Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/24/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/24/08


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Max and Stephanie’s train is stopped near Marseilles. Max paces. Stephanie knows he is excited about meeting his sister. Max says that he is also apprehensive. He can’t imagine how he will introduce himself to her. He will be thinking of a million other things at that moment. Stephanie is sure that he has thought of all sorts of things to say since he found out she existed. Max heads out in the corridor to ask the conductor why the train is stopped. The man explains that there has been a slight delay, and they’ll be in Marseille in an hour or so. Max thanks him and comes back inside, saying he has no idea what’s going on. Stephanie explains that there’s just been a small delay.

Daniel takes Chelsea up to the roof at his new loft. She is pleased and surprised, and excitedly points out all of the landmarks she recognizes, such as the Titan Building and hospital. Daniel points out the pub, and Chelsea thanks him for bringing her up here and says that she approves. They kiss.

At Steve and Kayla’s place, Steve peruses a book called “Daddy, Don’t Drop Me” as Kayla comes out of Joe’s room. He offers to take the next shift, but she isn’t so sure. She thinks they should wait and see how he is when he wakes up. Steve senses her coldness and apologizes again. He says he can never say it enough. He will never forgive himself for what happened to her Pop. He thinks about it everyday. Kayla says that was Ava’s fault, not his. She wanted to believe that the drugs made her act the way she did, but she maliciously set out to have that plane tampered with. She has to pay for that. Kayla thinks the sooner she is behind bars, the better.

At the DiMera mansion, Ava pours a drink as John comes in, asking if she has finished with EJ. Ava says she has. John asks if the news was bad enough that she needs time to process it . Ava says no. There isn’t much EJ can do anyway. John thinks that he is resourceful and will figure out something. Ava hopes so, since she still faces extradition. EJ is trying to make a plea bargain so that doesn’t happen. John says if the D.A. refuses the deal, she’ll get a jury trial, and a chance to escape serving time. Ava sighs. John reminds her that he is facing charges himself. Ava says there is anther option for both of them. They could just skip bail and leave the country.

At the police station, Bo asks Morgan why she is still here. She asks what is going on between him and Phillip, but Bo says it’s private. She smiles sympathetically, assuming it’s about their dad, and asks how he is. Phillip tells her that he’s still stable, and Bo tells him they’re finished. Phillip heads out with Morgan and asks if she is ok. She overheard some police saying that her father’s body could be way down the river. What if they never find him? Phillip hugs her. Bo walks out, sees them and seethes with fury.

Daniel wonders if the super will let him sleep up here sometimes. Chelsea isn’t sure it’s a good idea, what with the rain, the heat, and the bugs. Daniel didn’t know she was a half-empty kind of girl. Chelsea doesn’t think he knows what kind of girl she is at all. They kiss again, and she asks if he is going to sign the lease agreement. Daniel thinks he is. Chelsea asks if that means he is staying in Salem. Daniel admits he is for a variety of reasons. Chelsea asks what those might be. He admits that the main reason is because of her.

Marlena comes into Roman’s office, and he tells her that he hasn’t heard anything from the ISA, if she is here about the disc. He promises to let her know as soon as he hears anything. Marlena says she came by because the D.A. contacted her, wanting her to hand over her notes form her sessions with Ava. Roman looks over the notes and tells Marlena that this won’t help them. She’s refusing to reveal what Ava said for ethical reasons. Marlena says that’s true. Roman doesn’t understand. She’s one of their consultants. Marlena explains that since Ava came to her on her own, and wasn’t referred by the court, she doesn’t feel that she can hand that information over. Roma thinks the D.A. might subpoena Marlena, but she hopes it wont come to that. Roman says that this reminds him that he has to speak with Steve and Kayla about testifying against Ava. Marlena says she has to speak to them too, and fills Roman in on what happened with Sami trying to sublet her apartment to Ava. She hasn’t had a chance to explain to them that John put her up to it, so Marlena was going to do it for her. She knows the thought of Ava being anywhere near Steve and Kayla was upsetting.

John says it sounds tempting, but he isn’t going anywhere. Ava huffs. He apologizes, saying that he is sympathetic to her situation, but unlike her, he never admitted to doing anything. Besides, he’s innocent. Ava isn’t so sure he will wriggle out of this. John insists that he never smuggled drugs into the country. Ava says she overheard Tony telling him that Paul Hollingsworth was dead. If the police think he’s dead, it will only be a matter of time before they come for John. John rages, saying that’s fine. Let them come.

Morgan wonders why the cops won’t tell her anything. Phillip explains that it’s an ongoing investigation. She huffs. They keep acting like she knows something when she doesn’t. Phillip thinks that they’re hoping she can remember something that helps them find her father. Morgan wishes she could, but she can’t. Phillip thinks that he ought to take her back to the sorority house. Morgan says that no one is there. She really doesn’t want to be alone right now. Phillip wants her to come back with him to his place. She says she couldn’t, but he insists, saying that he just has to check in with his father.

