Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/27/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/27/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At Chez Rouge, Tony and Anna look over the menu at their table. Tony thinks they really worked up an appetite earlier. It beats the elliptical any day. Anna thinks they could have ordered in, but Tony wants to enjoy the beautiful night. Perhaps they could have an aperitif on the terrace. Anan laughs and says that this is the real world now. Tony thinks that’s boring. As far as he is concerned, hey are on their honeymoon--and always will be.

Nearby at the bar, Victor comes over to Phillip and takes him aside, practically spitting with anger. He thought Phillip was going to take care of things. Phillip says that everything is under control. Victor tells Phillip that Paul is missing. How are things under control when that man can finger Phillip for having cocaine put on John’s ships? Phillip says he has people on it. If Paul so much as makes a peep, Phillip will find out. Victor groans. He thinks Paul has probably already gone to the feds. Indictments could be piling up as they speak. Victor warns Phillip to contain this problem--now.

In a room at the hospital, Chelsea and Daniel finish their meal. Daniel thinks this is some first date. Chelsea says she is just happy to be with him. He says he feels the same way about her. He says it’s funny; usually he comes in and zeros in on work, but tonight he just wants to take her-- He breaks off and whispers the rest in her ear. Chelsea giggles and smiles.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena asks John if he even cares about his past or his future. John says he isn’t sure he wants to know about it. Marlena chides him for sending Rolf to bed before they could get him to access the disc. The bell rings, and John answers it to find Ava. She wanted to give him a little company, but she spots Marlena and says that she will leave, since he is busy. John stops her and tells her that he wants her to stay.

Tony toasts Anna, hoping that they can forever be newly-weds. Anna asks if he ever thought they could be this happy again. Tony thinks it’s a testament to their bond as a couple. He thinks there is only one thing that could make their happiness complete. Anna asks if it is a beachfront triplex in Bora-Bora. Tony said he was thinking more along the lines of her quitting her job at Lumberg advertising and coming to work for him.

Phillip swears that everything is under control and asks Victor to just trust him. Morgan walks in and Phillip glances over. They both smile at each other. Victor asks what the hell that was. Phillip doesn’t understand. Victor glares. He saw the way Morgan was looking at him. Phillip still doesn’t understand. Victor growls. The hell he doesn’t. Is he sleeping with Paul’s daughter?

Ava doesn’t think that this is the best time for a visit. Marlena agrees. She and John are having a discussion. John wants Ava to weigh in on things, saying that she is his friend and that he wants her opinion. Marlena says that’s fine, but she’s leaving. John stops her, saying he just wants to view the situation from different angles. Marlena is offended that he is involving a stranger. Ava offers to leave. Marlena is afraid of how dismissive John is of this whole thing. She flies in to a rage, saying that she doesn’t think John ever listens. He just does things his own way and to hell with the consequences.

Lexie comes downstairs, telling Abe that she had to read Theo a story three times to get him to go to sleep. Lexie is just glad to know that this is one of his moods, and that they didn’t do anything wrong. Lexie says she is heading up to bed, but Abe wants to talk. Lexie doesn’t know what else to say. Their little boy is autistic. They’ll just have to learn to live with it.

Chelsea and Daniel kiss. He breaks it off, and she asks if he normally kisses on first dates. He says that he does, but it has been a long time. It’s not like riding a bike. Besides, they’re in a tiny hospital room where the door doesn’t even lock. Chelsea thinks that’s a bummer. She asks if they have dessert. Daniel looks and doesn’t see any. He gets a page and says he has to go, but will be back soon. Chelsea promises to wait for him.

Tony tells Anna that he needs her--her creative energy, her fire, and her enthusiasm. Anna says no, but Tony asks her to at least think about it. She says she loves her job, and she doesn’t want to give it up. Tony says he has to go out onto the terrace and make a phone call and he just wants her to think about his proposal while he is gone. She says she has already given him an answer, but he refuses to accept it. Tony heads off. A man walks over and asks if she is Anna DiMera. She says she is, and he introduces himself as Reginald Lumberg, her boss. He says he talked to her receptionist, who said that she would be dining here. He says that he had to talk to her in person. Anna is shocked. Lumberg says that he is afraid that he has some bad news.

