Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/20/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/20/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Phillip and Chloe wake up in her room at the Salem Inn. She rolls over and smiles, saying that they didn’t get much talking done. Phillip moves in and kisses her. They begin to make love again.

At the gym, Morgan and Chelsea work out, and make fun of some other girls who have come in with full make-up and lipstick on. They take a break for some juice, and they meet up with Crystle Stewart, who is the national advisor for their sorority. She talks to them about the upcoming walk for breast cancer, and reminds them to get their sponsor sheets finished ahead of time. The readily agree, and she says she is glad that everything worked out for them after the troubles they had last summer. She heads off, and Morgan asks Chelsea if she wants to go to the art festival later. Chelsea says that she has plans. Morgan asks what they are. Chelsea blushes, saying that she has a date.

At the hospital, Daniel calls Maggie to make reservations for two later at Chez Rouge. Afterwards, he heads into Kate’s room, asking how she is doing. Kate screams at him to get out.

Abe and Theo show up to pick Lexie up. She says she isn’t quite finished yet, and promises Theo a trip to the toy store to make up for it. Theo is silent. A candy striper named Lindsay comes over and tries to talk to Theo, too, but has no success. Abe urges Lexie not to worry until they know that something is wrong. He offers to take Theo to the cafeteria until she is done, and they head off. Lindsay gushes. She thinks that Lexie just has the perfect family. Lexie sighs.

At the pub, Caroline and Marlena chat about John and Marlena moving back into the townhouse. John comes in and tells Caroline that he is here for breakfast. Rolf has been experimenting in the kitchen this morning, and he isn’t in the mood to eat anything strange. Caroline says she can whip him something up, no problem, and John orders grilled liver smothered with fruit. Caroline eyes him suspiciously, but heads off to the kitchen to make it. Marlena thanks John for dinner the previous night. She had a nice time. John leers. He suggests that she stay over the next time. Marlena says she isn’t quite ready to take that step, and John accuses her of being angry about Ava.

Stephanie comes into the pub looking for Max. She tells him she couldn’t sleep at all last night, because she was thinking about what a jerk his dad is. Max snaps that his name is Trent. He isn’t Max’s father in any sense of the word. Stephanie apologizes, saying he could just strangle Trent—and the same goes for Max.

Outside the pub, Pookie’s bark sounds and lets Nicole know that her cell is ringing. She answers, and Trent is on the other end. He calls her a sweet girl and asks her what she is up to today. Nicole hems and haws. Trent thinks she’s somewhere with alcohol, and since the Cheatin’ Heart is closed, she must be at the pub. Nicole wonders what he wants from her.

Stephanie thinks that Max needs to tell his mom about all of this. Max isn’t sure that he is ready to do that. Stephanie sighs, telling him that she doesn’t want to argue, as she loves him and will always be there for him, but he has to talk to Caroline at some point. It’s best he do it sooner rather than later.

Caroline brings John his liver and fruit plate and he digs in, telling her that she prepared it perfectly. Marlena tells John that she isn’t jealous of Ava. In fact, she thinks they should talk about Phillip instead.

Chloe sleeps as Phillip runs a finger up her thigh. He gets out of bed and starts to get dressed.

Chelsea tells Morgan that she has a date with Daniel tonight. They’re going to dinner, and then afterwards—who knows? Morgan gapes. She can’t believe that Chelsea would do that on the first date. Chelsea laughs. She says that Daniel is a gentleman, but a girl can dream, right? She wonders why Morgan can’t just be happy for her.

Max and Stephanie bicker about whether or not he should tell Caroline about Trent. The reach an impasse, and Stephanie says she was planning on going to the gym and leaves. Caroline comes over and asks Max if there is anything on his mind. He says that nothing at all is.

Robbins waits until Stephanie walks off and then approaches Nicole. He tells her that he let her go once, and he doesn’t plan on doing so again. Nicole begs him not to do this.

John doesn’t have anything to say about Phillip. As he told Marlena, he is more convinced than ever that Phillip was behind the drugs planted on his ships. Marlena asks what he thinks he might do to prove that. John tells her not to worry. Phillip won’t win this one no matter what.

