Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/25/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/25/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Bo and Hope show up at Chez Rouge. Hope wonders why they are there, and Bo tells her it’s a surprise. He tells her that she will have to wait until the time is right to see what it is. Hope thinks he must have gotten a lead. She starts talking about the fire and John and Phillip, but Bo puts a stop to it. He doesn’t want to discuss any police work tonight. Tonight is only about the two of them, and he isn’t going to let anyone or anything spoil that. Daniel comes in and over to their table. Bo wonders if he is there for a hot date. Hope sweats.

At the pub, Stephanie and Caroline talk about Max. Caroline tells Stephanie that Max finally confided in her about his birth father, but she thinks there’s something else going on, and Max won’t say what it is. Stephanie asks where Max is, and Caroline tells her that he has been up in his room for hours. Chelsea flies in with her arms full of shopping bags. She explains that she was supposed to meet Daniel five minutes ago, but she can’t decide what to wear of the several outfits she purchased earlier. She needs Stephanie’s help.

Back at the restaurant, Trent and Nicole share dinner as a waiter pours them wine. Trent thanks Nicole for having dinner with him, but she grumbles, saying she had no choice, and would rather not be here. Trent ignores her and proposes a toast to the past and whatever the future might bring. Nicole isn’t interested in toasting to anything with him, but since it involves alcohol, she complies.

Stephanie and Chelsea head up to Max’s room and start pounding on the door. He lets them in, and Chelsea heads into the bathroom to change. Stephanie immediately starts in on Max about his dad and the problems he has been having. Max is reticent about the issue, per usual and tells Stephanie he’s leaving. She wants to know where he is going, of course, and he tells her that he’s off to see his father. He’s going to have it out with him once and for all.

Roman, Steve, and Kayla all sit at the bar at the pub. Steve and Kayla fill Roman in on how well Joe has been doing lately. Roman in turn, fills them in on the mess down at the docks with the drugs, arson, and John and Phillip’s suspected involvement.

At Lexie and Abe’s, Marlena soothes Lexie as she cries. Marlena says she is sorry as Lexie wails about all the dreams she had for Theo. Abe is heartbroken, head hanging. He says that everything has changed because of one word. Lexie chokes up. She says that one word is autism.

In Phillip’s bedroom at the mansion, Chloe gets out of bed and hastens to put her clothes on. He begs her to stay, wanting to bask in the afterglow, but she says she is busy and has something to do. Phillip tells her to put if off. She says she can’t, as she is doing something to help him. Phillip asks what it is.

Abe sighs, wishing he could just go back to yesterday, when things were different and they still had hope. Lexie tells him that there isn’t any difference as far as Theo is concerned. Now they just understand what the problem is. She thinks Abe has to admit that he should be talking by now, and he isn’t. His vocabulary is about five words. It should be close to ten times that. Abe still isn’t sure that Theo is autistic. Lexie tells him they have to stop living in denial. Abe counters, saying that they’re damning Theo with a label. Marlena interject, saying that she might be able to help them both.

Bo chuckles, asking Daniel who his date is. Knowing him, Bo bets it is some hot babe. Daniel stammers. A waiter comes over, ready to take Bo and Hope to their table. They head off. Daniel tries to call Chelsea, but her phone goes to voicemail. Hope sees Nicole with Trent and points them out to Bo.

Meanwhile, Nicole spots Bo and Hope and tells Trent that they are detectives. She gives him a sly glance. Trent says he already knows all about Bo. He came and investigated the break-in at Trent’s hotel room. His daughter dates one of his best student, who just got a grant for alternative fuel research. Nicole is surprised that Trent hasn’t stolen his ideas, knowing the kind of guy he is.

Stephanie doesn’t think that Max should confront his dad. Max tells her not to worry, saying that he can handle himself. Stephanie asks if she can at least go with him, but Max flatly refuses. Chelsea rushes out of the bathroom dressed, thanks Max and heads off. Max promises Stephanie that he will call her and fill her in on everything when he gets home. He just needs to handle this on his own. Stephanie thinks he wasting his time trying to talk to Trent.

Chloe promises to tell Phillip what she is up to, but she needs to speak to Roman first. Phillip perks up, practically demanding to know what is going on. Chloe assures him that she would never do anything to hurt him, as she cares about him. To prove it, she tells Phillip that he can come with her to speak with Roman. Phillip jumps out of bed and heads off to bring the car around. Chloe takes out her phone and calls Lucas, telling him she’s about to do what he asked. Lucas thanks her profusely, saying he wished he could do it himself. He wishes her luck and hangs up. John walks in just then, asking what eh was talking about. Lucas sweats.

Downstairs at the bar, Stephanie presses Max for more information about why he is going to see his father. He sighs and tells her that he has to go, but will talk to her about all of it later.

Nicole wonders why Trent can’t just leave her alone and let the past be. He says that he wants to make amends with her and that he is a changed man. He cryptically adds that no one knows their secret, and no one will ever know. Nicole doesn’t want any part of it, and she doesn’t want to see him.

Hope asks Bo what’s going on with the dinner and romance tonight. He grins at her slyly.

Chelsea arrives at the restaurant for her date.

Roman tells Steve and Kayla that he will come see the baby soon, and is glad to hear that he is doing well. He promises to come see him as soon as he crack the arson case. He leaves, and Steve heads over to Max and Stephanie, wanting to talk.

Chelsea greets Daniel at the bar and they exchange compliments. She spots her parents across the room and sighs, saying that this could be a problem.

