Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/17/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/17/08


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In a train headed for Marseille, Max texts Stephanie back, saying he’s glad that she isn’t mad at him. He wishes that she could be here, but it’s better this way. He adds that he loves her and will see her soon.

At the pub, Stephanie gets Max’s text and says to herself that he will see her sooner than he thinks. Caroline comes over, asking if she has seen Max. He hasn’t come home. Stephanie tells her that he probably won’t be home tonight, either. He’s in France, or at least on his way. Caroline gapes. Stephanie quickly apologizes, saying that she just found out herself. Caroline wonders what he is doing there. Stephanie hands her Max’s letter, saying that it will explain everything.

EJ sees Trent outside the pub and calls him Brent by mistake. Trent corrects him and EJ introduces himself. Trent remembers that he is Nicole’s lawyer. He and Nicole are very good friends. EJ’s eyebrows raise. Trent tells EJ that they are very close as Nicole walks over. Trent leers, “Aren’t we Nicky?” as she and EJ exchange an awkward greeting.

At the police station, Morgan comes to Abe and asks for Bo. Abe says that he isn’t here right now, but he told Abe that Morgan would be coming by to pick up the money. Abe has it for her. Morgan tells Abe that she doesn’t want it.

Nearby, Marlena heads into Roman’s office. He thanks her for coming down, and hopes he hasn’t caught her at a bad time. They need to talk. She asks what is wrong. Roman sighs. It’s Sami. What else?

At the hospital, Victor begs Bo to leave the evidence incriminating Phillip at the hospital with him. Bo hesitates. Victor’s machines beep wildly. Bo hurriedly hands over the tape recorder, telling Victor to calm down. Victor’s machines return to normal. Bo heads out of his room and runs into Kate, who asks if anything is wrong. Bo growls that he needs to speak with Phillip--now.

At the DiMera mansion, Ava and John prepare to toast. She thinks they have a lot to celebrate. He is free now that he is rid of that damned disc. She thinks that must feel good. John smiles, saying that she has no idea. Ava toasts to the future. John toasts to the beautiful woman who made it all happen.

Roman isn’t sure where to start. Marlena tells him that she already knows about Lucas going back to jail. Roman tells her that now EJ is suing Sami for custody of Johnny. Marlena thought they were working is out. Roman tells her they were--until Sami found out that EJ and Nicole had sex in an elevator during the blackout. Marlena gapes.

Abe urges Morgan to take the money. Surely she can invest it, or use it for college. Morgan insists that it isn’t hers. In fact, she wants Abe to give it back to her father when he gets back. Abe asks if she is sure. She nods and thanks him.

Caroline reads the letter that Max wrote her as the camera flashes to Max staring out the window of his train. In the letter, he explains that he has to go look for his sister, but he will be home as soon as he gets some answers. He tells her that he loves her, and he hopes she will understand and support him. He adds that he will always be her son, no matter what.

Chelsea comes into the pub, and spots Caroline crying quietly. She asks Stephanie what’s wrong, and she fills Chelsea in on Max going to France to look for his sister. Chelsea asks if Stephanie knew about this. She explains that Max told her he wasn’t interested in looking, and then he snuck out, leaving a letter for her and Caroline. She isn’t mad that he left; she just wishes that he hadn’t lied to her. Chelsea asks what they know about this girl. Stephanie says the don’t really know anything. But if she is Max’s sister, then that means that Trent Robbins is her father.

Nicole apologizes to Trent for being late. EJ didn’t realize that Trent was her lunch date. Nicole says he isn’t. Trent says that he is. He glares at Nicole, and she laughs, saying she can’t keep up with breakfast and lunch times. EJ asks to speak to Nicole alone for a moment. She asks Trent to get a table, but he says he’ll wait right here. EJ wants to know what is going on. She says she is just getting lunch with an old friend. EJ doesn’t buy it, and says he doesn’t like the way Trent treats her. Nicole says that she can take care of herself. Trent tells EJ that Nicole is finished speaking with him.

Kate asks if this is about Victor. Bo spots Phillip, and says that he needs to speak with him. They head off. Kate heads in to see Victor, but Daniel stops her, saying that no visitors are allowed. She asks if she is making him uncomfortable. She really doesn’t want things to be awkward between them. Daniel says everything is fine. It’s in the past. Kate agrees that they shouldn’t talk about it anymore. She thinks Chelsea is a lucky girl. She’s bright and beautiful, and she’s a great catch. Daniel agrees. Kate asks if she can go see Victor now, and Daniel says it’s fine as long as she sits quietly. She thanks him and heads into Victor’s room.

Chelsea asks Stephanie how long Max will be in Europe. Stephanie says that all depends on how long it takes them to find his sister. Chelsea picks up on the plural pronoun and flips, asking if Stephanie is going to France. She nods, saying that her flight leaves this afternoon. Max doesn’t know that she’s coming. Chelsea gapes. Stephanie tells her that she has to go check on her grandma, but she will fill her in on everything later. Stephanie heads over to Caroline, and Chelsea calls Morgan, saying that she needs her help.

