Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/14/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/14/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Kate tells Daniel that Chelsea is very upset about her grandfather. She’s glad that she has Daniel to lean on. Daniel asks if she is sure about that. Kate says that all she wants is for Chelsea to be happy. She can never find out what happened between them, because it would kill her.


Outside the pub, Chloe tells Nancy that she slept with Lucas. It’s her fault that he went back to prison. Nicole walks up and overhears, gasping. Chloe says she has to go and hangs up, heading into the pub. Nicole follows her, calling her a tramp, and asking if she calls her mommy every time she has sex. Chloe can’t believe Nicole eavesdropped. Nicole says she couldn’t help it. So it’s true? She and Lucas had sex? Sami, who is sitting nearby overhears. She gasps and says there’s no way that happened. Nicole says it did happen. Sami doesn’t think that Lucas would ever do that. Chloe is just making up stories to get attention .Chloe fumes, saying that it’s true. She and Lucas slept together the night before. Sami accuses her of lying .Chloe shrugs and tells her to go ask Lucas. Nicole nods. When she and Lucas were married, he was a total horn dog. Chloe tells Sami that she has been two-timing Lucas ever since he got back from prison. Lucas overheard EJ telling Nicole that Sami had feelings for EJ. Lucas called her because he was very upset. Sami can’t believe that Chloe didn’t try to stop him. He was breaking house arrest. Chloe says she told him not to come, but he showed up anyway. What was she supposed to do? Nicole snorts. Not Lucas, apparently. Sami hopes Chloe is happy. Lucas is back in jail, and now his daughter will grow up without a father. How does she sleep at night? Chloe is sorry, but she thinks this is all Sami’s fault, not hers. She has been playing both EJ and Lucas like puppets; she’s having them dance around while she decides which one to cut loose. She has no one to blame but herself. Sami rushes over to a bowl of mashed potatoes, sticks her hand in, and throws a handful at Chloe. They hit her in the chest. Chloe shrieks, calling Sami a bitch.

In Victor’s room, Bo tells Phillip that the hospital is starting to feel like his second home between Kate, Chelsea, Kayla and the baby. Phillip says that Victor has to be ok. Bo says he hopes so, too. He can’t lose another father. Phillip goes over to Victor and tells him that he knows that they have had their differences lately. It’s because of him being stubborn. He knows that he has a lot to learn about the business and about life. He needs him, and Phillip begs him not to leave. Bo assures Phillip that Victor will make it. A lot of people are depending on him.

Chelsea comes over, telling Daniel and Kate that she heard them talking about her grandpa. Is it bad? Daniel explains that he had an ischemic stroke. A clot is blocking blood flow to his brain. They’ve given him a drug that will help dissolve the clot, and their top neurologist is working on it as well. Chelsea say that he has to be ok. Daniel says he has to be honest with her. At this point, it could go either way. Chelsea says that he has to save Victor.

Chloe calls Sami a psycho and asks what is wrong with her. She throws some rolls. Sami screams that she is going to pay and continues hurling potatoes. Pete and another customer intervene at this point and break the food fight off. Chloe tells Sami that she’s insane. No wonder Lucas wanted to end things. Nicole scoffs. Why Lucas would want either one of these losers is beyond her. Sami wonders when Chloe will ever be satisfied. She ruined Brady’s life, and dumped him when he needed her most. After Phillip dumped her, she then felt the need to go after Lucas. Chloe says Sami’s right. She’s been planning the whole thing for weeks. Is Sami going to blame her for the power outage, too? Sami drove to Lucas to her by admitting that she had feelings for EJ. Sami insists that she doesn’t have feelings for EJ. Nicole and Chloe both insist that she does. Nicole tells her that EJ told her everything. Sami picks up a slice of cake. She throws it and Nicole and Chloe duck. The cake hits EJ, who has just walked in, directly in the face.

Bo tells Phillip that he’s too young to remember Victor’s first stroke. There was a time when they didn’t think he’d make it. Phillip wonders if Victor knew that he wasn’t well. He’d been stepping back, and giving Philip more responsibility these last few months. He told him that the company was his now, and he’d have to be in charge. Phillip breaks down, saying that he let Victor down.

Chelsea says Victor has to be ok. She doesn’t know what she will do if he isn’t. Kate asks if surgery is an option. Chelsea reminds Daniel that one of his specialties is repairing arteries. Daniel isn’t sure that Victor is a candidate .They’ll know more after they run more tests. He promises to keep them posted and heads off. Chelsea says that Daniel is the best. Kate agrees that he will move heaven and earth to make sure that Victor recovers. Chelsea says she doesn’t get it. If Kate thinks so highly of Daniel, then why didn’t she want him to operate on her? Kate makes excuses, saying that Daniel was busy, and besides, Dr. Stahl came highly recommended. Chelsea doesn’t buy it. Kate never settles for second best. Chelsea wants to know what the real story is.

