Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/9/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/9/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Max and Stephanie bustle around the pub, which is packed. Max is glad the lights are back on. Stephanie is glad all the air is back on around town. She asks if she should run to the store for more water, but Max thinks everyone should be going home soon. Stephanie says that she also talked to Chelsea. The university has reopened. Kayla and Steve come in, and Stephanie asks about Joe. Kayla explains that he’s fine. The hospital generator came on right away. Steve boasts that Joe is already doing one-armed pushups in his incubator. Stephanie can’t wait for home to come home and hopes they can have a party. She asks why they came by, and Kayla explains that Max asked them to.

EJ runs into Nicole outside and says he has been trying to get in touch with her. He wants to talk about what happened last night. Nicole wonders what there is to talk about. It was sex. No big deal.

In Roman’s office, Abe tells Bo and Roman that solving Paul’s disappearance is the key to solving this whole dock war mess. Bo thinks John is behind this, but Roman feels that it could just as easily be Phillip. Morgan comes in and they tell her that they haven’t yet found her dad, but they did find a letter addressed to her in her father’s luggage. Phillip watches outside the window. Morgan asks what the letter says, but Bo thought that she should read it for herself.

Stephanie asks Max what’s going on and why he called her parents down here. Max says that he thought about what she said, and she was right. He is going to need help finding his sister. Kayla didn’t even know Max had a sister. Steve thinks that Max needs to start from the beginning.

EJ begs Nicole for just a couple of minutes. What happened last night was not just sex, and she knows it. Can they just stop pretending? Nicole agrees. EJ says it’s scary; he doesn’t know what last night meant, but he does know that it was special. Nicole says it was special for her, too. Trent comes up and greets Nicole.

Morgan wonders why her father wrote her a letter. She feels like something horrible happened to him. Finding his luggage proves that. Roman isn’t so sure. He could have taken a different flight and put his luggage on another to throw the cops off his trail. Bo reminds her that Paul feared for his life. They have to explore all the possibilities. Roman adds that that includes Chloe’s claim that she saw Paul on the pier the night of the fire. Morgan says that Chloe is lying. She’s jealous of her relationship with Phillip. Bo asks what she’s talking about, but Morgan won’t say, saying it’s irrelevant. Roman tells her that Phillip has been implicated. Morgan can’t believe they think John is telling the truth. Bo says they have to find her father so they can figure out happened. Phillip comes in, asking what’s going on.

Max, having told Steve and Kayla about Trent, tells them that he had no choice but to break into his room and steal his phone. Trent made it pretty clear that he didn’t want their relationship to be known, so he probably wont call the cops. Steve doesn’t think Max should push him, and Max agrees. That’s why he needs their help finding his sister. Kayla wishes he would have said something sooner. They were all so worried about him. Max apologizes, and she asks if he has told Caroline. She deserves to know. Max agrees that she should know everything and heads off to talk to her. Stephanie thanks them for being so understanding. Max is having a really hard time with all of this. She tells them that Max’s dad is a creep, and Steve tells her that he wants her to stay away from Trent. She says she is sorry, but she can’t do that.

Trent tells EJ that he and Nicole are old friends. He just moved back to town and was very surprised to meet her there. EJ and Trent introduce themselves to one another.

Stephanie tells Steve that Trent is just arrogant, not dangerous. Kayla agrees. The man isn’t a criminal. Stephanie asks Steve to see if he can find anything out about the phone number they have. Steve looks at it and says it looks European. Did the girl have an accent? Stephanie says she didn’t. Steve agrees to make a few calls and heads off. Kayla is glad everything is out in the open. Stephanie admits that she is surprised Max talked to them at all about it. She practically had to pry it out o him. He seems to be very interested in his sister. Kayla says that’s what worries her.

Max asks if Caroline has a minute. He needs to tell her something else about his biological father.

EJ and Trent make small talk. EJ tells Trent that he is an attorney, and Trent says he has been looking to hire a new one. EJ hands over his card. Trent says he is the head of the physics department at the university. EJ wonders how he and Nicole know each other. Trent grins. He and Nicole go way back.

Phillip asks if Morgan is ok. Bo ask what he is doing here, and Phillip tells them that Lucas was arrested last night. He’s here to see his lawyer. Bo tells him he can’t stay, and he heads out, asking Morgan to call him if she needs him. Chloe sees him as she walks in and rushes over, asking if Lucas called him. She spots Morgan in Roman’s office and sighs. Never mind. Her answer is right there.

