Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/23/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/23/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, John rubs Ava’s feet. She asks him if his mansion has a rooftop terrace. John thinks he can find her a balcony. Ava grins. She is glad, because making love to him earlier was magical. She would definitely like a repeat performance. John says he would, too, but not here. Ava asks if he is worried someone will walk in on them just as EJ walks in on them. John explains that he was helping Ava unwind after a long day of apartment hunting. EJ frowns. John asks what’s wrong. EJ sighs and tells Ava that he just got back from meeting with the assistant D.A. He wouldn’t be making any long term plans if he were her.

At the pub, Kate and Tony toast to money. Roman walks in, asking what they are celebrating. Tony explains that Kate’s new line has really taken off. Kate agrees. She has one person to thank--here, Tony beams--and that’s the American consumer. Tony’s face falls. Kate gushes about how she may not be a housewife, but she sure knows quality when she sees it, and people love that. Tony huffs. Actually, his advertising campaigning had a lot to do with it. With his help, she’ll knock Martha Stewart off her pedestal. Roman says he can’t wait to see that. His phone rings, and he heads off to the bar to take the call. Roman thanks the person, asks if they’re sure, and hangs up. He heads back over to Tony and Kate, and tells them that the police think that Paul Hollingsworth may have met with foul play.

Hope comes back home to find Bo pacing. She asks what’s wrong, and he explains that Abe just called. They found Paul’s jacket floating in the river. Bo takes out his phone and calls Phillip, but hangs up in frustration after a few moments. Hope asks if he is upset about the Hollingsworth case. Bo seethes saying that he is just frustrated. Hope gasps. She thinks he knows something more about Paul’s disappearance.

In Roman’s office, Morgan asks Abe if the cops think they’ll find her father’s body in the river like they found his jacket there. Abe asks Phillip to wait outside, and he heads off, squeezing Morgan’s shoulder for comfort. Morgan asks Abe again if he think her father drowned. Abe isn’t sure. They don’t want to rule anything out, but on the other hand, they don’t want to jump to conclusions, either. She shouldn’t either. Morgan wails. Her father can’t be dead. He just can’t.

Kate asks Roman if they think Paul is dead. Roman isn’t sure, and anyway, he can’t share that kind of information with her during an ongoing investigation. Kate flashes back to hearing the tape recording on which Phillip threatened Paul’s life, and then destroying it in front of Victor. Kate comes back to the present and says she understands. Roman congratulates her again and takes off. Tony asks Kate what’s going on. She doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He tells her not to snow him. He knows that expression on her face. What’s going on? Or should he ask, what is she trying to hide?

Bo says that he is just frustrated with the case, but Hope thinks he is hiding something. Bo denies it. This just went from a disappearance to a possible homicide, and John is their prime suspect. Hope thinks its possible that Victor could have been involved as well. She wants to sit down and hash this out together, but Bo says no. There are too many motives and scenarios, and he can’t even get it straight in his own head. Hope says she is involved in this case, too, and she feels like he is keeping something from her. Bo says he doesn’t want her on this case. He wants to work it alone. She asks if he is kidding. He says he isn’t. This is for her own good.

Phillip ask Morgan what Abe said, but she says she didn’t learn anything new. She asked if they thought her father was dead, but they aren’t sure. She admits that she wants to keep thinking positively, but it’s hard. She keeps picturing him in the water, and she can’t help it. Phillip tells her to stop. Morgan says she knows the cops are all thinking it as well, but they won’t say it. Phillip tells her that nothing is sure yet. Morgan says that she and her father were so close. She can’t imagine why she can’t tell if he is dead or alive. It’s killing her. She reminisces about their relationship, telling Phillip how her dad understood her when her mom didn’t get her at all. She tells Phillip a story about her dad helping her make a volcano for her school physics project. Phillip thinks he sounds like an amazing father. Morgan say he was, which is why it makes no sense as to why he would leave if he wasn’t really scared for his life. Phillip hugs her. She says she wishes she could protect her dad, but she fears she is already too late.

Kate tells Tony that he is reading too much into things. She is upset that Paul might be dead because she is upset about any act of violence that comes close to her family. She doesn’t know if Tony knows this, but Phillip has taken a liking to Paul’s daughter, Morgan. Kate thinks she is a lovely girl, and she feels for her. Naturally, she is upset. Kate heads of to call Phillip and let him know what Roman told her. Tony flashes back to John asking him to take on the P.R. campaign for Paul after his arrest on bribery charges. Tony comes back to the present and muses. Maybe John had something to do with all of this.

John tells Ava that he will leave and come back later. Ava wants him to stay, but John says that he could be forced to testify should he overhear anything. He thinks it’s best this way. Ava agrees and John leaves. EJ tells Ava that meetings with the D.A. are normally pretty standard. He tries to get a peek at their cards, and they do the same. This time, the D.A. showed him her hand. They’re pretty confident. Ava asks what he thinks. EJ sighs. He thinks that this case is going to be tough. The D.A. holds all the cards.

