Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/11/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 7/11/08


Written By Jenni
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At the police station, Hope asks Phillip why he and Lucas were fighting. Phillip evades the question, curious as to Lucas’ reasoning for breaking his house arrest. Hope thinks he must have had a good one. Phillip shrugs, saying that Lucas made his own bed. Hope asks about his conversation with Lucas, when Phillip told him he knows what he did. Phillip says it isn’t a police matter as Bo comes up, saying that Lucas just finished processing. He asks Phillip why the hell he went after Lucas that way. Hope says she has also been trying to get an answer to that. Bo says it’s time for Phillip to start talking.

Chelsea greets Daniel at the hospital, and they talk about her new job training to be an occupational therapist. Chelsea is thrilled and gushes about the child development center. She is just to glad to be finally doing something worthwhile. She thanks Daniel for helping her, and he says it’s nothing. He thinks she will be great. In fact, he can’t remember the last time he saw her this happy. Chelsea says that she has a lot to be happy about.

At the pub, Caroline cries out for Victor. Max rushes over and tells Stephanie to call 911. He asks Caroline what happened, and she says he just collapsed. Max finds a pulse and asks Victor if he can hear them. Caroline sobs.

Outside, Chloe runs into Kate and wonders what she is doing there, since she is still recuperating from surgery. Kate says that she is fine, but she can’t say the same for her son. She warns Chloe to stay away from the Kiriakis men. She has hurt Philip enough. Chloe chuckles, saying that Kate will be happy to hear that he and Phillip are through. Kate says that that is great news. She doesn’t need to hear any more. Chloe doesn’t think she’d be too happy if she knew the rest of the story. Kate accuses Chloe of hurting Phillip. Chloe insists that he hurt her. Kate huffs telling her to spit out whatever it is she wants to say. Just then, she catches sight of the clamor surrounding Victor and asks what’s going on inside.

Caroline, Max and a crowd of people hover around Victor. Kate rushes up in a panic. Caroline fills her in on what happened, and Stephanie tells her that the ambulance will be there any moment. Max keeps trying to talk to Victor as Caroline checks his pulse.

Bo demands that Phillip tell him what he was talking about when he spoke to Lucas. Phillip huffs, saying that that is between his brother and him. Bo asks if he has any idea why Lucas went to the Salem Inn. Phillip’s phone rings, and it’s Morgan, telling about what happened to Victor at the pub. The paramedics are working on him. Phillip gasps, begging her to tell him that Victor is still alive.

Daniel tells Chelsea that they will be colleagues soon enough. Chelsea giggles. She could never be in the same league as him. Daniel thinks she will be great at what she wants to do. Chelsea says it feels really good. Daniel suddenly wants to kiss her, but Chelsea reminds him that the hospital’s policy forbids public displays of affection. Daniel wants to get out of here with her in about fifteen minutes, since there’s no policy on non-public displays. A nurse rushes up and tell Daniel that a possible stroke or heart attack victim is on his way. The family asked that he be notified. Daniel doesn’t understand why. The nurse tells him that he’s supposed to know the man. His name is Victor Kiriakis. Daniel tells her to get a room ready right away and inform neurology and radiology. Chelsea frets as Daniel attempts to reassure her. He tells her that her grandfather is a tough guy, and he also promises to do his best to help him.

Phillip asks Morgan for more information, but she doesn’t really know anything. Phillip says he is on his way, but Morgan tells him that Victor is already on the gurney. He needs to head to the hospital. They hang up, and Phillip tells Bo that their dad had some kind of attack. He’s on his way to the hospital. Hope tells Bo to go, and that she will finish everything up with Lucas. Bo promises to call as soon as he knows anything.

