Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/16/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/16/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Steve and Kayla come into the pub to meet Stephanie, who has been crying. Concerned, Steve asks what has happened. They were just on the way to visit Joe when they got her message. Stephanie bawls. It’s Max. He lied to her, and he’s gone.

On a train somewhere in France, Max looks around his suite and sighs. A ticket taker comes along and makes small talk with Max in French, asking if he is visiting a friend or a young girl, perhaps. Max smiles and says “oui.” The man wishes him luck and heads off.

At Bo and Hope’s house, Hope and Ciara read the Wizard of Oz as Bo heads downstairs. He says he didn’t sleep well, and tossed and turned all night. Hope can understand why; what with Victor’s stroke and Paul’s disappearance, Bo has a lot to deal with right now. She asks if she can do anything, and he asks for a cup of coffee. Hope and Ciara head off to the kitchen to make it. Bo pulls out the reorder and hits play. He listens to Phillip as he threatens Paul. Bo sighs.

In Victor’s hospital room, Victor flashes back to Phillip telling him that he has done something that may destroy their family. Victor’s machines go nuts. Lexie rushes in as Phillip, who has just woken up, screeches about Victor’s heart. Kate comes in and asks what happened as Lexie bustles around Victor. Lexie thinks that something clearly agitated him.

Abe and Theo stop by Bo and Hope’s. He apologizes, as they were expecting Lexie, but she had to go to the hospital. Ciara runs over to Theo and says hello. Theo counts. Hope takes them both upstairs to play with some new action figures she bought. Abe and Bo makes small talk about Victor, and then move on to the Hollingsworth case. Bo tells Abe about the package Paul sent to Morgan. He tells Abe that he was pretty broken up about the whole thing. Abe finds it all to be pretty strange. All that was in the package was a stash of cash and a generic farewell letter? Abe shakes his head, feeling as if there is a missing piece of the puzzle. Bo fidgets.

Kate asks Phillip if he slept in Victor’s room the night before. Phillip nods, saying that he didn’t want to leave him. Kate thinks it’s sweet, and that Victor would be touched, but she does wonder what upset Victor so much. Phillip sweats. Kate asks if something happened between the two of them that she should know about.

Stephanie says that she feels really stupid, but Kayla urges her not to blame herself. Stephanie says that Max looked her in the eye and said that he was giving up on looking for his sister. Why did she believe him? She shows her parents the letter Max left, asking for her forgiveness, and saying that he has to do this on his own. She doesn’t think he would have done this if he really loved her. Steve asks her to be fair. Stephanie screams that she is being fair. He should want her to be with him. Steve sighs. This is partly his fault. Max came to him and asked him advice on what to do about his sister. Steve told him to keep Stephanie out of it.

Abe reminds Bo that Paul told Morgan in the letter that he would leave something behind to protect her. Bo shrugs uncomfortably. Maybe he meant the money. He did mention wanting Morgan to be independent from her mother. Abe still thinks something is off. After 25 years of police work, he has learned to trust his gut. Abe asks if Bo is satisfied. Bo sighs, saying that he just wants to find out what happened to Paul. Hope comes downstairs, saying that the kids are playing together well. Bo says he has to get to the hospital and heads off. Abe confides in Hope about the case, saying that his instinct could be wrong. He feels like he’s being pulled in a million different directions lately. Hope says he knows that this is a tough time for him and Lexie, but she thinks that they are both doing a great job. She knows this has to be a strain on them both. Abe sighs, saying that they have to be there for each other if they have to be strong for their son.

Phillip admits that he opened up to Victor the night before and confided in him. He isn’t sure that Victor heard him though. Kate is confused. Why wouldn’t he just confide in her? Phillip says it has nothing to do with her. It’s between him and his dad. Kate tells him that he has to talk to her if he thinks he might be in trouble. Phillip sighs. The legacy was left in his hands, and he ran with it and blew it. He really let his father down.

Abe tells Hope about the difficulties they have had with Theo since pulling him out of school and making appointments with specialists. Abe says they are burning the candle at both ends. Hope thinks it will ease up soon. Abe hopes so. Their first step is to get Theo into a good educational program. Ciara comes running downstairs and over to Hope, crying. Hope asks if she is hurt. She tells Hope that Theo is mean.

Kate asks Phillip how he let his father down. Phillip refuses to say. She begs him not to shut him out as Bo walks over. Philip fills him in on Victor’s heart monitor going nuts, and tells him that Lexie is in with him now. Phillip and Kate offer to go downstairs and get some coffee so that Bo can have some time alone with Victor. Bo thanks them and heads into his room. Lexie tells Bo that Victor is fine, and that he probably just had a dream that upset him. Lexie heads off and Victor struggles to speak, telling Bo that he is already upset. He wants to know about Hollingsworth. Bo tells him not to talk about that. He needs to get well. Victor asks Bo if he has the goods on Phillip.

A man approaches Max’s cabin as he stares out of the window. He takes Max’s picture.

Stephanie is aghast that Steve told Max not to take her long to Europe. What gives him the right to make that decision? Steve says that she is his daughter, and he has every right to protect her. Besides, why does she have to go running after him? They would have done nothing but worry about her. Kayla thinks Steve had good reasons. Stephanie says that this isn’t about her staying or going; it’s about him making he decision for her. Kayla takes a call from Caroline, hangs up, and asks Stephanie if Caroline knows about Max leaving. Kayla says that she has to tell her, but Steve says that she can’t. If Max didn’t want her to know, they have to respect that.

