Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/8/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/8/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Max takes out Trent’s cell phone and makes a call. A girl answers, asking for her dad. She thinks he’s calling awfully early. Max hisses at Stephanie, asking what he should say. Stephanie shrugs. Max clears his throat and asks who the girl is.

In an elevator at the inn, Nicole and EJ make love. She fantasizes about marrying EJ. As he carries her in his arms, Sami stops them. Nicole tells her to go away, as EJ is her husband now. Sami doesn’t think she knows the meaning of the word. She shows off her ring, saying it’s there to stay. Sami gapes. EJ thanks her for turning him down. Thanks to her, he met the love of his life. He carries Nicole off and Sami cries and shouts his name. Nicole comes back to the present, grinning.

At the inn, Sami calls Roman, asking about the blackout. He explains that the heat wave and made everyone crank up their air conditioners. The whole grid went down. They’ve got people working on it, but there’s not telling how long it might take. Sami sighs, saying she came down to the inn looking for air-conditioning. The twins are cranky. Roman tells her to come down to the pub, or go to Bo and Hope’s. Since both places went green, their power is running fine. Roman tells her to be careful no matter where she goes and they hang up. Sami asks the clerk about the people trapped in the elevators .She shivers, thanking God it isn’t her in there. She calls Lucas and gets his voicemail. She curses.

In the other elevator, Lucas tells Chloe how incredible she is. He never thought being trapped in an elevator could feel so good. He never wants to get out of there. She thinks he’s only here because he is mad at Sami. Lucas says he isn’t just mad. He’s through with Sami. Chloe wonders if he is sure. He says he has never been more sure of anything in his life. He should have known when he got home form prison and saw EJ and Sami in bed together. She convinced him to give her another chance, but he’s only kidding himself. He only did it because they have kids together. Chloe says he has to stop doing this to himself. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. He moves in for a kiss.

Max asks the girl if she can tell him who she is. She huffs. He is the one that called her, and she wants to know why he has her father’s phone. She hangs up. Stephanie asks if he thinks it was his sister. Max isn’t sure. Stephanie thinks it’s amazing. For all he knows, he has more siblings out there somewhere. There’s no telling how many times Trent has been married and had children. Max groans. He doesn’t want to think about that. He just saw the one picture, but he supposes more could have been hidden around somewhere. Stephanie apologizes for bringing it up. Max thinks she’s right, and that he should consider all the possibilities. Stephanie thinks he needs to focus on finding the sister he knows exists. Max goes through the phone’s contact list and announces that everyone is listed under initials instead of full names. Trent has been keeping secrets. Roman comes in and tells Max that he needs his help.

EJ sighs and tells Nicole they are out of champagne. She says she didn’t want anymore anyway. He thinks that she is being awfully quiet. Has he done something to upset her? Nicole says that he was perfect, and he agrees that what happened between them was very special. He wonders why she acts so surprised when a man shows tenderness towards her. She says she just isn’t used to it, and thanks him for reminding her how special making love can be. EJ thinks that he should be thanking her.

Sami wonders where Lucas could be, and why he isn’t calling her back. She flashes back to the day she tried to get him to admit that he had left the mansion. Lucas insists nothing is going on.

Roman, Max and Stephanie talk about the blackout. Roman says they need help getting the word out to families and the elderly. Stephanie says she knows a bunch of fraternities and sororities are out canvassing the neighborhood and checking on people. Roman tells them that shelter locations are being announced on the radio stations. Max offers to keep the pub open as well. Roman says he has to coordinate more disaster relief, so he’s heading out. He warns them both to be careful. These kinds of situations can make people crazy. He leaves, and Stephanie apologizes to Max for brining up the possibility that he has other siblings. Max says it’s ok. He hopes the girl he talked to can shed some more light on their father, but he fears that she will tell him somebody has his phone. Stephanie tells him that they have to get the phone back to Trent before he realizes Nick swiped it. Max thinks he can trace the girl’s number. Stephanie wonders what his sister is like. Max isn’t sure that who she is. Stephanie reminds him she answered the phone thinking Trent, her dad, was on the phone. Max says he is just having trouble accepting all this. It’s a lot to absorb. Stephanie says she understand how he feels, but he has to accept the fact that he has a sister.

The elevator EJ and Nicole are in lurches. EJ doesn’t think the cables should have done that. Nicole starts panicking as the doors slide open. EJ throws his shirt on and steps out of the elevator. Sami comes over with Allie as he buttons his shirt. Nicole groans when she catches sight of her. Sami sees Nicole and EJ buttoning his shirt and gasps, “OMG, in an elevator?”

Max flashes back to confronting Trent about being his son. Trent offers him money to keep quiet, and Max asks for information on the girl in the picture instead. Stephanie snaps him out of his reverie by telling him they seem to have plenty of water ready for everyone. Max can’t get over what Trent did to him. It’s not even about the bribe. The man came back to town and left when he saw he was doing well with the Bradys. He basically deserted him twice. He needs answers about this man from his supposed sister.

