Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/7/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/7/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At Bo and Hope’s barbecue, Chelsea and Daniel kiss passionately. The lights flicker and come back on. Bo sees them and starts to head over, but Hope stops him, reminding him that they gave Chelsea the green light to date Daniel. Bo says everything is cool, but Hope recognizes that bulging vein in his forehead. She offers him a cool drink. Nearby, Caroline laughs and tells Victor that the talk he had with Daniel seemed to do a world of good. Just then, Kate shows up and spots Chelsea and Daniel. She gasps, “No,” and passes out.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena stands at the door of the lab and calls out for John. He opens the door, holding a lighter in the dark. He quotes Shaw, “We are made wise not by the recollection of our past but by the responsibility for our future.” He tells Marlena proudly that he has been reading. Marlena asks him what he has done. He tells her he just reprogrammed the locks so that she could get inside. She says that isn’t what she meant. He smiles and tells her “onward and upward.” She sees the wreckage of the lab behind him and gasps.

Sami searches for Lucas at the mansion. She calls his name, praying that he hasn’t done something stupid.

In an elevator at the inn, Chloe and Lucas kiss. He breaks it off and asks if he is ok. She says she is, considering the circumstances and her claustrophobia. Lucas thinks the power will come back on anytime now. Chloe is sorry that she made him take such a huge risk, but she is glad that he is here. Even though they’re stuck, she doesn’t feel so scared anymore. Lucas is glad that he could be of service. Chloe kisses him.

In the other elevator, Nicole and EJ kiss passionately. In the heat of the moment, he calls out Sami’s name. Nicole backs off, offended. EJ apologizes. Nicole sys that she won’t play second fiddle to Sami. She will not be played for a fool and used in this way. EJ says he is sorry. If anyone should feel foolish or cheap, it’s him. He swears that he didn’t mean to hurt her. Nicole accepts his apology and moves back in for another kiss.

At the pub, Stephanie reminds Max that they should have been at the barbecue half an hour ago. Max asks for another second to close up. Stephanie says they’re lucky to have lights. Most of the town is pitch black. Max asks if she wants to leave or continue distracting him. Stephanie heads over and kisses him as Nick comes in. He asks if he should come back later. Max says no. He asked Nick to come down here because he needs a favor. Trent has some information that Max wants, and he needs Nick to help him get it.

Chloe backs off of Lucas and wonders what they are doing. Are they both crazy? Lucas says he is going crazy and he knows it. He has spent too much time in the mansion watching Sami and EJ do their little mating dance. She tries to play it off like she doesn’t have the hots for EJ, but Lucas knows better. Chloe thought Sami was in love with Lucas. Lucas gets the feeling Sami wishes that he had never gotten out of jail. Lucas thinks that Chloe is different. She seems to really understand him. They kiss again. Lucas tells Chloe that this somehow feels right to him. Chloe thinks so, too, but Lucas thinks that she is upset. She admits that she feels like she is betraying Phillip. Lucas is confused. He thought Phillip was betraying her with Morgan. Lucas thinks it’s time to lose the guilt, but Chloe isn’t so sure. Lucas seems to agree with her. At the end of the day, he still has Sami, and she has Phillip. What are they doing, using each other? Chloe nods. They are for now, but that could change. Lucas isn’t so sure that his feelings can shift that quickly. He doesn’t think he can go from one person to the next that quickly. Chloe thinks she might be able to help him with that. She moves in for a kiss.

EJ and Nicole continue to kiss and he asks if she is ok. She says she is. In fact, if she were scoring, she’d give him a ten. EJ thinks she is so beautiful. Nicole blushes and thanks him for being so complimentary. She thinks that he is a real gentleman. There was a time when the men she got involved with were all egocentric bullies, but he’s different. He’s classy, thoughtful, and considerate. EJ smiles. Speaking of considerate, he was wondering if it would be ok to kiss her. Nicole thinks it’s a fabulous idea and EJ moves in.