Nicole tells Trent that there isn’t much to go back to after all of these years. She knows he has a cushy job at the university now, and a ton of other women. He doesn’t need her. Robbins grins. He knows she doesn’t mean that. Besides, she knows him a lot better than those other women--a little more than he would like, in fact.

Caroline tells Max that she can tell that something is wrong with him. He has been walking around with a black cloud over his head for weeks. She demands that he tell her the truth.

Morgan says she is happy for Chelsea, but she worries. She just doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Chelsea groans. Why is everyone so hung up on the age thing? Morgan reminds her that Daniel is old enough to be her--Chelsea interrupts, shrieking at her to stop. She asks Morgan if she would turn Johnny Depp down for a date--45 year old Johnny Depp. Morgan backs off. Stephanie joins them and they both giggle over the fact that she wore lipstick. Stephanie flops down in a chair and mopes.

Kate yells at Daniel to get out of her room, and this time Lexie overhears. She rushes in Kate’s room to check on her.

Chloe wakes up as Phillip dresses. She asks about an encore and Phillip grins, offering her breakfast in bed instead. Chloe simpers, saying it depends on if he is interested in going another round. He gets a call from John, saying that he has to see him on an urgent matter. Phillip agrees and hangs up; telling Chloe that breakfast in bed is off. They’re going to the pub.

Daniel tells Kate that he’s leaving, apologizes, and heads out. Lexie is flabbergasted. She asks Kate what’s going on.

Nicole wonders who else knows about Trent’s dirty secret. Trent tells her that’s it’s a nosy student, and Nicole assumes it must be a girl. She smirks, saying they keep getting younger and younger. Trent says it’s a male grad student, actually. He thinks he knows him, but he’s a clueless idiot. He doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. He tells Nicole that the kid threatened him. Nicole smiles faintly. Sounds like her kind of guy.

Max hems and haws, telling Caroline that nothing is wrong with him, and they’ll talk later, but he’s really busy right now. Nick comes in and hands Max a CD he promised to make for him. Caroline wanders off.

Morgan and Chelsea ask what’s wrong with Stephanie, but she isn’t sure she should say. Max made her promise she wouldn’t. Chelsea and Morgan gape at each other, and urge Stephanie to tell them what’s going on. Stephanie doesn’t give them specifics, but admits that Max has a huge secret that’s weighing on him. He is so filled with anger, and he won’t let her help him. Chelsea’s phone rings, and she sees that it is Daniel. She wonders whether or not she should pick up. She finally decides to do so, but he has hung up. She wonders if she should call back. Stephanie decides for her, taking her phone and hitting redial. Chelsea snatches the phone back just as Daniel picks up. He tells her he made reservations at Chez Rouge for 7:30. She says that’s fine, and he asks if she is having second thoughts. She says she isn’t and hangs up, telling the other girls that her date is on for tonight. Morgan wonders if the date is such a good idea.

Phillip and Chloe arrive at the pub and meet John. He tells Phillip that their little dispute has gotten out of hand, and they need to settle things. Phillip agrees. John tells Phillip that it’s time to step down and cut his losses. He needs to accept that he has lost. John will give him until the end of the day to do so. Phillip chuckles. Who is John kidding? He is the criminal here. John growls and tells Phillip that he set him up. Phillip rolls his eyes and hands Chloe some money for breakfast. He says he needs to go to the gym to work off some steam, and heads off. John thinks that he is a fool.

Morgan wonders what Chelsea’s dad will think about her date. Chelsea sighs and says that she hasn’t told him. She doesn’t want a lecture about how she should be dating a guy her own age. Stephanie thinks her dad would freak out. Morgan isn’t sure how her dad would react. She confides in the girls that her dad left town, but he promised that he would be back soon.

Max sits in his room and sighs, saying he needs his ma’s help more now than ever. Nick comes in, saying that he printed a summer class schedule for Max. Max huffs and tells Nick to forget it. All going to school would do is afford him the opportunity to write a book and treat people like garbage. He has two jobs, one of which is already late for. All he needs to know how to do is serve beer. Nick sighs. He thinks Max deserves something more. When he first came to town, Max was such a big shot. He wonders what happened to him.

