Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/12/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/12/08


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At the pub, Dean Robbins tries to talk Nick out of returning the grant money. Max thinks this is all so crazy. Nick deserves credit, not him. Nick huffs. What is crazy is that he let this go on so long without saying anything. Robbins is confused. Is Nick trying to say that this bartender friend of his developed Nick’s hypothesis? Max steps in and says that isn’t true. The idea was Nick’s. He just changed some equations and recalculated some figures. Nick doesn’t care. He doesn’t think he deserves the money or the credit, so he is giving it back. He’s tired of Max trying to manipulate him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe and Phillip kiss passionately. Morgan walks in, sees them, and gasps. Phillip stammers. Morgan says she has to go and bolts.

John finishes his tour of the mansion and talks to Ava about her father. He thinks that perhaps they are a lot alike. Ava disagrees. Her father had a lot of money, but his generosity came at a steep price. She got the chance to go to fabulous schools, and she traveled a lot, but he used his money to control her. John is glad that she’s free from her father. Now she can live her life the way she wants. Ava agrees. John wants to show her the bedroom next, but Ava says she’d rather see the kitchen. She asks John where he got Rolf, and John chuckles, saying he found him in a laboratory.

In the foyer, Lucas tells Sami that he heard sirens wailing earlier. Sami huffs and asks where he was when he heard them. Lucas claims that he was upstairs. Sami wonders if there is anything he’d like to tell her—like where he has been all night. Lucas swears he was just upstairs. Sami tells him that she loves him no matter what, but she wants to hear the truth. Doesn’t he know that he can trust her? Lucas explodes. How can he trust her after he caught her in bed with EJ? Sami tries another tactic. She wants to earn Lucas’ trust, and suggests that he tell her a secret—one that he doesn’t want anyone else to know. She swears she would keep it. Lucas agrees that she would—until she got angry, and then she’d spill her guts. Sami nukes. John and Ava walk in and John yells at them to quit their bickering.

Chloe tells Morgan that she needs to stay away from Phillip. Phillip accuses her of being jealous. Chloe sniffs and tells Morgan that Phillip is at war with John. If she sticks around, she could get caught in the cross-fire. She isn’t jealous, she just wants to do the right thing and give her a fair warning. Morgan huffs. She tells Chloe that she thinks Phillip is a good person. She trusts him. Phillip thanks her. He had nothing to do with the drugs planted on John’s ship. Right on cue, Paul calls. He tells Phillip that he did what he wanted him to do. John Black won’t know what hit him.

Max sighs. This is why he never told Nick the truth. He knew he would try to give up his life’s work over something as silly as Max changing some minor equations. He shouldn’t give this up because his ego is a little bruised. Robbins thinks that Nick should go back over his work and review his equations again. He finds it hard to believe that Max would have been able to make any significant changes. Stephanie jumps in at this point, wondering if Robbins is calling Max stupid, because he is far from it. Robbins sneers, saying he isn’t all that far from it at all. Max rages. Robbins is just angry and jealous that his book is based on a faulty hypothesis, and that Max called him on it. Robbins thinks that Max is the jealous one—and he’s jealous of Nick and his accomplishments. If Max harasses him again, he will call the police. Kayla comes in, and Stephanie pulls her aside to talk. While Robbins is busy signing an autograph, Nick asks to speak to Max outside in private. Max reluctantly agrees. Stephanie tells Kayla that Max has been exhibiting some major anger issues lately, but she also discovered something else. Max has an amazing gift, but he refuses to use it.

Phillip wants specifics, but Paul can’t give them. He just wanted Phillip to know that the problem with the shipments has been taken care of, and that he shouldn’t worry. He hangs up and Morgan tells him she has to go. She says that she knows that Phillip will do the right thing.

John demands to know what is going on. Sami sulks, saying nothing is. John explodes. He is sick and tired of the noise. She and EJ and Lucas all fight like an old married couple, the twins are constantly screaming, and all he asked for was one quiet night to entertain a guest. Sami didn’t realize that they were imposing, but John tells her they all are. She huffs and shifts the blame, yelling at John for going on a date while he is still married to her mom. She lays into Ava, nastily asking if there aren’t any single men in town. John tells Lucas to get Sami out of here, and Lucas takes her by the elbow and leads her away. Sami yells that she can’t wait until Marlena gets back. John apologizes to Ava as the bell rings. It’s Hope, who is surprised to see Ava there. John says he surprised to see Hope. She tells him that she came to relay some bad news.

Kayla and Stephanie talk about Joe. Kayla says that he will be off the ventilator soon. Steve is at the hospital with him right now.

Nick and Max take a stroll down by the docks. Max notes that there’s a fire blazing in the warehouse where impounded cargo is stored. They talk about Max and his intelligence, and he admits to Nick that he has always been able to learn things very easily. He hid it from his teachers in school because he didn’t want to be labeled as a geek. He just knew that he didn’t want to go to college and deal with self-righteous yuppies like Robbins. His father was a fisherman, and his brothers were cops. He never fit into the intellectual lifestyle. Nick reminds him that Kayla is a doctor. He wants Max to come down to the university and take an IQ test.

