Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/18/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/18/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

In southern France, Max’s train stops, and he opens his door, asking a conductor when they’re going to get going again. The conductor replies in French that they had to pick up another passenger, but they’ll be leaving shortly. Max smiles and says “oui.” He closes his door in frustration, wondering what the man said. Stephanie bursts in, asking him if this seat is taken. She clambers onto Max’s lap and kisses him, saying “Surprise!” Max stammers.

At the pub, Nicole places an order for Pookie over the phone. Ave comes in and Nicole hangs up, thanking her for meeting her. Nicole wants to know how things are going between John and Ava. Ava says they spent the afternoon together, but nothing happened.

Rolf meets Marlena at the pub, and he’s oddly dressed. Marlena thinks he looks like an extra from the Sopranos. Rolf grins. If John knew he were here, he’d be sleeping with the fishes. Marlena says they are just old friends meeting for coffee. Rolf wants to know what this is all about. Marlena says she needs his cooperation, and she isn’t taking no for an answer.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ tells John that his guest should be arriving shortly. John hopes that EJ knows what he is doing. EJ assures him that his plan will restore John’s standing in the community. John wishes him luck. EJ doesn’t think that John trusts him. John says he doesn’t. EJ says that he will after tonight.

At the police station, Lucas asks Roman what’s going on. Why hasn’t he been sent back to Statesville? Roman says that there’s been a slight change of plans. He isn’t going back to Statesville. He’s going somewhere much worse.

Ava tells Nicole that she and John fooled around a little, but kept things strictly PG-13. Nicole can’t believe it. She wonders what the point is of foreplay if you don’t play. Ava sighs. Nicole asks what the problem could be. She’s sexy, and loaded. It isn’t as if she is a gold digger. Ava thought she was doing the right thing by not trying to change John, and by trying to let him be himself. Ava feels like he still isn’t over Marlena. Nicole tells her not to give up. Ava doesn’t intend to.

Rolf doesn’t know how he can help Marlena. She starts to explain as Rolf gets a call from John. He wants him to pick up a bottle of expensive port for him after his ceramics class. Rolf agrees, and John tells him that they need to have a little talk when Rolf returns. Rolf sweats.

EJ’s guest, Judge Karen Fitzpatrick, arrives. She tells EJ that she did a little homework on him, and they share a mutual acquaintance. John comes in just then and she tells John that she remembers him from various charity functions around town. He and Marlena were always heavily involved in the community. John says it was a pleasure to see her and heads off. The judge tells EJ that she feels so sorry for John. To think what he is going through. EJ nods. It’s tragic.

Roman asks Lucas if he is sure he is in. It’s dangerous. Lucas says he is sure. He’ll do anything to help. Lucas tells Roman that he doesn’t want Sami to know that he is going to maximum security. Sami walks in just then and asks what they are talking about.

Stephanie tells Max that she got his letter and decided to come be with him. Max groans, saying that her dad is going to kill him. Stephanie says she already talked to her parents about this. They gave her their blessing. She begs him to let her help him. She knows the language, anyway, which is more than he can say. Max insists that she is getting off at the next stop. She’s going home. Stephanie huffs.

EJ tells the judge that John doesn’t remember her, but she shouldn’t take it personally. The judge tells EJ what a generous donor to charity John was. He was a real pillar of the community. EJ tells her that those days aren’t yet over. She hopes he isn’t asking her to clear John’s name. She can’t do that. EJ says that he isn’t it. In fact, John wants to make a donation to her campaign. He hands her a check. The judge takes one look, gasps, and hands it back. She can’t accept this.

Sami cant believe that Lucas is going to maximum security. Lucas doesn’t belong there. Lucas says that prison is prison. It can’t be that bad. Sami think Roman must be able to do something. Roman says that he can’t do anything about it, but thinks that Lucas will be fine. Sami wants to call Mickey. Roman says it won’t do any good. Lucas doesn’t want to fight this. He wants to go into this with a positive attitude. Sami asks Lucas how he can do this.

