Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/26/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/26/08


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At Chez Rouge, Chelsea and Daniel sit at the bar and toss back sodas. Daniel explains that he is on call tonight. Chelsea reminds him he’s told her that three times already. He sighs and says it’s weird that things are so awkward between them since they already know each other. Chelsea doesn’t think anything could be more awkward than the time they first met and she wiped her hand on his pants. They argue about whether or not Daniel gave her his handkerchief or if she stole it. Daniel toasts her with a Hawaiian phrase, “Ho'omaka hou.” He says it means new beginnings. He’s glad she’s here. Chelsea is too. She’s kind of sorry her mom and dad had to leave so soon. It seems that Ciara got sick. On the other hand, she’s glad they’re gone. Daniel asks if her dad looking over her shoulder all night made her nervous. She sighs and explains that she knows her dad likes Daniel, but he is still hung up on the age thing. Daniel shrugs. He doesn’t really care. Chelsea says she doesn’t either. Daniel thinks that’s really hot. He also thinks her smile is beautiful. He wonders what the chances are that he can make her smile like that everyday.

Nearby, Nicole sits with Trent and orders another drink. Trent warns her not to get drunk. Nicole snorts, saying he used to like it. Trent admits that they did have their fun. Nicole says their relationship was a sham. She was just his sex toy. Trent thinks they were good together and asks if they can start over. Nicole huffs. How about they don’t?

At the pub, Morgan shrieks that Chloe is lying. Her father was not at the pier that night, and he certainly didn’t reek of gasoline. Phillip asks her to calm down. Morgan refuses. Chloe is lying, and she knows why.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena tells John that this disc is the key to their future. John thinks it’s stolen property. Marlena huffs, saying that that isn’t important. This disc contains all of the memories he had. Rolf steps in, saying that this is crazy. You can’t erase a man’s memories and put them on a disc. Marlena says she knows Rolf did this. Now he needs to undo it. Lucas listens outside the door. Marlena says that she thinks Rolf did this on Stefano’s orders. Rolf says it’s impossible. Marlena says great progress in brain mapping has been made in Alzheimer’s research. Lucas comes in, asking if the disc has a map of John’s brain on it. Marlena asks how long he has been listening. Lucas says long enough to know that John has been too quiet about all of this. John says he is just weighing his options. Marlena tells Lucas that the disc is encrypted, but a very reliable source told her there are brain wave patterns encoded on it. Lucas asks how they know they’re John’s. Marlena says that’s why she needs Rolf’s help. Lucas wonders if her source set her up. Marlena doesn’t think so. She thinks Rolf knows all about this. Rolf wonders how she got the disc. John wonders that, too. Or has she had it all along?

Roman asks Morgan why Chloe would lie. Morgan thinks that she is obviously covering for someone, but she doesn’t know who. Roman asks Phillip if he has any ideas. Phillip gets defensive, asking if Roman really thinks he is capable of arson. Max wonders who could have done it if it wasn’t Paul or Phillip. Morgan suggests John Black. Kayla reminds them all that John is claiming he was set up. Phillip says that John started this war. Morgan doesn’t think he would torch his own stuff, though. Roman tells her they have an eyewitness that is saying the contrary. Morgan insists that she is lying. Chloe says she’s not. She saw Paul the night of the fire.

Daniel thinks Chelsea is lucky to have such a cool, caring family. Chelsea agrees that she is, but her grandmother Kate can be a bit overprotective. Daniel chuckles and agrees. Chelsea says she wants to talk about something else-- “us.”

Nicole wonders what Trent is up to. He just wants to have some fun, but Nicole says she is having trouble letting her guard down. He practically called her a stinking drunk. Trent apologizes, saying that as the head of the physics department, he can’t let his date get tanked. Nicole says it’s no big deal. She got booted out of here a few weeks ago. Trent warns her not to do so tonight. She asks if he is afraid she’ll get tanked and blurt out a secret from his dark and murky past.

John asks where Marlena got the disc. She flashes back to Phillip giving it to her, and her promising that she won’t tell anyone that he did so. Marlena tells John that she promised to keep her source confidential. John can’t believe she is protecting a thief and criminal. Marlena says that the source isn’t important. If the person is right, and this disc contains his memories, then they have the obligation to investigate it. John slyly asks why Phillip should care about him. Marlena says she never said Phillip gave it to her. John thinks she must be protecting the enemy. He thought she was on his side. She says this isn’t a game. This disc could be the key to unlocking his memory and giving them a future.

