Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/21/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/21/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the police station, Lucas waits around in handcuffs. Roman comes in and tells him that his transport papers are all in order. He’s on his way to maximum security. Lucas says he’s ready, and anyway, it’s too late to turn back now. Roman tells an officer that he has to make a phone call, but he wants to escort Lucas himself. He heads off as Chloe rushes in. Lucas jokes, asking if she likes his orange jumpsuit. She sadly says that she doesn’t. Lucas tells her that she shouldn’t be here. She says that she had to come. She had to tell him how sorry she was.

At Steve and Kayla’s apartment, a nurse sets up a monitor while Caroline gushes about Joe coming home. She’s so excited. She asks about what the nurse is doing, and she explains that she is setting up an apnea monitor to regulate the baby’s breathing and heart rate. Maggie shows up just then with several sacks of groceries. She and Caroline get to work in the kitchen as Kayla, Steve and Joe arrive. Kayla stands outside the door, saying she can’t believe this day has finally come. She has waited so long. Maggie flings the door open, saying she heard them in the hallway. Steve shushes her, and she and Caroline both whisper “welcome home.” Kayla beams.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami tells Marlena that Lucas is being sent to maximum security today. Marlena doesn’t think that that makes any sense. She asks if Roman told her why Lucas was being sent there, but Sami isn’t sure. Marlena agrees to talk to Roman for her. Sami thanks her, and Marlena asks what else is wrong. Sami explains that the guy subletting her apartment is moving out, and didn’t give her any notice. Marlena thinks she should move back in. Sami says she would love to, but can’t. Marlena wants to know why. John walks over and makes a drink, explaining that Sami will lose custody of Johnny if she leaves the mansion.

At the pub, Ava talks on the phone with someone about looking at an apartment. As soon as she gives her name, the person hangs up. Ava huffs. Pete comes over and pours her some coffee as she tells him her renting woes. It looks like she’ll be living in a hotel for a long time. Pete thought her family had an estate near here. Ava says they do, but it’s part of an ongoing investigation into her father’s business, so she needs to stay away from there. Pete suggests she buy, but Ava says no. Her murder trial is coming up, and she’d like to think that she could actually live in something if she bought it. Pete is sure she’ll find something. Ava sighs and sips her coffee.

Sami tells Marlena about the court order EJ got forbidding her from leaving. Marlena wonders what judge would have allowed this. Sami says it’s easy when you’re a DiMera. Marlena questions John, but he says he really doesn’t know anything about it, and can’t do anything. There’s no evidence that EJ did what Sami accused him of. Sami rages. She knows EJ bribed that judge. Marlena wonders why he would do that. Sami says that he has some demented picture of the three of them living together as a family. John thinks she is being unreasonable. Perhaps EJ is just exercising his right to be involved in his son’s life. Sami refuses to argue with John. It’s clear whose side he is on. John says he sees both sides. Sami ignores him and goes back to fretting about her apartment. John tells her that he has an idea. Ava is looking for an apartment. Sami says it isn’t a good idea. John asks to speak to Sami alone, and Marlena heads off to see Roman. John asks Sami to show Ava her apartment. She says no. She’s on trial for murdering her grandfather. John thinks she’s innocent until proven guilty. Sami thinks she’s guilty. John thinks she should rent to her anyway. If she goes to jail, Sami will still have her money, and a place to stay if she gets out from under EJ’s thumb. Sami says she doesn’t want to hurt her mother’s feelings, since John and Ava have something going on. John tells her not to get up any hopes about him and her mom. Ava didn’t come between them, because there’s really nothing there at all. Sami frowns. John tells her not to worry. He’ll just have Ava live here instead. Sami caves immediately and agrees to show Ava her place. John smiles.

The nurse explains more about the monitor to Steve and Kayla. Steve jokes about wanting the nurse to move in with them until Joe doesn’t need it anymore. Caroline and Maggie come over and coo over the baby. Steve excuses himself to talk to Kayla, and asks her what’s wrong. She claims to just be tired. Steve assures that everything is going to be fine. He walks off, and Kayla grimaces.

Chloe feels like it’s her fault that Lucas is here. Lucas says she didn’t force him to break his house arrest, but she reminds him that he did it to see her. Lucas said they both needed someone to talk to after what they found out about Sami and Phillip. Lucas says he doesn’t regret what happened at the inn. She was there for him, and it was amazing. He’ll always remember it. She takes his hand, and the officer warns her not to touch the prisoner. Lucas says he feels bad that she has to deal with Sami on her own. Chloe says that she will be fine. She can handle Sami, and she and Phillip were never really a couple, anyway. Roman comes out and tells Lucas that it’s time to go. They head off with another officer. Chloe fights back tears.