Bo slams down a stack of files as Marlena comes out of Roman’s office. She asks if he is alright. Bo glowers. He explains that he has a frustrating case right now. Marlena says she knows all about the Paul/John/Hollingsworth case. It has been weighing on her, too. She wants him to know that she is there if he ever needs to talk about it. He says that he can’t talk to her about it, and she offers to recommend someone to him. He thanks her, but says that he will be fine.

Stephanie comes back to the berth to tell Max that it’s going to be a little longer. They’re only about thirty miles away, but there’s something on the tracks. That’s all she knows. Max says he loves that she speaks French. She shakes her head, reminding him that he didn’t even want her to come. Max wants to go over the plan for finding his sister. He pulls out his phone and wondered hoe people ever functioned without GPS. They talk about how they don’t have an exact street address for Melanie. All they have is the road she was on when she was on the phone with Max. Steve’s contact was able to pull the location of the nearest cell tower. Stephanie thinks it’s a place to start at least, but Max isn’t so optimistic. The road is fifteen miles long. They’ll never find her.

Steve grumps about how there is noting on TV and how he already finished his book. He thinks about calling Stephanie, and admits to Kayla that he wishes she hadn’t gone. Kayla reminds him that Stephanie isn’t in any danger. Besides, if finding his sister happens to be hard on Max, she will be there for him. Just then, Roman and Marlena show up. Roman hopes that this isn’t a bad time.

Phillip and Morgan get ready to leave the station, but Bo pulls Phillip aside first. He realizes that Phillip is denying any involvement in Paul’s disappearance, but he is still one of the prime suspects. Doesn’t he thinks it’s a little stupid of him to be hanging out with the guy’s daughter?

Chelsea tells Daniel that she thinks her dad might be starting to accept their relationship. He isn’t so sure, and of course she wants to know why. He tells her that he spoke to her dad earlier about Victor and how important it is that he isn’t put under any stress. He had to put a stop to it. Chelsea says she is going to find out what’s going on. Daniel doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

Roman asks Steve and Kayla if they’re willing to testify against Ava at her trial, and they both agree. Roman reminds them that her defense will be using her drug addiction as the cornerstone of their case. He asks Steve if he will testify about her admitting that she sabotaged the plane. Kayla walks off. Marlena follows and Kayla explains that they just had a big fight about Ava. She wanted to sublet Sami’s apartment, an Kayla jut exploded.

Meanwhile, Steve asks Roman if Ava will do time. Roman doesn’t think the European authorities are going to look the other way. Steve asks about the kidnapping and attempted murder charges. He heard they were dropped. Roman soothes him. Those courts just decided that the international charges took precedence. The others can be filed at any time, saving the statute of limitations running out. Steve asks about the guys that actually did the job. Roman explains that one of them is testifying against Ava in exchange for immunity. Steve scoffs, saying so much for loyalty. Roman tells Steve that he knows how he feels, but Steve has to know this isn’t his fault. Steve says that Roman’s sister keeps telling him that, too.

Marlena explains that the whole thing was John’s idea. She just wanted to apologize, since she isn’t sure that John will do so. Kayla wonders why Sami just didn’t say no. Marlena thinks she tried, but Ava came in before she could properly refuse. The important thing is that she is not going to be living anywhere near them. Kayla says that she has tried to feel sorry for Ava, what with her father and the drugs and everything, but honestly, she can’t wait to get her out of their lives. Marlena agrees. She thinks it’s only a matter of time before Ava hurts someone else.

Ava shows John a picture of her father’s place in Tuscany. John sighs. He thinks it’s great, but he isn’t leaving. Ava accuses him of needing to vindicate himself. John says that it’s just the way it is. Ava suspects that it’s Marlena. She’s the reason John doesn’t want to leave.

Bo tells Phillip that if he hangs around Morgan, it might make him look like he feels guilty for what he did to her father. Phillip doesn’t care what it looks like. He cares about Morgan, and he’s going to be there for her. Bo thinks he’s a real knight in shining armor. If he finds out that Phillip and Victor played him--Phillip buts him off. They didn’t. Now he is leaving to take Morgan home. He heads off. Bo fumes.

Stephanie hangs up with her friend Didier and tells Max that they are lucky. He’s an old friend, and he knows a lot about the area. Max isn’t even sure if Melanie lives on the road. What if she just happened to be on it when he called her? Stephanie tells him that Didier told her that there’s an exclusive girls’ boarding school a few miles out of town. Max thinks she could be a student there. Stephanie agrees. She just wishes the train would start again so they could get there. Max says that until that happens, he wants to hear all about this Didier.

Kayla tells Marlena that this is the last thing she and Steve need now with the baby home. Marlena asks her if Bo has come by to see the baby. Kayla says he hasn’t and she just assumed that he was busy. Marlena tells her that she saw Bo earlier, and he seemed very frustrated about a case. Kayla isn’t sure what could be wrong. Marlena isn’t either, but she is a little worried. Kayla says that she can talk to Bo, if Marlena thinks it’s a good idea. Marlena says she does, and thanks her profusely.

Bo paces around Roman’s office, then makes a call. He asks someone to bring him everything they have on the Hollingsworth case.