Morgan thinks John is bad news, and Phillip agrees that he is the one that the police should be looking at. Chloe says she is telling the truth. Paul was acting suspiciously, and reeked of gasoline. Roman asks if she will sign an affidavit to that effect, and she says yes. Morgan wonders what gives her the right to make these false allegations. Roman wants to talk to Chloe in private and takes her aside. Roman asks her if she is positive about what she saw and she says she is. Roman asks her to start over from the beginning.

Daniel tells Chelsea to hold on. He says that there is no “us” at this point. Chelsea sulks and wonders why they are out on a date then. He says they are just exploring the possibilities and getting to know each other. Chelsea brightens. She gets it. They’re trying to see if there could eventually be an “us.” Daniel smiles and nods, saying it’s something like that.

Trent tells Nicole that he has nothing to hide, and she brings up Max. Trent tells her that Max knows about him. Nicole laughs, asking if Max spit on him. Trent insists that he cares about Max and her. She scoffs, but he says that he is serious. Meeting her again was one the best things that’s happened to him. She says meeting him nearly ruined her life. He reminds her that he saved her. He took her in after her father forced her to do porn. Her life was a disaster. If it weren’t for him, she would probably be dead.

Chelsea and Daniel look over the menu and discuss dinner. Suddenly, Daniel gets a page. He says he is sorry, but he has to get back to the hospital. Chelsea shrugs, saying she’ll take a rain check. Daniel has an idea. He wants her to come with him. That way their date won’t have to end. She follows him out the door.

Max tells Stephanie that he is going to see his father no matter what she says. He has a lot of questions that need answering. Stephanie thinks that he should hold off until he isn’t so angry. Max can’t believe her. His father is the one that came into town and turned his life upside down. His father is the one posing as an upstanding citizen and scholar. He’s a phony, and Max is going to tell everyone that Trent is a ruthless, heartless bastard. Steve interrupts, saying that Max needs to calm down. If he does that, he’ll be making a big mistake.

Roman asks Chloe some questions, and she tells him that she recognized Paul from his picture in the papers. She said hello, and he asked if he had ever seen her before. She said no, and then left. She noticed the smell of gas right away. It was overwhelming. Morgan storms over and says that Chloe is lying. She is trying to get back at Morgan because she caught her kissing Phillip. Roman asks if that is true. Chloe says this has nothing to do with Morgan. Phillip intervenes, and Roman asks Morgan to leave. Morgan yells that they need to be questioning John Black as Phillip tries to get her to leave. She does so finally, threatening to find John herself. Roman asks Chloe for a description of Paul. What was he wearing when she saw him? Chloe gulps.

Lucas offers John help, as he has been doing research in computer security. John thanks him, but says he can handle things from here. Rolf tells Marlena that he has no experience with computer technology. Marlena thinks there must be something in his lab that will help them access the information. Rolf says she is setting herself up for a big disappointment. Everything in his lab is medical in nature. Rolf knows that accessing some data will not bring her husband back to her. It’s impossible. John tells Marlena that no one is touching the disc until she reveals her source. Marlena refuses. She gave her word, and nothing he says will make her break it.

Daniel brings Chelsea to an empty patient room, telling her that she’ll be more comfortable here than down in emergency. It can get pretty crazy. She says she will be ok, and Daniel says he has to go, but promises to be back soon. Before he goes, he asks her how it is dating a doctor so far. She says it isn’t dull. He chuckles, saying it’s never dull and heads off.

Max sulks. He thought Steve understood, because his father was a heartless SOB, too. Steve says he knew his father well, but Max doesn’t really know his. Max says he knows that Trent abandoned his mother with a baby. Steve still wants Max to make sure he really knows Trent is the monster he thinks he is before he goes off on him. Max knows he is a monster. Kayla thinks he needs to be careful before he does something he regrets. Children have away of distorting memories.

Chloe wonders what difference it makes what Paul was wearing. Roman says they need as much information as they can get. Chloe says she can’t remember right now, and asks to get some water. Roman says it’s alright, and she heads over to the bar. She texts Lucas. Roman gets in the phone and puts out an APB on Paul Hollingsworth.

Marlena huffs. They finally have the disc. Isn’t John the least little bit curious to know what’s on it? John shrugs. He guesses that he is mildly curious. Marlena says she wants to know, so she wants him to force Rolf to access the data on the disc. Rolf says he can’t do it. John says he isn’t sure he wants to know what’s on it, even if Rolf could get to it. Lucas’ phone beeps and he walks off. He reads Chloe’s text and curses, saying he can’t remember what the guy was wearing. John wonders if all of this is a trick. What if this is just another weird brain manipulation? Maybe he’ll end up more screwed up than he already is. Marlena says she hadn’t thought of that. John says he’s not taking the risk.