Morgan reads her letter, “Morgan, I have a terrible confession to make. It's time you knew the truth about your father. I'm sorry, honey. I never wanted to embarrass you. Unfortunately, I did some things I'm not proud of. Now I have a lot of enemies. That's why I had to leave. I hated saying goodbye to you. I'll miss you every day I'm gone. Morgan, if there's one thing I wish for you, it's that you're happy and you live your life to the fullest. You're the best daughter a man could ever have because you're the only person I trust. I'm going to give you something very important. You'll need it if anything happens to me. I love you, Morgan. Love, Dad."

Lexie and Theo come in and Lexie asks another officer if she can see Roman. Theo runs off and Lexie gives chase.

Chloe can’t believe she left Phillip alone at the pub for two minutes and he came running after Morgan. He says it’s complicated. Chloe thinks his relationship with Morgan is more important than his relationship with her. Phillip says it’s just different. Chloe understands the differences. That’s why she did what she did last night. Phillip asks what she is talking about.

Nicole tells EJ that she and Trent met years ago after she left Salem. Trent thinks they should get together sometime and catch up. She says she’d like that, and EJ takes it as his cue to leave. He tells Nicole that they need to finish their discussion later and walks off. Trent asks Nicole about EJ, and she says he’s her lawyer. Trent thinks they looked like they were in an intimate discussion. Nicole snaps. She has legal problems that are none of Trent’s business. Trent smiles. Everything she does is his business. She tells him to quit playing games. What is it he wants?

Steve heads outside and makes a call to a man named Bill. He asks him to trace a number for him.

Stephanie tells Kayla not to worry about Max. Kayla says she can’t help it. What if this woman, Max’s sister, doesn’t want to meet him? She doesn’t want him to get hurt or be disappointed.

Max tells Caroline that his father is Trent Robbins, a dean at the university. Caroline gasps. That is why he looked so familiar. He came in here years ago, shortly after they adopted Max. Max says he knows all about it. Caroline sees where he gets his talent from, knowing who his father is. Max tells Caroline that there’s more. He think he may have a sister, and he’s going to have to go find her. Caroline doesn’t understand. Max fills her in about the photograph and the phone call. Caroline says that she is glad he told her everything. She thinks he needs to go find this girl. Family is very important. Max thinks he is so lucky to have her. They hug.

Trent tells Nicole that he doesn’t like her tone. He wants them to reconnect. Nicole says that isn’t going to happen. Trent agrees. It won’t, as long as she is involved with another man. She has to end her relationship with EJ immediately.

Lexie catches up to Theo as Abe comes over. Abe greets them both as Theo counts to four. Lexie says they came by to take him to lunch, but she can see that he is busy. Abe assures her that Bo and Roman can handle things. Nothing is more important than spending time with his family.

Phillip takes a call before Chloe can answer. He hangs up with a curse, saying that his meeting with Mickey Horton has been postponed. Chloe asks if Phillip’s lawyers can get Lucas another chance. Phillip hopes so, and wonders why Lucas broke his house arrest. Chloe is sure that he had a good reason. Philip asks what she is doing here, and she says Roman wants her to review her statement about seeing Paul on the pier the night of the fire. Phillip tells her that Morgan thinks she is lying. Chloe doesn’t care what she thinks. She sees the way Phillip looks at Morgan. He used to look at her that way. Phillip says she is wrong. He doesn’t know what else to say. She tells him not to say anything.

Nicole thinks Trent must be joking. He threatens her. Does it look like it? Steve comes over to EJ, who is standing nearby, and asks him who Trent is. EJ tells Steve who he is and asks if he knows him. Steve says he doesn’t yet. Nicole insists that nothing is going on between her and EJ. Why is he doing this to her? Trent grins. He’s doing it because he can.

Max and Caroline head over to Stephanie and Kayla. Max tells them that he filled Caroline in on what’s going on. Caroline tells them that she thinks that Max should find his sister. Steve comes in and tells them that he left the number with a friend. He’s waiting for a call back on the trace. Caroline thinks they can ask Trent. He’s right outside. Max groans, saying he didn’t want to see him today. Kayla doesn’t think asking him is a good idea. Steve’s phone rings, and he says it’s his contact. He heads off to talk to him.