Ava thinks Marlena is pretentious, smug and self-righteous. Nicole thinks that John will come around eventually. He’s interested in Ava, that’s for sure. She thinks Ava is having better luck with John than she is with EJ. Ava asks if anything has happened. Nicole fidgets uncomfortably. Ava gasps, asking if she did, and when it happened. Nicole admits that they made love during the blackout on the Fourth. One thing just led to another. It was definitely hot. Ava asks if they are exclusive, but Nicole says that she screwed up. She pushed him away, and she doesn’t think she can fix it.

Marlena shows Rolf the broken disc. She says that she wants him to put it back together again.

The judge says she can’t accept the donation, but EJ pushes her to do so. She isn’t exactly a shoe-in for the nomination, and her opponent probably wouldn’t hesitate to take a check this large. It will pay for many advertisements. The judge doesn’t want to ally herself with John after his legal problems. EJ tells her to take the check, anyway. She can cash it, or decide not to. It’s up to her. Karen agrees to take the check, and heads off, thanking John on the way out. John thought it was pretty shrewd of EJ to threaten to contribute to her opponent. He explains that he has closed-circuit television watching everyone in the mansion. EJ finds it disconcerting, but hopes John trusts him now. John says that he doesn’t.

Roman leaves Sami and Lucas alone. She can’t believe that Lucas would do this to their family to get out of he house for a little while. Lucas tells her that he already called Will and explained things. He’s angry, but there’s nothing Lucas can do about that. Sami can believe that he would do this to Allie. She is going to be walking and talking soon, and Lucas is going to miss all that. Lucas says he is upset, too, and she is making it worse. He knows what he is missing out on. Sami wonders why he didn’t think of his daughter when he snuck out to have sex with Chloe. Lucas tries to explain how angry he was with Sami, and how frustrated, but she doesn’t understand why he didn’t just come talk to her instead of going to Chloe.

Stephanie tells Max that she doesn’t want to go, but he insists. He says that he didn’t want to leave everyone like this, but he had to do what he thought was best. He didn’t want anyone he loved getting dragged into this. She thinks everyone deserved better than a stupid letter. She and Caroline were hurt. Max apologizes Stephanie thinks it’s best that he have someone to lean on. She’s been there for him through everything. She is going to stay right by his side now.

John tells EJ that he doesn’t trust anyone, but he is pleased with how EJ handled things this evening. John remembers that EJ shot him. He researched himself online. EJ says it was along time ago. John agrees. He can’t even remember. EJ says he did it for his father. He had no choice. He hopes it will show John how far he would go to protect his family. John says they might be able to do business if EJ gives him some info on Stefano. John says he has something specific in mind. First, though, EJ has to figure out what he’s going to do about Samantha.

Lucas says he was hurt when he saw Sami in bed with EJ. He tried to be civilized, and calm about it, but he couldn’t do it. Sami say they have been through so much that they can beat this, too. Lucas tried to understand that she had feelings for another man, but he couldn’t accept that it was EJ. She promises to shut EJ out of her life for good. They have a life and a history together. Lucas isn’t so sure. Sami thinks they have both made mistakes. Lucas doesn’t think EJ was a mistake. Sami asks if Chloe was. Roman comes back in and tells Lucas it’s time to go. He’ll be processed first thing in the morning. Sami asks if this is it. Lucas say no. He is going to find a way out of here. Sami asks if he is coming back for Chloe. Lucas says he is coming back for Allie. He doesn’t have anyone else. Lucas is taken away. Sami bawls. Roman comforts her. Lucas has been through this before. He knows the drill. Sami frets. There’s gangs there, and people get killed. She’s scared for him and for herself. Roman knows that Lucas let her down. She has every right to be scared and angry. Sami feels like he isn’t coming home this time. He’ll miss so much of Allie’s life, that she might resent Lucas for it. Roman urges her to take this one day at a time. Sami asks if Lucas can take anything, and when Roman says he can, she tearfully hands over some photos of Allie. Roman asks her to have dinner with him later, and she agrees. She heads out, sniffling.

