Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/11/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/11/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Max apologizes to Stephanie for the way he has been acting lately. He just hasn’t been himself. Stephanie thinks that she is the one that needs to do the apologizing. She should have never gone through his room without his permission. She wants to talk more about the picture she found of Max’s mom, but he is mum on the subject. Stephanie doesn’t think that is what is bothering him anyway. She thinks it has to do with Nick, and she wants Max to know that she thinks that he is ten times smarter than Nick. But what does all of that have to do with the head of the physics department? Just then, Nick and Robbins stroll inside. Max glares.

At the hospital, Daniel talks to a nurse about Kate’s tests. He has managed to rule out gall stones and appendicitis, but he isn’t yet sure what is wrong with her. Chelsea walks over and asks Daniel what is wrong with Kate.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Phillip tries to convince Morgan to go to dinner with him. He insists that it will just be a friendly meal. Morgan isn’t so sure that Phillip’s girlfriend would approve.

At the docks, Lucas hides behind some boxes as Chloe cries nearby.

At the DiMera mansion, Sami gapes at Lucas’ ankle monitor. The bell rings and Rolf announces Ava. Sami stares off into space as John comes down to greet her. He brings her into the living room and asks Sami for some privacy. She doesn’t hear him at first, then turns finally to make a nasty remark abut John dating Ava while he is still married. John sighs. Her mother is the one that ran out on him. He reminds Sami that the house is over twenty-seven thousand square feet. She should be able to find something to do away from them. Sami takes a picture of them with her phone before she leaves. Roman calls her out in the hallway and asks to speak with Lucas. She covers for him, saying he is upstairs with Allie. He’s got a monster of a diaper change ahead of him. Roman says that’s fine. He’s in the neighborhood, so he will drop by a little later. Sami sweats.

Daniel explains that they are running tests on Kate, but they don’t have a diagnosis yet. Chelsea is angry that he seems to be completely clueless as to what is wrong with her. Daniel shrugs. Doctors aren’t infallible, and he doesn’t have all the answers. He’s sorry, and they’re doing everything possible right now. Chelsea huffs. She knew he was human, but she certainly didn’t expect him to ever apologize to her.

John pours wine and says he picked a powerful red. Ava asks if he knows a lot about wine, but John doesn’t think so-- as far as he knows. He tells her about the hors d’oeuvres and puts on some music. He hopes she enjoys the date, but Ava says she would rather not call it that. John wonders if the fact that he is married bothers her.

Sami paces and frets about Lucas. Right then, Roman shows up asking to see him.

Chloe continues to cry. Lucas takes out his phone and calls her. He apologizes for not being very accepting of her earlier. He should have known that she was upset about Phillip. She thanks him and he asks her to stop crying. Chloe is suspicious. How does he know she’s crying? Lucas curses under his breath.

The nurse brings Daniel some of Kat’s test results, and Daniel heads into Kate’s room to speak with her. Chelsea urges him to do his best to help her grandma.

Max gives Nick and Robbins some drinks gratis, and heads for kitchen. Robbins makes a sarcastic remark about Max being charming, and Nick defends him, saying that he has been under a lot of stress lately. Nick catches sigh of Stephanie, and excuses himself to speak with her in private. He asks about Max, and Stephanie fills him in on his argument with the dean. She still isn’t sure what his problem has been lately. Chelsea interrupts them, saying she stopped by the pub to get something for her grandmother, and fills them in on her hospital stay. Stephanie goes off to get Max, and Nick awkwardly expresses his sympathy about Kate. He heads back over to Robbins, apologizing for being gone so long. Robbins doesn’t mind, and quotes Auden. He’s delighted that Nick recognizes the quotation. Nick wants details on the argument he had with Max. Robbins sighs. Max just doesn’t agree with any of his theories. Apparently, he isn’t afraid to say so, either.

Kate thanks Daniel. Whatever he gave her has made the pain more manageable. Daniel says he hasn’t quite put his finger on what is wrong with her, but they are working on it. Kate doesn’t seem to be worried, and would rather talk about Chelsea. Daniel thinks that he scared her away.

Phillip tells Morgan that Chloe isn’t his girlfriend. They have a history, and they were sort of seeing each other again recently, but he asked her for a little space. Morgan wonders how Chloe took that news. Phillip doesn’t think she is too happy. Morgan nods. She thinks that’s good for her. No woman with any respect would buy into a line like that.

John explains that his relationship with Marlena is complicated. In fact, his relationship with his entire family is complicated. They just don’t mean anything to him. Ava says that she knows how he feels. She loved her father, but he did some terrible things. Things that she has a lot of trouble reconciling with the way he acted towards her. She admits that she has been here before. She came to see Marlena and talked with about her father. She doesn’t feel comfortable doing this--she almost feels like she is stabbing Marlena in the back. John tells her that Marlena is in love with a man that doesn’t exist. She can’t help that. Besides, their situations are different. Her father was horrible. Neither John or his family did anything wrong-- his memory was stolen. He finds it to be liberating. He has no baggage. He can decide what kind of man he wants to be. They toast to that.