Morgan flashes back to Paul meeting her on the pier. He says goodbye, and tells her that he is fearful for his life. Next, she flashes back to busting into Roman’s office, demanding answers about her father’s disappearance. She comes back to the present and asks Bo and Roman if her dad is in big trouble. Roman sighs. Disappearing didn’t help things. Morgan thinks something bad happened to him. Roman ask her if she is up to answering questions. It sounds like Paul was saying he had incriminating evidence on someone. Roman then asks her if Paul gave her anything in the last few month --papers, tapes, a key to safe deposit box. Morgan says no. Bo sighs. Paul says that he left Morgan something somewhere. They have to find it as it could be the key to the whole case.

Lexie asks Abe to clear his calendar for Thursday, if possible. She wants to schedule another appointment with a doctor. Abe promises to do so. He tells Lexie that she and Theo mean the world to him.

Chloe says she’s done doing this. Phillip doesn’t think she means it. Chloe says she does. In fact, she has already moved on.

Abe and Lexie discuss where they should have lunch. An officer runs over and tells Abe that the mayor is on the line for him. Abe says he’ll have to call him back. Lexie tells him to go ahead and take the call. Lunch can wait. He protests, but she insists that he go back to work. Lexie and Theo head off.

Bo promises to talk to Morgan’s mother, and Roman is going to finish sorting through everything her father left behind. If they find anything, they’ll let her know. Morgan begs them to find her father.

Phillip asks Chloe if she is seeing someone else. She says she is. Phillip wants to know his name. Chloe freezes as some officers bring Lucas out in handcuffs.

Trent warns Nicole to cut all ties with EJ. She doesn’t want to, but he warns her that she won’t like the consequences if she doesn’t. He leaves. EJ comes over and asks if she is ok. Nicole says she is. She wants him to know that last night was very special. She doesn’t regret one moment of it, but it can never happen again. He deserves to be happy, and that why they have to keep this relationship strictly professional. EJ wonders why she is saying this.

Steve thanks Bill, and gets off the phone. He hands Max a piece of paper, and tells him that the phone number is registered to Melanie Layton. Lexie comes in just then and greets Caroline. She explains that she took Theo to the park, but he wasn’t interested in playing, so she thought they’d come try some of her famous chowder. Caroline asks Theo if he would like some chowder. He continues counting. Caroline finds them a table, and Lexie explains that Theo only eats chicken. She asks Lexie to put some vegetables on the side as well. Caroline smiles and heads off .

EJ wants to know what is going on with Nicole and why she is trying to shut him out of her life. Nicole huffs, saying that he is in love with Sami. She wants a real relationship, not just sex. EJ says it wasn’t just sex. She says she wants more, and he doesn’t have a say in this. EJ heads off. Trent comes over to Nicole and smirks, asking how it went. Max spies on them.

Phillip heads over to Lucas and asks what happened. Lucas says he can’t get into it right now. They haul Lucas off. Chloe tells Phillip that they have to do something. Phillip says he has lawyers looking into it, but Chloe says that isn’t good enough. She tells Phillip that Lucas broke his house arrest to come see her. He was upset and needed someone to talk to. Phillip says he should have called her. This could put him back in prison. Chloe whines that Lucas cares about her. Phillip huffs. What, and he doesn’t? She says he doesn’t. Morgan comes over. Chloe mocks Morgan with a fake southern accent, telling her not to tell Phillip anything about the investigation into her father’s disappearance. Chloe wheels on Phillip and tells him that she is just glad that she finally found a man that treats her with respect. Phillip wants to know who it is. Chloe finally admits it’s Lucas. She slept with him. She stomps off. Phillip gapes.

Max watches Trent through the window.

Lexie encourages Theo to eat his vegetables. Theo grunts and throws them across the room. Lexie sighs.

Steve tells Max that he doesn’t think he should contact this woman until they know more about her. Max promises to be careful. Steve says he doesn’t want Stephanie going with him. Max promises to keep her out of it. Steve huffs. He damn well better.

Caroline comes up to Trent and hands him his cell phone, telling him it was in lost-and-found. Caroline tells him that Max is her son, so she knows who he is. She will do anything to protect him, so she is putting Trent on notice. If he hurts Max, he will have to answer to her. She heads back inside. Trent stares at Max through the window. Max whispers, “I’m going to find you, Melanie.”


Max tells Trent, “I've been thinking a lot about what I want. I'm tired of hating you.”

Bo tells Lucas, “You never know. Maybe the judge will be more lenient this time.” Lucas replies, “Not with my third offense, he won't. It's mandatory -- I have to go back to jail.”

Nicole tells EJ, “I just want to end this depressing chapter in my life.” EJ asks, “Does that still include our relationship?”

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