Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/24/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/24/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas fiddles with his ankle monitor, trying to put it back on. Chloe urges him to hurry before someone sees them. Lucas tells her that he isn’t sure that she should talk to the police about Paul. He’s not comfortable having her lie to the police. Besides, if Paul were arrested, she would have to testify, and thusly commit perjury. Chloe says she is more than willing to do anything hat will clear Phillip’s name. Sami walks in as Lucas fastens the ankle bracelet. She wonders what Chloe is doing here. Lucas says they are just friends, but Sami is suspicious of Chloe’s motives. After what happened to Brady, it’s pretty clear that Chloe doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

Yvonne meets Phillip at the Kiriakis mansion to tell him that she wasn’t able to decrypt the disc he gave her. All she can tell is that it looks like the disc recorded dormant brain waves. Phillip thanks her for the attempt, pays her, and wishes her a safe trip back to Hong Kong. After she leaves, Phillip calls Marlena. He tells her that he has some information about John that she might be interested in.

Chloe coldly tells Sami that what they’re discussing is none of her business. Sami flies into a rage. John comes in, asking why there’s so much noise in his house. He’s used to all the commotion between Sami and Lucas around, but he wants to know what Phillip’s girlfriend is doing here. She’s not welcome.

Ava and Nicole show up at the gym. Nicole remarks on the sad selection of men there. Ava sighs. She thought Nicole said this place was full of man candy. Where is it? Nicole isn’t sure. Just then, she spies EJ and waves, telling Ava that the day isn’t a total loss after all.

At the pub, Caroline heads up to Max’s room, telling him that she wants to finish their discussion about his father. She asks how long he has knows about him, and Max tells her that he just moved back to Salem. He has a job now, and it looks as if he might stick around. Caroline wonders why he didn’t come to her sooner. He says that he met his father, but he was a jerk. He didn’t know that Max lived in town, and he didn’t even care to see him. That’s fine with Max. He doesn’t want to have anything to do with his father—ever. Caroline thinks that that is a big mistake.

John asks Chloe is Phillip sent her to spy on him. Chloe fumes. She thinks John would feel differently if he knew what they were talking about. John asks what that might be. Chloe almost spills the beans, but Lucas interrupts her, saying that he and Chloe are friends, and they were just shooting the breeze.

Ava asks Nicole if anything is going on between her and EJ. Nicole denies it, admitting that they made out pretty heavily, but se stopped things before they went too far. She thinks EJ was just interested in a one night stand. Ava can’t believe that Nicole had a problem with that. Nicole sighs. She doesn’t want everything to be about sex all the time.

John tells Lucas that this is his house, and he makes the rules. Chloe has to go, and Lucas will too, if he ever invites her back over here again. Sami whines. Lucas can’t go. She needs him. John tells her that the bickering will have to stop. He thinks she needs to relax, and assures her that he is on her side. Sami doesn’t buy it. If he were on her side, he would have insisted that EJ leave. John reminds her that EJ is family. Lucas is not. They need to make nice, or he has to go. It’s that simple.

Nicole tells Ava that EJ is just a typical man. He’s waiting on the commission from her divorce, and then she’ll never see him again. She just wants someone to love her for who she is—not what she can provide them. Ava thinks EJ is interested. She can see that he is trying to check Nicole out. He’s definitely attracted, but he’s just trying to hide it.

Sami protests. John cuts her off, and asks her if she will go with him to get a little snack. Sami is confused, but agrees. John hauls her off by the elbow, telling Lucas to get Chloe out of here before he comes back. Chloe turns to Lucas after they leave, asking why he didn’t tell them the truth about why she is here.

Marlena shows up at Victor’s mansion to meet Phillip. She seems reluctant, and tells Phillip that she probably shouldn’t be here. Phillip says he will only take a moment of her time, and it’s important. He explains that he recently came into possession of a disc. He thinks it may help John regain his old memories. In fact, with this disc, they may be able to get the old John back.

At their place, Abe and Lexie talk about the three days of testing that Theo has undergone. Lexie sobs, saying it is too painful to talk about. Abe thinks that Theo is fine, but Lexie disagrees. He lines up his toys perfectly—but never plays with them. She knows that something is seriously wrong. Abe thinks that Theo is too young to make a diagnosis.

Sami and John show up at the health club, and Sami immediately spots Nicole, saying that she has lost her appetite. Meanwhile, Ave suggests to Nicole that John join them for a drink. She heads over to speak with him, and he says he’s here with his soon-to-be ex-daughter-in-law. Sami gapes. Does that mean that he and Marlena are getting a divorce?

John says it was her mother’s idea, not his. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want one. Sami huffs off. Ava asks John if he meant what he said. He seems confused, saying that he always means what he says. Ava invites him over for a drink and John agrees.

Sami heads over to EJ, asking why he is being so selfish. EJ thinks she is the selfish one. After all, she’s trying to force him to leave his family home. Sami huffs and puffs. She tries another tactic, reminding EJ that he and Lucas hate one another. Why would he even want to stay? EJ laughs. He tells her that it was a nice try, but he’s staying. She stomps off.

