Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/1/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 7/1/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Chelsea compliments Caroline on how good the food looks. They talk about the traditional barbecue at Bo and Hope’s house every 4th of July. Caroline says Shawn always looked forward to it and chokes up a bit. Chelsea sympathizes, saying that they all miss him. Caroline tells her that she’s going to head down to the cemetery. Morgan comes in and Chelsea apologizes for leaving before she woke up. Morgan thanks her for letting her stay over and says she’s sorry for sleeping so late. Chelsea understands that she is just stressed out about her father. She insists that Morgan join her and her family for the barbecue.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ runs into Lucas and asks if he has seen Sami. Lucas tells EJ that she is at Bo and Hope’s barbecue. EJ asks if Lucas is miffed that he can’t join her. Lucas chuckles. He has news for EJ. He wasn’t invited, either.

Bo comes home and fills Hope in on the developments in the arson case. They still haven’t found Paul, but they did find a letter in his suitcase addressed to Morgan. She hasn’t read it yet, but Bo will be sure to be there when she does. Bo tries to snag some deviled eggs, but Hope smacks his hand, telling him to stop eating and start helping. Doug and Julie burst in, dressed as Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross. Hope and Bo laugh. Doug asks them if they really thought the only fireworks they’d see would be up in the sky.

Lucas tells EJ that Sami didn’t invite EJ to the party. EJ thinks he should be there, since he is family. He’s still married to Sami. Lucas says that he won’t be for long. EJ says this has been fun and all, but he’s leaving. Lucas warns him not to show up at Bo and Hope’s. He’ll just make Sami angry. EJ stops, saying that Lucas might have a point. Lucas says he is having second thoughts. He thinks EJ should go to the party and see what happens. EJ glares. He would like that, wouldn’t he?

Doug and Julie explain that they are still on their cruise, but they jumped ship at the last port and caught a plane home. They’ll get back on the next time the ship stops. Bo gives them a tour of the kitchen and talks about all of the recyclable materials they’ve been using to renovate their home. They’re completely off the grid thanks to their solar panels, so they don’t have to worry about power bills or blackouts ever again. Hope asks Julie to continue helping her in the kitchen, and Bo pulls Doug outside to help with the grill. Doug wants to talk about Bo’s recent illness. He really gave them a scare. Bo promises not to do that again and smiles. He actually needs to speak with Doug about something else. He has a situation with his daughter, and he needs some advice.

Morgan and Chelsea sample some of Caroline’s food and rave about it. Morgan asks about Chelsea’s date with Daniel. Chelsea smiles dreamily, saying that it was amazing. Morgan says she is happy for her, but she is a little bit jealous. She wishes someone would come in and sweep her off of her feet, too. Chelsea is sure someone will.

Phillip and Chloe come in just then and sit at a table. Phillip wishes Chloe would have kept her mouth shut about seeing Paul on the docks that night. Chloe sulks. She did it so that everyone would know Paul set the fire and not Phillip. Phillip reminds her that John has accused him of hiring Paul to do it. Chloe whines, saying she was just trying to help. Phillip tells her that she actually made things worse.

EJ decides that he will stay at the mansion with Lucas and John. Maybe Rolf will whip up something good for the holiday. Lucas says a DiMera party isn’t his style. He’s leaving. EJ doesn’t think it will be the same without him. Nicole burst in the door, saying that Lady Liberty has arrived. Now the party can really get started.

Hope and Julie talk about how special this day is considering all that the family has been through the past year. Julie asks how they are both doing, and Hope says things are better than ever. Julie chuckles and says that if someone has told her that Bo and Hope would end up together—Hope interrupts, asking if she wouldn’t have believed it. Julie says she would have. She knew they were meant to be. Doug didn’t think so at the time, though. Hope tells her that Bo is going through the same sort of trouble with Chelsea. She’s dating a doctor.

Bo tells Doug that Chelsea is dating an older man. Doug asks how much older. Bo isn’t sure, but it makes him uncomfortable. He thinks he knows what Doug is going to say. Doug doesn’t think he does.

Chelsea explains to Morgan that her dad doesn’t like the fact that she is dating an older guy. Morgan doesn’t understand. Daniel saved Bo’s life. Chelsea sighs. She knows her dad is worried about her, but she is an adult. She’s sick of him babying her. She remembers that Morgan’s own father is missing and apologizes for complaining about hers. She knows that her dad and the rest of the force are doing everything they can to find Paul. Chelsea is sure they will, and she thinks there must be a logical explanation for his disappearance. Morgan sighs. Maybe the explanation is that he’s never coming back.

Chloe insists that Phillip has nothing to do with the fire. That’s why it is so important that they find Paul and get him to admit that he did it. She knows what she saw. Phillip doesn’t think it means much. Since she didn’t see him set the fire, her testimony is circumstantial, at best. She should have warned Phillip before she went to the police. She says she is really sorry. He sighs, saying that what is done is done.

