Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/22/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/22/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Chelsea comes into the pub to meet Daniel. He asks her about her work assisting the occupational therapist at the hospital, and Chelsea explains that she had a really long, busy day. She finds it really rewarding to be working with so many great children. She has supposedly always wanted to work with children, and now that she can’t have any of her own, this job means that much more to her. She wants Daniel to know that she is sad about that sometimes, but she’s ok. He says that he thinks about it all the time. He wanted to bring it up, but on the other hand, he feels partly responsible. Maybe he could have done something differently. Chelsea assures him that this isn’t his fault. He’s a great doctor and a great boyfriend. Besides, she has options. She can always adopt at some point. Daniel agrees. Chelsea says that all that matters to her is that her family is happy and healthy. She asks Daniel if her dad and grandpa are both ok. He hesitates.

In Roman’s office, Abe tells another cop that Paul didn’t even include life insurance paperwork in the package he sent Morgan. All it contained was a letter and some cash. Abe thinks there is something off about that package, and he wants to know what it is.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate brings Phillip a scotch as he picks at his supper. Kate tells him not to fret, but Phillip says he can’t help it. His digestive juices are eating through the lining of his stomach. Kate assures him that the recording is gone. There’s no evidence that he threatened Paul. Phillip sighs. Yeah, because of Bo. He risked his job and reputation to help him. Kate says that’s what family does for each other. She figured he would be relieved. Phillip scoffs. Why, because Bo cleaned up his mess? He’s sorry, but he can’t feel relief right now.

At Bo and Hope’s house, Caroline clears the dinner table and notes that Bo hasn’t eaten anything. He thinks Ciara might make him feel better, but Caroline wants to talk, so she sends Ciara off to the living room to play with her doll. Caroline asks Bo why he hasn’t said much since he returned from the hospital. He says he is just worried about Victor, but she reminds him that he’s improving. Something else is upsetting him. Did something happen between him and Victor?

As Max and Stephanie sleep, their train approaches Marseilles. Max wakes up and slips out of bed. As Stephanie sleeps, he slips his clothes on quietly.

Daniel says they are both ok, but Chelsea thinks he is lying judging by the look on his face. Daniel thinks her dad is just stressing out about them. Chelsea agrees that he has been acting really weird lately, but it could just be because of work. Chelsea wants to hear the bad news. Daniel admits that Victor’s recovery is a little more iffy. He’s improving slowly, but he could have setbacks. He’s vulnerable form his other strokes. It’s really important that Phillip and Bo chill out. Every time they go into his room, Victor becomes very agitated. He thinks they need to stay away and let go of whatever is bothering them. Chelsea agrees to talk to Bo about it. She has to get back for dinner anyway. She asks what Daniel is doing right now, and asks if he will come. Daniel isn’t so sure, since Bo doesn’t like him that much, but Chelsea swears that he will be cool. Daniel throws his hands up and agrees. At least now he can talk to Bo. Chelsea giggles. As a doctor or her boyfriend? Daniel smiles, saying it will be a little of both.

Bo says nothing happened between them. He is just worried about Victor, and ever since Pop died, the thought of losing another father is just too much. Caroline bursts into tears, apologizing for being so insensitive. She should have known that Bo was just worried. Bo assures her that Victor will pull through. Caroline starts to head off to take Ciara some ice cream, but stops to tell Bo something her dad always said about bottling up feelings: pain is like a dog. You got to let it out, or it will chew up the couch. Bo chuckles and thanks her. She heads off and he sighs.

Lexie comes into Roman’s office with some papers for Abe to look over. She has detailed the various treatments and doctors for Theo. She wants Abe to look over them, and then they will have to meet with some of the doctors. Abe grimaces. He worries that Theo wont have time to play or be a kid with all of these appointments. Lexie says that’s just it. He doesn’t play. If he does, it’s with no sense of enjoyment, and that’s partly what these sessions are about. It’s called play therapy. Abe agrees to anything that will help Theo. Lexie thinks he seems hesitant. Abe is just thinking about the expense. How can they provide for Theo’s financial future? Lexie suggests going through the school for some therapies, but others they will have to pay for out of pocket--maybe even one to two thousand extra dollars a month. Abe is staggered. Lexie says they can do this. They’ll just have to get creative--maybe dip into Theo’s college fund. Abe is aghast. Is she saying that Theo won’t be able to go to college?

Daniel and Chelsea show up at Bo and Hope’s, and Chelsea greets Ciara. Bo tells her she missed dinner by half an hour, and he and Daniel exchange awkward greetings. Caroline insists on warming Daniel and Chelsea a couple of plates up, despite their protestations. They sit down as Bo gets up to make them some water, and both ask how things are going at the same time. Bo eyes them suspiciously and explains that Hope is working overtime. Crime goes up in the summer. Bo asks about Victor, and Daniel says he’s stable. Bo excuses himself to make a phone call. Daniel does the same a little later. Daniel meets Bo in the living room as he hangs up. Bo asks if he is looking for something ,and Daniel says he is looking for him.

