Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/13/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/13/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the hospital, Daniel orders another CT scan and more blood work to be done on Kate. Kate grumbles, saying this has all already been done. Daniel agrees, but the results can come out differently sometimes. He just wants to be thorough. He tells Kate that he needs to know about her previous medical history. Has she had any major surgeries or injuries? Kate says that she once had surgery for a hernia. Mike Horton performed it. Daniel sends the nurse off for Kate’s records. Chelsea comes in and asks if they know what is wrong with Kate.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip barks into the phone. He tells the person that if they can’t get it done, he will find someone who can. Victor comes in as he hangs up and asks if intimidation is part of Phillip’s new style. Phillip huffs, saying that it is just business. Victor sneers, “What about arson?”

Nicole meets EJ at the pub, and he tells her that he has already ordered for her. She smiles and tells him that she loves a man of decision. EJ says he has news. Nicole wonders if he caught Sami and Lucas together, or if Lucas caught him and Sami together again. EJ tells her that it has nothing to do with his personal life. He found a way to give her the cushy divorce settlement that she has been hoping for.

Stephanie comes into the pub and flirts a little with Max. Max isn’t interested. Caroline interrupts and tells Max to take the night off to spend some time with his girlfriend. Max declines. He is exhausted. He just wants a cup of tea, and then he wants to go upstairs to bed. Stephanie asks if they can talk first. Max blows her off.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena walks in to find Ava and John together. John welcomes Marlena home. She eyes him carefully, noting that he seems to have found a new friend. John wonders if she has a problem with that. Marlena says she doesn’t, but she wonders why Ava is there. John rolls his eyes. He invited her over for dinner, that’s all. Marlena notices that her picture is gone, and John reminds her that she was gone, too. He asks if she is back for good this time. Sami comes in and hugs Marlena, asking for news on Eric. Marlena says that he sends his love, and is fine apart from a couple of broken bones. John gets Ava a drink as Marlena notes to Sami that she seems to be interrupting something. Ava thanks Marlena for her help a couple of weeks ago. She took her advice seriously, and is trying to move on from what her father did to her. Marlena says she can see that, alright. John wonders if she is jealous. Marlena reminds him that they are still married. John tells her that they aren’t really husband and wife anymore. They aren’t even sleeping together. Marlena rages. How dare he expose the intimate details of their marriage? John grins. That’s just it. There are no intimate details. So he is moving on with his life. Marlena wonders if he will move on with Ava. John says they are just getting to know one another. Sami pulls Marlena aside and fills her in on what has been going on between John and Phillip. They have to help him before John does something disastrous.

Victor thinks that Phillip is in way over his head, but Phillip says that he can handle himself. Victor sighs and waves him off, saying they have more important things to talk about. Kate has been admitted to the hospital.

Kate moans and thrashes, complaining of shooting pains. Chelsea begs Daniel to help her. A nurse comes in to draw blood, and Daniel rushes off. Chelsea gives chase.

Max heads upstairs, and Stephanie confides in Caroline about Max’s strange behavior recently. Kayla comes in, interrupting them. Stephanie tells Caroline that Kayla can fill her in on what’s going on with Max. She heads off. Kayla tells Caroline that Joe has been doing well. He came home the other day, and she has Steve watching him at the apartment so she could have a little fun.

EJ tells Nicole that he will get her the divorce settlement she wants, but she has to promise not to say anything to Sami about the annulment. Nicole agrees, but EJ fears that Nicole will want another favor in exchange for her silence. Nicole admits that there is one thing she wants from EJ above all else. He groans, and asks what it is. Nicole leans in and smiles sadly. She would like his respect.

Jon interrupts Sami and Marlena, saying that the problem between himself and Phillip has gotten pretty fired up lately. Sami tells Marlena about the warehouse fire and John’s suspicion that Phillip set it. A baby wails, and Sami rushes upstairs. John tells Marlena that he tried to fight Victor and Phillip her way, and it cost him dearly. He has a plan to deal with them now, but she might not like it. Marlena tells him that violence is never the way to get things done—but maybe that is the Vitali way of doing things. Ava says she is no fan of violence, but she also thinks that John needs to stand up for himself. John agrees with her, telling Marlena that she doesn’t get to weigh in on the issue.

On her way downstairs, Sami bumps into Lucas, who is on the phone with Phillip. Phillip tells him about Kate being admitted to the hospital.

Stephanie raps at Max’s door, but he tells her to go away. She comes in anyway, and Max throws a magazine in frustration. Stephanie demands to know what is wrong, and once again, Max tells her that nothing is. Stephanie changes tactics, wondering if Caroline knows how smart he is. Max huffs. He isn’t smart! He’s just good with numbers! Stephanie knows that it is more than that. She again demands that Max tell her what is wrong with her.

Chelsea catches Daniel outside and demands to know what is wrong with Kate. Daniel snaps. He could sit here and chat with Chelsea about it, or he could get to work and figure out what is wrong with her grandmother. Chelsea apologizes and tells Daniel that she has faith in him. He thanks her and gets back to work. Chelsea mutters that she made the mistake of falling in love with him. Daniel gapes and asks her if she said what he thought she said. Chelsea rushes back to Kate’s room without answering. Kate wonders what she and Daniel were talking about.

Marlena wonders if John is turning his back on the past. John says that he is looking to the future, that’s all. Marlena asks what that means for them. He shrugs. All it means is that she isn’t the guy he fell in love with. She can take it or leave it. Marlena says she needs to pack her things, then, and she heads upstairs. Sami rushes after her.

Chloe shows up at the mansion looking for Lucas, but he says he can’t talk. His mother has been admitted to the hospital.