Morgan tells Chelsea that she would like to come to the party, but she has to touch base with her mom and let her know what’s going on with her dad, not that she really cares. Chelsea urges her to come by the party afterwards, and Morgan promises to think about it. Caroline comes back and Chelsea says she is going to start taking some of the food over to her dad’s place. Caroline tells her that Roman is coming by to help as well. She heads off to the kitchen. Morgan says she feels sorry for Caroline. Chelsea explains that days like this are hard for her because of losing Shawn. Chelsea excuses herself to go help Caroline.

Hope tells Julie that Chelsea confided in her, but was afraid Bo would be upset. He saw them at Chez Rouge, anyway. Julie doesn’t understand why Bo would be angry. Daniel is a doctor, after all. Hope says he is much older than Chelsea, and that is why Bo has issues. Julie reminds Hope of the problems Doug had with her dating Bo. Hope remembers, and she thought Bo would be more understanding of Chelsea, considering their past. Julie bets that Bo feels his reasons against the relationship are just as valid as Doug felt his reservations were so long ago.

Doug reminds Bo that he thought he was he worst person for Hope to be dating. What with the motorcycle and that ridiculous hair, Bo was pretty much the poster boy for a bad guy back then. Bo smiles and says he didn’t much care what anyone thought of him back then. Doug says that no matter how much he lectured Hope, it just made her defy him more, and she was just more determined to be with Bo. Bo asks if Doug thinks he should back off of Chelsea and let her make her own mistakes. Doug doesn’t really understand why he disapproves of Daniel. Doug did some research on him before Bo’s surgery, and he seems to be well-respected. Bo says he is carefree and has no roots. He’s a flight risk, and Bo doesn’t think Chelsea needs that in her life right now. Doug chuckles, saying people said the same thing about him and Julie.

Nicole tells EJ that she heard John was having a party for the Fourth, so she thought she would stop by. EJ asks if she was invited. She says no, but she was hoping that she could be his date. Nicole gets it. Sami and the twins went to Bo and Hope’s and he wasn’t invited. She tells EJ to pop the bottle open she brought. EJ looks at it and finds it mostly empty. Nicole admits that she needed something to do in the ride over here in a taxi instead of the limo. EJ smiles. What crosses she must bear! Nicole rolls her eyes and toasts him. She thinks he’s smiling as if something good happened. EJ says something did, but she is the last person he’d want to tell about it.

Julie thinks that Doug behaved as any worried father would. Hope says that he didn’t have anything to worry about. Julie says he knows that now, but at the time, he just remembered that he himself was a bad boy in the good old days. He was the world’s most charming liar, so he was suspicious when Bo swooped in, as he would have been of anyone.

Doug tells Bo that he eventually came to realize how much Bo loved Hope, so he offered them his blessing. Bo doesn’t quite remember it that way. Doug chuckles, saying that at the least, he didn’t kill Bo. Doug asks Bo if he really thinks this life-saving doctor is so wrong for his daughter. Bo thinks he could make Chelsea happy, but she is young and inexperienced.

Julie thinks Bo must be afraid of Chelsea getting hurt. Hope thinks that is just it. Daniel could very easily break her heart. Julie thinks that worse things could happen.

Doug tells Bo that he can’t control this. Chelsea is an adult, and she’s going to follow her heart no matter what Bo says. Maybe it will work out with Daniel, and maybe it won’t, but Bo can’t do anything about it.

Julie tells Hope that when two people love each other, you just have to let them be.

Doug tells Bo that true love will find a way no matter what obstacles are placed in front of it.

Chloe asks Phillip if he is going to the barbecue, but he doesn’t think so, as his mom is still recuperating from surgery. She asks if they can get together later, and Phillip agrees. Chloe heads off, and Phillip goes over to talk to Morgan. He asks about her father and if she has seen him. Morgan bursts into tears. Phillip tries to comfort her.

EJ says that he doesn’t want to tell Nicole because he isn’t in the mood for her lip. Nicole promises to keep bugging her until she tells him. EJ says he will tell her, but he has to get changed first. He heads off upstairs. Nicole makes a drink as Lucas saunters back in. She tells him to help himself, but he says he can’t. Nicole snorts. He’s in love with Sami. Falling off the wagon is not only understandable, it’s inevitable. Lucas is more reminded of his marriage to Nicole. She thinks it was fun, and Lucas agrees—when they were drunk, that is. Nicole shrugs. Sami was the one that drove him to the bottle, not her. Which begs the question, why does he keep coming back for more?

Roman stops by the pub to help Caroline with the food. His first worry is that she didn’t make enough pies. Caroline promises that she did. She tells Roman that she stopped by the cemetery earlier. He tells her that he will really miss Pop today. He used to always take a bite out of his and Bo’s burgers and judge which one was the best. Caroline remembers that he could never decide. Roman thinks that was just a scam so that he could eat two burgers without Caroline getting on to him. He asks if she has spoken to Sami, and Caroline says she’s headed over to Bo and Hope’s. Roman is sorry that Lucas couldn’t join them. He wonders if she will bring EJ instead. Caroline gasps and says she hopes not.