Kate tells Phillip that Bo knows exactly what he is doing--he’s protecting someone that’s innocent. Phillip doesn’t think Bo could know that. Kate says that he is his brother. He knows how compassionate Phillip is. He was always breaking up fights in school, not getting into them. Phillip glowers. He says that she doesn’t know what he is capable of. Kate says she does know what he isn’t capable of, though--and that’s murder. Phillip walks off. She asks him to say something. He says he has done things she wouldn’t be proud of. She pleads with him to tell her what they are. No matter what it is, he is her son, and she has his loyalty. He says that she will find out soon enough. Whatever he did, he did for their family. He wants her to know that. She says that is the same reason Bo hid the tape and she destroyed it--to protect family. Phillip shakes his head. What Bo did goes against everything he stands for. Kate thinks he should be grateful. Phillip says that he is miserable. What if Bo goes down for it? He could end up in jail. Phillip sighs. Bo is risking everything for him. How the hell is he supposed to live with that?

Caroline tells Chelsea that her dad and Daniel look pretty serious out there. Chelsea says that she knows that Daniel was worried about her dad and her grandpa, so they are probably talking about that. Caroline asks why he would be worried. Chelsea covers, saying that she meant he was more worried about Victor and how he can’t have any stress right now. Caroline sips her tea and agrees. Victor needs peace of mind right now, more than ever.

Daniel tells Bo that his relationship with Victor is none of his business, but Victor’s blood pressure and Bo’s heart rate are. Bo doesn’t understand. Daniel says that the won’t let the two of them undo what they hospital staff has worked so hard at giving to them. Daniel tells Bo that he and Victor have to put a atop to whatever problems they’re having, or Daniel is putting Bo back in the hospital with a do-not-disturb sign on the door. His patients--his rules. Bo glares.

Stephanie wakes up to find a strange French man sitting on the bed. She freaks out and yells for Max. The man explains that he’s friendly. She asks him to leave. He asks her if she has ever been to Marseilles. It’s romantic. She flashes back to Ford raping her and starts shrieking for Max. The man wonders why her boyfriend left her alone. She asks him to leave again. He gets off the bed and heads over to her purse, talking about how much he loves Paris, but living here is better. He puts his hand in her purse. Stephanie cries.

Bo says that he appreciates Daniel’s concern, but he is doing just fine. He knows his limits, and he’s nowhere near them. Daniel reminds Bo that he is his doctor. He needs to take it easy. Daniel’s phone interrupts and he heads off to take the call. Chelsea comes out and asks what’s going on. Bo says that her boyfriend is just an overprotective doctor. Daniel hangs up and tells Bo that he just got the readouts from Victor’s heart monitor. It seems his readings go through the roof every time Bo or Phillip are in the room. Chelsea asks what that means. Daniel tells her that he can’t have any more visitors. They are locking down his room.

Kate reminds Phillip that that recording could have caused a lot of damage if it had gotten out. So he needs to forget about his moral misgivings. Phillip reminds her that Bo could lose everything. Kate knows he won’t, because Phillip didn’t kill anyone. She knows that as his mother. Phillip thinks that she just sees what she wants to see. Kate insists that no one will find out what he said to Paul. Morgan comes in just then, saying that Henderson sent her in. Kate huffs, saying that this is a surprise. Phillip hugs Morgan, telling Kate that he invited her.

Lexie tells Abe that she can’t think as far ahead as Theo’s potential college education. She thinks that what is most important is having Theo start therapy. Abe agrees, but he doesn’t want to compromise Theo’s future. He would rather take out loans, or come up with some other way. Abe’s phone rings and he takes a call, telling the person to send him a fax right away. He hangs up, telling Lexie that they just got a break in the Paul Hollingsworth case.

Morgan apologizes for intruding, and Kate says it’s no big deal, as she was just leaving. She tells Phillip that they can talk later, and she leaves. Morgan thinks that Kate was very surprised to see her. Phillip says that she is just stressed out about his dad, like they all are. Morgan understands. She feels the same way about her dad, and she appreciates that Phillip has tried to be so supportive. She tries not to think the worst, but it’s hard sometimes. He asks if there has been any news, and she says no. Phillip is sure the authorities will come up with something, but Morgan isn’t. After the last letter she got, it’s hard not to be scared. She wonders what could have happened to him.