Hope tells Bo that this case involves the entire department. He can’t solve it on his own. Bo admits that he has some leads in mind, but he doesn’t want to get her involved until he is sure. She reminds him that she is his partner, both on and off the clock. He is supposed to tell her everything. Bo says that if he told her, he would have to tell Roman and Abe, and that is what he is trying to avoid. Hope wants to know if he is in danger.

Kate calls Phillip and tells him that Roman may have evidence that Paul was murdered. Phillip says he knows all about it, but he’s down at the station with Morgan, so he will have to speak to her about it later. Kate huffs, saying it better be sooner rather than later. She hangs up as Tony comes up behind her. He asks how Phillip is, and Kate snaps. He’s fine of course. It’s Morgan that she is worried about. Tony says that he has to go, as he has another meeting. Kate thanks him, saying that he is responsible for a lot of her success, and she knows it. She heads off. Tony calls Anna and leaves her a voicemail telling her that he has to run by Uncle John’s place. He asks her to meet him at the pub later.

Morgan and Phillip walks up behind Abe and Roman as they discuss what to do next. Abe worries that he may have got out into the shipping lanes. Roman sighs. He’d be fifty miles away and unrecoverable if that happened. They just have to keep dragging he river and sending the dive teams out. Morgan shrieks. They’re dragging the river for her father?! Abe and Roman turn around sheepishly.

Bo tells Hope that he is just trying to do anything he can to protect her. He begs her to let him do what he has to do without getting her involved. Hope rages, saying that he is supposed to trust her. That is what she wants. He says that trust goes both ways. She has to trust that he has a good reason for what he is doing. Right now, there is someone he has to find, so he has to go. Hope wonders how she can accept him just walking out of here with no explanation. Bo kisses her and tells her to trust him. He leaves. Hope says she is sorry, but she just can’t.

EJ tells Ava that the D.A.’s office thinks they can charge Ava with whatever they want, whenever they want. They haven’t even filed the charges against her for kidnapping and shooting Hope. They consider those chump charges next to what she did in Ireland. EJ tells her they will try to prove that she was under the influence of a pernicious drug. Ava thinks that the prosecution will try to prove what she did was deliberate. EJ reminds her that that is their job. She asks him if he is telling her that she will be convicted of sabotage and murder. EJ says that he just wants her to know that they have a strong case. He’ll do everything they can, though. Ava swears that she would go back and change all of this if she could. She hopes he knows that.

Anna comes into the pub to find Kate. She thought she and Tony had a meeting here earlier. Kate says they did, but he had to cut it short. Anna just missed him. Anna huffs. She was supposed to meet Tony here. Where could he have run off to?

Tony shows up at the DiMera mansion and greets his uncle John. John says it’s nice to see his nephew again, but he has to wonder what it is that Tony wants.

Morgan accuses Abe and Roman of giving up hope of finding her father alive. Roman says that that isn’t it at all. Abe agrees. They found Paul’s jacket in the river, so it’s only logical that they search for him there. Isn’t it better that she know the truth, no matter what it is? Morgan reluctantly agrees, and begs them to find her father. Bo comes in just then, asking for an update. He eyes Phillip suspiciously. Morgan asks if she can use a phone to call her mom and heads off when Abe says it’s ok. Roman fills Bo in on the jacket and tells Bo that he thinks they’ll find Paul in the river. He and Abe head off to check in with the dive teams. Bo grabs Phillips’ arm and hauls him into Roman’s office. He thought Phillip didn’t lie to family. Phillip doesn’t understand. Bo rages. He killed Hollingsworth!

Anna hangs up her phone and tells Kate that Tony left her a voicemail saying he was heading over to John’s. She swears that he drives her to drink and supposes that she will just have to wait here. Kate nods. Anna huffs. She asks Kate why she can’t be civil. She was so nice the last time they saw each other. Kate sighs and agrees that they can sit together and be nice for a few minutes. She asks Anna about her job, and Anna ruefully admits that the company folded. She’s working with Tony now. Kate says she may have heard that somewhere. Anna says she heard from Carrie, and her and Austin are getting ready to start a family. She can’t wait to be a grandma. Kate says it gets easier after the first one. Anna just hopes that Carrie will be a better mother than she was. Kate says she wasn’t exactly a role model herself for her own children. Anna thinks that that’s nonsense. Kate smiles sadly. Is it?

Hope tries to call Bo, but his phone goes straight to voicemail. Hope sighs.

Bo accuses Phillip of being a liar and a murderer. And to top it off, he is hanging all over Paul’s daughter after what he did. Phillip tells Bo to keep his voice down. He didn’t kill Paul, and he is just trying to help Morgan. Bo fumes. They’re dragging the river for Paul’s body right now. Phillip says it isn’t because of anything he did. He’s guilty of threatening him, but that is as far as it went. He is no killer. Bo thinks he sounds convincing, just like Victor. Bo listened to the tape. Phillip didn’t sound angry. He sounded like a Kiriakis. Icy and in control. Phillip says he didn’t do anything, and Bo doesn’t have proof. Besides, he wasn’t the one that handed over that tape to Victor. Bo is sure that Victor destroyed that tape within seconds. Phillip sighs. He knows what a big deal it is that Bo did that, and he knows he did it for Victor, since they were never close. He will never forget it, and he can never repay him. Bo says he’s damn right he can’t, especially if what he did let Phillip get away with murder.