Phillip tells Morgan that he has some of his own people looking for her father. She wonders why, and Phillip says that he just wants to help. Morgan is suspicious. She wants to know the real reason that Phillip is looking for her dad.

Hope bursts out laughing. Julie sulks. She never thought that Hope would be the one to laugh at the concept of true love. Hope gasps and wheezes. It isn’t that—it’s just that all this advice is coming from Betsey Ross. She thinks that it’s great advice, and she hopes that Doug can convince Bo to take it. She knows they’re talking about it, and points them out to Julie from the window.

Bo understands what Doug is trying to say. Basically, he needs to back off and see what happens. Doug nods. If Bo interferes, it will just make Chelsea angry. Bo still isn’t sure. He’s worried. Doug tells him to think long and hard before he acts. Daughters can be very unforgiving when they are hurt and angry.

Phillip tells Morgan that her dad wasn’t his favorite guy. In fact, he was pretty sure Paul was working for John against him and Victor. Morgan sighs. She tells Phillip that her dad had plane tickets. He checked his luggage. Why didn’t he get on the plane? Phillip can’t believe this. Did she find out from the police? Morgan nods. In fact, they still have his bags. Phillip suggests that Paul may have been setting up his getaway. If Chloe was right, and he did burn that warehouse down, he would have wanted to leave town fast. Morgan says that still doesn’t make sense. If it’s true, then why didn’t he just board the plane and head for South America?

Lucas snorts. He understands that love is a foreign concept to Nicole. Nicole laughs. The day he left jail, he found Sami in bed with EJ. Is he trying to tell her that that didn’t hurt? Lucas says he’s fine and that they are working through it. Nicole doesn’t think anything that takes that much work is worth it. She wonders if there is anything that will ever make Sami truly happy. Lucas is sure that he can. He loves her. Nicole wishes him luck. He thanks her if she really means it, but he doesn’t want her help or advice. Nicole thinks that they are a lot alike. Deep down, all they both want is to love and be loved in return. She warns him to be careful with his heart, as Sami might stomp on it. Lucas swears that won’t happen again. Nicole wishes him luck.

Fireworks go off and Julie asks if it’s time for the show. Doug thinks it’s early yet, so it must have been a test. Julie wonders if he and Bo were having the same conversation that she and Hope were having. He says they were, and she asks if Bo reminded him of anyone. Doug sniffs. He was never that pig-headed, and Bo was not a rich, successful doctor. Julie thinks it’s about their daughters—no man is ever going to be good enough. Doug admits that that is true. Julie reminds him that Bo turned out good enough. Doug just hopes that he and Chelsea can work through this like he and Hope did.

Bo tells Hope that he talked to Doug, and he suggested that Bo step back and let Chelsea make her own decisions. Hope wonders if he can do that. Bo isn’t sure. He knows that the doctor isn’t right for Chelsea. Hope reminds Bo that if she had let her father interfere in her love life, they wouldn’t be flipping Brady burgers right now. Bo admits that she has a point.

Nicole pokes around in John’s desk. Rolf comes up behind her and asks if he can help her. She jumps a mile and tells “Ralph” not to scare her like that. She wonders where everyone else is and sends Rolf off for caviar. EJ comes in and asks for eggs and mustard on toast points. Nicole asks EJ what his good news is. He hems and haws, and finally admits that Sami knows they aren’t married anymore. Nicole gapes.

Phillip tells Morgan that she has to stop thinking the worst. He is sure that her dad will turn up eventually. Morgan pouts, saying that he is being looked for because he’s a criminal, not because he is missing. She blames all of it on Chloe and her groundless accusations. Phillip says he has to go, but tells her to call him if she ever needs anything. They hug. Chloe walks in and sees them. She puts her hands on her hips and clears her throat. Phillip tries to explain.

Roman shows up at the barbecue, and asks Bo to make a friendly burger wager. Whoever’s burgers get eaten the most gets a free six pack from the other. Bo agrees. Roman says he has a new secret ingredient. He can’t wait to have that beer. Hope comes over and asks about Roman’s secret. Bo hopes he was just trying to scare him. She wants to know all about the secret Bo had at Chez Rouge the other night. Bo keeps mum. Hope pouts. Bo laughs and heads off to flip his burgers.

Nicole can’t believe that Sami knows. EJ smiles. She overheard John discussing it with EJ. Nicole can’t believe how happy he is. Didn’t Sami go ballistic? EJ tells Nicole that in the ensuing exchange, she was forced to admit that she had feelings for EJ. So really, he should be thanking Nicole. Lucas listens outside and whispers, “OMG, Sami, how could you?”


Bo tells Hope, “Here she is now with her date.”

Daniel asks Chelsea, “It's just not cooling off, is it?” Chelsea smiles, “ No, I think it's only going to get hotter.”

Chloe asks Lucas, “Lucas, I was getting worried you got caught.” He replies, “No, I'll be right there.”

John tells Marlena, “I'm sorry, Blondie, but the man that you knew and loved is dead and gone. The sooner you accept that, the better.”

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