Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/15/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/15/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the police station, Bo and Hope return, and Bo compliments Hope on her detective work. She puts on a brave face and says she enjoys nothing more than crawling through a dumpster with her husband. Bo notes that Hollingsworth sent Morgan a package, but left no trace of anything behind him--except one teeny thing; a receipt for a certified package. Hope thinks their next move out to be finding out which post office he sent it from. Bo thinks they can do that in a few minutes.

Morgan and Phillip are at the post office, waiting to pick up the package her father sent her. Morgan said she was so anxious to see what it was before, but now she isn’t so sure. Phillip tells her that she can do this. Morgan isn’t so sure. She felt so strong before, and now she feels like she is going to fall apart at any second. Phillip swears that he won’t let that happen. Morgan is afraid there might be something in that package that she doesn’t know about her father. What if it’s something she doesn’t want to know?

At the DiMera mansion, Sami says that EJ has another thing coming if he thinks she’s going to let him get away with this. EJ shrugs, saying that he is doing what he has to do keep his family together. If she leaves with Johnny, she’ll be in contempt of a court order. Sami scoffs, saying that his DiMera blood is shining through. He is a son his father can be proud of. EJ says that if ensuring that his son has the best life possible mean emulating his father, then he is proud of that. Sami spits out a string of insults, calling Stefano evil, destructive and horrible. EJ tells her to insult him and his father all she likes, but he’ll be damned if she is leaving this house with his son.

Bo curses, saying that the server is down for the post office. Hope comes over and suggests that he try an alternate route. She taps at the keys. Bo wonders when his beautiful wife became so tech-savvy. She tells him there are still some things he doesn’t know about her. She gets the site up and running and Bo thanks her. He asks for the tracking number, but Hope is off in another world, thinking about Morgan and everything that poor girl must be going through. Bo tells her that the post office tried to deliver the package, but were unable to. It’s at the office near the university.

Morgan says that she is trying to be brave, but it’s hard. She was always the kid that was the biggest daredevil, and it made her dad proud. Phillip thinks he has every reason to be proud of her and the person she has become. Morgan freaks out, wondering if “they” are here. What if the people who wanted to harm her father followed them so they could see what’s in the package?

Sami says that there is no way a judge would take a child from its mother without good reason. EJ tells her that the court order stands. She accuses him of bribing the judge. She threatens to expose EJ and the judge. EJ says it doesn’t matter how he got the order. It’s legally binding. Sami thinks he is doing this because she rejected him. EJ rolls his eyes. Does she ever get tired of playing the victim? She threatened to deprive him of his son, so he took action. She thinks he is being fickle, since he just professed his undying love for her. EJ laughs. He’s fickle? She slept with him, then threw herself at Lucas, then told Lucas that she had feelings for EJ. God forbid anyone blame her for this, right? Sami sulks. He can’t keep her here. He says that she is free to go anytime she likes. She just isn’t taking his son with her. Sami says that she wants a real family. He has done nothing but turn her life upside down since they met. EJ scoffs, asking if she will start her life with Lucas, who is in prison. She’s in serious need of a reality check.

Hope tells Bo that they need to get to the post office. She offers to call Morgan, since they can’t pick it up without her. Bo agrees and Hope takes out her phone.

Phillip assures Morgan that no one followed them. There’s only four people here, anyway. Morgan wonders if something dangerous is in the package. Phillip says it may not even have anything to do with the investigation. It may just be jewelry or a family heirloom. Speculating will make her crazy. They’ll find out what’s in the package soon enough. She promises not to worry about someone watching them as long as he is here to protect her.

Sami doesn’t think that EJ’s new attitude adds up. He spent months telling her he couldn’t live without her, and now he is willing to let her walk out of his life? EJ says she has spent months telling him that she wants to be with Lucas, the love of her life. At last he capitulates, and she comes completely undone. Sami says that he needs to be civil about this. EJ says he as civil as he is going to be. Sami replies that she can see through his act, and he is crazy if he thinks that she is going to give up. EJ wonders when she will start spreading her lies. How far will she go? Will she tell the judge he hit his son, like she did with Will? Sami flashes back to telling Lucas that he will never see Will again once she marries Franco. Sami comes back to the present and smiles. She tells EJ that she will do anything to protect her children.