Daniel rushes over to help Kate. Victor huffs. The woman just got out of surgery. The last thing she needed was to witness that performance. Chelsea asks Victor if they could not do this right now. Julie brings Daniel a pillow as he tries to revive Kate. Lexie and Abe show up, and Lexie asks if Daniel needs help. He says no, and Bo fills them in. Kate saw Daniel and Chelsea kissing, but she probably just passed out from the heat. Daniel asks for some orange juice, and Lexie and Abe offer to go get it. Abe asks Lexie what her problem is. She tells him that she never thought Daniel would make a move on Chelsea.

Max shows Nick the picture from Trent’s place and tells him that he thinks it might be his sister. He tried to ask Trent about it, but he won’t say anything. Nick sighs. He has trouble wrapping his head around the fact that Trent is Max’s father. Max explodes. Shawn Brady was his father! Trent is more of a problem that he needs to take care of. Will Nick help him or not? Nick agrees. Trent doesn’t trust Max, but he does trust him. He tells Max and Stephanie that he has a plan.

Marlena bawls and ask John what he has done. John comforts her and tells her not to cry. The place is insured, not that he plans on rebuilding the lab. She cries, saying that this equipment was his only chance at accessing the data on the disc. She is so disappointed. John doesn’t think there’s any sense in chasing ghosts. The past is dead, and he just made sure of that. He assures her that he thought long and hard about this. Marlena curses him, saying that he is the one that will suffer most from this. He was once a kind, loving, generous man. Now that’s gone forever, and now he’s a hateful shell of the man she once loved. Marlena stomps off, disgusted. John turns to Ava, saying hat Marlena didn’t take that too well. He didn’t mean to hurt her. Ava says everything is ok. He did what was right for him.

Sami mutters to herself about Lucas’ ankle bracelet and hunts around for it in the living room. Marlena comes in and Sami lies, saying she is looking for an earring. She sees Marlena’s face and asks what John has done now. Marlena sighs, saying that she has lost him. This time it’s for good. Sami thinks it will be best for her to make a clean start. Marlena bawls. She just wanted hope, and John took that away from her. John and Ava come in and Sami goes off on him, asking him how dare he do this to her mother. How dare he throw her love away after everything she has done for him? John tells her that this is none of her business, but Sami disagrees. This his her mother that they are talking about. John threw away her love because he is a coward and a fool. He had a chance to get his life back. John says that it was his decision to make. Blondie knew what she was getting into. Marlena says she knew the risks. She could have helped him, or called people who could have, but he turned to a stranger. Sami scoffs. More like a murderer and a kidnapper. Ava snorts. She is a victim just like John. Unlike them, she knows what he needs. Sami disagrees. So does Marlena. Ava doesn’t know anything about John. John tells them all to stop it. It’s just memories he lost. She can’t believe they mean nothing to him. Most people with amnesia are horrified, but John seems to find it liberating. She feels sorry for him. What he has done to himself is worse than what Stefano did. Joys that that isn’t true. He finally has control of his own life and destiny.

Nick meets Trent outside the pub. Trent grumbles about the traffic. Nick knows it’s bad, and that’s part of the reason why he called. He was wondering if he could get a ride back to campus, since his car broke down. Trent says that’s fine, as he’s headed over to the university to check on the emergency procedures. Nick says that he can help, and just has to run back inside and get his things. On the way, he purposely bumps into Trent and apologizes.

Kate comes to and Daniel asks how she is feeling. She says she is fine; she’s just a little light-headed. Daniel asks her why she is here. Kate wanted to have a good time. Chelsea admonishes her. She just had surgery two days ago. Kate says that she wants to talk to Chelsea. Maggie wants to get Kate inside so that she can lie down. Kate tells Chelsea to come along. They need to talk. Hope and Maggie help Kate inside as Chelsea follows. Daniel watches.

Nick comes back out with his bag and he and Trent leave. Inside, Max holds a cell phone out to Stephanie and smiles. Nick came through. The phone belongs to Trent.

