Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/18/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/18/08


Written By Jenni
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At the docks, Phillip meets a panicking Paul. He starts to tell him about John’s threats, but Phillip already knows all about it. Paul wonders if Phillip is having him followed. He tells him that if he doesn’t help him, he’s dead. Phillip doesn’t care. It was his own fault for starting that fire. Paul wails and moans. He didn’t mean for this to happen. It’s a huge mess. Phillip reminds Paul that this isn’t his problem. He set John up, and asked Paul to get a little creative in bringing him down. He never told him to set a fire. Paul says that he was sick of John threatening him. He wanted revenge. Phillip hisses. This little stunt could ruin him. Paul reminds Phillip that his life is on the line. Phillip shrugs. This is his mistake. He’s going to have to face the consequences on his own.

Marlena and Hope meet at the pub. Hope asks Marlena how things are going with John, and Marlena tells her that she has moved out of the mansion. Hope isn’t sure that Marlena made the right decision, as John has lately began to show more emotions. Marlena scoffs. The only emotion she has seen is anger. Hope thinks John needs Marlena more than ever. In fact, Hope thinks she is the only one that can help him.

At the DiMera mansion, John pours Ava a drink and thanks her for her help with Paul. Ava says it was no big deal. He is her friend, and she would do anything to help protect him or his interests. John smiles and they toast. EJ stomps in, shouting for Lucas. He doesn’t see him and huffs over to make himself a drink, calling Lucas a bastard.

Upstairs at the pub, Stephanie finds Max in his room. She questions him about what he was doing all morning, but isn’t satisfied that he just went for a jog. Max can’t understand why she is acting so uptight and suspicious. Stephanie admits that she has suspicions about what is going on between Max and Dean Robbins. She wants to know if they are enemies. Max hems and haws, saying that he doesn’t want her to get involved. Stephanie says that she is a big girl and she can handle it. She wonders if Max loves her enough to trust her with the truth.

John asks EJ if he can have a little privacy, but EJ wants to complain about Sami first. He tells John that she asked him to move out. EJ scoffs. He guesses he doesn’t have any rights has her husband. He paces angrily, then adds that since John is his uncle, he has more of a right to be here than even she does. John agrees with him. EJ rants some more. His son is here, and he has every right to be around to help raise him. He curses Sami. If she weren’t the mother of his child, he’d want to wring her neck. Lucas walks in just then, saying he knows exactly how EJ feels.

Marlena tells Hope that John doesn’t seem to be making any progress. She’s tired of fighting when he doesn’t care. Hope wonders if Marlena thinks John is responsible for the drugs found on his ships. Marlena is suspicious of Hope’s motives. Is she asking as a friend or as a detective?

Max tells Stephanie that he doesn’t want her involved in this, and that he can work it out on his own, but she won’t let it go. Max explodes. He thinks that she just wants him to have a meltdown so that she can comfort him and tell him everything is fine. Everything isn’t fine, and she can’t help him. No one can. Stephanie turns on the tears. If he wants her to quit bothering him, she will, but she can’t pretend like she doesn’t care about him. She hopes he knows that she just wants what is best for him. Totally cowed, Max admits that Stephanie was right to be suspicious about the dean. He broke into Robbins’ hotel room earlier this morning.

EJ tells Lucas that Sami asked him to leave today. Lucas admits that he told Sami that either she or EJ had to go. EJ nukes. This is his uncle’s house, and he isn’t going anywhere. If anything, Lucas is the one that needs to leave. John nods, saying that EJ is right. Rolf announces Nicole, who asks if she can see Ava. Ava agrees to leave with her, and promises to call John later. John also heads out, telling EJ and Lucas that if they break anything, they have to pay for it. EJ glares at Lucas. He wonders why he ever got him released from prison. Lucas wonders the same thing.

Paul begs Phillip to help him, saying that he made a mistake, and that it will never happen again. He gets as far as to go down on his knees to plead with Phillip. Phillip tells him to forget it. He has no goodwill left towards Paul. He needs to get out of town immediately.

Stephanie tells Max that she isn’t sure why Robbins has freaked him out so much, but she thinks she understands anyway. After Ford raped her, she had feelings of anger like Max does. But Max was the one that helped her to love and trust again. She wants to do the same for him now. Max thanks her, but he wants to deal with this on his own. In fact, he is on his way to go confront Robbins. Stephanie wants to go with him, but Max refuses.

Lucas claims that he wants to have a civil conversation about this, but EJ won‘t let him. EJ scoffs. Lucas knows that EJ can’t give Sami the kind of life she wants. EJ reminds Lucas that Sami didn’t think so a few weeks ago when she was in his bed. Lucas admits that Sami told him that she was confused about her feelings for EJ, but that’s all.

Hope tells Marlena that she is her friend, but she is also investigating John. So she needs to ask Marlena about the drugs as a cop, and not as a friend. Marlena says she understands, and that she’s sorry, but she really has no idea if John is responsible or not. Ava and Nicole come in. Ava spots Hope and Marlena and head over, saying she wants to make nice. Marlena tells Hope that John could be behind all of it, since she knows he is more than capable of making bad decisions.