Daniel and Phillip chat about Kate at the gym. Phillip apologizes, saying he can’t imagine why Kate wouldn’t want him to operate on her. Daniel smiles and says it’s fine. Kate is a complete mystery to him, but on the other hand, there’s nothing more complicated than females. Phillip agrees, and wonders why they need to have them around—apart form the obvious of course. Daniel is off in his own little world. He wonders how you know who’s “the one” once you find her. Phillip says he has been wondering that himself. He flashes back to kissing Morgan.

Robbins insists that Nicole come to dinner with him. Stephanie and Morgan pass by on their way into the pub, and Stephanie glares at him. Inside the pub, Morgan doubles over with cramps, and we get a gratuitous product placement as Stephanie whips out her box of Midol and hands it over to Morgan, singing its praises. Chloe comes out of the bathroom and Morgan spots her and groans, calling her “the harlot.” She now has a headache. Stephanie assures her that Midol takes care of headaches, too. Morgan wishes it would take care of Chloe. Stephanie stops Caroline as she passes by, asking if Max has spoken with her. She says that he hasn’t.

Lexie wonders why Kate has a problem with Daniel operating on her or examining her. Kate reminds Lexie that she would never operate on Abe or Theo. Lexie says that this is different. Daniel and Kate aren’t related; they’re just friends. Kate insists that she’s uncomfortable with it. Abe and Theo come in, and Kate greets them, but Theo is silent, as usual. Abe takes him back out into the hallway to wait, and Kate tells Lexie that something might be wrong with Theo. They’re having him tested. Kate hopes that everything goes well.

Marlena and John are back at the mansion. She gets her appointment book and apologizes, telling John she’ll be back soon to get the rest of her things. John is surprised, telling her that she doesn’t have to leave. Marlena sighs. She knows that John isn’t interested in becoming the man he used to be, but she can’t accept the new him. John wonders what the solution is. Marlena isn’t sure, but if they can’t figure it out, they’ll have to file for divorce.

Phillip suggests that he and Daniel move to Tibet and become monks, asking Daniel to meditate on it. Daniel spies a hot girl walking by and suggests they meditate on that instead. Phillip nods. Daniel is a handsome doctor, and girls love that. Otherwise, that girl wouldn’t be walking back in front of them so often. Daniel tells Phillip that she isn’t his type. Daniel says he’s crazy about someone else, but there’s a bit of an age difference. Phillip thinks he should go for it. Daniel just hopes he doesn’t wipe out.

Max comes downstairs, and Stephanie heads over, pestering him about talking to Caroline. He doesn’t want to hurt her, but Stephanie thinks he is hurting her more by keeping his father a secret. Max sighs, and relents, heading over to Caroline. He tells her that he wants to talk to her about his biological father.

Lexie confides in Kate, telling her about their fears, and the trouble Theo has been having in school and daycare. She and Abe just need some answers. Kate hopes they get the ones they’re looking for.

Phillip figures out that Daniel must be referring to Chelsea. He thinks it’s great that they feel so strongly about each other. Daniel appreciates the support, but he worries that Kate will flip her lid when she finds out.

Max admits to Caroline that he has located his biological father. She asks when he found him, and Max admits it was quite some time ago. He didn’t tell her until now because he didn’t want to hurt her. Caroline says she would never be upset about him being curious about his birth parents. She hugs him and thanks him for telling her.

Chloe comes over to Morgan and offers her some coffee. Morgan declines. Chloe warns her to stay away from Phillip. She has known him since high school, and she sees the pattern here. He uses a girl to boost his ego, and then trashes her. Morgan needs to know that Phillip’s involvement with her is simply a casual flirtation. Morgan laughs, telling her that if Chloe thinks she can scare her away, she has another thing coming. She can tell that Chloe is threatened by her, and she should be. Chloe glares.

John is surprised that Marlena wants a divorce. She tells him that she doesn’t want one yet. She wants him to see other women first. If he still wants her after that, they’ll work things out. If not, they will end it. John can’t believe she is giving him the green light to date. Marlena thinks that it is the right thing to do. John wonders why she is doing this. Marlena says that it is because she loves him.


Sami tells Lucas, "EJ is moving out." EJ walks in saying, "The hell I am."

Phillip tells Daniel, "I don't know what I want, but I get the feeling Chloe’s not going to be too happy if it isn't her."

Lucas tells Chloe, "I know who set that fire and I'm not going to let my brother burn for it."

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