Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/19/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/19/08


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At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole and EJ kiss. She tells him that Victor is gone all night, since Kate is in the hospital. She wonders what they can do with the place to themselves. EJ thinks they should take advantage of Victor being gone. He kisses Nicole.

Marlena arrives at the DiMera mansion and runs into John. She apologizes and says she is just there to pick up some of her things. John asks her to stay a moment and assures her that Ava is gone. He has something he needs to say to her.

At the docks, Morgan and Phillip kiss passionately. Phillip breaks it off momentarily, saying that it isn’t right, but he quickly dives back in for more. Chloe approaches and gasps. She stares at them angrily.

In Robbins’ hotel room, Stephanie asks Max what he wants the dean to tell her. Max glares at Robbins, who is balefully silent. Max relents. He wants Robbins to tell the truth. He wants to hear him say it--that he is Max’s father.

Nicole suggests that she and EJ go up to Victor’s room. He would hate that, and it would serve him right. EJ tells her that there’s no need. They have a fireplace and comfortable sofa right here. Besides, he doesn’t want to waste any energy going upstairs. He pulls Nicole onto the sofa and kisses her.

Marlena tells John to go ahead and say what he has to say so that she can leave. She doesn’t want to be humiliated further. John explains that the way he acted down at the pub earlier was wrong. He declined her invitation because she hurt him and he wanted to hurt her back. It wasn’t because he wasn’t interested in being with her. He explains that Ava is just a friend as far as he is concerned. He doesn’t have that many, in case Marlena didn’t notice. Marlena sighs. That isn’t her fault, and she never meant to hurt him intentionally. John says he knows that. He realizes that she is the one that is suffering the most here. She lost someone she loved, someone that meant the world to her. He knows that he has been nothing but callous towards her. For that, he is sorry.

Chloe walks over and interrupts Phillip and Morgan. Phillip stammers. Chloe rages. She knows what Phillip is going to say. It doesn’t mean anything, he and Morgan are just friends, it’s not what it looks like, blah blah. Or does he have another excuse in mind? Phillip asks her quietly not to make a scene. Chloe screeches that she is just getting warmed up.

Stephanie is aghast At Max’s confession. She asks Robbins if it is true. He reluctantly admits that it is, and asks them to leave, but Max refuses. Robbins explains that he wasn’t a horrible father. He knew that Max was in Salem, and even came into town a few times to check in on him. He knew that Frankie took him in, and he also knew that the two of them were adopted by the Brady family. Max grumbles, insisting that he didn’t give a damn. He thinks he is a coward, so Max now has the blood of a coward running through his veins. Max demands to know more about his mother, who Robbins abandoned. Robbins says he doesn’t have to tell Max anything, or even justify his actions. Max glares. The hell he doesn’t.

Marlena accepts John’s apology, and he asks her to stay to dinner so that he can make it up to her. He will have the cook prepare something special. Marlena accepts, but expresses hesitation since he is seeing Ava. John swears that they are just friends. He would never get involved with that woman. He knows what happened with Steve--the way she sunk her claws into him and wouldn’t let go.

Chloe lays into Phillip. Morgan apologizes profusely, and tries to explain that Phillip was just comforting her, and they kissed. It wasn’t planned or anything. Chloe snaps at her, saying that doesn’t excuse it. Morgan says she ought to leave, but Phillip asks her not to go. Chloe thinks it’s best if she leave.

Robbins isn’t interested in discussing the past with Max. Max wonders if the faculty at the university would be interested in his past and how the head of their physics department had behaved. Max yells at him for seducing his mother. He wants to know about her, since he has no memories of her. After she died, he was placed with a foster family that didn’t treat him well. He launches into a tirade about how Robbins had the nerve to sneak around town and spy on him when he could have used a father. All he feels right now is hate. He wonders how his dad feels.

Nicole strips off EJ’s suit jacket, tie and shirt. They kiss passionately. Nicole stops him, saying that they can’t do this.

Chloe tells Phillip that she can’t believe he would do this to her after he pleaded with her to stay with him. Morgan thanks Phillip for trying to help her, and say she really has to go. She rushes off. Phillip stares after her as Chloe berates him.

John asks Marlena what she would like for dinner and ticks off several different countries. Marlena wants him to surprise her. He agrees and heads off for the kitchen. On the way, he receives a phone call from a man who tells him that Paul is getting ready to leave town. John thanks the man and tells him that he will get back with him. He smiles and says to himself that Paul isn’t going anywhere.

Robbins sighs. He asks Max how much he wants. Max doesn’t understand. Robbins offers him ten thousand dollars to keep his mouth shut. Max refuses. Stephanie thinks she might be ill. She tells Robbins that he doesn’t even know Max, even though he is his father. How could he try to bribe him? Max agrees. Pop was his real father in every way, anyway. He may have been a simple man, but at least he was decent. Max tells Robbins that he will consider his offer on one condition--that he tell Max who the girl in the photo is.

