Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/30/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/30/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Stephanie shows up at Bo and Hope’s place to talk to Chelsea. Chelsea tells her that Hope and Ciara are napping upstairs, so they have to be quiet. Stephanie flops down on the sofa. Chelsea asks if she is ok. Stephanie says she isn’t. Chelsea guesses that Max is the problem.

Trent shows up at the pub, which is closed. Max says he’s late. Trent says he’s here now, if he still wants to talk. Max lets him in and Trent asks if he works a lot, and asks how the tips are. Max says they aren’t good by his standards. He has something he wants to say. Trent says he does, too. He wants to make amends.

Bo meets Roman in his office, and Roman apologizes for ruining his night with Hope. Bo explains that Ciara have a stomach-ache, and they had an argument about Chelsea, anyway. She was at Chez Rouge, on a date with Dr. Jonas. Roman asks if he isn’t too old for her. Bo says that that is what he said. He asks Roman what he would do if it were his daughter. Roman reminds Bo that Chelsea is an adult ,so he’s going to have to stay out of it. Bo sighs. That’s what Hope said. Roman thinks it could be worse. She could be dating a DiMera. Bo asks if that’s why Roman called him down here, but Roman says it’s about Paul. He’s missing. His daughter explained that he left town suddenly. He hasn’t been seen since. Bo thinks that’s weird, but Roman says it gets better. He tells Bo about Chloe claiming to have seen Paul on the pier the night of the arson, stinking of gas. Bo thinks he’s going to flee the country. Roman says he did some checking. Paul booked a flight to South America, but he never got on the plane.

At the DiMera mansion, EJ interrupts John and Ava, saying that he has to get a bottle. John stops him, saying he has question. EJ wants him to wait until tomorrow, but John refuses. He wants to know why he hasn’t told Sami about their marriage being over .EJ says he doesn’t know what John is talking about. John smiles. He knows the annulment went through. EJ has been lying to Sami for weeks now. Sami walks in just then and asks EJ if that is true.

Stephanie asks about Chelsea’s date with Daniel. Chelsea eat chips and gushes on and on about how wonderful he was and how great of a time they had. Stephanie asks why she’s eating. She thought they went to Chez Rouge. She squeals. Did they skip dinner and go back to his place for dessert? Chelsea say she was just too nervous to eat. Stephanie gives her the rules on when he might call and what day she has to pretend to have weekend plans by. Chelsea huffs, saying that Daniel isn’t some immature frat boy. He doesn’t have time for games. Stephanie giggles, wondering how Dr. and Mrs. Jonas would sound out loud. Chelsea tells her to stop, and Stephanie smiles sadly, saying she just wants to live vicariously through someone else. Chelsea ask how things are going with Max. Stephanie admits that it’s a train wreck. Stephanie tells Chelsea that Max’s biological father is back in town, and she has a really bad feeling about it.

Trent apologizes to Max. He knows that they got off on the wrong foot. Max chuckles. He abandoned him and never came back. Trent says he was just doing what he thought was best for Max. Trent tells him that he came back once, and saw Max with Shawn down at the fish market. He saw that he was truly happy with the Bradys, and Trent couldn’t offer him that kind of life with all the traveling he was doing for his job. Max grumbles, saying that Trent should have known he would still be in town. Trent said the last he heard, Max was racing cars. He never dreamed he would still be in Salem. Trent asks why he gave it up. Max splutters with rage, asking if this job isn’t acceptable to him. He doesn’t need a degree to know when he’s been put down. Trent groans and rolls his eyes. Max says he isn’t ashamed of his job. If it was good enough for Shawn, then it is good enough for him. Trent doesn’t think he will mind if he asks Max to keep their relationship a secret, then.

EJ tells Sami that they will talk about this later, as he has to go tend to Johnny. Sami says that he is asleep. She asks if this is true and where John heard it. John shrugs, saying that that is what Nicole seems to think. Sami says it must be a lie, then thinks better of it, saying that she is so stupid. She demands to know how long John planned on keeping this from her. John says he just found it, and besides, it isn’t any of his business. Sami pouts, saying that she thought EJ had changed. John tells EJ that he cant wait to see how he handles this one. He and Ava leave. Sami hisses at EJ, wondering how long he was going to drag this out. EJ admits that he as going to drag it out as long as he could .Sami thinks that he would do anything to keep her and Lucas apart. EJ says that he was actually just trying to keep his family together. He just wants their son to have a normal childhood. Sami explodes. He lied to her, and besides, they were never really a family .EJ disagrees. Sami says that to be a couple, they would have to be in love. EJ agrees.

