Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/16/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/16/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Daniel tells Kate that there is no reason to be nervous. The procedure is simple. Chelsea assures her that she will be fine. Daniel asks if she needs something to help relax her, but Kate says no.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Henderson asks Phillip to give his mother his best. Phillip searches for his keys, can’t find them, and heads upstairs to look. The bell rings, and Henderson answers to find EJ. He tells him that Nicole is asleep, but EJ says he came to speak to Victor. Victor walks in just then and asks what the hell EJ is doing there. EJ smiles, saying it’s lovely to see him, too. Victor tells him Kate has surgery this morning. Whatever he has to say better be quick. EJ tells him that he came to talk about the offer from the night before. He wants to give Victor one last chance to reconsider the deal. Victor tells EJ that he is rude and thoughtless. EJ sighs. He knows Kate is ill, but from what he heard, her prognosis is good. Will Victor hear him out or not?

Abe and Roman walk around near the docks, and Roman asks Abe if he needs some time off. He thinks Abe looks exhausted. Abe says work is the only thing keeping him sane right now. Roman asks if he wants to talk about it, but Abe would rather talk about Marlena moving out of the mansion. Chloe walks up quietly and listens in on their conversation from around the corner. Roman thinks it was best for Marlena to leave, but he’s worried about Sami. Abe thinks she can take care of herself, but Roman isn’t so sure. Living there is getting to her. Abe thinks it must be tough for Lucas, too. Roman agrees. Being under house arrest could drive anyone crazy.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami come in from jogging, and tells Lucas it’s a nice day for the lake. Lucas grumbles. For her maybe. His options for the day are some bad movies on TV. Sami smiles slyly. Maybe they can figure out a way to get his ankle monitor off. Then he could get out of here. Lucas sighs. He already told her that he never left. He doesn’t know why she is so convinced that he slipped out of the house last night. Sami huffs. So what if she is? Lucas glares back. So what if he did, then?

At the hospital, Steve paces. He wonders how long a few tests could take. Kayla soothes him. They are jut making sure Joe is strong enough to breathe on his own. She is excited about getting to hold him. Steve asks about Stephanie, and Kayla thinks she must be on her way. She wouldn’t want to miss this. Steve says he is worried. She didn’t come home last night. Kayla thinks she must be with Max. He is going through a lot right now, even though Steve might not know about it. Steve asks her to tell him what’s going on.

Upstairs at the pub, Max lies in bed with Stephanie. He flashes back to threatening to expose Robbins to the whole town and the university.

Kayla fills Steve in on the corrections Max made to Nick’s work. Steve can’t believe they’re talking about the same kid. Kayla nods. He seems to be gifted, but he doesn’t want to admit it. From what Stephanie tells her, it sounds as if Max is living a double life. He is angry, and he has managed to alienate all of his friends. Plus, he is getting into fights. Kayla admits that she is worried about him. Steve wonders what has Max so tweaked.

Max gets out of bed quietly and starts to get dressed.

As Chloe listens, Roman tells Abe that he doesn’t think Lucas would risk another ten years in prison for a few moments of freedom. Abe agrees. Rona’s phone rings. It’s Eric, who has just gotten out of the hospital. Abe tells him to give Eric his best, and they head off in different directions.

Phillip comes downstairs and asks Victor if he needs to stay. Victor say no, and tells him to head down to the hospital. He’ll follow shortly. Phillip leaves. EJ tells Victor that he and his client would like to settle out of court. Victor tells him to get out. EJ urges him to look at the deal first. Victor refuses. EJ reminds him that he could be charged with fraud. Nicole took the heat for his death-but Victor wasn’t really dead. He allowed that to happen. Victor tells EJ that Nicole tried to kill him. There’s a witness to corroborate it. EJ chuckles. The witness has been in a coma for three years. Victor says this is all preposterous. If EJ thinks he can blackmail Victor into settling, he is dead wrong.

Daniel tells Kate that the surgery must be done as soon as possible. She explain that she doesn’t want him to do it. Chelsea doesn’t understand. He is a family friend. Kate nods. He is also Victor’s god-son. The have more than just a simple doctor-patient relationship. Daniel insists that he can be objective. Kate sighs. She doesn’t understand the problem. This is a simple procedure. She is the patient, and she wants a different doctor. That’s the end of it. Daniel asks Chelsea to wait in the hallway while he speaks to Kate alone. Chelsea leaves. Kate doesn’t understand why Daniel can’t accept her wishes. Daniel smiles and nods. He thinks he knows what this is all about.

Victor can’t think of one good reason to settle. No judge in the state would side with Nicole. EJ isn’t so sure. A court that poked into Victor’s past and his ex-wives wouldn’t like what they see. EJ ticks them off--Carly, Vivian, and Kate, for starters. EJ vows to make Victor’s business and family look like the opening act of a freak show. Victor waves him off. These are empty threats. EJ slams the papers down, asking Victor if he really wants to risk losing half of his estate. He thinks that if Victor were smart, he would take the offer. Nicole comes gliding downstairs. She asks EJ if Victor took the deal. Victor grumbles, “Hell, no.”

