made her realize that she isn’t completely responsible. Besides, her rotting away in jail isn’t going to bring anyone back. Steve nukes. Shawn Brady wasn’t just “anyone.” Ava apologizes. Steve agrees to testify that she was different when he knew her than she was recently, but that is all he will say.

Ava says that that is all she wants. She starts to head out, running into Kayla, who freezes in the doorway. Ava mutters an apology and rushes out. Kayla asks what that was all about. Steve tells her that Ava came to see if he would testify on her behalf. He told her that he wouldn’t lie for her, and that he would only tell the truth. Kayla seems to accept that, and asks how the baby is, and Steve says that he is still asleep. Steve starts to apologize, saying that he has made some mistakes, but Kayla stops him,. They all have. She hugs him.

Bo asks Caroline if she saw Victor, and she reminds him that he can’t have visitors. Ever since Bo and Phillip and the blood pressure spiking, Daniel won’t let anyone in to see him. Bo grumps, saying that Daniel has it in for him since he doesn’t approve of him dating Chelsea. Caroline thinks he is genuinely worried about Victor and also about Bo, like they all are. Bo says its just this case--it’s a lot of pressure. Caroline wants him to talk to Hope. It’s killing her. Bo says he can’t. Caroline pleads with him not to keep any secrets. He says this is different. Caroline gives up and asks about the surprise for Hope. He tells her that everyone seems to want to do it, so it’s going on as planned. She shouldn’t worry.

EJ tells Morgan to take it easy. Morgan shrieks that she knows John killed her father, and the police finding the jacket proves that. She tells him to admit it before she kills him herself. Suddenly, one of Ava’s relatives, Edward, shows up. John says that she isn’t here, but he says she called him and asked him to meet her here. She wanted him present while she met with her attorney. Morgan asks John if this is one of the thugs he hired to take out her father. EJ thinks it’s time for her to leave. Morgan refuses. John tells her that she is out of her league. Edward agrees, saying that she needs to leave. She says that she isn’t going anywhere until she gets the answers she came for.

Kate burns the letter Phillip received. She says that if John or anyone else threatens her son, it will be the last thing they ever do.

John understands that Morgan is upset, but he says that he didn’t hurt her father. She has his word. Morgan says his word doesn’t mean anything. He’s a walking robot with no feelings, and she knows he killed her father. The bell rings and Phillip comes in. John tells him to take Morgan home. Morgan shrieks that she isn’t going anywhere until John tells her where her father is. Phillip takes her arm and tries to get her to leave. Morgan rummages in her purse. Edward pulls a gun and fires. Phillip dives in front of Morgan. John winces. Morgan cries out for Phillip.


Morgan screams, “OMG! NO!” as a gunshot rings out. The camera pans in on John, Bo, EJ, and Morgan’s faces. Someone yells something about stabilizing Phillip.

Daniel tells Chelsea, “You were doing exactly what I told you not to do.” She replies, “Look, if there’s something going on between my dad and my grandfather, I just think--” Daniel interrupts, “No, if there is, it’s none of your business.”

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