John says that he needs to change his clothes. Ava also wants to freshen up, so they head upstairs together. Sami can’t believe how well Marlena is handling all of this. How could John treat her this way? Marlena says that things are different now, and they both have to accept that. She wants to talk to Sami about the situation with EJ and Lucas. Sami sighs. She loves Lucas, and wants to be with him, but she screwed up. She can’t erase what happened between her and EJ. She tells Marlena that she can’t take it here anymore. It’s hot, she’s creeped out, and the John and Ava thing is too much. She wants to take the twins somewhere with air conditioning. Marlena suggests Bo and Hope’s place. Sami nixes the idea. Marlena suggests the Salem Inn, as they probably have backup power. Sami asks Marlena to come with her, but Marlena would rather not. Sami wishes she could make things better. Marlena says she does, just be being here. They tell each other they love each other.

EJ and Nicole get dressed. EJ wonders what just happened. Nicole loftily informs him that it’s called revenge sex. It’s a lot better than make-up sex, actually. EJ chuckles. He wonders at her transformation from a needy girl to a tough, glib woman. Nicole says she’s pretty complex. EJ tells her that eh thinks she’s beautiful and interesting. She deserves someone amazing. He wonders if they both aren’t selling themselves short.

Chloe comes up for air and asks Lucas if he is sure that eh wants to do this. Lucas says he is. He asks if she is having second thoughts, and she says no. Lucas moves back in for more. Clothes fly.

Marlena heads down to the lab and surveys the damage. She picks up the broken disk and moans, “How could you?”

Victor and Kate sit with Chelsea in Bo and Hope’s living room. Kate agrees with Victor that Chelsea’s relationship with Daniel is totally inappropriate. The age difference is a problem, for one, and Kate is also sure that Daniel will end up hurting Chelsea. Chelsea gets huffy. She doesn’t think Kate has any say in how she lives her life. Kate wants her to break things off with Daniel now.

Daniel asks Lexie how this concerns her. She reminds Daniel that he confided in her before about his wife. Not so long ago, he was ready to leave town because of Chelsea. He needs to think this through. Daniel says he is done thinking about it. He realizes that they don’t have much in common, and on paper, it looks like a train wreck. But when something feels right, you have to put yourself out there. Nothing should hold you back.

Sami comes into the inn and asks if she can book a room. The clerk apologizes, but the hotel is on lockdown because of the blackout. Sami thought they had backup power. He says they do, but it’s for the lights only. He makes a call and asks about the fire department coming. Sami asks if everything is alright, and he explains that people are trapped in both elevators.

EJ and Nicole hold each other in the elevator. Nicole thinks this feels really good. EJ agrees, but thinks it’s getting hotter and harder to breathe. He wonders when they will be rescued. Nicole admits that there is a part of her that doesn’t want to be rescued.

Lucas sighs and tells Chloe that a part of him wishes that these doors would never open. He broke his house arrest, and things aren’t going to be pretty. He’ll have to finish his ten years if he’s caught. A part of him almost wants to make for a beach in Panama. He asks if she would come with him. Chloe smiles. They both know that he would never leave his daughter behind. Lucas sighs. If he gets caught, that’s it. He’s serious. He’ll be dead. They’ll throw him in jail forever.

Ava and John come back downstairs to find the living room empty. John pours champagne, glad that they are finally alone. Ava asks what they should toast to. John smiles. He is ushering in a new era--the era of John Black DiMera.

Marlena holds the broken disc and smiles. John may be through with his past, but she isn’t. She will not let him give up on his future.

Nick comes back to the pub and asks Max and Stephanie if they have found anything. Max says there is an international number that’s been called from Trent’s phone several times over the past few weeks. Nick says he has to go soon. He is supposed to be taking a cab back over here to get some papers. Max thanks him, and Nick wishes him luck and leaves. Max calls the number and waits. A girl answers, saying, “Dad? Dad?”

Fireworks explode at Bo and Hope’s barbecue. Everyone marvels at them. Chelsea comes out of the house and she and Daniel stare at each other. He goes inside, and she walks off in another direction.


Chloe says, “Lucas, you got to stop doing this to yourself.” He replies, “I'm through. I don't want to talk about it anymore.” They kiss.

Stephanie cries excitedly, “Max, you might have a sister!”

EJ puts on his jacket, “Uh, Samantha.” She gasps, “In an elevator?!”

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