Phillip tells Morgan not to get her hopes up about what might be inside the package, and she thanks him for coming with her and being so supportive. She prays that his father is ok, and asks if he wouldn’t rather be at the hospital. Phillip says that his mom is updating him on his condition, and he wants to be here for her. He’s concerned about what’s in that package too, since he and Paul had a working relationship. There was some friction there, but they always had respect for each other. Morgan reminds Phillip that her father wanted her to stay away form him, because he thought Phillip was dangerous. She told Paul that he was wrong about Phillip. He thanks her for the support. It’s Morgan’s turn, and the women behind the counter asks for photo ID. She apologizes, telling Morgan that she is out of luck.

Hope tells Bo that she has called Morgan several times, but her phone keeps going to voicemail. Bo sighs and takes out his phone to call a judge. He apologizes for bothering him, but he needs a warrant in relation to the Hollingsworth case. There’s a package from Paul at the post office, addressed to his daughter. Bo thanks the judge and hangs up. He tells Hope it worked, but they have to get some information over to him first. Hope takes a call from the babysitter, and tells Bo that Emily had to go switch sifts with someone at work. She has to go, so Bo has to handle this alone. Bo promises to call with any new information and she heads off.

The woman at the post office explains that the package isn’t here. They tried to deliver it, but they couldn’t, and it came back here At this point, it’s probably been returned to the sender. Morgan can’t believe this is happening. Phillip steps in and explain that Morgan’s package is important. Her dad disappeared, and this could be the last piece of mail she receives from him. Can’t she find it in her heart to look in the back and see if it is still here? The woman agrees and heads off. Morgan thanks Phillip, wondering what she would do without him.

Sami sighs, telling EJ that they both want the same thing--to protect Johnny. He knows that she is a good mother. EJ thinks her recent behavior has been disconcerting. She’s acted impulsively, and irrationally, and he fears that she may have anger problems. He knows that this environment is not conducive to raising a mentally healthy child. Sami insists that she loves Johnny, and will care for him the same way she does with Allie and Will. EJ knows that she loves Johnny, but she also hates EJ very much. He fears that hatred might turn into resentment towards his son. Sami says she loves her son, and nothing and no one could ever undermine that.

The lady at the post office comes back with Morgan’s package. It has been here the whole time. Morgan thanks her profusely and signs for it. Phillip asks if she will open it, but she would rather not do it here. Phillip offers to take her somewhere where she might feel al little bit more comfortable. She agrees, thanks him and they leave.

EJ says that he knows Sami loves her children, and that this must be hard for her. She thinks that he would rip up the court order if he really meant that. EJ says she can’t just snap her fingers and make this go away like magic. She must be deluded. Sami says she is seeing things clearly. EJ laughs. She wants to spend the rest of her life with Lucas, so she will. She wants EJ to leave, and she wants to spend all her time with Johnny, so that will happen, too. Sam says that isn’t what she is saying. EJ wonders which of those things she would be willing to give up.

Bo heads into the post office and flashes his badge, saying that he has a warrant to pick up a package for Morgan Hollingsworth.

EJ tells Sami that she has some serious problems. She acts without any sense of responsibility, and she lashes out with blind and vicious anger. She isn’t exactly a candidate for mother of the year. Sami scoffs, saying that he isn’t the greatest judge of character. It isn’t as if Nicole is little Suzy homemaker. EJ says that this has nothing to do with Nicole. Sami has some cheek. She’s been telling him she doesn’t want him for months, but she won’t understand when he makes the smallest move to get over her. Sami asks if he is with Nicole now. EJ throws his hands up. With Nicole, without Nicole, does it really matter either way?