Roman tells Bo that they have to go slow with this. This guy wasn’t even convicted by a grand jury, so they need some hard evidence, and not just Chloe’s story. Roman tells Bo that they’re going to take a walk through Paul’s apartment, and see if they can come up with any evidence. Bo wants to get his luggage, too. With any luck, they’ll be able to link Paul to John Black. Roman nods. If Paul has really gone missing, then John will be a suspect in something far more serious than drug trafficking or arson. Roman takes a call and tells Bo that they got their warrant. Bo smiles, saying that he’s ready to go get some evidence.

Ava and John head into Rolf’s laboratory. Ava walks around and makes some Star Wars jokes. John tells her to stop and he freezes. He flashes back to Stefano torturing him and erasing his mind. John comes back to the present and waves the disc at Ava. He wants to put this thing in and see what happens.

Chelsea can’t believe that Max’s dad is Dean Robbins. She didn’t even know that Max would recognize him from that long ago. Chelsea asks what happened to his mom, and Stephanie explains that she died. Max is really going through a lot right now, and she wishes that he would let her help him. Chelsea thinks that Stephanie needs to give him some space and time to process all of this. Stephanie says that that isn’t a good idea. He has gotten into a lot of trouble lately, and she came over here to see if Bo and Hope could help her.

Max can’t believe Trent’s nerve. First he tried to say that he didn’t think Max was a bad guy, and now he doesn’t want anyone to know they’re related? Max says it’s too late anyway. People already know. His girlfriend, of course, and a few others. Trent accuses Max of trying to retaliate. Max scoffs. He doesn’t want people to know that he has a jerk like Trent for a father. He’s sorry to step on his toes, but if Trent has a problem with it, he can always pack up and hit the road.

Sami reminds EJ that she was just pretending to be in love with him to get immigration off of his back. She thought Johnny needed his father in his life, but maybe she should rethink that. EJ doesn’t think she means it, but Sami says she does mean it. For all she knows, that whole thing with Burke and immigration was another one of his stupid schemes. EJ admits that it was.

John tells Ava that he hopes the disc works this time. He loaded it into his computer last month, but it was encrypted. Ava asks what makes him think it will be different now. John thinks that if the disc came from this lab, then it will play down here, too. Ava tells him to stop, warning him that he could do irreparable damage.

Roman and Bo come back to the police station, cursing. Roman wishes they could have found something in their search. Another cop comes in, bringing Paul’s suitcase. Roman asks him to set it in the corner, and the guy leaves. Morgan comes in, asking if she can talk to Roman. She was hoping they had some leads on her father’s whereabouts. She spots the suitcase, and asks what her father’s luggage is doing there.

Ava tells John that he shouldn’t do this just because he is curious. It could be very dangerous. John leans back in his chair and flashes back to Stefano explaining that a whole man’s life could be downloaded to this disc. John sits up and gasps, saying that he remembers.

Sami asks if EJ orchestrated the whole fiasco with Immigration. EJ says he did. His visa did expire, but when the immigration department examined the circumstances of his birth, they offered him dual citizenship. He made Mr. Burke a generous offer, and he played along. Sami can’t believe he went that much trouble to keep them together. EJ says he did. Sami calls him a bastard.

Morgan demands to know what is going on and why they have her dad’s suitcase. Roman says the investigation is pending and that they can’t discuss it. Bo assures her that they are doing everything that they can to find him. Morgan hopes that they don’t believe Chloe, and again insists that John is the man they want. Roman asks her to go home and get some rest. They will be in touch. She begs them to find her father and leaves. Bo pities her. Roman sighs. He gets the feeling her father isn’t the man that she thinks he is. Bo hopes they can find out.

Trent tells Max that they could have settled things the day before. Max shrugs. If only he was low enough to take a bribe. Trent thinks Max has a lot to learn, but Max thinks it’s the other way round. Being happy is about having people that love you and care about you, not being the smartest guy in the room or having the most money. Max points out a picture of his pop, saying that he struggled sometimes, but he was happy. Everyone loved him ,and he always had a smile on his face. Trent gets that Shawn was great. What is Max’s point? Max wants Trent to stop treating him like he was the biggest mistake he ever made. He thought he came to make amends, anyway. Trent doesn’t see the point. He thinks Max is a pompous kid with a attitude. Coming here was a mistake. Max reminds him that he can spread dirt about him around to his colleagues. Trent asks if he threatening blackmail. Max says he might be. One word from him and his reputation as dean is history. Trent knows that Shawn was a respected member of the community. He wonders if Max inherited that reputation.

