Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/2/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 7/2/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Rolf hands Ava a drink. She says this isn’t the most exciting Fourth of July party she’s ever attended, but at least she doesn’t have to wait in line for food. Nicole is appreciative that the alcohol isn’t coming out of a keg. EJ says he would still prefer a good old-fashioned barbecue. He asks Rolf to fire up the grill and throw on some weenies. Rolf says he doesn’t do weenies. The lights flicker and Ava gasps. EJ guesses that the town’s power grid is overloaded from the heat wave. EJ excuses himself to take a call. Ava asks Nicole why she isn’t in a good mood anymore. She guesses it must be about EJ and encourages to Nicole to stick it out until he figures out he can’t have Sami. Nicole says that is the problem. He thinks he has a chance with Sami, and he is probably right. EJ assures Mr. Sykes that his court order will be filed after the holiday. He hangs up and calls Sami. Lucas listens in as EJ leaves her a message. He tells her that she made him very happy, and that he hopes they can continue their conversation later.

At the pub, Chloe talks to her mom, Nancy, about her plans for the fourth. Chloe says she doesn’t have any, but hopes they all have fun. Lucas beeps in and Chloe takes the call. He says he needs someone to talk to, but she isn’t sure about coming over, since John hates her. Lucas says he will come to her, but Chloe begs him not to risk it. He has too much at stake. Lucas says he doesn’t anymore. He will explain when he meets her. He says he’s on his way and hangs up. Lucas starts taking off his ankle monitor.

Ava reminds Nicole that she is no quitter. Nicole agrees, but tells her that EJ got Sami to admit that she has feelings for him. It doesn’t even matter if they end up together. As long as he thinks that he has a prayer, he’ll never give up. Ava disagrees. Nicole is hot, and she’s amazing. It’s only a matter of time before EJ forgets all about Sami. Ava heads off to find John, saying that they need to get this party started. The bell rings and John heads off to answer it. It’s Marlena, and he guesses she isn’t there to help him celebrate the Fourth. She agrees, saying that she came to see if he had come to his senses. If he hasn’t, she isn’t leaving until he does.

At Bo and Hope’s barbecue, Doug and Julie gush over Sami’s twins and their matching festive outfits. Victor shows up and greets Caroline, who is surprised to see him. He says he made a point to come because he knew the holidays would be hard for her. He thought she could use a friend today. Bo comes over, asking if either of them have seen Chelsea, as she hasn’t shown up yet. Chelsea and Daniel approach the house, and she says that she is glad that he is here. Daniel hopes her dad will be glad, too. He asks for a kiss for luck before they head inside. Chelsea complies.

John sighs, telling Marlena that they have already been through this. Marlena apologizes for letting her anger get the better of her the last time they saw each other. She just doesn’t understand how he can hesitate to get his life and memories back. She hopes he gives this careful though. John says he has. She said it herself—his life could be on that disc or someone else’s or who-knows-what. So he is just going to leave that disc alone. He’s sorry, but the man she knew is dead and gone. The sooner she accepts that, the better.

EJ comes back in and asks Nicole where everyone is. She says that Ava is off looking for their host, and Lucas didn’t want to join the party. Nicole doesn’t blame him. EJ apologizes for being so insensitive earlier. He just wanted to be honest with her. Nicole doesn’t think it’s a big deal, but EJ does. They nearly slept together. EJ thanks her for putting a stop to it. He doesn’t know what he was thinking. Nicole says it’s ok. She understands that his heart belongs to Sami and wishes him luck. EJ says she has feelings for him. He doesn’t need luck. Nicole isn’t sure that that is enough reason for Sami to leave Lucas. In fact, she thinks that it is highly unlikely. EJ wants to make a friendly wager with her about that.

Mickey and Maggie talk about how Sami had to get back to the mansion so that the twins could be with Lucas. Maggie is sorry he couldn’t be here, but Mickey thinks it’s better than jail. Maggie thinks it can’t be easy with the three of them under one roof. She isn’t sure how long any of them can continue like this. Three is a crowd. Mickey remembers well, as does Maggie, because of Bonnie. Maggie knows that something has to give.

Lucas calls Chloe from the lobby of the Salem Inn, asking if he can come up. She was worried that he got caught. Lucas says he hasn’t, and will be right there. A police officer walks by and Lucas ducks around the corner.