Morgan tells Kate that she called Phillip as Max asks Caroline if he can do anything. Victor is wheeled off. Caroline tells him that she knows he has a long search ahead of him. She has called Pete, and he is coming over. He’s agreed to take on more hours and responsibility since Max will need some time off. Max says he doesn’t need answers. She needs help. Caroline tells him sharply not to argue with her. Stephanie comes over and Caroline heads off. Stephanie feels sorry for her. She worries about what might happen if Caroline loses someone else she cares about. She asks Max if he is going to be taking time off, but Max isn’t sure. Stephanie cant believe he isn’t going to look for his sister. She asks again if she can help him search. Max says that doing his is wrong. He has made up his mind. Stephanie tells Max that she is heading down to the hospital to support Chelsea. She says she’ll see him later and leaves. Max rushes upstairs.

Daniel meets the paramedics who have brought Victor in. Caroline, Chelsea, and Kate gather round. They tell him he’s stable, but they’ve detected some facial paralyzation and difficulty in speech. Daniel asks Caroline when he first started exhibiting symptoms. She says it as about half an hour ago. Daniel asks Victor if he can say his name. Victor mumbles. Daniel grabs Victor’s hand and asks him to squeeze. Victor does so, and Daniel has him do it with his other hand. Daniel nods and tells the nurse that he is weak on his left side. He orders a barrage of tests for both neurology and radiology. Phillip comes in and greets Kate. Daniel tells him that they think that Victor had a stroke, but they’ll know more once some tests have been run. Kate reassures him that Victor is a fighter. Bo rushes in and ask Caroline for news, but she doesn’t have any.

In a room, Daniel tells Victor that he has his own room, thanks to having a doctor for a godson. He knows that Victor has been through something like this before, and he will pull through like he always does.

Chelsea brings Caroline a drink as Kate frets about Victor. Phillip hopes it isn’t bad news, and Kate tells him that everything will be fine. Phillip shakes his head sorrowfully. He hates to be the one to break this to her, but everything won’t be fine. Lucas is back in jail. He broke his house arrest again. Kate wonders why he would do that. Phillip tells her that he went to go see Chloe.

Chelsea tells Bo that Victor will be fine. Daniel will make sure of it. Bo isn’t so sure. Victor is human, and this isn’t his first stroke. Chelsea asks if he is going to die. Caroline says he won’t, but it’s still very serious. Chelsea tells Bo that she knows he and Victor had problems, but he loves him. Bo says he knows that Victor loves her, too. Chelsea thinks that’s because she’s a part of what he made with the love of his life. Caroline groans. Chelsea says it’s true. Caroline says Victor loves them both. She knows he has a good heart. Chelsea hopes it stays strong. Stephanie rushes over and Chelsea fills her in, telling her that Daniel is in with Victor now. Caroline tells Stephanie that she should be with Max. Chelsea asks if anything happened. Caroline shifts uncomfortably. She just has a bad feeling about him.

Max comes downstairs with a bag, and Pete asks if he is ready to go. He’s cutting it pretty close. Max says he has enough time to make his flight. Pete asks him why he is going to Europe and why he doesn’t want anyone to know about it. Max says it’s a long story that he’ll explain when he gets home. He asks for a pen and Pete hands it over, saying it seems like Max is running away from home. Max says it’s actually quite the opposite. He asks Pete to keep things under wraps for him for the time being, and Pete agrees, hoping Max finds what he’s looking for.

Daniel tells Victor that they know what they’re dealing with, so they can start treatment. He injects something into Victor’s IV. He mumbles unintelligibly. Daniel urges him to relax and let the medication do its thing.

Stephanie says that Max is fine. He made it very clear that he will be. Bo doesn’t think there’s much that his little brother can’t handle. Stephanie asks if Bo is ok, and he says he is worried like everyone else. He also knows that there isn’t much that will keep Victor down. Caroline agrees. When Victor sets his mind to something, no one can stop him.