Chelsea tells Caroline and Bo all about her day and her new job. She thinks they should both come down and visit some time. The kids she works with are just great. Caroline and Bo agree, but Bo says he can only go if his doctor thinks he is up for it. Chelsea tells him to listen to Daniel, because he’s a great doctor, even though he isn’t so good at taking advice. Daniel decides that it’s time to leave. He has an appointment to look at an apartment. He asks if Chelsea would like to go, and she agrees, saying she will help clean up a little here first and call him later for the address. Daniel leaves, and Bo also starts to head out, saying that he wants to go for a walk. Ciara calls out for her mom from upstairs, and Bo rushes upstairs to deal with her instead. Chelsea asks Caroline if she knows what is wrong with her dad.

Stephanie jumps out of bed, snatches her purse, and aims some mace at the man’s face. He tells her that has misunderstood. She doesn’t think so, and tells him to leave. He backs up, saying he’ll go. Stephanie smirks. How nice of him. He tells her to have a nice stay. She screams at him to get out and he blows her a kiss. Stephanie slams the door in his face. She leans against the door and gasps for air.

Daniel paces around the roof area of Sami’s apartment building. Kate comes by and asks him what he thinks of the place. He wants to know what she thinks, since she has such good taste. Kate says that she may have good taste, but she has bad timing. She asks how he feels about the place. He admits that it has an amazing view, plus he thinks that Chelsea will like it. Kate agrees that it’s pretty perfect. Daniel sighs. Perfectly twisted. Kate says that he is a good man. He will make the right decision. He thinks that he wouldn’t be in this position if he were really a good man.

Chelsea tells Caroline that she knows that Bo is worried about Victor, but she feels like something else is going on, too. Caroline thinks a lot has happened to Bo in the last year, so he has good reason to be acting a little strangely. Chelsea agrees and says she is going to call Daniel, but Caroline wants to talk about the apartment he is looking at. Does this mean that he is sticking around? Chelsea thinks he wouldn’t want to leave with Victor in the hospital, but Caroline thinks that the main reason he is staying is because of Chelsea. Chelsea hopes so. Her dad is still being a little weird, but he’s trying, so she hopes he will one day come to accept the fact that she and Daniel really care about each other. Caroline says that he is just being extra-protective because of all that’s going on. Chelsea sighs, still wondering what is bothering Bo besides Victor. She wonders if it’s the whole Paul Hollingsworth thing.

Morgan apologizes to Phillip for talking about her dad so much when Phillip has issues with his own father. Her phone rings just then, and it’s Abe, asking her to come down to the station. They have new information on her father, and they want to discuss it with her. She agrees to come down right away and hangs up. Morgan asks Phillip if he will come with her, and he agrees. They both leave.

Max comes back with coffee and pastries for Stephanie. He asks if anything exciting happened while he was gone, and Stephanie coyly replies that she has just been looking out the window-- and stopping a pickpocket from stealing her wallet. Max gasps, and Stephanie tells him the whole story, showing him her mace. Max freaks, saying they have to tell the conductor. She says she already did, and he said that this happens all the time to tourists. Pickpockets think that they are an easy mark. Besides, she took care of herself pretty well. Max agrees and hugs her, telling her how beautiful she looks. Stephanie blushes. Max says he is sorry, but he cant help being excited. He is about to possibly find his sister, and he has the love of his life right by his side to help him.

Kate asks Daniel if he thinks it was a waste of time, but he thinks it was actually a hell of a time. Kate thinks they should stay in the moment, like he always says. Daniel says that is his blessing and his curse. Kate asks him to promise not to hurt Chelsea. Daniel says he would rather die. Kate agrees. Daniel gets serious, saying that Chelsea can never know what happened. Kate says that her lips are sealed.

Bo comes downstairs, asking for Chelsea, and he groans when Caroline tells him she went off to find Daniel. They argue about him keeping an open mind about their relationship. Bo doesn’t like it, and Caroline reminds him that he and Hope had their own issues to deal with. A phone call interrupts them, and it’s Abe, telling Bo something about Paul. He hangs up and Caroline asks if it’s bad news. Bo tells her that it’s about Hollingsworth. The police found something.

Abe has Morgan have a seat in his office. He tells her that this might not mean anything, so she shouldn’t jump to conclusions. She doesn’t think that sounds good. Abe tells her that they found her father’s jacket. Phillip asks how they identified it. Abe says there was a photo ID in the pocket. Morgan asks where they found it. Abe sighs and admits it was floating in the river. Morgan bursts into tears.


EJ says, “Ava, I just came back from meeting with the assistant D.A. I wouldn’t be making any long-term plans now.”

Tony says, “Don’t try to snow me, Kate.” She huffs, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Tony groans, “Oh Kate, what’s going on? Or should I ask, what are you trying to hide?”

Morgan tells Phillip, “I know he wouldn’t just up and leave if he wasn’t really scared of something or someone.”

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