Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/10/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 7/10/08


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At the pub, Caroline brings Victor a piece of pie and sympathizes with him over his divorce and subsequent settlement with Nicole. Victor thanks her for trying to make a bad situation palatable. Caroline spots Trent across the room and grimaces. Victor asks if something is wrong. Caroline hopes not.

Over at the bar, Max tells Stephanie about Lucas being arrested again last night. Apparently he violated the terms of his house arrest. Stephanie wonders if they will send him back to prison. Max knows they will. This was his third violation. Max can’t believe Lucas had a get-out-of-jail-free card and then he blew it. Stephanie shakes her head, saying it’s crazy. She wonders why he did it.

Down at the station, Bo and Hope question Lucas, asking why he broke out of the mansion the night before. Lucas says he doesn’t want to talk abut it. Hope wonders why he was at the Salem Inn during the blackout. Lucas refuses to say. Bo sighs heavily.

Outside of Roman’s office, Phillip gapes and asks Chloe to repeat herself. Is she saying that he slept with Lucas? Chloe smirks. She says she did. Morgan gasps.

Nicole rushes up to EJ outside of the pub. She asks if she is late. EJ assures her that she isn’t. Victor is already here, and his lawyer wants to wrap all of this up. EJ suggested they meet here to sign the papers since it is neutral territory. Nicole sighs and says that she is just ready to end this depressing chapter of her life. EJ asks if that includes their relationship.

Max and Stephanie talk about how the pub has cleared out since the electricity has been restored. Stephanie suggests Max tell Caroline to take the rest of he afternoon off, but he isn’t sure she will want to leave. She’s having a pretty intense conversation with Victor. Stephanie is glad she was so understanding about Max’s dad and possible sister. Max agrees. She even encouraged him to go find her. Stephanie spots a new customer and heads off to take their order. Max flashes back to ransacking Trent’s apartment. He pulls the picture of his sister out of his pocket and stares.

Nicole is ready to get this over with, but EJ wants an acknowledgement to his question. Nicole isn’t interested. EJ says he can accept that she doesn’t want to see him anymore, but he wants to know why. Nicole shrugs. They are just friends. He is her lawyer, and they had sex. What happened between them was a one-time thing, and he needs to accept that.

Max heads over to Trent, who says he received Max’s message. He is surprised that Max wanted to speak with him. Max says that he has been thinking a lot lately, and frankly, he is tired of hating Trent. He thinks about his mom and what she went through, and he just gets so angry. He can’t keep putting the people he loves through this, so he wanted to meet Trent to discuss it. They have to come to some kind of understanding, because Max can’t keep doing this.

Lucas tells Bo and Hope that this is his third offense. There’s nothing anyone can do. Bo is hoping that they can sway the judge if Lucas had a good reason for being at the inn that night. Lucas sulks, saying that it won’t make a difference. He had a good reason for shooting EJ, and he still got ten years. Bo thinks the judge may be more lenient this time. Lucas shakes his head. This is his third offense. It’s mandatory that he return to jail to finish his sentence. Bo asks him why in the hell he doesn’t follow the law if he knows it so well. He has a family and two little babies depending on him. When is going to start thinking about them?

Phillip asks Chloe why she slept with Lucas. Chloe says she doesn’t owe him any explanations as Sami comes over. Sami asks Chloe what the hell she is doing here, and accuses her of trying to get close to Lucas. Sami tells Phillip that Chloe seems to think that she and Lucas are friends. Chloe bursts out laughing and tells Sami she doesn’t have time for this. She leaves. Bo comes out, and Sami asks him if she can speak to Lucas. She knows it’s against the rules, but it’s important. Bo apologizes, saying he can’t let her do that.

Victor tells Caroline that she has reason to worry about Max. The situation with his father and sister definitely has the potential to become a disaster. However, she is going to have to let the cards fall where they may. Caroline smiles ruefully. She has never been very good at leaving things to chance. She apologizes for burdening Victor with her problems, and says that he must be relieved that he is getting Nicole out of his life once and for all. Victor says he plans on celebrating as soon as the papers are signed. He tells Caroline that they’re showing Citizen Kane downtown. He was hoping that she would join him for it. Caroline says she hasn’t been to a move for a long time and would love to go with him.

Nicole and EJ come over to Victor and Nicole asks for a bottle of champagne. Victor tells them that his lawyer had a family emergency, but said they could go ahead and sign the papers since he has looked over them. Nicole can’t believe that their marriage is ending. It feels like they just met yesterday. Victor flashes back to Nicole begging him to make love to her, and asking him to admit the truth about them to his family. Then Victor remembers their wedding vows. Lastly, he remembers choking Nicole and threatening to go to the police over Jan Spears and Colin Murphy. Victor comes back to the present, admitting that he and Nicole had some interesting times. He thanks God they’re over. Victor agrees to drink to that as Caroline brings the champagne. They toast. Victor’s vision goes blurry. Nicole asks if he is alright.