Kate can’t believe that Lucas met with Chloe. Hw did that happen? Phillip isn’t sure. All he knows is that Lucas went to the inn to see Chloe, they slept together, and he was caught after the blackout hit. Kate can’t believe Lucas risked his freedom and a future with his daughter for this. She doesn’t understand what is wrong with the both of them. Chloe was with Brady, then Phillip, and moved on to Lucas. Phillip says that he and Chloe are finished. If Lucas wants her, he can have her. Phillip smiles. He guesses Lucas already did.

Chelsea tells Stephanie to go be with Max. She has her dad here, and Caroline is clearly concerned about Max. Stephanie thanks her, and Chelsea promises to call with any news. She asks what is bothering Stephanie, but she won’t say. She just has a feeling that Max is up to something, and she wants to know what it is.

Max writes a letter. He apologizes to his mom and Stephanie, saying that he wishes he could say goodbye in person. Unfortunately, he has to do it this way.

Hope asks Lucas what the hell he was thinking. Lucas says that he was reacting, not thinking. Hope sighs. Lucas has broken her heart, but more than that, Sami is absolutely devastated. Lucas snorts. She would really be devastated if she found out what really happened. Hope asks what that is, but he won’t say. Hope gets frustrated, saying she just wants to help Lucas. She doesn’t want to see him in prison. Lucas says he will think of something. He just got his daughter back, and he is not going to lose her.

Daniel comes out of Victor’s room and Caroline and Kate gathers around him. He explains that the tests confirm that Victor had another stroke. He has been given a drug that will help, but it will be a while before they know the full extent of the damage. He tells them all that Victor got here in time. The drug he’s been given can dissolve clots in the brain if administered within three hours of the stroke. Kate asks if there are risks involved, and Daniel tells her the benefits greatly outweigh them. Daniel adds that Victor is awake, and asking for both Kate and Caroline. He ask them to be brief, and they head into Victor’s room. Victor smiles feebly and tells them both that he’s leaving behind his sons. Their sons. And he is so proud of them. Chelsea and Bo come over and ask Daniel how Victor is. Daniel explains that the drug is starting to take effect, which is why his speech has returned. He asked for Caroline and Kate, and they’re in with him now. Bo asks if his dad is going to make it.

Morgan stops by the hospital and tells Phillip that she wanted to lend him her support. She knows hoe it feels to be worried about your father. Phillip asks if she ahs heard any news on Paul, but she says no, other than that letter. Phillip tells her not to give up hope on her dad. He could still be ok. Morgan fumes. If someone hurt him, she will make them pay.

Chloe flashes back to sleeping with Lucas in the elevator. They both talk about how they feel a little guilty, but it feels so right. Chloe comes back to the present and sighs. It’s all her fault that Lucas is back in prison. She takes out her phone and calls her mom, asking if she can talk for a minute.

Max hands Pete the letters for his mom and Stephanie and asks him to give them to them. Max thanks him, saying that he is a good friend. Pete wishes him luck .Max sighs, saying that he will need it. He flashes back to sitting by his Pop’s grave, talking about how good of a father he was. Max sighs and leaves.

A couple of minutes later, Stephanie comes in, looking for Max. Pete hands her a letter, saying that this will explain everything. Max asked that he give this to her.

Chloe tells her mom that Lucas is back in jail and it’s all her fault. She was upset about Phillip, but she never dreamed that Lucas would break his house arrest to come see her.

Caroline and Kate come out, and Caroline tells Bo that Victor is asking to see his sons. Chelsea asks if Caroline would like to go home and rest, but she says she has to get to he pub. She asks Chelsea call her if anything changes. Kate tells Daniel that Chelsea is very upset about her grandfather. She is glad Chelsea has him to lean on. Daniel asks if she is sure about that. All Kate wants is for Chelsea to be happy. That’s why she can never find out what happened between them. It would kill her.


Sami tells EJ, “I'm not sleeping under the same roof with you for another night.”

Chelsea asks Kate, “If you think so highly of Daniel, then why did you refuse to let him operate on you?”

Phillip tells Victor, “You and I have had our differences lately. That's because of me. I need you. Please don't leave me.”

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