Maggie and Caroline tell Steve and Kayla that the casseroles and the rest of the food are in the fridge. Kayla thanks them, and Maggie insists that they can stay if they need help settling in. Kayla thinks that everything will be fine. Steve is taking the first shift tonight, so he’d probably better have a nap. Steve agrees, but first he wants Maggie to tell him how long to cook the casseroles and at what temperature. They head into the kitchen and Caroline asks Kayla how she is holding up. She says she doesn’t want to worry Steve, but she’s a nervous wreck. She’s worried that something might happen to the baby. Caroline assures her that everything will be fine. They have a monitor for the baby, and besides, the hospital wouldn’t let him come home if they didn’t think he was ready. Kayla says she can’t help but be afraid. Caroline tells her that it’s normal and part of being a mother. She knows that the hard part is over. Joe made it, and he is finally at home. Kayla nods, saying that she has a lot to be grateful for.

Outside, Sami takes Ava to her apartment. Ava thanks her for letting her see the place. Sami says it was John’s idea, but Ava knows she didn’t have to go along with it. Sami lets her into her apartment and stares over at Steve and Kayla’s door. She sighs.

Roman comes back to his office to find Marlena waiting. She heard that he escorted Lucas to the prison transport and asks why he went to maximum security. Roman says she will have to talk to the suits about that one, but he did the best he could. He thinks Lucas is a tough kid, and that he’ll be fine. He asks why Marlena wanted to see him, and she says that she found a way to get John’s memory back, but she needs his help.

Kayla and Steve look at the baby. She thinks the ride home from the hospital wore him out. She suggests Steve go take his nap. Doesn’t he remember how long it took before Stephanie slept through the night? Steve agrees that he wants to be fresh for his night shift. Kayla sighs, and Steve tells her not to worry about Joe. She says the monitor just reminds her how close they came to losing him. Steve says that they didn’t lose him, though, and that’s what’s important. Kayla says that’s what Caroline told her, too. Steve kisses her and tells her that her mom was right.

Ava tells Sami that she loves the place, and Sami says she can have it, but first she needs to talk to her landlord. Ava heads off to make a call and Sami heads for Steve and Kayla’s. Ava calls John and tells him that she’s at Sami’s, and she loves it. It needs a little redecorating, but she can finally cook. She wonders if he knew she loved to cook. John wants her to make him some of her specialties. Ava says she will do it as a thank you. Sami never would have agreed to sublet her apartment to her if it weren’t for John. She asks if he wants to come over. She’d love to see him. Steve opens his door to find Sami, and she says she needs to talk to him and Kayla really quickly about something. She asks about the baby, and Kayla says he’s fine. She didn’t know that Sami had moved back in. Sami says she hasn’t, but is showing the apartment to someone, and wanted to let them know. Kayla asks if they know the person. Ava comes over just then. Steve sighs, “What the hell?” Kayla thinks Sami must be kidding. Sami tries to apologize. Ava says she had no idea they were living here. Kayla say that Sami did ,though. She thinks it’s best for all of them if she finds some other place to live. Ava agrees and heads for the elevator. Sami apologizes, saying she can explain. Kayla says she should be sorry, but she can’t explain. Sami stammers. Steve apologizes and shuts the door in her face, asking Kayla if she is ok. She huffs. Does he really have to ask? She stomps off.

Roman holds the broken pieces of the disc and asks Marlena what happened. She explains that John broke it on purpose. She believes that his dormant brain waves, or memories, were on that disc. Roman asks where she got it, but she declines to say. She explains that she made a promise not to. He asks if this was the disc stolen from the mansion. Marlena says it is, and Roman says he has to know who gave this to her, or he can’t help. She huffs, saying that she can’t tell. She asks him to trust her. Roman says he does trust her, just not the person that gave this to her. What if it’s a set-up? Marlena swears that it isn’t. She knows that this will help John get his memories back. She begs Roman to help her help John. He agrees to do his best, and Marlena tells him about Rolf. She thinks that he can help them put the disc back together, but he says he can’t. She thinks if he was offered full immunity, he might change his mind. Roman agrees to speak to the D.A. about it, but isn’t sure it will work out. Rolf must have committed numerous crimes while he was working for Stefano. Even if the D.A. agrees, and Rolf puts the disc back together, they have other problems. Marlena doesn’t understand. Roman wonders what would happen if this disc doesn’t give John his memories back. What if it kills him instead?

Sami comes into the pub and sees Chloe. She huffs over and tells her that Lucas is being transported to maximum security today. She hopes that Chloe is happy. Chloe smirks.

Kayla flashes back to catching Steve and Ava in bed together. Steve interrupts, saying that he doesn’t want her worrying about Ava. Kayla fumes. She thinks that Ava did know that they live here. She doesn’t want her anywhere around. She’s run out of patience. Steve agrees. Kayla reminds him that Ava has been the cause of everything bad that happened in the last year. And to think that she shows up on the day that they bring their baby boy home from the hospital--Kayla breaks off in tears. Steve assures her that Ava is out of their life. Kayla says that may be, but their little boy is still dealing with the fallout from what happened with her.