Victor tells Bo that he knows Phillip made a mistake. There’s tape of him and Paul talking. Bo says that they’re talking abut a potential murder. Victor reminds Bo that he is honorable, and promised to protect Phillip. Bo says that he is also a cop. Withholding evidence is a crime. He took an oath to uphold the law. Victor asks if the evidence against Phillip is outright. Bo tells him that the guilt is inferred. Victor begs Bo not to damn Phillip. He knows that he didn’t kill Paul. Bo says he doesn’t know what Phillip did or didn’t do. Victor begs Bo to gold off. He says that he cant do that. The machines beep rapidly. Lexie rushes in and tells Bo to leave.

Abe comes downstairs and tells Hope that he separated the kids. He promised Theo some ice cream if he behaves. Hope apologizes, saying that Ciara can be selfish about her toys. Abe understands her getting impatient when Theo won’t share. Abe has gotten impatient with him, too, especially lately. Abe talks about how much research he and Lexie have done on autism. She knew something was off even before Theo was diagnosed. Abe was oblivious. He thinks he let Lexie down by not being able to see Theo objectively. He wouldn’t accept the truth, and tried to tell her that she was wrong.

Lexie comes out and asks Bo what happened in there. Bo isn’t sure. They were just talking. Phillip and Kate come over, and Lexie tells them that Victor’s hear rate spiked again. Kate wonders why this keeps happening. Lexie explains that Victor can’t handle any stress, so any time they speak with him, they must limit their conversation to small talk. She tells them she has to go, and that Dr. Jonas will be taking over .She heads off. Kate asks Bo what happened, or if Victor said anything to Bo. Bo glares at Phillip, telling Kate to ask her son. He walks off. Kate tells Phillip that she wants to know what is going on right now.

Stephanie insists that Steve interfered in her life, and he had no right to do that. Steve says that he was just trying to protect her. Stephanie practically spits, asking how Steve talked Max out of taking her. Did he say that she would hold him back, or be too high-maintenance? Steve says he didn’t say anything like that; he just let Max know that he wasn’t keen on the idea of her going. Stephanie says she is going after Max, and that he can’t stop her. Kayla thinks they should support Stephanie on this. Steve apologizes for being overprotective, but he missed all of the years she was growing up. Stephanie says that she is a grown woman now, and if they have taught her anything, it’s that she has to protect the people that she loves.

Max spots the man taking pictures and asks what he thinks he’s doing. The man apologizes and introduces himself as Rémy and explains that he’s paparazzi. Max is a big-time star here because of his driving. Max tells the man that he isn’t interested in doing an interview. He isn’t even racing anymore, so he’d prefer to stay out of the papers. The man continues taking pictures. Max asks them to delete them. Rémy runs off.

Hope thinks that Abe is being hard on himself. Abe says that he wants their family to be close, but things just haven’t been the same since Lexie’s affair. Hope thought they were seeing a marriage counselor. Abe says it helps, because he makes them talk. Hope asks if they talk at home. Abe sighs. Actually, it’s pretty silent between them. Hope tells Abe that it’s important that he and Lexie try to talk everything out. That is what has always helped her and Bo. Abe says that every time they try, they get pretty nasty. Hope reminds him that he was just telling her that he admired Lexie’s strength and courage. Hope thinks that he needs to tell Lexie that.

Kate says that she knows that Phillip is hiding something. He says that he is going home. Kate stops him, saying that if something is going to hurt him or his father, she needs to know so that she can help. Phillip tells her that it’s already too late.

Bo apologizes to Victor for disappointing him, but he what he has asked him to do is in moral opposition to everything he believes in. Victor wonders if destroying his brother’s life jives with his morals. Bo isn’t sure that Phillip didn’t kill Paul. Victor knows that he didn’t. He begs Bo to use his powers as a cop to prove Phillip’s innocence.

Max stares out the window and gets a text message from Stephanie. She says that she loves him and isn’t mad at him. She hopes his trip is a success, and she is with him in spirit.

Outside, Rémy makes a call. He tells someone that Max Brady is back in the country, and he’s headed for Marseille.

Kayla tells Steve that she knows what he did with Stephanie earlier was hard. She’s sorry for not backing him up. Steve thinks that Stephanie and Kayla were right. This isn’t his decision. Steve thinks he is just having hard time letting go. Kayla reminds him that she and Max love each other. Stephanie just wants to be there for him. Steve nods. And it isn’t as if they’re going to Somalia or cave-diving or anything. Steve promises to try to get a handle on this over-protectiveness. Kayla thinks he will. She understand how hard it is to let go.

Lexie comes by Bo and Hope’s, and fills Hope and Abe in on what’s going on with Victor. Hope heads off to get he kids, and Lexie asks Abe how Theo has been today. He tells her that he and Ciara had one argument, but they’ve been playing quietly since. He tells Lexie that she is an inspiration to him. The way she has adapted to the situation with Theo is admirable. She’s a strong person and a terrific mother. Lexie thanks him, and apologizes for not being there for him either. She knows that he has been struggling with this. They tell each other they love each other and vow to work through this. They hug.

Kate tells Phillip that it is never too late. He can never give up hope. Phillip tells her that she can’t understand. She pleads with him to make her understand. Phillip grimaces, saying that the will know soon enough.

Victor begs Bo to leave any evidence he has on Phillip here at the hospital with him. Bo sighs. Victor’s machines go wild. Bo hurriedly hands over the tape, telling Victor to take it easy. Victor’s machines beep.


Ava tells John, “To the future and starting over.” John replies, “And to the beautiful woman that made it all happen.”

Nicole asks Trent, “Are we done here?” He replies, “No, we're not. I need you to do a little detective work for me.”

Kate asks Daniel, “Am I making you uncomfortable?”

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