Max shows up at Robbins’ but he isn’t interested in debating his book with a bartender. Max insists, and Robbins finally relents and lets him inside. Max makes some snide remarks about Robbins’ success as he sneaks a picture onto a table. He then pretends to discover it, asking who the woman in the photo is. Robbins roars at him to get out, as it’s none of his business. Stephanie pounds on the door, demanding that Max let her in.

Ava goes over to Hope and Marlena and tells them that she is trying to get her life straightened out. She would really like it if they would join her and Nicole for a drink. Marlena tells Hope that Ava has been seeing John. She tells Ava that she is making a big mistake. She doesn’t know anything about her and John’s past. Ava apologizes for bothering them. She obviously made a mistake. Hope accuses her of coming over to rub the fact that she is dating John in her face. Ava turns on her heel and huffs off. She sits back down with Nicole, asking why she needed to see her. Nicole tells her that her past is coming back to haunt her again.

EJ is suspicious as to why Lucas would divulge the state of Sami’s feelings toward him. Lucas says he just wants everything out in he open, but he doesn’t think Sami’s feelings much matter. Lucas saw her upstairs earlier, and she was packing EJ’s things. EJ flies into a rage, telling Lucas that he isn’t going anywhere. He stomps off. Lucas grins.

Ava assures Nicole that she can trust her. Nicole sighs and tells her that her problem is a man she met many years ago. She was young and stupid then, and she thought it was over forever, but now he is back in Salem. She doesn’t know what to do or how to get rid of him, and he is really freaking her out.

Hope apologizes to Marlena for having to deal with Ava. Marlena sighs. She wouldn’t be a problem if she could just get through to John. Hope urges her to try again. Maybe it would help things if she asked him to back off this silly war with Victor and Phillip. Marlena hesitates, but finally agrees, just as John walks in. Hope smiles, telling Marlena that this is her chance. Hope heads off.

Morgan walks along the docks. Paul pops up out of nowhere, scaring her. She asks what he is doing down here, and he tells her that he doesn’t have a lot of time to talk. He is leaving town, and wanted to say goodbye. She asks why, but he can’t tell her that. He won’t be safe until he gets out of here. They hug.

Stephanie continues pounding on the door as Max demands that Robbins tell him who the woman in the picture is. Robbins insists that Max open the door, and he does. Stephanie lays into him, calling him by his full name. Robbins says he hopes she came to take Max home, then stops when he realizes what Max’s last name is. He asks him to confirm it, and when Max does, Robbins threatens to call the police. Max smiles. He is pretty sure Robbins won’t call the cops. Max knows too much. He sneers, “Isn’t that right, Trent?”

Morgan cries on the pier alone. Phillip comes up and asks what’s wrong. She confides in him about what happened to her father. She’s worried because he feared for his life. Phillip hugs her and soothes her.

Ava tells Nicole that she has resources to help her at her disposal. All she has to do is make a phone call. Nicole thanks her and says she has to leave. Ava asks her if they are friends. Nicole smiles and says they are.

Marlena asks John is they can talk, but he says his schedule is full. Marlena would like it if they could have supper, then.

Max asks Robbins if he would like to tell Stephanie what is going on, or if she should. Robbins swears that he is confused as she is. Max tells him that he came to talk about the past. It happens to be staring him in the face right now. Robbins gasps, asking Max how he could have known.

Phillip asks Morgan not to cry, but she can’t help it. Her dad wasn’t perfect, but he was her dad, and she loved him anyway. She begs Phillip to help protect her father. Phillip isn’t sure that he can do anything. Morgan cries and pleads. She knows he will do something if he can. He knows he has a good heart. Phillip still isn’t sure. Morgan kisses him.

John isn’t sure that supper is such a good idea. He thinks that Marlena is in love with a different man, and John is sick and tired of trying to be him to make her happy. Marlena says she is sorry for doing that. John believes her, but that ship has sailed. He has moved on, and it’s time for her to do the same. He walks over to Ava, greets her, and escorts her out. Marlena looks like she might cry.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole orders some champagne and vodka. EJ interrupts her, saying they need to talk. Nicole asks if there was a problem with the divorce settlement, but EJ says no. This is personal business. He needs someone to talk to, since Sami kicked him out of the mansion. Nicole shakes her head sympathetically. The whole situation over at that house is a tall glass of wrong. EJ insists that he isn’t really going to move out, but he is upset that Sami wants him to. Nicole wants to help take his mind off of the little twit. Besides, neither Victor or Phillip are here. EJ wonders what they can do. Nicole moves in for a kiss.

Max tells Robbins that everyone leaves a paper trail-- especially an esteemed writer like himself. Max urges him to tell Stephanie what’s going on. Robbins gapes. Max insists. Stephanie whines, “Tell me what?”


Marlena asks John, "Can you say what you want to say so I can leave please?" John replies, "My behavior at the pub was wrong."

Chloe catches Morgan and Phillip kissing.

Max tells the dean, "You are going to start talking." Robbins replies, "I don't have to justify myself to you." Max retorts, "The hell you don't."

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