Ava wonders if EJ has ever looked back at all the mistakes he has made in life, and realized how many people were hurt by them. She has done some awful things. EJ thinks everyone feels that way at one point or another. If they’re going to beat this though, she has to stay strong. Ava says she isn’t very optimistic. EJ says that he is a good lawyer, but honestly, he doesn’t know of one in the whole country that could convince a jury to acquit Ava. Ava groans. He says he does have good news. There’s no direct evidence linking her to sabotaging the plane, but one of her cousins--whichever one she had do the job--is testifying against her in exchange for full immunity. Ava gasps. EJ says there are more complications. The Irish government wants to prosecute her as well. Ava wails. She’s going to rot away in some foreign jail. EJ says she won’t if he can help it. Complicated can be good. There are a lot of different players in this, so EJ is hoping to play them off of each other and buy a few months, maybe even a couple of years. Their first concern, though, is to make sure she doesn’t get extradited back to Ireland. Once they’ve dealt with that, they can deal with anything else. Ava nods, crying. EJ says there’s one final thing to discuss. She has to get the right judge, or some kind of miracle is going to have to happen. Otherwise, she needs to think about making a plea deal.

Anna and Kate toast to Carrie, and the two discuss motherhood. Anna bets that Kate was a tough, strong mom who always fought tooth-and-nail for her kids. Kate smiles and nods. Maybe she was a little too strong. Anna thinks they all turned out fine. Lucas did shoot EJ, but he’s young. He has time to learn from his mistakes. Kate says he certainly does--ten years in fact. Anna thinks that she should look on the bright side. Only one of her kids is in prison.

Tony tells John that he came to speak to him about one of his clients--Paul Hollingsworth.

Phillip says that he isn’t a killer. Victor knows it, and Bo does, too. Bo thinks Victor would have defended Phillip no matter what he did. He has always acted as if the laws don’t apply to him and as far as Bo sees it, it’s like father like son. Phillip disagrees. Victor follows a strict moral code. He will only go so far. Bo scoffs. His limitations are self-imposed. Philip doesn’t want to argue about his father’s past sins. The point is that his father would do anything for his family. Look at what the did for Brady, and even for Bo, bringing in Daniel for his surgery. Even when he is in the hospital, he is thinking of family. Bo thinks Victor played on his sympathies to get him to hand over evidence. Phillip doesn’t think Bo would have given the tape to Victor unless he knew that Phillip was innocent. They’re brothers, after all. Obviously, that matter to Bo, no matter what he says. Phillip appreciates that. Bo says destroying evidence is never the right thing to do. Phillip shrugs. What’s done is done. Bo say that doesn’t mean that he is letting this go.

Ava asks EJ to tell her the whole truth. He sighs and says that she is looking at jail time. Ava asks how many years, but EJ isn’t sure. It all depends on the deal she makes, so he advises that she try to make it soon. The longer this drags on, and the more time spent on it, the less lenient they will be. Ava wishes her dad was alive, because he could fix this. EJ says they both know some powerful people. She ought to start talking to them, and he will do the same. He was going to talk to John, but she asks him not to. She should have known this was coming, anyway. She asks for a moment alone, and EJ tells her to call him if she needs him. She asks him to come back when he has some positive news. EJ heads off. Ava bawls.

Anna and Kate head out of the pub. Police sirens wail nearby and helicopters whirr overhead. Kate asks what’s going on, and Anna tells her that the police are dragging the river. She thinks they’re looking for a body.

John tells Tony that he asked him to help Paul quite some time ago. Tony knows, but he was wondering why John was interested in the man. John says he felt sorry for him back then. Tony asks if that has changed. John says that if that double-crossing scum ever crosses his doorstep, he will rip his heart out and feed it to his dogs. Tony thinks that will be a good trick, considering that the man is probably already dead.

Hope flashes back to Bo asking her to trust that he knows what he is doing. Hope comes back to the present, saying to herself that she wants answers.

Bo tells Phillip that if this investigation turns into a homicide one, then that means he’s protecting the prime suspect. Around here, they call that obstruction of justice. Phillip starts to protest. Bo stops him. He knows, Phillip didn’t do it. But if it turns out he did, Bo won’t need that tape. He will confess to everyone what he did, and that Phillip is a murderer. Bo tells him to get the hell out and flings the door open. Morgan stands right outside.


Steve asks Kayla, “So, the Ava thing?” Kayla replies, “The sooner she’s behind bars, the better.”

Ava tells John, “There is another option for both of us. We could just skip bail and leave the country.”

Chelsea asks Daniel, “You’re committed to staying in Salem for a while?” He nods, “For a variety of reasons.” Chelsea grins, “Oh really? What would those be?”

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