EJ asks if the three children can tell him who started this. Chloe and Nicole point at Sami. EJ hauls her off to another table and lays into her, asking what is wrong with her. Does she ever think of anyone besides herself? Caroline doesn’t need any more on her plate right now, especially Sami and her girlfriends’ little food riot. Sami says she hates them both, and besides, this is none of his business. EJ scoffs, wondering who she would have called had she been arrested. Sami huffs, saying that it’s Chloe’s fault that Lucas is going back to jail. She and Lucas had sex at the same time EJ was with Nicole. EJ says that Chloe is alluring, but there’s no way she forced Lucas to seep with her. She didn’t force Lucas to remove his ankle monitor or leave the house that night. Sami sulks, saying that Lucas slept with Chloe because of EJ. EJ laughs, saying sarcastically that that makes perfect sense. Everything is his fault. He should have thought of that earlier.

Bo knows how proud Victor is of Phillip. He has told Bo as much. Phillip sorrowfully says that eh has changed his mind. He trusted him to run his company, and Phillip really screwed up. Bo says that everyone makes mistakes. He just has to pick himself up and move forward. Victor mumbles that he is proud of Phillip. Daniel comes in just then, glad to see Victor awake. He asks Bo and Phillip to leave so he can examine Victor, and they head out. Phillip runs into Morgan, and he updates her on Victor’s condition. He asks about her dad, and she says she hasn’t heard anything other than the letter he left. She tells Phillip that he figured out who was after him, and he left proof behind. Phillip sweats.

Kate tells Chelsea that while she was recovering from her operation, Kate and Daniel became close. Frankly, she felt uncomfortable having him as her surgeon after that. Besides, it wasn’t as if she was having life-threatening surgery. Chelsea asks if she would have let Daniel operate if it had been. Daniel comes over and tells them that Victor is speaking. She asks if she can see him, but Daniel thinks it might be too much right now. He’s not out of the woods yet. Chelsea goes off to grab a coffee. Kate asks, “Daniel, if you have a minute, we need to talk--about us.”

Sami tells EJ that it was his showing off to Nicole that Lucas overheard. EJ interrupts. He overheard that Sami has feelings for him? Boo-hoo. Sami glares, saying that she is cured of that forever. She is taking the twins and moving out of the mansion tonight. She stomps out of the pub and slams the door shut. Nicole comes over and tells EJ that the woman of his dreams just ran out. Isn’t he going to go after her? EJ gets up slowly and leaves. Nicole heads over to Chloe, asking Miss Potato Head if she wants to get a drink. Chloe sighs and agrees. Nicole calls for drinks and Pete glares. He’s a little busy cleaning up right now. They apologize, and Pete takes their orders. Nicole heads off to call the hospital and check on Victor.

Bo urges Victor to stay positive. A lot of people are praying for him, including Caroline. She is worried sick about him. Bo offers to go call her and tells her that Victor is awake. Victor says he needs Bo’s help. Bo says he will do anything he needs. Victor says Phillip’s name.

Philip knows that this is hard for Morgan to talk about. She agrees that it is upsetting. The police haven’t found anything, besides the letter, which says her father left something behind. It might be an insurance policy. He said she will need what he left her, whatever it is. Phillip asks if he meant evidence. Morgan admits that that is what the police think. Paul said that he mailed it to her. She tells Phillip that she is really scared. He hugs her as Kate watches.

Daniel says that he does want to talk to Kate, but he is kind of busy right now. Kate just wanted him to know that she doesn’t have any regrets, but if Chelsea found out, she couldn’t live wit that. Daniel nods, saying that he knows what she means.

Nicole thinks this is weird, but it beats drinking alone. Chloe says she doesn’t make a habit out of it like Nicole, who drinks like a fish. Nicole reminds her that they used to be friendly. Chloe snorts. Nicole was just playing her to get close to Brady. Nicole rolls her eyes, reminding Chloe that she pretended to be dead. Nicole changes the subject, asking how Chloe ended up with Lucas after she was so hot for Phillip. Chloe says Phillip doesn’t even care what she does. He’s too busy playing that southern sorority slut Morgan Hollingsworth. Nicole thinks the name sounds familiar and Chloe tells her about her father, Paul. Nicole smiles, saying that Phillip must be comforting her. Men are such suckers. Chloe sighs. Who needs men anyway? Nicole hopes the question was rhetorical.

Morgan frets. What if her father is sending her incriminating evidence? What if someone comes after her? Phillip tells her that she has been watching too much Law and Order. Morgan admits that the whole situation freaks her out. She knows that Philip is busy with his dad, but if he gets a chance, she’d like him to help her go through her father’s things. Phillip quickly agrees and they head off.

