Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/23/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/23/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Morgan talks to her mother about her father’s disappearance. Her mother doesn’t seem to be concerned, but Morgan is worried. Nearby, Hope and Bo look through the forensics report from the scene of the fire. Caroline comes over to see if they need anything. Both Hope and Bo agree that John is their number one suspect until they get some evidence to the contrary. Chelsea comes in and greet them both, asking to speak with Hope alone.

In her room at the hospital, Kate asks a nurse if she can go home today. The nurse says she can leave as soon as she gets a final check-up. Kate says that’s fine, as long as Dr. Jonas isn’t the one examining her.

At the gym, Daniel tells Phillip that he needs to balance his weight-lifting with cardio. Phillip declines, saying he’ll do it next time, but Daniel knows he could use it to clear his head. Daniel hands him a copy of a tabloid, showing a picture of Phillip and John. The headline screams, “Dock War Catches Fire.”

At the DiMera mansion, John tell someone over the phone that Phillip set him up, and that he has to pay. He leaves as Lucas comes in. Sami follows, asking if John is around. Lucas tells her that he just walked off. Lucas wonders why she needs him, and Sami tells him that she is looking for some boxes. EJ is moving out today. EJ strides in the living room, saying the hell he is. Sami doesn’t understand. Since EJ made a nice chunk of change off of Nicole’s settlement, he can afford to move out. EJ says he spoke with John, seeing as how this is his house, and John is more than happy for him to stay. Besides, this isn’t Sami’s decision. She doesn’t own the place. Lucas chuckles, saying that they need to work is out on their own. He tells EJ that he would move in a second if he could. Lucas leaves. Sami thinks EJ is being unreasonable. He doesn’t think she’s being fair. They can’t go around pretending nothing happened between them. Sami says it was a mistake, but EJ thinks ignoring it is the only mistake.

Phillip wonders why Daniel is reading this garbage. This is the same rag that published a story about a cat that dialed 911. Phillip insists he had nothing to do with the fire, but he is glad all of that cocaine never got on the street. Daniel agrees. He has seen what it can do to people. Phillip nods, referencing Brady. Daniel asks how he is doing, and Phillip says he is doing well. Daniel is glad. He heard about the divorce, and worried it might drive Brady back to addiction. Phillip thinks Chloe was hurt the most. Daniel smiles knowingly. Chloe must be the mystery woman Phillip has been seeing. Phillip nods, but says that isn’t the problem. There’s another woman, too. He and Chloe have a past, and it’s comfortable. Daniel guesses that Phillip is looking for something new and exciting. Phillip sighs. He doesn’t know what he wants, but he has a feeling Chloe won’t be too happy if it isn’t her.

Back at the pub, Chloe remembers catching Phillip kissing Morgan. She shoves past Morgan roughly. Morgan squeals and asks what her problem is.

Bo gets it. Chelsea doesn’t want to talk about her feelings with her old man. Hope heads off with her for a chat. Bo asks Caroline about Max, and she tells him that he clocked in for work, but she made him take a break. He’s going through a rough time right now. Bo asks if he can help, but Caroline tells him that Max told her his problem in confidence, so she can’t say. Bo tells her to let him know if he can do anything. They both think Max is a good kid, and Caroline is sure he will be alright.

Chelsea asks Hope if she can borrow her gold fleur-de-lis earrings for tonight. Hope says she can, and asks if she has a date. Chelsea nods shyly. She asks Hope if she doesn’t mind keeping this from Bo.

Lucas takes off his ankle monitor and heads out of the mansion.

The nurse is flabbergasted, saying that Dr. Jonas is one of their most gifted surgeons. Kate grumbles, saying that she wants her surgeon, Dr. Stahl to sign off on her release. The nurse agrees and heads out. Kate chuckles and snorts, “Gifted surgeon. Right.” She takes out her phone and calls Lucas. He answers in a whisper, telling her that the twins are sleeping. Kate says she will be out of the hospital later, and urges Lucas to keep following the rules of his release. Maybe he can get rid of that monitor sooner rather than later. Lucas tell her that he has to go, but he will call her later.

Bo tells Caroline that he never thought he would see Hope and Chelsea having a real mother-daughter moment. Bo is proud of both of them. Caroline thinks he has a really nice family. Bo wonders what they are talking about, but Caroline thinks that he is better off not knowing if it’s just girl talk. Bo tells Caroline that that reminds him--he wants to plan a surprise party for Hope, but he will need her help.

Hope sighs, saying that she doesn’t like keeping secrets from Bo. Chelsea promises that she will tell him eventually. Hope wonders if Bo wouldn’t approve of her date. Chelsea says that the guy is really smart and funny. He has a great job, too. Hope wants to know who it is, and Chelsea caves, admitting that it is Daniel. Hope sighs deeply. She is really concerned about the age difference. Chelsea sulks. Is Hope not going to back her on this, then? Hope just wants her to be careful. Chelsea knows Daniel would never deliberately hurt her. They all trusted him with Bo’s life, and her life, too. She could really use Hope’s support on this.