Sami demands to know if Lucas is admitting to sneaking out. Lucas changes the subject. This arrangement isn’t working. All they do is argue all of the time. Lucas thinks Sami needs to move out and live with her mother. Sami refuses. Lucas says EJ has to leave, then. The bell rings and Lucas goes off to answer it. Chloe comes in, asking to speak to Lucas alone. Lucas asks Sami to give them a minute. Sami says she has to go take a shower anyway, and heads off. Lucas closes the door, and Chloe tells him that she can come back later if this is a bad time. Sami puts her ear up to the door outside and listens. Lucas tells Chloe to wait a second and bangs loudly on the door. Sami yelps and runs off. Lucas opens the door and yells at her to get out of there.

Kate asks Daniel not to make this difficult for her. Daniel agrees, but he tells her that she gets to explain her reasoning to Chelsea. He heads outside and tells Chelsea that Kate isn’t changing her mind. Philip comes up and Chelsea tells him that Kate is refusing to let Daniel operate on her. Daniel nods, saying that she wants another surgeon. Phillip gapes. Daniel tells them that it’s fine. Dr. Stahl is available. He is an excellent surgeon. Phillip tells him to wait. He’s going to go try to talk some sense into Kate.

Nicole urges Victor to settle. The sooner he does it, the sooner she will be out of his hair. Victor refuses. She could by a small country with the amount she’s asking for. Nicole fumes. He spends millions on artwork. Surely he can afford to keep her up, too. Victor says she tried to kill him. She doesn’t deserve one red cent. Nicole huffs and calls Henderson in. She tells him she needs six large tents for Friday. She would also like him to call Maggie. She’ll need Chez Rouge to cater for 100 to 150 guests here at the mansion. Victor tells Henderson to leave and asks Nicole who the hell she thinks she is. She smiles and reminds him that her parties don’t really get going until after midnight. Victor fumes and agrees to settle--but at half what Nicole originally asked. EJ chuckles. He must be mad. Victor says it’s his final offer. Nicole interrupts EJ. She’ll take it.

Stephanie wakes up and calls out for Max, but he’s gone.

Steve frets about Max. Kayla doesn’t think they should get involved. The need to let the kids work it out for themselves. If Max wants their help, then he will ask for it. A nurse brings Joe in, and tells Steve and Kayla that he is finally off the ventilator. Steve asks if they can hold him .The nurse thinks that Joe would like that. Steve beams.

Stephanie comes downstairs and asks Pete if he has seen Max. Pete says he hasn’t.

Max sneaks up to a door in a building. He hears noises inside and runs off around the corner. Robbins comes out of the door and heads down the hallway. Max comes back and tries to open the door, but Robbins locked it.

Stephanie calls Nick and asks if he has seen Max. Nick says he hasn’t. Stephanie admits that she is worried, since he has been acting so strangely lately. Nick asks if he should come over. Stephanie asks him to meet her at the hospital in fifteen minutes. Nick agrees.

Max pulls out a credit card and goes to work on the lock. After a few minutes, the door pops open. Max heads inside.

Lucas comes back from tending to Allie and apologizes to Chloe. She thinks he seems like a good father, which is why she is wondering how he could risk it all. Lucas doesn’t get it. Chloe huffs. She knows he was on the pier when he called her last night. Lucas denies it. Chloe reminds him that it’s just the two of them. He doesn’t have to lie anymore. Lucas says he isn’t. Chloe ignores him, asking how he got out of here.

Roman comes into the pub and chats with Stephanie as she heads out the door. Sami comes in, and she and Roman talk about Joe and how they ought to go visit him. They place their orders with Pete, and Roman worries about Sami’s fruit plate. He thinks she’ll waste away to nothing. Sami explains that she is trying to get her body back after carrying the twins. Roam thinks she is beautiful. She thanks him and says she needs his advice. Lucas gave her an ultimatum. Either she has to move out of the mansion, or EJ does. Sami says she can’t leave. Roman doesn’t think they can make EJ leave, even if they both want him to go. Sami says it will be difficult either way. The twins will be upset. Roman gets the feeling Sam doesn’t want EJ to leave. Sami says she doesn’t, but Lucas will freak out and accuse her of having feelings for EJ if she admitted it. Roman wants to know if she does have feelings for EJ.

EJ pulls Nicole aside and asks her what she is doing. He was about to get her twice the amount Victor offered. Nicole tells him that she is sick of all this. She just wants her freedom. She tells Victor that she accept his offer. Victor is surprised. EJ tells them that he will have his office draw up the papers and heads off. Victor tells Nicole that he knows exactly what she is doing. She always has an ulterior motive. Nicole says she just wants out of the marriage. Victor thinks she must be ready to move on to her next victim. He hopes EJ knows what he is getting himself into.