Sami tells Bo that this is important. She’s really worried about Lucas. Bo tells her that he is being questioned as to why he broke his house arrest. She can’t see him. She says she loves Lucas so much. Bo has to know how that feels. Bo softens. He tells her to grab a seat. Lucas still needs to be processed, but he can let her talk to him for a few minutes. Sami thanks him and rushes off. Bo supposed Phillip wants to talk to him, too, and offers to give him a few moments. Phillip asks if anything had developed with Morgan’s father’s disappearance. She looked pretty upset. Bo says that he can’t discuss it. Why doesn’t he just ask Morgan? Phillip says he will the next time he sees him. Bo finds it interesting that the two of them are friends. She’s Paul’s daughter. Bo hopes that Phillip had nothing to do with his disappearance.

Stephanie tells Caroline that it’s weird that Victor and Nicole are laughing and drinking champagne. Caroline explains that they are signing divorce papers today. Stephanie thinks it would be nice if Victor and Caroline went out every once in a while. Caroline insists that he is just an old friend, but Stephanie reminds her that he used to be more than that. Caroline works way too much, and Stephanie just wants her to have some fun. Caroline says that she is happy with her life and her friends and family. Speaking of which, she’s worried about Max. He’ll be disappointed if the search for his sister doesn’t turn out the way he hopes. She prays this Melanie is nothing like her father.

Max says he is tried of hating Trent. He has seen what so much anger can do to a person, and he doesn’t want that for himself. Trent asks what it is Max is proposing. Max wants to call a truce and go their separate ways.

Nicole asks Victor again if he is alright. He says he is, but EJ wants to call 911. Nicole agrees. Victor loosens his collar and tells them not to be ridiculous. He’s fine, it’s just hot. EJ goes off to get Victor a glass of water. He really thinks he should go to the hospital. Nicole suggest that he’s a little too excited about getting rid of her. Victor chuckles. He certainly will be happy to see her go.

Stephanie wonders what Max and Trent are talking about. Caroline knows how much Stephanie loves him, and she thinks Max is lucky to have her. She was really impressed with the way Stephanie stood by him through his anger issues. Stephanie says she could never turn her back on Max. He needs her. Caroline thinks he will need her even more now that he is dealing with a new sister. She tells her not to let Max push her away. He can be as stubborn as any Brady. Stephanie promises not to let her or Max down.

Max hands Trent the photo of his sister and promises not to ask him about her anymore. Trent tells Max that he refuses to leave town. Max just wants Trent to turn around and walk the other way if he sees him coming. He agrees to do the same for Trent. Trent agrees, saying it wont be a problem. He asks Max if he will ever forgive him for abandoning him and his mother. Max says he won’t, but at least he won’t hate him anymore.

Max comes over to Stephanie and she asks if he is ok. He says he is. She says she saw Max gave the photo to Trent. Did he give him any information? Max says no, but he didn’t expect him to. Stephanie doesn’t think it matters. He can find her with the information her dad gave him, and Stephanie thinks she can help. Max says she can’t.

Trent watches as Nicole, Victor and EJ share champagne and laugh.

Hope apologizes to Lucas for what Bo said to him earlier. Lucas says he was right. He wasn’t thinking about his kids when he broke his house arrest. Hope doesn’t think that is like him at all. What was so important at the Salem Inn? Lucas flashes back to calling Chloe and agreeing to come see her. Then he remembers making love to her in the elevator. Hope interrupts his reverie, telling him that she wants to help him. She thinks he must be protecting someone. Who did he go and meet at the inn?

Chloe walks into the lobby at the inn. Morgan clears her throat behind her. Chloe whirls around and groans, accusing Morgan of following her. Morgan admits that she did. Chloe says she has nothing to say to her. Morgan scoffs. That’s tough, because she has plenty to say to Chloe.

Victor hands EJ the papers and EJ says he will have to look through them before Nicole signs them. Nicole excuses herself and walks over to Trent, asking if he is spying on her. He has done it before. Trent says he had good reason. He sees that she has not severed her relationship with EJ. Nicole says EJ is her lawyer, and he is helping her conclude some business. Trent asks what she is trying to hide. Nicole says she isn’t hiding anything, but he sure is, including an illegitimate son. She warns him to stay out of her life.

Stephanie insists on going with Max to find his sister. Max tells her that he is not going to be looking for Melanie. He has realized that it probably isn’t a good idea. Stephanie doesn’t understand. Max explains that he spoke to Trent about their relationship. He doesn’t hate him, but he also doesn’t want to have any connection to him. Melanie connects them. Stephanie thought he was excited to meet her. Max says he isn’t anymore.

Phillip sarcastically thanks Bo for the vote of confidence. Bo thinks Paul’s disappearance was convenient for Phillip. Paul knew something about John’s shipments and the fire, and John flatly accused Phillip of being behind it. Phillip insists he had nothing to do with Paul’s disappearance, and Bo say he hopes that he is telling the truth. Phillip asks if Hope is done with Lucas. He needs to speak with him. Sami tells him to get in line. She’s talking to Lucas first. Sami barges into Roman office and asks how Lucas is. He says he’s fine. She cries and says that he can’t go back to prison. Lucas says he doesn’t have much of a choice. Sami cries ad hugs him.

