Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/10/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/10/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe lugs her suitcase downstairs. Phillip comes over to help her, asking if she has bricks in it. Chloe rolls her eyes and hands over the house key Phillip gave her. Phillip wants her to keep it, but Chloe refuses. She doesn’t think Victor would appreciate her using it for midnight booty calls. Phillip sulks. He really missed her last night. She says she missed him, too, but it’s clear that he has chosen his battles. It looks like she isn’t worth fighting for in his eyes.

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas makes a call. He tells someone on the other end that he has the cash, just like they asked. Sami comes in, asking why he needs cash.

At the pub, John gets a call from Ava, asking if the dinner invitation still stands. John says it does, and they agree to meet at 7:30. John hangs up and glares as Paul walks up. He wasn’t sure that he was going to show. Paul insists that everything John has heard about him and the drugs were rumors. John tells Paul that his sources are telling him that Paul is involved with Phillip. Paul shakes his head. John’s sources are wrong. John huffs. Is he saying that his sources are lying? John hates liars. Paul says he isn’t the one lying. John comes right out and asks him if he planted the drugs on his ship. Morgan comes up behind them and listens in.

Stephanie walks into the pub, looking for Max. Pete tells her that he ran to the bank, but should be back soon. Dean Robbins comes in, and Stephanie goes over to him to congratulate him on his speech the night before. Admittedly, she didn’t understand most of it, but she still thought he was great. Max comes in and over to the two of them. He glares at Robbins, asking him what the hell he is doing here.

Phillip swears to Chloe that she is worth fighting for. He still wants to see her, and he hopes she won’t let his father get in the way of that. Chloe isn’t so sure. She knows Victor would hate it if Phillip was involved with her. Phillip says he doesn’t care about that, and asks if they are still on for dinner. Chloe beams, saying she is looking forward to it. They kiss.

Paul swears up and down that he had nothing to do with the drugs planted on John’s ship. John snorts. He knows Victor was quite the drug king-pin in his day. It looks like Phillip is following in his footsteps. Paul snorts. He tells John that he could have turned on him an umber of times, but he hasn’t. John tells him that that’s good for him, because that would be a huge mistake. Morgan interrupts, asking what they are talking about.

Lucas fidgets and tells the person on the other end of the phone that he’d like to make his pizza deep-dish with extra sausage, and hangs up. Sami grimaces as Lucas explains that he needed a snack. Lucas asks where EJ is, and Sami says he has at work. She launches into a litany of apologies for the way she has treated Lucas. The only thing she wants is for all of them to be a family—her, Allie, and Lucas. She chooses him over EJ, and says she knows that this is right. Since they belong together, can’t he just look past the mistakes that she has made? Lucas huffs. He doesn’t mess around with married women. Sami tries to prove him wrong by moving in for a kiss. Lucas backs away.

Max tells Robbins to get out of his place. Robbins tells them both that he came to see Max after he had the audacity to discredit his book. Max tells him that he has the right to refuse service at the pub. Robbins is not welcome here. Robbins wants to see the manager. Max grins. He’s looking at him. Robbins sulks and starts to head out. He wants to know how a bartender knows anything about scientific applications. Stephanie is aghast, and wants to know why Max treated the dean that way. Max huffs. Robbins thinks he is just another brain-dead bartender, and he’s sick of it. Stephanie knows that isn’t true. Why doesn’t Max just tell him the truth?

Lucas tells Sami that he does want the things that she’s talked about. He wants a family with her. However, he had no idea that EJ would be part of the picture. Sami tells Lucas that she is getting a divorce. EJ will be a part of Johnny’s life of course, but that’s it. She wants to grow old with Lucas. They can have that, at least. Lucas huffs off, saying that he doesn’t think so.

Paul tells Morgan that he was just thanking John for making him a free man. John beams. Pretty soon, Paul will have his old job back. Morgan frowns. She was hoping her dad could get a job with less stress. Paul smiles indulgently. Her college tuition isn’t exactly being paid with cereal box tops. Morgan doesn’t care. She wants John to stay away from her father. John finds this scene to be touching. He and his own daughter don’t have that kind of bond. He tells her that her daddy is all hers and heads off. Paul tells Morgan that he is capable of taking care of himself. Morgan isn’t so sure.