Morgan and Phillip head into the pub, and Caroline makes small talk with Phillip about Victor while she takes their order. He heads off and Morgan stares at the package. She guesses that this is the moment of truth. Phillip tells her to take her time and open it when she is ready.

The woman at the post office tells Bo that Morgan just picked the package up herself. Bo just missed her. He curses and calls Hope, who is with Ciara outside the pub. He tells her what is going on, and agrees to meet them at the pub in a few minutes.

Morgan tells Phillip that she is too afraid to open the package. Will he do it for her?

Sami says it matters to her. It matters who her child spends time with, and she doesn’t feel that Nicole is an appropriate caregiver. She doesn’t want Nicole near her son. EJ thinks she is being dramatic. Nicole is a good person with a warm heart. She’s very nurturing with her dog. She could care for a child the same way. Sami bursts out laughing. Nothing is clouding his judgment, huh? He and Nicole are the new power couple. EJ says that he has only been with her once. He told her that he had feelings for her, and she blew him off. Sami cant believe that Nicole has standards. EJ sighs. He may not end up with Nicole, but he will end up with someone eventually. And that woman will be in Johnny’s life.

Phillip agrees to open the package as Hope comes in with Ciara. She fills Caroline in on the big case she and Bo are working on, and their babysitter had to leave early. Caroline offers to watch her, and Hope thanks her, taking out her phone to call Bo. She tells Caroline that they just have to track down Morgan Hollingsworth. Caroline says they haven’t far to go. She just came in with Phillip and ordered coffee. Bo comes in just then and greets all three of them. Hope tells him that Morgan is here with Phillip. They head over and Bo tells them they can’t open the package. He has a warrant for it, as it’s a part of their ongoing investigation. Phillip tells Bo that Morgan can’t hand e this right now. She’s traumatized. Bo asks him why the hell he has such an attitude. Hope asks him to leave, and Morgan says that she will call if she needs anything. Phillip heads off, albeit reluctantly. Bo offers to take Morgan down to the station to open the package. She sighs, saying that she isn’t sure she wants to. What if there is something in there about her dad that she doesn’t want to know?

Sami hopes EJ’s ego keeps him warm at night. He shrugs. He will be with another woman eventually, and she will be in Johnny’s life whether Sami approves or not. Sami says she has trouble picturing EJ making anyone happy. He reminds her that he had a full life before he came to Salem. She tells him to go back to it then. EJ says he has already considered it. He’s called his mother and Edmund, telling him they could be expecting him to return shortly. Johnny is coming with him. Sami explodes, saying that he isn’t taking her son anywhere. Is he insane? He thinks taking Johnny from her is about the sanest thing he has ever done. She heads after him, punching and scratching at his chest. EJ tells her to go ahead and put marks on him. The judge will love that. Sami tells him that this isn’t over. EJ heads out, saying that it is over, thanks to her. She got what she wanted. EJ congratulates her on that and leaves.

At the station, Morgan opens the package and finds a stack of bills and a letter. She starts reading the letter, which tells her that the money will help her get free of her mother. She deserves that, and deserves to be happy. Morgan breaks off in tears, saying that she can’t finish it. She wants to go home. Hope offers to take her and Morgan thanks her. Bo tells her they will keep the package, but she can come back and get it anytime she wants. She and Hope leave.

Phillip visits Victor at the hospital. He says that he isn’t sure who else to turn to. He may have really screwed up this time. He has done something that could destroy him and his whole family.

Bo finds a tape recorder in the package. He hits play, and hears Phillip telling Paul to do what he tells him or he will kill him. Bo groans and punches the desk, yelling out for Phillip.


Steve tells Stephanie, “Come on, let's be fair, baby.” Stephanie cries, “Fair? Nothing about this is fair. I should be with him. He should want me to be with him.”

Bo asks Victor, “What's wrong?” Victor struggles to speak, “As if you didn't know.”

Kate asks Phillip, “And why didn't you confide in me?” He replies, “ Because it has nothing to do with you. It's between me and dad.”

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