Hope tells Bo that she is sorry that Gran couldn’t make it, but they do have her donuts. Bo nods and agrees through a mouthful of donuts. She asks about Chelsea, and Bo spots her just then, saying she brought her date. Daniel tells Chelsea he can’t believe how hot it is. She doesn’t think it’s going to cool off. She grabs a beer, and he does too, saying that he isn’t on call, and he needs it if he is going to have to talk to her father. Victor comes over and Chelsea greets him, telling him that Daniel is her date. He is the only one she has told, since she knew he would understand. Victor wants to have a word with Daniel in private.

Nicole says that she will take that bet anytime and anywhere. She doesn’t think it would matter even if Sami was madly in love with EJ. She is so busy trying to convince everyone that she has changed, that she would never leave Lucas to take up with someone like EJ. EJ thinks she could be right, but he’s sure that it’s only a matter of time before Sami cracks and kicks Lucas out. Nicole thinks he is dreaming. EJ asks Nicole why she thinks Sami never told Lucas about the annulment going through. He thinks it’s because deep down inside, Sami really wants to be with him, not Lucas.

Marlena doesn’t understand how John can say that that man is dead and gone. He has no way of knowing. John insists that he’s not plugging that disc into anything before he knows what is on it. Marlena thinks what’s really important is what could be on it—them falling in love, getting married, having their daughter, Belle. John understands that didn’t happen in that order. Marlena tells him not to be flip. She wants him to be happy and a peace, and he can’t do that if he remains the man he is today. She asks to keep the disc safe for him in case he ever wants to look at it. John says no. He won’t change his mind, and the disc is his property. Now he needs to get back to his guests. He asks EJ and Nicole where Ava is, and Nicole explains that she went off to look for him. Downstairs in the lab, Ava takes the disc from the drawer. Upstairs, Rolf rushes up to John, telling him that someone has entered the lab. Their security has been breached.

Hope and Julie talk about Caroline’s pies as Bo walks up to Chelsea, pointing out Victor and Daniel. He sees that he isn’t the only one that has a problem with their relationship. Chelsea whines. They are just hanging out and having a good time. What’s the big deal? Bo reminds her how young and inexperienced she is compared to Daniel. Chelsea says they are both adults, but Bo fears that Daniel will hurt her. Chelsea huffs off, sarcastically thanking him for the vote of confidence. Hope says she will go after her, but Bo wants to handle this himself. Doug chuckles, recalling to mind a few similar moments that he and Hope had so long ago. Hope is glad everything turned out ok for her and Bo. Caroline reminds Hope that she didn’t have Victor to contend with.

Victor tells Daniel that he wishes he would have talked to him about this before he took Chelsea out for dinner. Daniel wasn’t aware he needed Victor’s permission. Besides, he was there when Daniel asked Chelsea out the first time. All of this has happened suddenly. It isn’t as if they’re getting married. Victor snorts. Knowing Daniel like he does, he is sure that is true. Daniel admits that he is no saint, but he would never do anything to hurt Chelsea. Victor says that he cares about Daniel. He is practically family, but he doesn’t think that he is right for Chelsea. Daniel wonders who Victor thinks he is, doling out relationship advice.

Sami listens outside the door as EJ and Nicole argue. She curses Nicole, who agrees with EJ to make the wager at one hundred dollars. Sami stomps off and calls EJ. She pretends to be at the barbecue, and says that she needs to talk to him. She needs him to know that no matter what happens, they will never be together. She loves Lucas, and she will be spending the rest of her life with him. EJ sighs. He knows that she wants to believe that. Sami groans. She doesn’t know what she needs to say to him to get this through his head. He needs to be with someone that loves him, and that just isn’t her. She wants him to find someone that makes him happy, and leave her and Lucas alone. EJ hangs up, his face peaked. Nicole chuckles. So, Sami blew him off, huh? She thinks this is the fastest hundred bucks that she’s ever made.

Lucas hides as the police officer pokes around. He tells someone over the radio that everything is pretty quiet in Salem.

John comes down to the lab to find Ava with the disc in her hand. He asks her what she thinks she’s doing.

Nicole tells EJ to forget about the hundred bucks. He can’t keep doing this to himself. It’s time to let Sami go. EJ thinks she has a point. He is tried of groveling. If Sami wants Lucas, she can have him. He’s not going to stand around here anymore and look like an idiot. He doesn’t know where he’s going, but he asks Nicole to come along. She suggests they go to her place. EJ goes out to call the driver.

Victor tells Daniel that he is offended, and Daniel says that he just meant that Victor has been married several times. Victor says he may not have much luck with relationships, but he knows trouble when it’s coming. He doesn’t want to see Chelsea get hurt. Daniel says he doesn’t either. This is only their second date, but he has no intention on it being their last.

