Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/17/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/17/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas begs Chloe not to tell anyone that he took off his monitor and snuck out of the house. Chloe wonders why he would jeopardize his freedom that way, and Lucas claims he just needed some air. Chloe thinks it was more than that. He was there for her when no one else in town was. He reached out to her when she was upset. Lucas thinks she must have been crying about Phillip, and Chloe admits that that’s true. Lucas frets about someone finding out about him leaving. Chloe swears she won’t tell. It was all just a big misunderstanding, and besides, she wouldn’t turn in a friend.

Bo and Hope arrive at the pub, starving. They chat about how hungry they are. Bo thinks hard detective work can really make one work up an appetite. John comes in and tells them that he thinks they know who started the fire at the docks. Hope and Bo tell him it’s still under investigation. John huffs. He is talking about Bo protecting his little brother. Why hasn’t Phillip been arrested for torching John’s cargo?

Outside the pub, Nick tries to call Max. He taps his foot and urges Max to pick up.

At the hospital, Steve tells Stephanie that he is concerned about Max. Kayla filled him in on what has been going on. Stephanie tells him that Max is having some issues, but she’s trying to help him work through them. Steve wonders if what Max needs the most is space.

In Robbins’ hotel room, Max hears Robbins and Nicole approach outside. He makes a mad dash for the bedroom and shuts the door behind him.

Outside the door, Robbins gushes, telling Nicole how happy he is that they have a chance to reconnect. He wishes he could bring her someplace more comfortable, but he is staying at the Salem Inn until he can find his own place. Nicole tells him that she’s really busy. She’d much rather catch up with him some other time. Robbins urges her to come inside for just a few moments.

Hope reminds John that there is no proof that Phillip did anything wrong. John finds that funny, since they also arrested him with no proof. Bo scoffs. Drugs were found on his ships, and he assaulted a police officer. There’s the proof. John thinks it’s convenient that the police officer he assaulted was another brother of Bo’s. Bo sighs. If there were any evidence Phillip had a hand in this, Bo would arrest him immediately. But there isn’t. They have nothing on either Phillip or Paul. John fumes. They won’t find anything sitting on their butts here and drinking coffee. John guesses he will have to get the proof himself.

Max’s phone goes straight to voicemail and Nick curses, wondering where the hell he is.

Stephanie tells Steve that she will never give up on Max, if that is what he wants her to do. Steve says that isn’t what he was saying at all. The kid id going through some heavy stuff, and he needs some breathing room. Kayla comes over, and Stephanie lays into her for telling Steve about the situation with Max. She thinks he is completely overreacting. Steve disagrees. He just thinks Stephanie needs to give Max some space. He reminds Stephanie that she never came home last night, and they were worried. It wasn’t that long ago that her life was in danger. Stephanie practically spits, “Yeah, because of you!”

Robbins opens his door, and Nicole reluctantly follows him inside. He freaks out when he sees the mess Max has made. He wonders who broke into his room, and what they were looking for. He turns his back on Nicole and gets on the phone with security to report the break-in. Nicole sneaks out while his back is turned. Max watches the proceedings from the bedroom.

Lucas thanks Chloe for agreeing to keep his secret about sneaking out from under his house arrest. She just hopes he won’t do anything as foolish as that ever again. He promises not to. He just can’t stand living here with Sami and EJ anymore. He tells Chloe that it got so bad that he had to give Sami an ultimatum—either she moves out or EJ does. Chloe wonders what he will do if they both refuse. Lucas says if that happens, then he will finally know that it’s over between him and Sami. Chloe shakes her head. Sami would be a fool to let a man like him go. Lucas smiles. He could say the same about Phillip if he lets Chloe go. Chloe tells Lucas that Phillip has a lot going on right now. She tells Lucas that Bo questioned him about the drugs being planted on John’s ships, but he denied it. Chloe says she has to believe him. John stomps in, asking if she really has to believe that Phillip is innocent. John thinks that the kid has already made one too many mistakes, and she can tell him that. Chloe tells John to tell Phillip himself and huffs off. Lucas can’t believe how rude John is being. John laughs. This is his house. He’ll be rude to anyone whenever he pleases. John asks if there is anyone else here he should know about. Lucas says Sami and EJ are both out. John is glad, as he’d like a little peace and quiet. Lucas glares and heads upstairs to tend to the twins. John calls Ava and tells her that he wants to take her up on her offer.

Bo tells Hope that he wants to talk to Phillip again, so he called him and asked him to come by the pub. Phillip comes in, and both Bo and Hope question him about the drugs and the fire. Phillip denies any involvement. Bo gets a call about the break-in at Robbins’ hotel and says he will be right down. He apologetically tells Hope that he has to go deal with this and heads off. Phillip swears that he is telling the truth.

Ava arrives at the mansion, and John asks her what she has in mind to help him with Phillip. She takes out her phone and places a call to Angelo. She asks him to bring Paul Hollingsworth over to the DiMera mansion. She’d like to speak with him. Angelo agrees, and Ava hangs up. John quickly fills her in on Paul’s role in his ongoing war with Phillip. Ava is against when she learns that Paul betrayed John. She says such behavior is frowned upon in her family. John thinks her dad sounds a lot like Stefano. Ava nods. They were a lot alike. They knew each other, but always took great pains to stay out of each other’s way. John wonders if he and Ava should do the same. After all, he inherited all of Stefano’s property and interests. Ava thinks they ought to join forces. Then no one could stop them. John tells her that he will have to think about it. Marlena wants him to use his money and influence to do good.