John accuses EJ of still being in love with Sami. He doesn’t have to be ashamed. She’s desirable. EJ says they’re over. John thinks he wants another roll in the hay with her. John lights up a cigar and brings up EJ’s court order, wondering about his motivation .EJ says he did that on behalf of his son. John isn’t so sure. This affects his step-daughter, and he’s concerned. EJ wonders why John cares about Sami all of a sudden. He thinks that John wants to score points with Marlena. If John wants him to admit that he has feelings for Sami, then John has to admit that he has feelings for Marlena.

Rolf tells Marlena that if the old John resurfaces, Rolf will face life in prison without parole. Marlena vows to get him immunity.

Nicole says it would be easier to blow EJ off if she weren’t so attracted to him. Ava thinks she should take the advice she gave to Ava. Nicole says it’s complicated. She treated EJ badly. Besides, this can’t happen. Ava asks when she last talked to him. Nicole says a few hours ago, and Ava says she saw him a little while ago. He was upset about some woman, and it’s clear it was Nicole. Ava urges her to call EJ and take him out for coffee. They can take it slow. Nicole wishes she could, but there something Ava doesn’t know. Ava asks what has her so upset. Nicole says it’s Trent Robbins. She wants to tell Ava something, but she has to swear to keep it a secret. Ava swears. A little later, Nicole leans back from whispering in Ava’s ear. Ava thinks Nicole must feel better now that she has that off of her chest.

Marlena begs Rolf to help her. He can’t be happy being John’s butler, knowing he could send him back to prison at any time. If he reassembles the disc, he could have his old life back. He says he is sorry, but he just doesn’t trust her.

John tells EJ not to worry about him and Marlena. Sami rushes in, yelling for Rolf. She needs to talk to him. EJ asks hat happened, and she tells them that Lucas is going back to jail. EJ says he is sorry, but Sami doesn’t buy it. EJ thinks she should have expected this. She needs to think about moving on with her life. Sami scoffs. With him? EJ tells her not to flatter herself. She is a compete mess. She needs to stop hitching her wagon to men that make poor choices. What he did with Chloe was unforgivable. Sami can’t believe that EJ is implying that Lucas doesn’t love Allie. EJ thinks he has a funny way of showing it. Sami says Lucas made a mistake. She knows what it feels like, since she made the mistake of sleeping with EJ. She will forgive Lucas. EJ is the one that she can never forgive.

Stephanie tells Max that if he doesn’t want her around, then maybe she should go home. He didn’t want her to come, and she should have listened. Max decides that she can stay. He wants her to help him find his sister. They kiss.

Marlena threatens Rolf. If he doesn’t help her do this, then she’ll find another way to get John’s memory back, and Rolf will go back to jail for a long time. She heads off.

John thinks that EJ should back off of the threats. Then maybe Sami will be more receptive. EJ insists that he has to protect his son. John knows that Sami loves the twins, and he thinks EJ is just being cruel. EJ wants to keep her from running out the door with them. EJ asks if John is saying no to their business proposition. John say no, but they have to iron out some things. First, EJ is working for John, not with him. Secondly, he hasn’t proved himself. EJ says he will, soon. John grins and moves some chess pieces around on the board.

Lucas asks Roman if Sami left. Roman says yes and hands over the picture Sami gave him. Luca groans and says how adorable Allie is. Roman reminds him that he is doing this for her. Lucas nods. He knows. He just hopes that the next time she sees him isn’t at his funeral.


Marlena tells Roman, "I think I might have figured out a way to get John's memory back." Roman replies, "That's good news." Marlena agrees, "It is, and I need your help."

Lucas tells Chloe, "You shouldn't be here. She replies, "I had to come. I needed to tell you how sorry I am."

Kayla tells Sami, "I didn't realize that you had moved back to your apartment." Sami replies, "I'm showing it to someone." Kayla asks, "Is it anybody we know?" Ava walks over.

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