Sami says that she will never forgive EJ. He thinks that that is quite the double standard, considering the nasty things she has done, and how many people have forgiven her. Sami thinks that she has forgiven EJ enough times. Besides, Lucas is the one that taught her that the most important thing in a relationship is to be honest with one another. No matter what EJ says, he is the same manipulative jerk that he has always been. He thinks that Sami would have done the same thing if the tables were turned. She says that she is going to bed. EJ tries to apologize, but Sami tells him not to bother. She will never trust him again. EJ guesses she must know how Lucas feels then. Sami doesn’t understand. EJ reminds her that Lucas walked in on them making love. He must have some trust issues himself. Sami glares, snatches off her wedding ring, and chucks it at him.

Morgan shows up at Bo and Hope’s and greets Stephanie and Chelsea, saying she’s sorry for barging in like this. Stephanie says she has to go and tells Morgan that Chelsea will take care of her. She heads off. Morgan tells Chelsea that she just came from the police station. Chelsea asks if they found her dad. Morgan cries, saying that things don’t look good. She really doesn’t want to be alone right now. Chelsea hugs her.

Max calls Trent an abusive SOB. Trent warns him not spread any lies about him. Max tells him that he could trash his reputation if he wanted to, but he won’t. His pop taught him better than that. Trent snorts, saying he didn’t know that Max could be level-headed. Max says it’s his turn now. He pulls out the photograph of the girl, asking who she is.

Ava asks John what he remembers. He tells her that he remembers all of it. All he has to do is put this disc in and push play. Everything is on this disc. Ava isn’t so sure about this. Then he’ll become the old John, when he keeps saying he doesn’t want to be that person. Besides, what if this disc is not that disc? What if it fries his brain? John says that he has to do this. Ava thinks he needs to destroy it, because no good will come of it. He has to break it into a million little pieces. Only then can he be free.

EJ begs Sami not to do this. He knows that he was wrong, and she can do a lot, but not this. He knows that there is a part of her that wishes that they were married. Sami says that EJ is dreaming. EJ insists that she is lying to herself and asks that she admit it--that she wishes she were married to him. He begs her to tell the truth. They move closer and closer as if to kiss. Finally Sami breaks away, and cries that he knows that she has feelings for him. She runs away in tears. EJ asks her to wait.

Trent refuses to tell Max who the girl is. Max swears that this isn’t over. Trent urges him to get back to his mopping and earning minimum wage. Max glares. Stephanie comes in as Trent exits, and he tells her what a shame it is, seeing as how she is such a pretty girl. She could do a lot better. Stephanie rushes in and asks Max what happened and if he is ok. He tells he that things between him and that man aren’t over-- not by a long shot.

Bo sighs as they finish searching the suitcase. Roman says this doesn’t give them much, other than that the man liked designer clothes. Suddenly, Bo finds a letter. It’s addressed to Morgan.

Morgan thanks Chelsea for letting her stay over. Chelsea wonders what they could do. There’s acne infomercials on, or they could play cards or checkers. Morgan thinks that she is just going to go to bed. Chelsea asks if she is sure, and Morgan nods sadly .When she’s asleep, she doesn’t have to think about her dad. Chelsea thinks if anyone can find him, then it’s her father. Morgan sighs .That is what she is afraid of.

Ava asks John if Marlena is the reason he wants to see what is on the disc. John admits that that is part of it. Ava tells John that she likes the man that she has standing in front of her. He needs to leave the past where it belongs--in the past. If he goes back now, then they will never get to know each other, and she was really looking forward to that. John smiles and says he was, too. He puts the disc in a drawer and locks it. She smiles, “No looking back?” He smiles back, “Not tonight.” They kiss.


Nicole tells EJ, “You're smiling like something good happened, so do tell.” EJ replies, “You're probably the last person I want to tell about it.”

Chloe tells Phillip, “I just did it to try to help you, Phillip.” Phillip sighs, “Unfortunately, what you did only made things worse.”

Chelsea soothes Morgan, “There could be a perfectly logical explanation for that.” Morgan cries “He's never coming back.”

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