Lexie and Abe hold hands. She thanks Marlena, but she thinks they need to work through this themselves. Marlena isn’t so sure. She had a baby that died of SIDS, and she and Don weren’t able to work through the grief. In the end, it destroyed their marriage. Marlena doesn’t want to see that happen to Lexie and Abe. Lexie cries. If Theo were physically ill, she could help him. But this--she can’t think of what to do.

Steve tells Stephanie that he wants to have a word with Max alone. Stephanie heads over to where Kayla and Roman are sitting as Morgan rushes in, panicked. She tells Roman that her father is missing.

Lexie apologizes for crying so much, but Marlena understands. She tells her that there are support groups for parents in their situation. She thinks they should both look into it, as well as therapy if necessary. Of course, she will be there for them in any way if they ever need it. Lexie thanks her, and Marlena leaves.

Trent tells Nicole that she has nothing to worry about as far as their secret goes. A student comes up and tells Trent how much he enjoyed his book and how revolutionary it is. Trent thanks him and introduces Nicole to him as Sam. Sam heads off and Trent grins. He tells Nicole that he is becoming quite the celebrity around this town. Nicole thinks he is enjoying it. She is surprised that he introduced her to one of his students. There was a time when he never would have considered it.

Bo says that they have been busy lately, and he wanted to take a night just for them. Besides, they have been through a lot lately. He nearly died, and she was kidnapped by that psycho Ava. They could have easily lost one another, but they didn’t. He doesn’t want them to ever ignore their relationship because of stress and their jobs.

Chelsea thinks she should confront her dad and Hope head-on. She is an adult, and she has nothing to worry about or hide. Daniel asks her if she is really ready for this.

Roman asks Morgan what’s going on, and she tells him that her dad left town, fearing for his life. She hasn’t spoken to him in days, and now his phone goes straight to voicemail. She has left dozens of messages, but he hasn’t called her back. Roman tells her that she needs to wait twenty-four hours before filing a police report, but Morgan doesn’t want to. She knows something terrible has happened to her Daddy.

Steve tells Max that they need to have a man to man talk abut hwat has been going on lately. Max sighs and admits that he was wrong. He;s been hiding something. Steve asks if he means the fact that he’s brainy. Max nods. He tells Steve that the reason he hid it is because he didn’t want to be like his father.

Lucas tells John that this may be his house, but he shouldn’t spy on people’s hone calls. John agrees, and Lucas admits that he was just on the phone trying to make something right. The doorbell rings before John can reply. Marlena comes in and asks to speak with John alone. Lucas leaves and Rolf starts to head out, but Marlena asks him to stay. John asks what this is all about Marlena says this is about getting her husband back.

Trent perks up, saying that his and Nicole’s song is playing. Nicole says they didn’t have one. Trent thought they did, but he wants to dance anyway. Nicole declines. Trent threatens her, saying that she better be nice to him or else. She agrees to dance.

Chelsea tells Daniel that she explained everything to Hope, but her dad doesn’t know yet. Hope was less liable to freak out, so Chelsea confided in her. Daniel thinks that Chelsea was right. They’re two adults. They aren’t doing anything wrong. They agree that they shouldn’t feel like they have to hide and head over to Bo and Hope’s table.

John chuckles and says he is surprised, since Marlena was asking for a divorce the day before. Marlena pulls the disc Phillip gave her out of her purse, saying that she doesn’t want him back. She wants her husband back. Rolf practically has a stroke.

Chloe comes into the pub with Phillip and announces to Roman that she has something to tell him about Paul Hollingsworth. She says she saw him down at the pier the night of the arson. Roman asks her to start at the beginning.

Max confides in Steve, telling him that his biological father, Trent, is back in town. He’s as low as low can be, and he’s making Max’s life a living hell. Steve sympathizes, reminding Max that his own father, Duke, did the same thing--coming back to town after he was grown. He was a son of a bitch if there ever was one. Max promises Steve that he would never hurt Stephanie, no matter what is going on in his personal life. He loves her too much. Steve tells Max that he ought to open up to her It certainly wouldn’t hurt anything. He tells Max that if he ever needs to talk to him or Kayla, they’re there for him anytime.

Trent dances with Nicole and reminisces about old times. When he came back to Salem, he never thought his past would catch up with him in the form of Nicole. In fact, he thought it would be his son. Nicole gapes.

Bo gapes in horror as Chelsea and Daniel approach, and it dawns on him that they’re on a date. Hope says she is really glad to see them. Bo gapes. Hope swiftly kicks him under the table. He stifles a groan and apologizes. He didn’t expect this, since Daniel is so much older than Chelsea. Hope chides him. Bo corrects himself, admitting that Daniel does seem rather youthful for his age. Chelsea and Daniel head off to their own table, and Hope tells Bo that he was kind of rude. Bo grumps. He doesn’t care and says he thinks Daniel needs to be with someone more like himself--a globe-trotting, bohemian commitment-phone surfer. Hope smiles.

Chelsea assures Daniel that her dad will get over them dating eventually. He tells her she has and incredible smile, and she returns the compliment.

Nicole didn’t know Trent had a son. Trent nods, and tells her that his name is Max Brady.

Chloe explains to Roman that she ran into Paul while she was down at the pier clearing her head. He reeked of gasoline. She didn’t thin anything of it until she heard about the arson.

Lucas creeps up to the door at the mansion and listens in as Marlena tells John and Rolf that the disc in her hand is the key to unlocking John’s past.


Nicole yells Trent, "You're just afraid that I might blurt out some incriminating scenario from your dark, murky past."

Daniel asks Chelsea, "What are the chances that I could make you smile just like that every day?"

Marlena tells Rolf, "I know you did this, Rolf. And now, I want you to undo it."

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