Bo apologizes to Chelsea for upsetting her. She just wishes everyone would give her and Daniel a chance before they jump to conclusions. Bo says he is just concerned. Chelsea tells him that she has to take a chance on this. As she recalls, everyone told Hope that Bo would hurt her, but she ignored them, and now look where they both are. She might not get the happy ending with Daniel that Hope got with Bo, but hopefully she’ll live and learn either way. Bo wonders how Chelsea got so wise. Chelsea says she has made a lot of mistakes, and has had to grow up, but she thinks this feels right. Bo agrees, and promises to step back. Chelsea asks him not to step back all the way—she still wants Bo to kick Daniel’s butt if he hurts her. Bo promises to do that.

Lucas sneaks past the cop and ducks into the elevator to find Chloe. She wonders what happened. He tells her that he spotted the cop that arrested him. If he sees him—Chloe understands. Lucas would be dead.

Nicole and EJ arrive at the Salem Inn. The lights flicker as they wait for the elevator, and EJ suggests that they take the stairs. Nicole nixes the plan. She lives on the sixth floor, and besides, she’s pretty tipsy. She promises EJ that they will have a great time. He will forget all about Sami. EJ promises to give it a shot as they enter the elevator. The lights go out, and the elevator grinds to a halt. EJ gasps.

In the other elevator, Chloe shrieks as the lights go out. The emergency lights flick on, but the elevator doesn’t move. Chloe whines. What are they going to do? Lucas tells her to calm down. There’s nothing they can do. Chloe hyperventilates, saying that she is claustrophobic. Lucas tries to soothe her.

EJ calls someone on the emergency phone and tells them that they’re stuck. Nicole pulls out a bottle of champagne that she swiped from the mansion.

Lucas tries to calm Chloe down by distracting her. He gets her to talk about Phillip, but she says it’s over. She caught him with Morgan again. Lucas is sorry, but Chloe thinks she should have known better. Lucas tells her that he overheard EJ telling Nicole that Sami said she had feelings for him. Chloe sighs. She guesses they are both in a pretty bad place.

Nicole pops open the champagne bottle and suggests a game of strip poker. EJ suggests they just play regular poker. EJ makes a joke, and Nicole says she thinks he is funny. She wonders how Sami got so lucky. EJ thinks Nicole has come a long way from the time he first met her. She has been a breath of fresh air, and has really given him some welcome advice. She wonders why he doesn’t take it.

John sighs, telling Ava that they are locked in here because the power is out. He can probably override the locks, but first things first. Ava apologizes for sneaking down here. She claims she was just concerned about Marlena talking him into doing something he doesn’t want to do. She thinks he needs to destroy the disc before someone talks him into looking at what’s on it.

Victor tells Daniel that he will ease off, but he is going to be keeping an eye on him and Chelsea, just the same. Julie announces to everyone that Alice called, saying the whole town is experiencing a black out. Doug is glad Bo and Hope have gone solar. He is sorry he ever ragged on them about all of this green stuff. Just then, the lights go out and everyone groans. Bo and Hope aren’t sure what went wrong, so they go off to investigate. Chelsea asks Daniel how his talk with Victor went. He says that everything is fine. Her family is just concerned about her. Bo tells Hope that he agreed to back off of Chelsea and Daniel’s relationship, but he still doesn’t have a good feeling about it. As long as Daniel doesn’t hurt Chelsea, Bo won’t hurt him.

Ava is concerned that if John looks at the disc, the amazing man she has known will disappear. Does he really think that he will be happy if he gets back the life he used to lead? She thinks he likes the new him as much as she does. She urges him to destroy the disc as Marlena approaches the door. She catches the last bit of Ava’s conversation and wildly pounds on the door. She begs John not to listen to Ava and throw his life away.

Chelsea tells Daniel that she hopes it stays dark like this. She kisses him as the lights come back on. Fireworks pop.

Lucas asks Chloe if she is doing any better. Chloe says she is. He leans in and kisses her.

In the other elevator, Nicole suggests that EJ take her advice. He thinks he will. He leans in and kisses her.

Marlena begs John to open the door. He quotes Aristotle, “Change in all things is sweet.” He snaps the disc in half and starts trashing the lab. Marlena screams.


Lucas tells Chloe, “I just don't know how I can go from one person to the next that quick.” Chloe replies, “Let me see if I can help.”

Kate walks into the barbecue and sees Chelsea and Daniel kissing. She gasps, “No.”

Sami asks Marlena, “It's John, isn't it? What's he done now?” She replies, “I've lost him. This time it's for good.”

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