Phillip says that he is not sleeping with Morgan. He always thought it was a good idea to keep one’s friends close and one’s enemies closer. Victor says that phrase leaves a little to be desired when a woman is involved. Besides, Phillip thinks that if Paul resurfaces, that Morgan will be the first to know about it. Morgan heads over and Phillip introduces her to Victor. She says she got Phillip’s voicemail and wonders what’s going on.

John tells Marlena that she is right. He isn’t about to ask other people’s advice on the situation. He chuckles and say that he just likes messing with her. She says that he can mess with her anytime, but she doesn’t want him to mess with his own life. She wants him to take the disc seriously. Ava says she is going to come back another time. John tells her to stay. They’re finished talking. He thinks it is amazing that this little disc can cause so much of a commotion. Supposedly this little disc holds all the secrets to his past. Ava thinks he should do whatever Marlena is asking of him. Marlena thinks he should look into it. It could unlock the doors to his past. John nods. That is the question, isn’t it?

Phillip tells Morgan that he knows how worried she is about her dad. He just wanted to buy her a drink. Victor hopes she hears good news soon and they excuse themselves. Morgan asks Phillip what he really wants.

Anna hopes this isn’t about losing the Roberts internet account. Lumberg waves her off. He says he won’t bore her with the details, but he has been forced to close the agency. He wishes he could over her some sort of severance package, but he’s bankrupt. Anna gapes. She thought things were getting better. He tells her that she should collect her belongings as soon as possible. He says it was nice to finally meet her and takes off. Anna thanks him, dazed.

Abe grumps. Is she saying that they can never talk about this? Lexie doesn’t see the point of endless discussions. She’s going to make some calls in the morning and get started on some sort of plan. She’s going to look into treatments, therapies, and contact specialists. Abe says that isn’t what this is all about. Abe says it breaks his heart that Theo will never have the life they envisioned for him. Abe thinks he has the potential to grow and change and make his way in the world. He can still have a great future. Lexie sobs, saying that she wants to believe that.

Tony comes back and asks Anna if she is ready to order. She says she is, and that she has also thought about his proposal. She’s going to accept. Tony is aghast. She was so adamant before. Anna frowns. She said she’d accept, and she’d like to leave it at that. Anna says there is only one condition--that she work with him and not for him.

Phillip wonders why Morgan is so suspicious. She reminds him that he has a girlfriend that just divorced his nephew. It’s weird. Phillip agrees. She asks again why he called her. Phillip says it isn’t a romantic gesture. Morgan asks if it’s not personal, then is it about business?

Ava thinks John should look into the disc, but he says that he isn’t interested. Marlena says that she has had enough. John says he’s just being honest. Marlena hopes he comes to his senses, because the man he was is the only man worth being. She huffs off. John apologizes to Ava for having to see that. Ava laughs. She’s not worried until the knives start flying. John sighs. Marlena wants him to be the man he used to be. He is sick of hearing about it. Ava says she isn’t so sure she wants him to be that man. John likes the way she thinks.

Daniel comes back and asks if everything is ok. Daniel is nonchalant. The patient coded, but they were able to save them. He asks where they were, and Chelsea says they were talking about the socio-political impact of universal healthcare in third-world countries. Daniel laughs. He’s not much for causal conversation. She says she has a surprise for him. She pulls out some green jell-o. The patient next door left it on a tray getting ready to be taken away. Daniel promises not to tell on her, but says he wants another kind of dessert. He moves in for a kiss.

Tony wonders what changed Anna’s mind. She says that she realizes that he was right. They will make a great team. She just lost perspective. Her being threatened didn’t make sense. Her ego isn’t that fragile. She thanks him for being so supportive and for treating her like an equal. Anna says she has to go freshen up, but they’ll talk about their new partnership when she gets back. After she leaves, Lumberg comes up and introduces himself. He tells Tony that Anna is very resourceful. He is sure that she will land on her feet. Hew knows she was thrown by the news. Tony frowns. She was thrown by what?