Chelsea explains to Daniel that if something is going on between her dad and her grandpa, she wants to try to fix it. Daniel thinks that they will sort it out. That’s what guys do. Besides, Victor doesn’t need anymore drama right now. He could relapse. Chelsea says that’s the last thing she wants to happen. Daniel thinks she should take his advice and stay out if it.

Bo has stacks of evidence bags out on Roman’s desk. He sighs, and gives himself a pep talk. There must be something here that he missed before.

John tells Ava that Blondie has no bearing on his decisions. Ava says that she just doesn’t want to lose him. She fears that will if she goes to prison. She knows that Marlena will never give up on getting him back. John doesn’t like that she has already resigned herself to going to prison. Ava says that neither she or EJ have much hope. John thinks that his nephew will do whatever it takes to keep her out of jail. In the meantime, international cases like these take a long time to put together. She’ll be free with him until then. Ava says it’s hard to invest in a future when she isn’t sure that she will have one. John doesn’t want her to give up. Ava says that she doesn’t give up easily. John says he doesn’t either. He wants to make a phone call, and see what he can do for her. He asks her to stay and heads off. Ava pours another drink as the doorbell rings. She answers it to find Marlena at the door.

Max is on the phone with the boarding school, inquiring about Melanie, and hangs up a few moments later. He tells Stephanie that they won’t give out any information on their students; he couldn’t even get them to confirm whether or not she attended school there. Stephanie thinks his approach was all wrong. She gets the phone from him and calls the school. She asks for Melanie in French, and they offer to let her leave a message. Stephanie say she will try back later, and hangs up. She tells Max that because they offered to leave a message, she must go to school there. Max thinks that she is a genius. He kisses her.

Steve and Kayla discuss Ava’s trial. He tells her that the European authorities are charging her with sabotage. Even if EJ can succeed in fighting her extradition, she will still stand trial here. Kayla worried that being drugged will work in her defense. Steve isn’t so sure. The drugs didn’t make her have her goons sabotage that plane. If the prosecution can prove it was deliberate, she’ll be going away for a long time. Besides, after what she did to John and Marlena, it’s clear Ava is dangerous even when she’s sober. Steve’s phone rings, and it’s Stephanie, who fills him in on where she and Max are and what they found out about Melanie. Next, she talks to Kayla, who urges her to take care of herself and Max. They hang up and Steve admits that he feels better. Kayla is glad, because she has a mission for him. It involves beer.

Bo takes a call as he sifts through evidence. He’s surprised, “Now?” He agrees to meet the person in a few minutes.

Marlena tells Ava that she thought she would be glad to know that Marlena can’t hand over any of the notes from their sessions. it’s against her ethics. Ava bets she hates that. Marlena says she took an oath, no matter what her personal feelings are, she must abide by it. She asks if Ava has found a place to live, and suggest her own house. Ava says it’s full of bad memories and is being searched by the cops. John comes in and tells Marlena that Ava will be staying with him for the time being. Marlena asks to speak to him privately and Ava heads off to the kitchen. Marlena tells John that she has something important to ask him, and she would appreciate it if he told her the truth.

Daniel says this rooftop sealed the deal for him. Chelsea asks if he’s sure it wasn’t the short lease agreement that did that. Daniel insists that he isn’t going anywhere. Chelsea asks if that is a promise. Daniel says it is his intention. Chelsea asks if he wants to head back down, but Daniel says not yet. He has brought some music to play, and he and Chelsea dance and kiss.

Max complains that he is anxious and bored, and Stephanie convinces him that they have time to make love. The train just started so they have thirty minutes. Max readily closes the blinds and kisses her.

John says he knows what she is going to ask him. Marlena assures John that her question has nothing to do with Ava. He says that is none of her business, and neither is the question she’s going to ask him. She wants to know if he killed Paul, right? Marlena asks him if he did. John leisurely lights a cigar. Ava peers around the corner and listens in.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Morgan thanks Phillip for letting her come home with him. He asks if her can get her something to eat or drink, but she just wants a hug. Phillip complies.

At the pub, Steve and Bo make small talk about Joe. Bo wants Steve to cut to the chase. Why did he ask him out for a beer so late? Steve admits that Marlena is worried about him and talked to Kayla. Kayla asked him to find out what’s going on. Bo admits that there is something going on with a case he’s involved in, but he’s handling it. Steve asks if he has told Hope, and Bo says he can’t. She isn’t happy about it. Steve says that Kayla will be all over him, too. If he is in trouble, maybe Steve can help. He vows not to let up until Bo talks. Bo agrees to tell, since Steve isn’t a cop. He admits that he covered up some evidence in an ongoing investigation. Steve doesn’t think that sounds like him. Bo sighs. He only did it to protect his brother, Phillip.


Phillip tells Kate, “He actually thinks I might have killed Hollingsworth.” She replies, “Well, he may not be the only one.”

Bo tells Steve, “I could lose my badge. I could lose everything, including Hope.”

Marlena tells John, “You and Ava have gotten mighty friendly.” He replies, “Well I suppose you have grounds for divorce, then.” She asks, “Shall I do that? Is that what you want?”

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