John tells someone on the phone that Paul Hollingsworth won’t be saying a word.

Phillip and Daniel talk about their plans for the fourth, and Phillip tells Daniel about Bo and Hope’s barbecue that they hold every year. Kate calls, interrupting them, to tell Phillip that she is being released from the hospital. She asks who is there with him, and he says that Daniel is. She sniffs. She didn’t know they were so chummy. Phillip cuts her off, saying that he wants her to recuperate at the mansion. Kate says no, but Phillip insists. If Victor can out up with Nicole, he can handle Kate, too. Kate isn’t sure, but Phillip threatens to hire a full-time nurse if she won’t agree. Kate caves, agreeing to stay for a few days. Phillip hangs up, and Daniel asks if Kate was angry that they were hanging out. Phillip apologizes, but Daniel says it’s fine. If Kate has a problem, it’s ok by him.

Hope wants to know who asked who out. Chelsea gets it. Hope thinks she asked Daniel, and he was too nice to say no. Actually, he asked her out. Hope is glad, saying that that is the way it’s supposed to be, but she still isn’t sure that she should keep this a secret from Bo. Chelsea promises to tell him if it gets more serious, but she doesn’t want him to get all worked up unless this date goes somewhere. Hope makes her promise to tell Bo if there is a second date, and Chelsea agrees. Hope agrees to lend Chelsea the earrings. She even has a matching bracelet.

Caroline agrees to help Bo, and he thanks her. If he wasn’t so swamped with work, he would do it all himself. John walks over, saying that he has a way for Bo to lighten his workload.

Sami rushes around, telling EJ that they will have to find Rolf for the heavy lifting. EJ says he is at a tango lesson. Sami huffs, saying she can send EJ’s things to him later. EJ wonders where he will go, since he just sublet his apartment to her aunt and uncle. Sami suggests he stay at the Inn. EJ doesn’t think that it is a good idea. Immigration will be breathing down his neck before long if he does that. Sami reminds him they are getting a divorce. Immigration is going to find out the truth anyway. EJ fumes. If he is leaving, then he is taking his son with him. Sami rages, saying that he won’t take her son away from her.

Lucas shows up at Chloe’s room at the inn. She yanks him inside, asking if anyone saw him. He tells her that no one did. He had to see her, because they have a big problem. He overheard John telling someone that he thinks Phillip set the fire at the docks. Lucas knows who actually set it, and he refuses to let his brother go down for it. Lucas goes on to say that he think Paul Hollingsworth did it. Chloe recognizes the name from the papers, but she thought Paul was working for John. Lucas suspects that he and John had a falling out. Chloe asks if he has a daughter. Lucas says he does. Her name is Morgan. He thinks she’s a friend of Phillip’s. Chloe sneers briefly, then asks Lucas if he is sure Paul did this. Lucas is sure. He saw him on the pier right after he saw Chloe. He was acting nervous, and he reeked of gas. Lucas didn’t think of it until he saw the headlines about the fire. Chloe tells Lucas that they have to talk to the police so they can clear Phillip’s name. Lucas sighs. That’s just it. He can’t go to the police about this.

Caroline heads off so that Bo and John can talk. John tells Bo that he is spinning his wheels. Phillip set him up. Bo isn’t so sure. All of the evidence points to John. John grumbles, saying that Phillip’s associates were professionals. Phillip comes in, and John tells Bo that they can ask him themselves. Hope sees them talking and heads over. Morgan does the same. She glares at John, telling Bo that he should be in jail. Her father was a good man before John met him and corrupted him. She will never forgive John. John sighs. He says he came in for a sticky bun and some coffee. He didn’t know he would be on trial. Phillip tries to haul Morgan off, but she says she isn’t through with John.

Sami brings some boxes into EJ, saying she found them in the garage. EJ takes them from her, saying that he’s putting them right back. He isn’t going anywhere. Sami says he has to. EJ grumbles about Lucas and his stupid ultimatum. Sami says that isn’t it. She just can’t fix things with Lucas while he is hanging around all the time. EJ wonders if the situation is even fixable. He thinks the whole thing is being manipulated by Lucas and motivated by his insecurities. Sami says there is nothing between her and EJ. EJ disagrees. He knows Lucas knows the truth, too, since he walked in on them the other night. Sami says it was a mistake, but EJ knows it wasn’t, and he thinks Lucas knows it too. He knows Sami too well to think that she would sleep with someone if she didn’t have feelings for them. Sami tells him to shut up and get out. EJ laughs. She can put him out of sight, but not out of mind. He knows she can’t stop thinking about him.

Lucas explains that he was breaking the law himself that night by being out of the house. If he tells the cops anything, he’ll go back to jail. Chloe sighs. What can they do? They can’t let Phillip take the fall for this. Lucas suggests that Chloe go to the police for him.