Marlena comes into the bar at Chez Rouge and orders a white wine. Victor comes over and greets her, but she says that she isn’t in the mood for company. He apologizes, but he had to come say something. She’s clearly very distressed. Marlena sighs and says that that is why she would like to be alone. Victor asks if this is about John.

John tells Ava that he is damn tired of hearing about the old John. That poor son of a bitch; he’s like some sad shadow. John tells Ava that he knows what he wants. She asks what that might be. He moves in for a kiss.

Lexie sobs. Abe soothes her, telling her that they will get through this together. Lexie prayed that he would be alright. Abe says that Theo will be fine. They just have to fight. Lexie talks of the challenges he will face, but Abe thinks everything will be fine. He has Lexie as a mother, and she is great at it. Lexie cries, saying that everything in his life will be a struggle. Everything they take for granted, he will have to fight for. She thinks they will just have to love him. Abe thinks he loves them, too. They agree that that is a good place to start. They hold each other.

Lumberg tells Tony about his bankruptcy and admits that the agency was just a hobby for him. Tony says it was much more for Anna. Lumberg agrees. She is highly ambitious, which is why he knows she’ll fund a job soon. He says he has to go, and Tony wishes him luck. Lumberg leaves. Anna comes back, asking why Tony is so serious. He quotes Oscar Wilde. She quotes Twain, saying that if he’s honest, he’ll never have to remember anything. He says he wants to have a chat about her sudden decision to come work for him.

Phillip tells Morgan that he wants to be her friend. She asks if that he why he kissed her on the pier the other night. Phillip admits that he is attracted to her. How could he not be? Morgan knows that he is also attracted to finding answers. She knows he wants to find her father. Is that what this is all about?

Victor tells Marlena that he has no ulcerous motive. He just wanted to check on her. He wouldn’t be disingenuous with his own psychiatrist. Marlena apologizes, saying that she was less than gracious. Victor asks her to let him know if he can do anything. She doesn’t think that he can help her, but Phillip might be able to.

Ava and John kiss. She breaks off, saying that this feels right. Does he think she is crazy for saying that? John is distracted, and doesn’t hear her. Ava asks if it is Marlena. Does she have a key? John says she does. Ava understands why he is tense. John says he just cant get his mind off of that disc. He still hasn’t made up his mind what he is going to do. Ava thinks he is doing alright. In fact, she thinks that he should destroy the disc.

Daniel asks Chelsea if she feels like dancing. She says they don’t have music. Daniel says he never goes anywhere without his mp3 player. Chelsea smiles and calls him DJ Dan. They dance.

Anna wonders what there is to talk about. She accepted the offer, and she thought he was thrilled. The lights suddenly flicker. Tony wonders what’s going on. Anna explains again that she is excited to accept her offer. Tony apologizes for pressing the issue. He doesn’t care how they got there, all that is important is that they did. His beautiful wife will be working by his side. He proposes one last toast to their relationship--in the business world as well as the personal one.

Morgan thinks Phillip must have called her because he wants information on her father. Phillip sighs. He isn’t going to deny that Paul is an integral part of this whole turf war, but honestly, he called her because he hates to see her so upset. He wanted to cheer her up. Phillip just wants to be a nice guy. Morgan isn’t so sure. Phillip asks if he can give her a ride home, and Morgan accepts.

John isn’t sure that he wants to destroy the disc. What would be the point? Ava suggests he just throw it in the bottom of a drawer and forget about it. John doesn’t thinks so. If you face your fears, it only makes you stronger. Ava thinks there might be some hardware in the basement compatible with the disc. John thanks her and say he will take it from here. Ava tells him to wait .She wants to come with him.


Chelsea asks Stephanie, “You okay?” Stephanie replies, “Not really.” Chelsea sighs, “Let me guess -- Max, right?”

EJ begs Sami, “Please, just be honest with yourself, just for a moment.”

Ava tells John “You need to leave the past where it belongs --in the past.”

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