EJ wonders why he should respect Nicole. She reminds him that she has kept his secret thus far. EJ isn’t sure that is a good enough reason. Nicole explodes. She is frustrated seeing him wallowing over Sami. He deserves so much better. He is living in a haunted mansion with a creepy butler, two screaming babies, and a woman who has set her sights on a convict. EJ chuckles and says he never thought of it that way. EJ wonders who Nicole thinks is right for him since Sami isn’t.

Kayla fills Caroline in on what’s going on with Max. Caroline is flabbergasted. Max is a genius? How could she not know that about her own son?

Max tells Stephanie that things have gotten really bad for him since his Pop died. He just can’t talk about it. Stephanie cries and pleads with him to talk to her.

Chelsea tells Kate that she and Daniel were talking about her as Phillip and Victor rush in. Phillip runs over to Kate and fusses over her. She tells him that she didn’t want him to worry about her. She didn’t even want him to know, since he has been so busy lately. Phillip tells her that his first priority is his family. Kate sighs and thanks him, warning him that she doesn’t want Lucas to know either. Phillip fidgets and says it’s too late.

Ava asks John if he loves Marlena, but he says that he isn’t sure what love is. He doesn’t remember her at all, and all she wants is her old husband back. He is just sick and tired of disappointing her all of the time. Ava doesn’t expect anything from him, and it’s refreshing. Ava tells him that he makes her feel good about herself.

Lucas tells Chloe that he has to go. They can talk later. Chloe whines, saying he can’t leave. Lucas growls at her to get out of his way.

Stephanie apologizes to Max and tells him that she loves him. He returns the sentiment.

Kate doubles over with pain. Lexie rushes in and tells everyone to leave as she and Daniel examine Kate. Daniel asks Kate if she has had any injuries or trauma to speak of lately. Kate admits that she got kicked in her aerobics class. Daniel asks where, and she breathlessly tells him it was in the abdomen. Daniel flies out of the room. Lexie tries to comfort Kate.

Nicole thinks that EJ should be with a woman that wants him as badly as he wants her. And that clearly isn’t Sami. She also promises to keep his secret, and offers to pinky swear on it. EJ doesn’t get it. She shows him how to link pinkies, and then she swears never to tell that he and Sami are no longer married. EJ thanks her. They toast to their new understanding, and Nicole adds that she’d like to toast to her filthy rich future. EJ tells her that he must go see Victor, speaking of that. He excuses himself. He says he will be in touch, and Nicole laughs, saying she wishes she could be so lucky.

Caroline still cannot understand how Max’s book smarts slipped by her unnoticed. Kayla wonders if Pop’s death has anything to do with Max’s anger issues. Caroline isn’t sure, but the boy hasn’t been the same since his father died.

Max and Stephanie strip down and begin to make love.

Daniel comes back inside Kate’s room, telling her and Lexie that he found an omental torsion after a secondary CAT scan reading. Lexie cannot believe he diagnosed it. She has heard of it, but it’s rare and very difficult to diagnose. Daniel assures Kate that everything will be fine. She will just have to have surgery, and she’ll be as good as new. Lexie and Kate both thank him and Lexie heads out to tell Phillip, Victor, and Chelsea the news about Kate’s surgery. EJ shows up, wanting to speak with Victor.

Ava asks John what it is like to be in love. She tells him that it was wonderful, but the last man she loved left her at the altar. But life goes on. John thinks Blondie may be thinking the same thing right now. He asks Ava if she’d be interested in some bubbly, but she says she has had enough to drink. John meant the hot tub, but she declines, saying she didn’t bring a suit. John smiles. A bathing suit is not a prerequisite. Ava says some other time, maybe. If he ever needs a friend to talk to, he can call her. She says she ha t go and heads off. John stares out the window and whispers, “Doc.”

Chloe reminds Lucas of his ankle monitor. He can’t go anywhere, remember? Lucas glances down and curses. He completely forgot. She says she came by to talk about how he knew she was crying on the pier. She accuses him of being down there and spying on her.

Sami begs and pleads with Marlena to stay, but she says that she can’t stay there any longer. She leaves. Sami bawls.

Lucas doesn’t understand what Chloe is implying. She says that she is just trying to be is friend, but Lucas doesn’t think so. He tells her that he knew she was crying because of his sixth sense about those kinds of things. Chloe doesn’t buy it, and Lucas tells her to drop it.

Ava joins Nicole at the pub and tells her about her date with John. She really likes him. Nicole says she likes EJ, too, but unfortunately, he is all wrapped up with that whiny blonde bitch. Nicole wonders if she saw John’s bedroom. Ava grins. She saw it, but didn’t exactly experience it, if Nicole catches her drift. She tells her Marlena came home unexpectedly and threatened to move out. Nicole thinks that is good news, and tells her that EJ is working on getting her a fat divorce settlement. Pretty soon, they can both party whenever they want.

EJ asks for a word with Victor. Victor brushes him off, telling him to call his lawyers in the morning, since that is what Victor pays them for. EJ tells him his lawyers have gone home. EJ has a deal for Victor—but it expires in five minutes. Victor growls at EJ to go away.

Daniel talks to the family about Kate’s diagnosis and surgery. Essentially, some tissue in her abdomen is twisted, and it cutting off blood flow. He is confident that Kate will pull through this just fine. Phillip thanks him profusely. Chelsea throws her arms around his neck.

Stephanie sleeps in Max’s bed. He strokes her hair and apologizes to her. He wishes he could tell her more, but he can’t ever tell anyone about him.


Daniel tells Kate, “I'm going to get something to help relax you.” Kate replies, “No. I'm not going to let you do the surgery.”

Steve asks Kayla, “What's got Max so tweaked?” Kayla replies, “It's like he's living a double life. He's angry and has alienated his friends.”

Victor tells EJ, “If you think you can blackmail me into settling, you're dead wrong.”

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