Phillip arrives back home and flashes back to talking with Paul. Paul demands that he and Phillip meet so that Phillip can pay him for setting the fire. Nicole interrupts Phillip’s reverie, looking for Victor.

Angelo and Eddie show up at the DiMera mansion with Paul, who splutters with rage, wondering what this is all about. John tells him it’s time to have a little chat. Paul gapes. Has he not heard of a phone? John thought he needed some persuasion in a more personal context. He is willing to forgive Paul for starting the fire. Paul begins to protest. John cuts him off. He will forgive Paul this time—but only if he tells the truth.

Stephanie lays into Steve, telling him that he has no right to tell her how to live her life—especially after what happened with Ava. She storms off. Steve sighs. He hates it, but he has to agree with her. He has never been there for her, so he doesn’t have the right to tell her what to do. He looks at Kayla hopefully, reminding her that she raised Stephanie. Perhaps she can help.

Robbins walks around his room, inspecting the damage. Inside the bedroom, Max makes a noise. Robbins picks up a lamp and heads inside. Max has already escaped out the window, as Robbins finds the room empty. He peers out the window, looking for the intruder.

Phillip tells Nicole that Victor is at the hospital with Kate, and he won’t want to deal with her right now. Nicole would be better off just telling him what she wants. Maybe he can help her. Nicole looks around, clearly afraid. She tells Phillip that she needs protection.

Bo shows up at Robbins’ hotel room.

Nick comes into the pub, asking Hope if she has seen Max. He’s sort of missing. Stpehanie comes in right after, wailing and moaning and wondering where Max could be. Just then, Max walks in, wondering who they are looking for. Stephanie gapes, then demands to know where he has been.

Phillip wonders why Nicole could possibly need protection. She explains that someone from her past has suddenly dropped into town. Phillip agrees to help her, but he needs the guy’s name. Chloe interrupts them, and Nicole runs out.

Robbins rails at Bo, who calmly tells him that he can file a report. Since no one saw the intruder, there’s little chance that he will be caught.

Max tells Nick and Stpehanie that he just went for a jog, but they aren’t buying it. Nick wonders why Max’s phone was off. Stpehanie accuses him of sneaking out of bed this morning like a thief. Max fidgets, and finally gets angry. He rages at them, claiming that he can take care of himself.

Paul huffs. He doesn’t like threats, and normally refuses to respond to them. Eddie laughs. They do like threats, though. Paul swears that he didn’t betray John. They have always been on the same side. Angelo tells Paul they can do this the easy way or the hard way. Paul continues to deny any involvement, and Angelo slaps him every time he does so. Paul begs John to call his goons off. Angelo threatens Paul with a gun. Lucas sneaks downstairs and eavesdrops.

Chloe tells Phillip that she came by to see about Kate, and Phillip says she is fine. Chloe asks what the problem is with Nicole, and Phillip tells her that Nicole is scared. Chloe smirks. Of what? Running out of vodka? Phillip says he isn’t sure, and gets a call. Someone on the other end tells him some of Vitali’s men picked Paul up and took him to the DiMera mansion. Phillip thanks the man, hangs up, and moves in on Chloe for a kiss.

Bo comes back to the pub and fills Hope in on the break-in at Robbins’ place. Bo asks Nick if he knows of anyone who might not like the dean. Nick sweats.

Chloe stops Phillip, worrying that Victor might come back and catch them. Besides, that isn’t way she came by. She wanted Phillip to know that she finally made a new friend in Salem. Phillip flirts. He hopes it is him. Chloe smiles. They kiss some more.

Paul tells Angelo to go ahead and shoot him. He’s not going to confess to something he didn’t do. John stops Angelo and tells him and Eddie to throw Paul out. They wonder at John wanting Paul to be thrown out alive. John says he wants him to think about what could happen to him if he doesn’t own up. As they haul him off, he shrieks back to John that he never betrayed him. Ava thinks he got the message. Lucas watches the men drag Paul outside. He flashes back to running into him on the docks.

Kayla tells Steve that everything is fine. Max is Stephanie’s first real love. They will have some bumps in the road, but they need to let the kids work them out on their own. Besides, Kayla knows that Max cares about Stephanie. He would never hurt her on purpose. A nurse comes over and tells them they can see the baby now. They head in, and Steve tells Kayla that he doesn’t think they know the half of what’s really going on between those two.

Robbins has a drink in his room and places a call to Nicole, asking what happened to her. She stammers, saying that he looked busy with the break-in. She didn’t want to get in his way. Robbins tells her that everything is fine. Nothing was taken, and he really wants to see her. Nicole isn’t sure. Robbins insists. He thinks a meeting between them is long overdue.

Nick tells Bo that he doesn’t know of any enemies Robbins may have made.

Stephanie fills Hope in on what’s going on with the baby. Max stares at the picture he took from Robbins’ room.


Max tells Stephanie, "What, you want me to have some sort of meltdown so you can comfort me and tell me it's going to be fine? Forget it. You can't. No one can."

Ava tells John, "You're my friend and you needed protecting." John replies, "I'll drink to that."

Hope tellsMarlena, "But John's lost. You have to help him before it's too late."

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