Bo understands why Morgan is upset, but she needs to relax. John thinks she needs to be directing her anger towards Phillip, since he was the one Paul was working for. Phillip claims that John is lying. John thinks the truth will come out eventually. Bo tells them all to calm down. The case is still open. Hope agrees. She tells Morgan that they will need to speak with her father. Morgan snorts and wishes them luck in finding him. He left town last night, and she has no idea where he went.

Kate flashes back to arguing with Daniel and Chelsea about Daniel operating on her. Daniel comes in, cracking jokes about Kate painting her nails. She grumbles, saying she thought she made herself clear. Daniel gets it. She doesn’t want him to be her doctor. But since he diagnosed her, he wants to take one final look at her. Kate refuses. This is a waste of time anyway, since Dr. Stahl already signed her release papers. Daniel leers. So she must have been waiting for this, then. Kate asks him if he is playing games. Daniel says no. He would love to release her, but he needs to ask a little favor first. He wants them to try to get along--for no other reason than for Chelsea’s sake.

Sami thinks that EJ is the most pompous, conceited jerk that she has ever met. Lucas is the only man that she will ever love. Doesn’t EJ want her to be happy? EJ says he does. Sami begs him to move out, saying that it’s the only chance for her and Lucas to get back together.

Hope and Bo question Morgan, but she can’t give them much information, apart from the fact that Paul left town fearing for his life. Phillip wonders what John did to him. John thinks Phillip was the one that did something. He says he has lost his appetite and leaves. Phillip tells John that he is finished as he strolls out. Phillip asks Chelsea if she has heard from Kate, and tells her that she is being released from the hospital. He’s getting ready to head over there. Chelsea wants to go, too, and Phillip says he will meet her there. He’s going to hang out at the pub for a few more minutes. Chelsea says goodbye to Bo and Hope, and thanks Hope again. She heads out. Bo asks what they were talking about. Hope tells him that she just wanted to borrow some earrings for a date. Bo asks if she is getting back together with Nick. Hope says the date is with someone new. Bo wants to know who it is. Hope sweats.

Sami sighs. She doesn’t want to add to EJ’s ego, but she knows that he can be a good guy when he wants to be. He proved that by telling them that Stefano was holding John hostage. She is proud of him for turning his back on Stefano, and he is just a natural with the twins. She knows she says things that she doesn’t mean sometimes, but the truth is that he is a great father. She wants him to be a part of Johnny’s life, but he can do that without living here. She asks him if he will agree to leave.

Daniel asks Kate if they can be friends for Chelsea’s sake. Kate doesn’t see what Chelsea has to do with anything. Daniel sighs. He knows how Kate feels, but Chelsea won’t understand it. Chelsea walks in, asking what it is she won’t understand. Kate covers quickly, saying that she was talking about being excited about getting out of the hospital. Daniel says he will send a nurse in to wheel her out, and leaves. He winks at Chelsea as he goes. Kate asks Chelsea if they can have dinner together tonight. Chelsea says she has plans already. She has a date. Kate asks if she knows the guy. Chelsea hems and haws, saying she doesn’t want to jinx the date by telling people about it.

Hope tells Bo that she doesn’t know who Chelsea is seeing. She thinks Chelsea is afraid to jinx things by talking about it. Hope is sure she will tell them all about the guy if it gets serious. Hope changes the subject, asking Bo if he is surprised that Paul left town. Bo says he isn’t. Paul probably felt like the walls were closing in around him. She hopes that they can find him.

Morgan tells Phillip that she is glad her dad isn’t here, what with all the accusations flying around. Phillip asks if she will be ok, and she says she will be. He needs to go be with his mom. Phillip gets up to leave, but Morgan stops him. She wants him to know that she and Chloe got into a little tiff earlier. Chloe told her to stay away from Phillip. He laughs, guessing that Morgan told her that no one tells her what to do. He heads out of the pub.

Lucas knows he is asking a lot from Chloe, but he promises to coach her, and tell her everything he saw that night. All she will have to do is answer a few questions t the police station. If she doesn’t want to do it, he understands. He knows it is a lot to ask. Chloe thinks it is a great idea. Lucas thanks her. Chloe smiles. How could she say no?

EJ tells Sami that he is sorry, but he isn’t leaving. Sami rages. After all that adoration she just choked out? She huffs, telling EJ that she didn’t mean a word of it. John comes in, asking what’s with all the yapping and boxes. EJ tells John that Sami wants him to leave. Sami asks John to force EJ to leave. John asks him if he wants to. EJ says he doesn’t. John shrugs, telling Sami he tries. She threatens to tattle to Marlena. She won’t like John siding with EJ over her. John laughs. It’s his home and his rules. If she isn’t careful, he’ll be kicking Sami out.


Max tells Caroline, “I don't want to have anything to do with him-- ever.” Caroline sighs, “I think that's a mistake.”

Nicole tells Ava, “He doesn't want to have anything to do with me.” Ava sneaks a peek at EJ, saying, “Would you just check him out? He's attracted; he’s trying to hide it.”

Lucas tells Chloe, "The police have to be totally convinced that you were the one who saw Paul Hollingsworth on the pier that night."

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