EJ wonders what Sami is doing there. She rages. He just did it in an elevator. How disgusting is that? He went on and on about his feelings for her, and then he does Nicole in the blink of an eye. EJ says that she forced his hand. She told him to move on, that she was in love with Lucas, and that they had no future. Sami snorts. She is happy that he moved on, actually. She is happy for both of them. She is just glad that she has Lucas. He would never be caught dead doing some tramp in an elevator.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Chloe finish up in their elevator. Chloe tells him how amazing he was. Lucas says he had better be. He was in prison for a while. She says she feels guilty, and he wonders why. He wanted to make love to her. Chloe says she wanted that too, but she worries that he might feel like he betrayed Sami. Lucas says that he betrayed him when she slept with EJ. Chloe has other worries. What if the cops are around when they get out of the elevator? Lucas soothes her, saying that he plans on sneaking past them, just like he did before.

Stephanie thinks that Max should know the whole story before he gives himself over to so much hatred. Max says he knows enough. He remembers that his mother hated him. And then she died and max was all alone. And Trent let him be thrown into the foster care system. Stephanie says she is sorry. Max wonders if she can imagine how many nights he lay awake, wondering what he could have done to make his father hate him so much. All of this has dredged up those old feelings from childhood. Also, he thinks his sister sounded very fond of their father. How can that be? It doesn’t make any sense.

Sami calls EJ a two-timing jerk. EJ refuses to apologize, and tells Sami to stop blaming this all on Nicole. Sami says Nicole is only chasing after him to make her jealous. It’s Nicole’s life mission. Hotel guests and policemen gape at the scene. Nicole says that she and EJ had sex, and it was great, but it never would have happened if Sami hadn’t been so stupid. Nicole doesn’t know what Sami said to EJ, but she blew it. Sami doesn’t care. She wants Lucas.

Chloe worries about Lucas getting caught. Lucas tries to soothe her, saying that he can sneak through the lobby. In prison, he learned all about blending in. If you don’t, you end up with a shank in your back. A voice comes over the intercom, saying they’ll have to manually open and lower the elevator. Lucas curses and heads for the trapdoor above. Chloe reminds him of the guy trapped in the elevator in the youtube video. Those things are always locked. Chloe tells Lucas she has another idea. When the doors open, she’ll scream and cry and distract everyone. Then he can sneak off. Lucas thanks her as the elevator lurches. Chloe isn’t sure she’ll have to pretend to panic.

Stephanie says she hates seeing Max go through so much pain. She kind of knows what he is going through, since she lost her father at such an early age. Her mother had a huge hole in her heart. Stephanie wasn’t sure what was going on, but she knew something was missing. She wishes she could give better advice, and says that Max should talk to Bo. He’s not biologically a Brady, either. Max says his situation is different he didn’t find out his father wasn’t Shawn until much later in life. Stephanie still thinks he should talk to Bo. Max feels like Trent has sent him back to square one, just when he was beginning to fee like a Brady.

Chloe tells the person over the intercom that she isn’t hurt, but it’s hot and she’s claustrophobic. The man tells her they’re doing their best, and she asks them to hurry. Lucas hisses at her not to say that. Chloe huffs. What, is she supposed to ask them to slow down until she can hide a convict? He’s stuck, and there’s no way out. Lucas says his motto is to never give up.

Stephanie tells Max that everything happens for a reason. His dad coming back into town is an opportunity for him to find out the truth. It might hurt, but it will be worth it. Max says they can’t let Trent know that they are investigating. He does want to get to know his sister, and find out more from her. He thanks Stephanie for helping him work through this. She is so wise. He wonders what he should do know. Stephanie chuckles. He is supposed to be the genius, but she has a suggestion. He needs to call her.

EJ asks to have a word with Sami, but she excuses herself, saying that she has to get home to Lucas. She bumps into Roman on her way out, and he tells her that he came down to help with the people trapped in the elevators. He spots EJ and Nicole and asks what happened. Sami says she cant repeat it in front of the kids.

EJ tells Nicole that she was something back there with Sami. He really appreciates that she went to bat for him. He thinks they both know what happened in that elevator could have happened a long time ago. He’s really glad that they decided to wait. Nicole is, too. EJ smiles, saying that some things are worth waiting for. Every time he goes into an elevator, he will think of her. Nicole will think of him, too.

Chloe and Lucas wait in the elevator as it descends. She tells him to get ready for her performance. The doors slide open and Lucas darts out. Chloe shrieks and pretends to faint. Sami sees Lucas and asks what he’s doing here. EJ and Nicole also see him and wonder what’s going on. An officer grabs Lucas as Roman comes over, saying he is under arrest. Roman wonders what part of house arrest is so difficult for Lucas to understand.

Max says he will call his sister, but not right now. He wants to find a more indirect method to approach her so that he can be prepared. She says he can call whenever he is ready. He promises to be there for him every step of the way.

Sami begs Roman not to do this. Roman tells her that he’s out of the mansion, and he took his monitor off. Sami thinks it must have been an emergency. There was a blackout, after all. Roman says that doesn’t matter. Lucas will have to finish his term in jail. They start hauling him off as Sami cries and begs.


Steve tells Stephanie, “I want you to stay away from him. I want you to promise me.“ Stephanie replies, “I'm sorry. I can't do that.”

EJ tells Nicole, “I just wanted to talk about what happened last night.” She replies, “What's there to talk about? It was sex -- no big deal.”

Max tells Caroline, “I think I might have a sister.” Caroline gapes, “A sister?” Max sighs, “And I'm afraid I'm going to have to go find her.”

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