Victor struggles to speak, but manages to tell Bo to watch out for Phillip, because he is worried about him. Bo promises to do so, but assures Victor that he will pull through this. Victor thanks him as Chelsea comes in, asking how he is feeling. Chelsea tells him that she really appreciates all he did for her when she wasn’t feeling well. He has always taken care of her, so she is going to repay him by taking great care of him, too.

Daniel tells Kate that he doesn’t want her to feel awkward. Kate says that she doesn’t. She just wanted him to know that she does care for him. She doesn’t usually sleep around. Daniel says he doesn’t either. He flashes back to meeting Kate at the pub. She asks him what is wrong, but he seems reluctant to tell her. Kate thinks she can help him, and they leave arm in arm. Daniel comes back to the present and thanks Kate. She helped him get through an extremely difficult time. Kate agrees that it was fun for a while, but it needed to end. It probably never should have started. Daniel says they have to out put it in the past now. Chelsea is his future. He has to see where that takes him. Kate understands, and Daniel tells her that she is classy.

Bo calls Hope and tells her that Victor had another stroke. They won’t know how bad it is until they run some more tests. Bo gets a text and tells Hope that it’s good news. It looks like they got a break in the Hollingsworth case.

Morgan and Phillip stand outside at the pub, and she thanks him for coming with her, even though his father is sick. Phillip says it’s fine, since Victor is stable. Chloe tells Nicole that she has to go figure out her next move, since she didn’t just get a huge divorce settlement. Nicole wishes her luck and Chloe heads outside. She spots Morgan and Phillip and freezes.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami yells for Rolf and asks him to start packing the twins’ clothes. They’re leaving tonight. Rolf asks where they are going, but Sami says that she hasn’t figured that out yet. EJ comes in and asks her if she’s serious. He doesn’t want her to go. Sami sys she won’t stay under the same roof as him for one more night. EJ wants her to reconsider, but Sami refuses. Ever since she met him, her life has been a train wreck. EJ says that she brought this upon herself. She made choices, and now she is suffering the consequences of those choices. Sami says she has to pack. EJ warns her that she may want the life she used to have, but it’s never coming back. Lucas is gone.

Phillip asks Morgan to give him and Chloe a minute, and she heads inside the pub. Chloe says that she is really sorry about Victor. She hopes that he recovers. Phillip sulks. She slept with his brother. Does she really hate him that much? Chloe says that she doesn’t hate him. She was just hurt and angry. She and Lucas made a mistake, but so did Phillip.

Morgan sees Slone inside, and she tells Morgan she just returned from visiting her parents in California. She ask how Morgan is, and she says she isn’t too good. He father is missing. Slone offers to do anything she can to help, and tells Morgan that she accidentally got some mail for her at the sorority house. Morgan looks at the letter and gasps, “OMG.”

Sami says that she and Lucas will work through this but EJ isn’t so sure. If he had had any hope of a future with her, he wouldn’t have slept with Chloe. Just like if EJ had any hope for a future with her, he wouldn’t have slept with Nicole. Sami thinks EJ did that to get even with her. EJ says she blew him off, and said they had no future together. What was he supposed to do? Sami doesn’t care. She just wants to be with Lucas and her kids. EJ reminds her that one of them is his. Sami knows it, but she is still taking Johnny and Allie and getting the hell out of there. EJ asks if she is sure about that.

Daniel asks if Kate will be alright. She chuckles. She isn’t mad or anything. She knew exactly what she was getting into. Good things never last forever anyway. She learned that one long ago. Daniel smiles and says no regrets. Kate agrees.

Bo calls Roman and tells him that they have to get on this right away. He tells Roman that Phillip was here earlier and asks him to keep him posted. They hang up and Bo curses Phillip.

Phillip sighs and tells Chloe that he has always been honest with her. He never promised her anything. Chloe thinks what they did was stupid. Phillip doesn’t. They were adults with a mutually beneficial arrangement. Chloe thinks that the whole friends-with-benefits thing can be fun for a while, but someone usually ends up getting hurt. Morgan comes out and tells Phillip that one of her sisters had a letter for her from the post office. There’s a package she has to pick up. Phillip tells Chloe that he has to go and that they will talk later. He and Morgan head off. Chloe sighs. She doesn’t think there’s anything left to say.

EJ tells Sami that there is something he can do, and he has already done it. He hands her a some documents, saying it’s a court order forbidding her from taking Johnny from the house--that is, until they have a proper custody hearing. If she takes him anyway, she’ll be in contempt of court and risk losing parental rights. Sami groans, saying that she doesn’t believe this. EJ apologizes. He’s doing everything he can to keep his family together.


Hope tells Bo, “He definitely thinks he's covered his tracks.” He replies, “Except for one bit of evidence sent to his daughter.”

Morgan asks Phillip, “What if there's something in that package that I don't know about my father? What if there's something I don't want to know?”

EJ tells Sami, “I'll be damned if I'm letting you leave this house with my son!”

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