Stephanie apologizes to Caroline. She says she wishes Max could have told her in person, but she understands. Caroline adds that there isn’t much they can do, but she knows Stephanie will miss Max like she will. Stephanie nods. Caroline says she is heading off to the hospital to see Victor, and leaves. She runs into Trent, Nicole, and EJ and gasps, telling Trent that this is all his fault. She stomps off. Trent seems confused. EJ notes that Caroline isn’t his number one fan. He wonders why that is.

Marlena can’t believe what Roman told her about EJ and Nicole. She hopes some good will come out of this. Perhaps Sami will spend more time and energy focusing on Lucas now that EJ has moved on. Roman isn’t so sure. Lucas and Chloe were having a pretty good time themselves during the blackout. Marlena thinks that Sami must be devastated, and offers to go find her. Sami should have seen this coming, since she has been playing both men against each other for so long. Roman says they warned her. They did the best they could. Marlena isn’t sure. In fact, she fears that this may be her fault. Sami spent years watching her mother torn between two men. It must have had an impact on her. Roman thinks that Sami is old enough to accept responsibility for her own actions. Abe comes in, and Marlena heads off to get some coffee so they can have some privacy. Abe tells Roman that Morgan refused to take the money her father sent her. She wants them to hold it for her father. Roman sighs. The longer this case drags on, the less hope he has that they will ever solve it.

EJ tells Nicole to enjoy her lunch and to call him if she needs him. He glares at Trent, saying that he will be keeping an eye on him. EJ heads off. Trent growls at Nicole that he told her to stay away from EJ. She shrugs. It’s not her fault he was at the pub. Trent says that he doesn’t trust him. Nicole thinks the feeling is mutual and asks if they are done here. Trent says no. He needs her to do a little detective work for him.

Morgan and Chelsea greet Stephanie at the pub, where they have wrapped going-away gifts for her. She receives an electricity converter and a phone card so that she can call them everyday. They included a pocket translator, but Stephanie says she already knows some French. Chelsea says she will miss her, and Stephanie returns the sentiment. They hug.

Bo takes Phillip over to his house, but Phillip objects, saying that he has a lot to work at Titan now that Victor is in the hospital. Bo accuses him of threatening to kill Paul Hollingsworth. Phillip says that is ridiculous, but Bo tells him he heard Phillip say it. Paul recorded him and sent the tape to Morgan. Phillip huffs, saying that a threat isn’t proof of anything. Bo thinks it raises a lot of questions. Phillip asks where the tape is, and Bo says that Victor has it. When Phillip told Victor that he made a mistake, did he mean murder? Phillip says he didn’t lay a hand on Paul, and besides, they don’t even know that the man is dead. Phillip asks why Bo handed the tape over to Victor. Bo says that Victor asked him to. He did this for their father, not for Phillip. He and Victor had words, and he took a turn for the worse, so Bo had no choice. Phillip tells Bo that he did the right thing. He had nothing to do with Paul’s disappearance. Bo says that Phillip doesn’t get it. He withheld evidence and lied to Abe to protect his sorry butt. Phillip can’t believe that Bo doesn’t believe him. He insists that he isn’t a killer and storms out.

Abe comes out of Roman’s office and runs into Marlena. She asks him about Theo and he says that he and Lexie are taking it one day at a time. Marlena tells him about a support group for parents with autistic children. Abe thanks her and tells her that he and Lexie were planning to go next week. She’s glad and asks how things are going as far as their marriage goes. Abe says they had a good talk earlier, but they still have a long way to go. Roman comes out and tells Marlena that he just got off the phone with the warden at Lucas’ prison. Marlena can’t imagine why he risked everything for a few hours of freedom. She thinks Sami might want to see him behind bars after the whole Chloe incident. Roman says that he gets the feeling that Sami wants to reconcile with Lucas. Marlena wonders how she feels about EJ. Roman isn’t sure, but he is beginning to think that Sami would be better off without either of them.

Ava and John kiss and canoodle on the sofa. EJ comes in and groans, saying that he isn’t in the mood for their frolicking. John says he finds women fascinating. EJ finds them troublesome. Ava thinks that EJ needs to loosen up--maybe wear some jeans and a t-shirt every once in a while. Ava heads off to the kitchen to make some treats for her and John. He tells her to make the kitchen her own and she leaves. John tells EJ that Ava is right. He needs to change up his attire every once in a while. EJ says he is planning on making some changes in his life, just not to his wardrobe. He has tried being Mr. Nice Guy and that has gotten him nowhere. He has to be a good example for his son. He wants him to grow up strong and independent, so some changes have to e made. John wonders what changes he has in mind. EJ is glad he asked, because he has a proposition for John.

In Victor’s room, Kate asks Victor if he is comfortable. He mumbles Phillip’s name. She tells him that Phillip and Bo left together, and they’ve both been acting strangely. Does he know anything about that? Victor hands her the tape recorder. Kate hits play and we hear Phillip threaten Paul. Kate gasps, “OMG!”