Bo shows up at the Kiriakis mansion, and tells Chloe, Morgan, and Phillip about the warehouse fire. Phillip asks if anyone was hurt and if it was his warehouse. Bo says no, but tells Phillip that they suspect arson.

Hope tells John that the impound warehouse where his good were being kept was burned to the ground. John nukes, blaming Phillip. He flashes back to accusing Phillip of planting the cocaine. Lucas eavesdrops nearby. John continues to rant. His shipment was worth millions. He isn’t even sure that insurance will cover it, since it was impounded. Ava thinks John should go down there to check things out, but Hope says that the police have it covered. John snorts. Phillip has pulled the wool over their eyes. He’ll take care of him—one way or the other. Ava agrees with him, but Hope wants her to stay out of it. She is in enough trouble as is. John asks Hope to leave, and she heads out, warning him not to interfere with the investigation.

Phillip says that he is sure that John is accusing him. Morgan tries to call he father, but can’t reach him. She rushes off. Phillip tells Bo that he had nothing to do with this. Bo hopes not. He tells Phillip that John has already fingered him as the culprit, but he thinks Bo won’t do anything because Phillip is family. Bo wants Phillip to know that he does everything by the book. If he had anything to do with this, Bo won’t hesitate to arrest him. He leaves. Chloe asks Phillip if he had something to do with any of this.

Max refuses to take an IQ test. He has no desire to find out how smart he is or to go to college. In fact, he thinks his “gift” is more a curse than anything else. He huffs off.

Kayla and Stephanie are back to talking about Max and his gifts. Kayla tells Stephanie that she had no idea how smart Max was as he and Nick walk back in.

Phillip tells Chloe that he had nothing to do with the fire. Chloe tells him that she trusts him, but then again, he didn’t seem surprised about the fire. Phillip smiles. He is a businessman in a cutthroat field. Nothing surprises him anymore. He does worry that John might have culled some sympathy from the police by playing the victim role. Chloe changes the subject, saying that her moving out will make it easier for Phillip to see Morgan. Phillip takes her into his arms and kisses her, telling her that she is the only one he wants to be with. He asks her not to worry about the drama down at the docks.

John tells Ava that he doesn’t trust the cops, so he will have to take care of this problem himself. Ava says she used to be a pretty shrewd businesswoman. She can give him some advice, if he likes. John says he doesn’t need it now, but he may be asking her for it before all is said and done. Ava tells him that taking care of business can be pretty sexy. John smiles. Is it? Ava says yes and moves in for a kiss.

Sami finds Lucas pacing and muttering to himself. She tries to get him to tell her what’s on his mind, but Lucas refuses, saying that he doesn’t have any secrets to tell her.

Nick and Stephanie talk about Max as Kayla approaches Max, who is playing darts rather angrily. She tries to broach the subject of Nick’s grant, but Max blows her off and stomps back to the kitchen.

Chloe and Phillip kiss passionately. She breaks it off, saying hat she needs to get back to the hotel to unpack. Phillip promises to call her later and she leaves. Phillip stares, lost in thought.

Sami continues to try to get Lucas to tell her the truth. A crying baby interrupts, and she goes upstairs. Lucas flashes back to running into Paul at the docks.

Bo and Hope meet up at the pub to compare notes about the fire. Hope thinks Phillip might be lying. Bo agrees, saying that he is, after all, a Kiriakis. Hope also doesn’t want to clear John. She thinks they need to keep an eye on him. She tells him about Ava being with John, and they wonder about the connection there. Kayla comes over, and they all talk about Joe.

Max approaches Robbins. Stephanie points him out to Nick, saying that this isn’t going to go well. Max leans in and talks to Robbins in a low voice. He warns him to let Nick finish his prototype or Max will tell everyone who Robbins really is. Robbins sweats.

Phillip calls Paul in a rage. He never told him to burn the warehouse to the ground!

Chloe puts two and two together on the dock. There’s no way Lucas could have known she was crying—unless he was on the pier watching her.

Lucas flashes back to buying the device that removed his ankle monitor.

John and Ava kiss, but she breaks it off, saying that he seems distracted. She needs to go anyway. John admits that he does need to sort out what’s going on with Phillip. Ava wonders why he hasn’t been fighting him from the beginning. Marlena walks in, saying that he didn’t because she asked him not to.


Nicole tells EJ, “There is one thing you could give me that I'd like a whole lot.” EJ asks, “What's that?” Nicole replies, “Your respect.”

Stephanie tells Max, “I need you to tell me what is wrong with you.”

Victor asks Phillip, "Is that your new style-- intimidation?” Phillip replies, “It's business.” Victor sneers, “What about arson?”

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