Stephanie tells Max that he can’t drop this bomb on her and just walk away. Max agrees and tries to explain himself. He is re-prioritizing his life. He realizes that DNA doesn’t make you family with someone. Stephanie asks him if he is sure he doesn’t want to look for his sister. Max says he is sure. As far as he is concerned, the Bradys are his only family.

Caroline comes over to Trent and asks if he is finished. Trent says he knows that Caroline asked him not to come here. He and Max just had the same discussion, and he has agreed to keep his visits here to a minimum. Caroline coldly asks him to do so, and Trent leaves, wishing her a good day.

Sami cries and says that Lucas can’t go back to prison. Lucas asks for a few moments alone, and Hope and Bo leave. Phillip says he needs to talk to Lucas, too. Sami bawls. She feels like she is losing Lucas all over again. He knew what would happen if he was caught outside the mansion again. Why did he leave? Phillip wonders what was so important that Lucas risked not seeing his children grow up.

Morgan tells Chloe that she won’t get away with this. Chloe says she knows Morgan thinks she is lying about her daddy, but she isn’t. She saw him on the pier that night, and he smelled like gasoline. Her father is going to burn. Morgan doesn’t believe her. She wants Chloe to admit that the real reason she is doing all of this is because she is jealous of Morgan’s relationship with Phillip.

EJ has Nicole sign the papers and promises Victor that he will file them immediately. Nicole smiles. Well, their fairy-tale marriage has finally come to an end. Victor chuckles. It was more like a “grim” fairy tale. He says good bye and heads off. EJ doesn’t think she seems very happy for a woman who just got everything she ever wanted. Nicole says she is, and EJ asks her to lunch to celebrate. Nicole refuses. He offers to take her out for dinner, instead. Nicole says no, and that she should leave. EJ wonders why she keeps trying to cut him out of her life.

Stephanie still doesn’t understand why Max cant just cut ties wit Trent and meet his sister, but if that is what he wants, then she will support him. Max thanks her and says that he has to get back to work.

Hope tells Bo that she thinks Lucas went to the inn to meet someone, and now he’s protecting that person. Bo wonders who that could be, and tells Hope about Phillip’s interest in the Hollingsworth disappearance. Hope asks him if he thinks there is any truth in John’s accusations concerning Phillip. Bo says Phillip denies it. But that’s no surprise. Bo gets the feeling that Phillip is lying to him.

Sami asks Phillip for some time alone with Lucas. Phillip refuses. Sami asked him a question that Phillip would also like the answer to. Lucas asks Phillip to leave him alone with Sami. He tells them both that he told the cops no comment as to why he was there, and he’s not saying anything further, not even to them. Phillip thinks he’s going to have to do better than that.

Chloe tells Morgan to get over herself. Morgan thinks Chloe is jealous of her, and will do anything to get back at her. Chloe insists that she is trying to protect Phillip by telling the police exactly what she saw on the pier that night. Morgan accuses her of sleeping with Lucas to get back at Phillip. Chloe huffs off, saying she doesn’t have time for this garbage. Morgan vows not to let Chloe get away with this.

Phillip presses Lucas to tell the truth about why he was at the inn. Sami is going to find out eventually. Lucas tells Phillip to drop it. Phillip asks what he’ll do about it if he doesn’t. Sami urges them both to stop fighting as Bo comes in, telling Lucas it’s time for processing. Sami whines, saying she didn’t get a chance to talk to Lucas. Bo shrugs and says he’s sorry. It’s time for Lucas to go. Sami cries.

EJ asks Nicole to wait. He doesn’t understand why they can’t be friends. Nicole doesn’t need any more friends. EJ asks if he can be her lover. Nicole sighs. She is a very selfish woman, and she doesn’t like to share her men. He is in love with Sami, and until that changes, they have nothing left to say to one another. Nicole walks off.

Stephanie tells Max that she is heading off to see her little brother at the hospital. She invited him along, but Max says he has a lot of work to finish up. She tells him that she will still help him if he changes his mind about his sister, but Max says that he won’t. She says she forgot her keys in the kitchen and heads off to find them. Max flashes back to Steve warning him not to get Stephanie involved. Max comes back to the present and sighs. He’s sorry, but he has to do this on his own.

Caroline asks Victor if things went well with Nicole. Victor smiles. By this time tomorrow, he will be free of that greedy, conniving, murdering witch forever. Victor is glad they’re celebrating with a movie. He asks her out for Tuesday night. Caroline smiles, saying that it’s a date. Victor frowns. Grimacing, his eyes close and he slips off the stool and crumples to the ground. Caroline cries out.


Kate tells Chloe, “Maybe you should just stay away from the Kiriakis men.” Chloe smirks, “I guess you haven't heard the news.”

Bo tells Phillip, “Time for you to start talking to me.”

A nurse tells Daniel and Chelsea, “The gentleman's family asked that you be notified.” Daniel asks, “What do you mean? The nurse replies, “His name is Victor Kiriakis.”

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