Kate sighs and explains to Phillip and Chelsea that she wants a different doctor. It’s not a big deal. Phillip reminds her that she can’t get a better surgeon than Daniel. A nurse comes in and tells Kate that Dr. Stahl will be performing the operation. The nurse asks Chelsea and Philip to leave so that she can prep Kate for surgery. They both tell Kate they love her and head out.

Max looks through Robbins’ apartment, tossing things aside as he does. Glass shatters.

Stephanie arrives at the hospital as Kayla and Steve gush over Joe. Nick comes over as Steve and Kayla hand him back to the nurse. They greet the two of them, and Nick says he’s glad the baby is doing better. Steve thinks they will be able to bring him home soon. Kayla remembers that she forgot to thank another doctor for a baby gift she received. She heads off. Nick asks about Max, and Stephanie explains that his phone is off. She has no clue where he is. Nick agrees to go check the pier, the café, and the basketball courts. Stephanie thanks him, saying she knows of a few places to look, too. Nick says he’ll call her if he sees Max and heads off. Stephanie starts to leave, too, but Steve stops her. He wants to know what is going on with Max.

Victor rushes up to Phillip, asking about Kate. Phillip tells her she just went into surgery. Victor catches sight of Daniel, and asks why he isn’t in the operating room. Daniel shrugs. Kate wanted another doctor to perform the surgery. She is in good hands, but he can go in and check on her if Victor likes. Chelsea and Phillip thank Daniel and he heads off. Victor mutters under his breath, wondering what in the hell is going on with Kate.

Sami sighs and tells Roman that it’s complicated. She and EJ share a child together. Just then, EJ and Nicole come into the pub. Sami stops short and scowls. Roman asks her if it bothers her to see EJ and Nicole together. Sami glares at them.

EJ wonders why Nicole didn’t go for Victor’s jugular. She smiles sadly. It isn’t always about the money. EJ asks who she is and what she did with Nicole. Nicole laughs. She does have a softer side, believe it or not. EJ says that he is happy with the outcome as long as she is. He asks her to celebrate with him. Nicole isn’t so sure. Sami is right across the room, and she knows that she wouldn’t appreciate it. EJ says she shouldn’t worry, but Nicole says she’ll take a rain check. They’ll have drinks some other time on her. She tells EJ that she is sad this is ending, even though she is thrilled to be rid of Victor. EJ says that is has been nice getting to know her. She says she will look him up if she ever needs another lawyer. They hug and Nicole thanks him again. She leaves. As she glances back at EJ once more from outside, Dean Robbins walks up and greets her by name. He says her face is as beautiful as the day he met her. He wants to catch up with her. She says she doesn’t have the time right now. Robbins leers. She’s never been able to say no to him.

Phillip asks Victor how things went with EJ. He tells Phillip that they settled. Nicole got half of what she asked for and twice what she’s worth. Victor is just glad that that ugly little chapter in his life has ended. Phillip chuckles, saying they had better count the silverware before she leaves. Victor tells Phillip that he thought about what he said the other night, and he wants to apologize. Phillip is doing an astounding job at Titan, and he is light years ahead of where Victor was at his age. Phillip asks if Victor trusts him. Victor tells him that Phillip has his full support. Daniel comes out and tells them that Kate’s surgery is over, and it was successful. As long as there are no complications, she can go home tomorrow or the day after. Chelsea thanks him and goes off to call her mom. Daniel pulls her aside, saying he needs a favor. Victor eavesdrops as Daniel asks Chelsea to go to diner with him.

Chloe urges Lucas to admit that he was at the pier the night before. Lucas refuses. Chloe says he saw her crying. He had to have been there. Lucas says that is was a total coincidence--Chloe interrupts, saying that she caught him. Lucas admits that he was there, but begs her not to tell anyone. He was going stir-crazy in here, and he had to get out for a little while and clear his head. He swears he had no intention of running away. He was gone for an hour and came right back. Chloe asks if anyone else knows. Lucas shakes his head. Sami has her suspicions, and he would like them to stay that way. He doesn’t want to lose his daughter or go back to jail. Chloe has to promise not to say anything.

Roman says he has to leave as EJ heads over to talk with Sami. EJ tells her all about Nicole’s settlement and the commission he will be getting from it. He wants to take her out to the new five-star Italian place to celebrate. Sami says they can’t just go out together. It wouldn’t look right. EJ says they need to talk about what happened between them. Sami agrees, but she has something important to say first. She spoke with Lucas and he demanded that either she or EJ move out of the mansion. She is sorry, but it can’t be her. EJ gapes.

Max tosses more things aside at Robbins’ place. More glass breaks. Max sees a photo and inspects it. Suddenly, he hears Robbins and Nicole approach the door outside. Max runs off to hide in the bedroom.


John tells Bo, “I'm talking about you protecting your little brother, detective. Why hasn't he been arrested for torching my goods?”

Steve tells Stephanie, “In case you're forgetting, it wasn't long ago your life was in danger.” She replies, “Yeah, because of you.”

Philip tells Nicole, “Tell me what you need.” She replies, “What I need is protection.”

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