Stephanie, Chelsea and Morgan talk about what Stephanie will pack for her trip. Nicole comes in and asks for Max. She had him order her some special wine from a distributor. Stephanie tells her that Max will be gone for a few weeks, but she should try asking Caroline when she comes back from the hospital. Nicole thanks them and leaves. Chelsea thinks that was weird. Nicole heads outside and tells Trent that Max is gone. Trent wants to know where he went, but Nicole says she didn’t get an itinerary. He tells her to get back in there and find out. Nicole says no. If he wants to know more, then he can find out for himself. Trent gets nasty. He tells Nicole to never speak to him that way.

Daniel comes into Victor’s room and asks if everything is ok. Kate says it is, but Daniel notes that Victor’s heart rate is accelerated. He leers, asking if Kate likes to do that to everyone she comes in contact with. He asks what she thinks she is doing as Caroline comes in. Kate tells her she can stay, as she was just leaving. She heads off and Daniel fills Caroline in on Victor’s condition. He is ok now after his cardiac trouble this morning, but he still has a long road ahead of him. He really needs his rest. Victor speaks up, saying that he wants Caroline to stay. Daniel agrees, and tells Victor that Lexie will be in to check on him soon. He leaves, and Caroline tells Victor that she heard Bo came to see him. Victor smiles, saying that Bo is a good man. He tells Caroline to tell Bo that he says thank you.

EJ tells John that he admires him. The Bradys tried to steer him back into his old life, but he never capitulated. Besides, they aren’t so different. They both want power, control, and respect. EJ thinks that he and John would make an excellent team, and he wants to come work for him. John says he’d rather work alone, and he wonders what EJ could bring to the table. EJ says he has legal expertise, and an intimate knowledge of his father’s business dealings. John says he can get all of that elsewhere, but EJ is family. EJ says he wasn’t always Mr. Nice Guy, either. John nods, and agrees to give EJ a shot.

Roman tells Marlena that he thinks Sami needs a man with less complications, and someone that won’t betray her. Marlena reminds him that Sami isn’t exactly an innocent here. She did sleep with EJ. Roman muses. Lucas forgave her for it, then turned around and slept with Chloe. It doesn’t make sense. Marlena thinks that Sami might still forgive him, and they have to give her that chance. She knows Roman bent the rules to help Lucas before, and she was hoping that he could do that again. Roman thinks she must be kidding. Lucas had three chances, and he blew each and every one of them. Lucas needs to learn his lesson this time. Marlena asks if he will do it for her. Roman apologizes, saying there’s nothing else he can do.

Trent man-handles Nicole, telling her that she is skating on thin ice. She tells him not to lay another finger on her. Trent chuckles, asking if she will sic her British boy-toy on him. Trent thinks that she is falling for EJ, and reminds her that he warned her to stay away from EJ. Nicole tells Trent to say away from her and huffs off. Trent takes out his phone and calls Max. He says he is checking in to see how Max is doing. He heard he went on a little trip and didn’t tell his old man. Trent says that he is kind of offended. Max rages, “Well, you want something else offensive? How about this?” He hangs up.

Roman grumbles and wonders why he would stick his neck out for Lucas again when he will probably just screw it up. Marlena says she has two reasons--Sami and her family. Marlena is also disappointed in Lucas, but why should Sami and the twins suffer for his actions? She wants Sami and Lucas to have a chance to work things out, but how can they do that if Lucas is behind bars for the next decade? Roman promises to see what he can do, but he can’t make any promises. Marlena thanks him.

EJ shakes John’s hand, telling him that he made the right decision. John wants him to prove it. If he can, then they will get along famously.

Stephanie, Chelsea, and Morgan exchange tearful goodbyes at the pub. Stephanie promises to call and leaves. Morgan decides to take off to as Daniel comes in to greet Chelsea. She asks about Victor, and Daniel fills her in, saying that Victor has been agitated, and his heart rate is up. He asks Chelsea if something is going on between her dad and Victor. Daniel gets the feeling Bo said something to him that upset him. Chelsea is sure he wouldn’t do it intentionally and offers to talk to Bo. Daniel doesn’t want to talk, and pulls Chelsea in for a kiss.

Caroline tells Victor that he will be on his feet in no time, and asks if he can do anything. Victor smiles and mumbles that he would like some release papers. Caroline chuckles and says he will be back tomorrow. Kate comes back in and tells Victor that she knows what they have to do to protect Phillip. She has to burn this tape. Victor mumbles, “Phillip.”

Bo calls Abe and tells him that he has to tell him something. Abe tells him to hold on for a moment, and Bo flashes back to Victor asking him to prove Phillip’s innocence. Abe comes back on the line, and Bo stammers, saying that he can’t make it in to work today. Abe tells him to take as much time with Victor as he needs and hangs up. Bo frets.


Stephanie makes up a French phrase and asks Max, “Is this seat taken?” Max stammers, “Steph, I --” She flops down onto his lap and kisses him, “Surprise.”

EJ asks John, “You don't trust me, do you?” John replies, “That's right.” EJ grins, “After tonight, you will.”

Rolf asks, “What is this all about, Marlena?“ She replies, “I need your cooperation, and I'm not taking no for an answer.”

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