Ava paces around on the roof of Sami’s building. John shows up, saying that Sami called and told him everything. Ava asks if he knew they lived here, but John says he didn’t. It was just bad luck. Ava says she has had nothing but lately. John tells her not to feel so sorry for herself. She’s stronger than that. Besides, she is the only one in town who understands him, so he wants her to stick around. Ava says she might--if he lets her move in with him.

Chloe isn’t in the mood to argue with Sami. Sami tells her to stay away from Lucas. Chloe doesn’t think that will be a problem, since he is going back to jail. Sami says that is because of her, but Chloe thinks he is going back because of Sami. Chloe knows it, and Lucas knows it, so Sami damn well better deal with it. Sami glowers.

Marlena tells Roman that the John they both know would want her to try to get his memories back, so that is what she is doing. Roman wants to send the disc to ISA and see if it can be repaired. If it can, they’ll take a look at it, and make sure that nothing is on it that could harm John. Marlena thinks that’s a great idea. Roman says it’s the best way, and besides, now they won’t have to cut any deals with Stefano’s mad scientist. Marlena thanks him and says that she has to go. Roman wants to know how she is holding up before she goes. She tells him that she has taken on more patients, so she is doing well and staying busy. Roman says that she doesn’t have to pretend with him.

Ava asks John if he has room in the mansion for one more guest. John says he doesn’t, actually. Ava pouts, saying that they could have had fun. John says they still can, just not in his mansion. At least--not while he is still legally married to Blondie. She asks if he still wants to see her, and he says yes. He just likes the thought of her having her own place where they can get to know each other in private. She asks if it bothers him that he is married. He says it doesn’t. Does it bother her? She says it doesn’t as long as its just a legality. John is glad they are in agreement. She tells him that he really likes him. He leans in for a kiss.

Kayla yells that the baby has to wear a monitor. He could die. Steve tells her that he knows that Ava has caused them and their family a lifetime of grief, but they can’t let it dictate their future. Kayla admits that she keeps seeing him in bed with Ava. Steve says that wasn’t his choice. She says she doesn’t know that. Steve says he was drugged. He woke up in bed with her. He tired to reason with her, but he thought they all might be in trouble, even Stephanie. Ava was going to kill them, and he had to convince her that he would stay with her. He did the best he could. Kayla thought they had something special, and that they were different from other people. She feels betrayed. She doesn’t understand why Steve didn’t tell her about Ava in the beginning. Steve says he didn’t remember her until he saw her in Ireland. Kayla thinks he should have come clean then. Steve says he wasn’t supposed to stress her out. He was trying to protect her. Kayla doesn’t think he trusted her with the truth.

Chloe tells Sami that if she hadn’t pitted EJ and Lucas against each other, Lucas probably would have never broken house arrest. Sami disagrees. Chloe tells her to get real. Would she want to live with the person Lucas cheated on her with? That’s what Lucas was preparing to do. Sami thinks Lucas knows that she loves him. Chloe says hearing that she had feelings for EJ pushed him over the edge. This is her fault. Sami thinks that Chloe seduced him. Chloe says Lucas came to see her because needed someone to talk to. She was there for him. Where was Sami? Chloe huffs off.

Steve says that he can’t ask Kayla to forgive him. He never deserved it, or her love. When he was buried in that shallow grave so long ago, all he could think was that she would think he abandoned her. That was the worst part. The truth is that without her and their family, his life would mean nothing. Kayla bawls. Steve says he is sorry. He cries and hugs her.

Roman wants to know why John broke the disc. Marlena explains that he likes who he is now. Roman asks why she can’t accept that. Marlena groans. They have both seen the man John has become. He is ruthless, and maybe even dangerous. He scares her. Roman agrees. He is a different man. That’s why he thinks that Marlena shouldn’t be anywhere around John right now. He knows she doesn’t want to hear this, but maybe it’s time to let go. Marlena refuses. She won’t give up on him. She won’t let him do this to himself. Roman understands but, there’s a good chance that she may not have a choice. She says that she knows that.

Ava and John kiss. She says she likes him just the way she is. She can’t understand why other people want to change him. John grins. Apparently, he used to be a nicer guy and he thinks they liked him better then. Ava likes the man he is now a lot. Can she convince him to let her live with him? John says that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea. She backs off, hurt, and says she has to go. John grabs her ad backs her up against a wall. He kisses her, and asks if she still wants to leave. She says no. They kiss again. She takes off his jacket and says she might never want to leave.


Chelsea asks Daniel, “How are my dad and grandpa? They’re ok, right?”

Caroline asks Bo, “Did something happen between you and Victor?”

Phillip tells Kate, “Bo is protecting me at the risk of his name, his reputation, his family, and their future! How the hell am I supposed to live with that?”

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