The twins shriek and Sami starts to run upstairs. Roman thought Lucas was with them. Sami stammers. He is, but he isn’t used to dealing with both of them at once. She rushes off and Roman stares confusedly.

Lucas tells Chloe that he just assumed she was crying because she was upset about Phillip. Chloe says that she also knows that he is having problems with Sami. Chloe thinks that because they’re in the same boat, they should form an alliance. She’ll have his back if he has hers. Lucas agrees and hangs up, saying he has to go.

Phillip says it isn’t like that with Chloe, but Morgan isn’t buying it. She gets it. Phillip has feelings for her, but he isn’t sure where it’s going. She’s heard all those lame clichés before. Phillip snorts. He thinks she is stuck-up. Morgan says she has to look out for herself. Her phone rings, interrupting them. it’s her dad. When she tells him she is with Phillip, he tells her that he doesn’t want her anywhere near him.

Stephanie starts to confide in Chelsea about Max’ secret, but he comes back with her order, and she heads off to give it to Kate. Nick comes over to Max and confronts him about his argument with the dean. Max brushes him off, saying that he is busy, but Nick won’t let it go. He wonder how Max even knows enough about this stuff to critique Robbins. Mac huffs. He picked up some things along the way. Nick blows up. You don’t just “pick up” on the concepts of cold fusion. It isn’t possible. Max glares. Stephanie looks on fretfully.

Kate warns Daniel not to hurt Chelsea. Daniel sighs. He has worked as a doctor for years. He truly cares for his patients, but he has always wanted that to end after he left the hospital for the day. He didn’t want to take any of it home with him. And then this girl walked into his life. Daniel sighs again. He tells Kate that it won’t work. He doesn’t mind being reckless with his own life, but he can’t do that to Chelsea. Once she starts working here, everything between them is over. Chelsea walks in, asking what they are talking about.

Morgan hangs up with her father and confronts Phillip, asking him why Paul doesn’t approve of him. Phillip isn’t sure, and Morgan doesn’t get it either. He is everything a father could want for his daughter--he’s rich, powerful, and good-looking. Phillip wonders if she thinks that about him, too. Morgan huffs. What her father thinks of as a good match isn’t necessarily her idea of one. Phillip leans in. What is she looking for in a man?

Chloe has left, so Lucas comes out form behind the boxes and heads off. he bumps into Paul, who thinks he looks familiar. Lucas says he’s sorry, as he doesn’t know him ,and leaves.

Rolf serves dessert. Ava declines, saying she is full, but Rolf insists. Ava tries some and says it is irresistible. John sighs and says he is envious of her. She knows who she used to be. Ava chuckles. She wishes she didn’t, actually. John says that her past makes her who she is today. John lives life feeling like he as to make things up as he goes along. Ava laughs. She is sort of doing that, too. She has just discovered that there’s such a thing as morality. John hopes they can discover some more things together. They toast.

Max admits that he changed some of Nick’s equations. Stephanie sighs. Thank goodness this is finally out in the open. Nick is flabbergasted. How dare Max do this behind his back? Why didn’t he just come to Nick and talk to him about the problem. Something suddenly dawns on Nick. He looks at Max in shock and accuses him of thinking Nick wasn’t good enough o smart enough to work with. Max stammers. Nick heads over to the dean and tells him that he wants to return the grant money. If anyone deserves to have it, that guy does. He points at Max.

A nurse comes to take Kate away for more tests. She thanks Chelsea for the food. Daniel thinks that Chelsea wants to lay into him, but this isn’t a good time. Chelsea smiles sadly. There never will be a “good time” for him. She gets it. He doesn’t love her. She walks away. Daniel whispers that that is just the problem. He does.

Morgan agrees to have dinner with Phillip sometime. He wants her to stay a little longer, but she says that she has to go. Paul calls Phillip and tells him to stay away from Morgan. If she finds out what is going on, it will be bad for everyone. Phillip says that he will have to cal Paul back later. Morgan starts to go as Chloe walks in. Chloe seem to have left her earrings. Morgan smiles knowingly and says goodbye to Phillip. Chloe glares at Phillip. He swears that he and Morgan are just friends. She is the one he wants to be with. Chloe tells him to go to hell. Phillip moves in and kisses her.

John offers Ava little more wine, but she says he’ll have to peel her off the floor if she has any more. John asks if he can kiss her. Ava agrees, and John moves in on her. Afterwards, he asks if she would like to take a tour of the mansion. Ava agrees and they head off. Sami bumps into them coming back downstairs and mutters under her breath that John is a bastard. She rants to Roman about how John is having a date while her mom is out of town. Roman says he isn’t there about that. He came to see Lucas. Sami fidgets. Lucas walks in, asking if anyone said his name. Sami gapes.


Dean Robbins tells Max, "You harass me again and I will call the police."

Paul calls Phillip, "Well, slick-- I did what you wanted me to do. John Black is not going to know what hit him."

Hope tells John, "I have some bad news."

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