Chloe wonders if Lucas is having second thoughts about her telling the police about Paul. Lucas says he is. He doesn’t want her to get into trouble. Perhaps he shouldn’t have dragged her into this. Chloe tells him that they have to do this for Phillip. She doesn’t have a choice. Lucas warns her that the police have to be convinced that she was the one that saw Hollingsworth on the pier that night.

Caroline tells Max that God has given him a gift. He needs to embrace that gift, and figure out who he wants to be and where he wants to go in life. Max says he has figured out one thing. He hates his father, and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. He hates what he has learned about him. Caroline asks what he found out about his dad.

Phillip explains that the disc appears to have random brain waves encrypted on it.

Marlena asks how he got it, but Phillip won’t say. He wanted to give it to John himself, but he knows that he would be suspicious. He’s hoping Marlena will help him with this, since neither of them cares for the new John. Marlena says she will have to call Roman, since the disc was stolen from the mansion. Phillip warns her not to get the cops involved. Marlena asks him if Rolf gave it to him. Phillip hems and haws. Marlena gasps. She thinks he was the one that stole the disc. Why is he returning it now? What kind of game is he playing?

Lexie cries about Theo as Abe tries to soothe her. She thinks she should have recognizes his symptoms, since she is a doctor. Abe tells her that there’s no way she could have known anything was amiss. Lexie wails, saying she had dreams for Theo. Now they’re all shattered.

Phillip tells Marlena that he just wants the old John back. He called her because he thought she wanted the same thing. Marlena takes a call and tells the person that she will be right there. Phillip asks her not to tell anyone where she got the disc. Marlena agrees, and Phillip gives it to her. She heads off.

EJ comes back to the mansion and digs into a sandwich. Lucas licks his lips and hints around the fact that he would like a sandwich. EJ ignores him. Lucas grumbles. EJ announces that he isn’t leaving the mansion, and he told Sami as much at the gym. He isn’t sure that he has ever seen her that unhappy. Lucas chuckles. He should have been here earlier. Sami caught him talking to Chloe and flipped her lid. EJ can believe it. Sami is nothing if not overly possessive. Lucas nods. He can understand that, considering her history with men.

Sami heads over to Nicole and asks for a favor. Nicole snorts. Sami says she is serious. She needs Nicole to help her convince EJ to move out. Nicole refuses, saying that she doesn’t like Sami. Why should she help her? Sami starts to head off, but Nicole stops her, saying that she would help, but she and EJ aren’t really on speaking terms right now. Sami doesn’t understand. She thought everything went well with her divorce from Victor. Nicole says he is ignoring her for another reason. They came really close to—she breaks off, and makes a “you know” sort of gesture. Sami glares.

Caroline wants Max to confide in her. She thinks it will help him heal. Max sighs. He tells Caroline that his dad killed his mom. Caroline doesn’t understand. Max explains that his dad abandoned him and his mom. Then when she got sick, his dad never showed up. Finally, she died, and his dad was called over from Europe. He didn’t want Max, so he stood and watched while Max was taken screaming into foster care. Caroline hugs him and says how sorry she is.

Lucas explains to EJ that Sami always wants what she can’t have. That would explain her behavior to both Nicole and Chloe in reference to the two of them. He explains Sami’s whole sordid past to EJ. She wanted Brandon because he had an affair with Lexie. Then she wanted Lucas back when he got together with Carrie. Then when that didn’t pan out, Carrie moved onto Austin, and Sami wanted him back instead. There’s a whole history here of jealousy and deception. EJ asks if Lucas is saying this whole mess is Sami’s fault. Sami comes in and listens at the door.

Marlena comes by to see Lexie and Abe, saying that Dr. Litton called her and asked her to stop by. Lexie explodes, thinking Litton told Marlena about Theo. Marlena explains that she just thought they might need a friend, but she didn’t divulge anything. Abe thanks her, but says they are fine. Lexie stops him, saying that they aren’t fine. Neither is Theo.

Sami bursts into the room, yelling at EJ for almost sleeping with Nicole. She wonders how he could do that to her. EJ sighs. She has made it more than clear that she wants nothing to do with him, so why does it matter? He tells Lucas that he was right. Lucas chuckles, and they both head out of the room. Sami looks after them, confused.

Nicole tells Ava that she told Sami all about her fling with EJ. She also has some information that would turn John’s place upside down, but she isn’t sure what to do with it. Ava suggests she talk to John and drags him over. Nicole hems and haws, then finally admits that Sami and EJ’s annulment went through. They aren’t married. John shrugs. What is he supposed to do with this information? Nicole isn’t sure, but she just needed to get it off of her chest.

Marlena tells Abe and Lexie that she doesn’t want to pry, but if they want to talk, she is there for them. Lexie breaks down and tells Marlena that Theo has been diagnosed with autism. Marlena hugs her.


Lexie tells Abe, "Living in denial isn't helping." Abe replies, "And neither is damning our son with some damn label."

Bo asks Daniel, "So who is it? Knowing you you've probably got some hot babe on your arm."

Stephanie asks Max, "Where are you going?" Max replies, "To find my father. I'm going to have it out with him once and for all."

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