EJ can’t believe that Nicole isn’t interested. He thought that they were helping each other forget their troubles. Nicole says that she has forgotten hers. He needs to leave anyway, and go home to the woman he loves, Sami. EJ says he isn’t going back there. Nicole snorts. He thought that he could say a few sweet words to her and she would jump into bed with him. She thinks that he is surprised that she isn’t as much of a tramp as he thought.

John tells a person on the phone to do whatever it takes, and hangs up. He heads back over to Marlena, and asks if she wants some sake with dinner. She asks for sherry instead, and John pours her a glass obligingly. She notes that he has been getting a lot of phone calls this evening .john fidgets, saying that it is just business.

Chloe calms down a bit and apologizes to Phillip. She knows that they have an arrangement, but it isn’t working for her, as she is starting to have feelings for him. Phillip sighs, saying that that wasn’t supposed to happen. He says that he really cares about her, and he’s sorry that she saw him and Morgan together. He never meant to hurt her, or make her jealous. He has feelings for her, too. Chloe sulkily insists that he doesn’t have them same feelings for her that she has for him.

EJ insists that he never thought of Nicole as a tramp. She insists that he leave anyway, so EJ puts on his shirt and jacket and heads off. Later, he shows up at the pub and heads to bar. Tony joins him and orders a drink, and they chit chat about what Tony and Anna have been up to since the wedding. Tony says he is very happy, and toasts EJ, hoping that he too finds the same happiness--but not too soon. EJ laughs half-heartedly, and Tony asks him to join him at a table so that they can talk. He can tell that something is wrong with EJ.

Nicole flashes back to EJ telling her that there is one right man out there for her somewhere. Victor comes in, and jokes that he is shocked that Nicole isn’t pillaging the silver. He was glad that their settlement went through, and he asks if she would like to toast to their liberation. Nicole isn’t enthusiastic, and Victor sees why when he spots the champagne bottle. He laughs and says that it’s clear she made a cheap play for someone and failed .Was it EJ?

Robbins tells Max that he has never seen the picture before. His apartment was broken into, so perhaps the intruder left it. Max tells Robbins that he is full of it, and he knows it. He demands to know who the girl is.

Tony tells EJ that he can tell that he is upset about Sami. Tony thinks he knows what the problem is. Since EJ fathered a child with Sami at their father’s insistence, it’s possible that EJ’s loyalty to Stefano is intertwined with his feelings for Sami. Perhaps it’s both guilt and loyalty to Stefano that’s driving EJ’s feelings for Sami.

Paul and Morgan run into each other again on the docks, and Paul tells her that he is on his way out of town. She admonished him to be careful, and he tells her to stay away from Phillip. She promises to be careful, and they hug. Morgan cries as Paul tries to soothe her.

Phillip insists that Morgan doesn’t mean anything to him. He made a stupid mistake, and Chloe is the one he really wants to be with. Chloe softens, and Phillip gets a call. He walks away a little bit and listens for a moment. Finally, he tells the person to make sure that Paul keeps his mouth shut. They can’t let him start talking.

John and Marlena sip drinks and sit cozily together on the sofa. John tells Marlena how beautiful she looks and how this all feels somehow familiar to him. Marlena is delighted to hear it. John proposes a toast to second chances.

Max asks Robbins if the girl is his sister. Robbins hems and haws, and tells Max that he ought to keep the past in the past. He doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into, and he can never move forward if he obsesses over these kind of things. Max is insistent, and finally Robbins agrees to meet him at the pub the next day to talk. Max and Stephanie leave. Robbins sweats.

Phillip hangs up and asks Chloe if they can go to her place. Chloe isn’t so sure, but Phillip swears that he just wants to talk. Chloe agrees and they head off.

John is back on the phone, sharply telling someone to find him and handle it. He hangs up and stomps back over to Marlena, who asks him if he has received bad news. John grimaces.

Tony tells EJ that he should fight for Sami if he really wants her, but Tony also wants him to understand his motivations behind his fight to be with her. Tony and EJ toast to miracles, and EJ thanks him for all of his advice.

Victor sneers, asking Nicole why she always debases herself buy going after married men. Nicole says that all she wants is cold hard cash. Victor snorts and heads upstairs, telling her to leave. Nicole sighs and whispers that that isn’t what she wants from life at all.

Morgan comes into the pub and bumps into Tony. They make small talk about his wedding and what she has been up to, and Tony offers her another internship. She thanks him, but says she isn’t doing well right now. She needs some time, but promises to call when she is ready to start.

Back at the pier, the camera pans in on a body lying on the edge of the pier. A dark figure rolls it over, and we see that it’s Paul. He appears to be either dead or unconscious. The figure rolls Paul’s body into the water.


Chelsea asks Morgan, "Why is everybody so hung up on the age thing?" Morgan replies, "Dr. Jonas is old enough to be your--" Chelsea yells, "Stop!"

Robbins puts his hands on Nicole’s face, "I let you go once. I'm not going to make that mistake again. Nicole pleads with him, "Please don't do this."

John tells Phillip, "It's time for you to cut your losses, Phillip. Step down. Accept defeat."

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