Roman asks Chloe for more details about the time she saw Paul and clothing Paul was wearing. She says it was dark. Roman sighs if she is positive that this was Paul, then she mist have seen what he was wearing. Chloe says she thinks it was a dress shirt, but she can’t remember the color. Chloe’s phone beeps. Roman asks if she is expecting a message.

Max says he has all the proof he needs that his father is scum. He threw him in a foster home and never looked back. Kayla understands that Max is hurt. Max rages, saying that he is angry, not hurt. Kayla says that many years have passed. Perhaps his father has changed. Max says no. He has spent enough time with him recently to know that much.

Trent insists that he turned Nicole’s life around. Nicole says it isn’t true. She pulled her own life together and got a degree. He used her just like her father did. He used her as his “it” girl whenever he needed a warm body to have sex with. Then he dumped her like garbage. Nicole cries. He left her feeling as worthless and empty as her father did. It hurt so badly that she didn’t care if she lived or died.

Someone knocks on the door of the room as Chelsea lounges on the bed. A man wheels in a cart, and Chelsea tells him that he has the wrong room. She’s waiting on a doctor. He tells her everything on the cart is for her and heads off. Chelsea gapes.

Trent rolls his eyes. He can’t believe that Nicole is serious. She cries. She had plans and dreams for them. She thought that he loved her. She fell for his lies, and then he took off and left her with no money or job. Trent tells her that they’re all responsible for their own destiny. Nicole thinks that is profound and wonders who he stole it from. Trent is disappointed in her. She is nothing but a sniveling, whining, little ingrate who loves feeling sorry for herself.

Chloe tells Roman that it is her attorney calling, and that she’ll call him back later. Roman tells Chloe that she will have to come down to the station and walks off to take a call. Chloe reads the message Lucas sent her and smiles gratefully. When Roman returns, Chloe tells him that she remembers what Paul was wearing. It was a gray suit, his dress shirt had stripes, and he wasn’t wearing a tie. Chloe asks Roman what will happen to Paul if he’s found guilty. Roman says he will go to jail unless he can cut a deal. Chloe thinks that Paul did this to get back at John Black .She doesn’t think either John or Philip would be reckless enough or dangerous enough to set fire to a warehouse.

Lucas wonders if Chloe got his text message.

Daniel comes in and tells Chelsea not to touch the covered dishes. He removes the lids, and tells her that dinner is courtesy of Chez Rouge. He puts a lei around her neck and she wonders how he did all of this. He tells her that he has to stay at the hospital until one of his patients is out of surgery. He wanted them to have dinner, so he figured they could have it here. Chelsea say everything is perfect. He tells her not to peek at her dinner yet. He leans over an kisses her, thanking her for being her.

Max fumes, telling them that his father is of-limits. He is going to deal with him whenever and however he chooses. He says he’s out of there and storms off. Kayla tries to stop him, but he leaves.

Morgan tells Phillip that everything is out of control. Her father is missing, and her mother doesn’t even care. Phillip thinks her father is probably just laying low. He thinks he will turn up soon. If it turns out that John is behind all of this, Phillip promises to make him pay. Morgan thanks him, saying that that means a lot. She kisses him.

Nicole tells Trent that she isn’t feeling sorry for herself. She learned her lesson with him, and now she knows not to trust people. She thinks he is a cruel selfish bastard that will do anything to get to the top. She tells him this whole Mr. nice guy routine isn’t going to work on her. She knows who he is and what he is capable of. Trent says he is on top now, and there’s nothing anyone can say to change that. Nicole smiles, asking if he’d like to bet on it. Trent smiles. She’ll keep her mouth shut. Because if she doesn’t, her own dirty little secret will get out, and she has a hell of a lot more to lose than he does.

Marlena agrees with John that since Stefano is behind all of this, there could be a risk. John wants the disc so that he can get rid of it. Marlena doesn’t want to give up. She just think that they need to be cautious. She thinks that this disc is a sign that they are on the right track and that they will get the information they want. John demands to know the name of her source first. Marlena says she can only say that they are trustworthy. She wants John to have Rolf access the information. She knows Stefano is involved in this. Rolf says that he can’t speak for Stefano. John chuckles, saying Stefano can’t even speak for himself. Rolf swears he had nothing to do wit this. Marlena knows of a way that they can get the information on the disc right away.


Anna asks Tony, “What could make our happiness complete?” Tony replies, “If you would quit your job at Lumberg Advertising and come and work for me.”

Victor hisses at Phillip, “Morgan Hollingsworth?” Phillip asks, “What?” Victor: glares, “Are you sleeping with Paul's daughter?”

John asks, “It's amazing -- isn't it? -- How one little disk can cause all this commotion.”

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