Phillip kisses Chloe and hands her some money to help with her room, but she declines. She says that her first alimony check from Brady arrived, so she’s fine with money. Phillip doesn’t think that money will go far when she’s renting a hotel room by the night. Phillip gets a call and tells Chloe to wait there for a moment. He heads off and Chloe takes her suitcase and leaves.

Stephanie demands to know why Max treated the dean that way. Max won’t say, and she wonders if he is upset about his job. Max claims that he is happy with his life, but Stephanie isn’t so sure. She wants to help him. Max says that he has to go fill an order and heads over to the bar. Stephanie sneaks upstairs while Max makes the drink.

Phillip learns from the person on the phone that the encrypted disk contained brain waves. Phillip is thoroughly confused. Morgan interrupts, saying that she had no place else to go. He asks what’s wrong. She says it’s about John Black. Someone has to stop that man.

Sami insists that EJ will soon be her ex-husband, but Lucas isn’t buying it. EJ is a lawyer, and he’ll find some way to weasel out of this. Sami assures Lucas that she will have Mickey double-check everything before it goes through. Lucas tells her that they don’t have anything to discuss until he sees the divorce papers. John comes in, wanting a woman’s opinion on cologne. Sami chooses the one she likes best, and John throws Lucas the other one. John tells Sami all about his hot date planned for later. Sami gapes. He is married, remember? John smirks. So is she. Lucas chuckles, saying that that’s true enough. John warns them that he will need some privacy tonight, so he doesn’t want to hear them or the kids. He heads off. Sami huffs, saying that all the men in the house are insane.

Stephanie comes back downstairs looking guilty. Max wants to know where she was. She hems and haw, and finally pulls out picture of a woman, asking who she is. Max freaks out. He can’t believe she went up to his room and snooped through his things. Stephanie says that she is really worried about him. She just went up there because she is at her wit’s end as to what to do for him. Max sighs. The picture is of his biological mother. Is she satisfied now?

John comes back into the living room as Lucas sits at the computer. He asks if he got a whiff of what’s cooking in the kitchen. Lucas wrinkles his nose. All he smells is cologne. Is John sure that he ought to be dating? John says that every man needs social interaction. He again reminds Lucas that he doesn’t want to be bothered by the kids tonight. Lucas tells them that Caroline is sitting them tonight, so there’s nothing to be worried about. John heads off. The bell rings and Lucas answers to find a man on the stoop. Lucas leans in and whispers, asking if he has “the thing.” The man nods, asking if Lucas has the cash. Lucas hands over a wad of bills.

Sami and Chloe run into each other at the Java Café, and Sami makes a remark to the effect that Chloe must be there alone. Chloe tosses her hair, and retorts that she is planning on having dinner with Phillip. Sami doesn’t buy it, seeing as how Chloe is loaded down with luggage. Phillip must have kicked her out. Chloe insists she decided to leave on her own. Sami laughs. She never thought Chloe would get thrown out before Nicole did. Maybe she can sing in the subway for money. Sami is sure plenty of people will pay for her to stop. Chloe quietly asks Sami why she is being so mean. She didn’t force Brady to do any drugs, and she knows that is what Sami is mad about. Sami seethes, reminding Chloe that she hid Brady’s drug problem from his family when they could have helped him. Chloe insists that she wanted him to get better. She did the best she could. Sami wonders why she didn’t stay in Europe and fight for Brady if she really cared so much.

Morgan tells Phillip that her father and John were meeting and it sounded important. She’s really worried about her father getting involved with John. Phillip starts to comfort her, but gets a call from Paul. He walks away and tells him to make it quick. Paul tells him that John is onto them. He wants the rest of his money. Phillip snorts. What makes him think that he deserves it? Paul explodes. He was the one that planted the drugs! Phillip owes him!

Stephanie begs Max to forgive her. She had no idea. She still doesn’t understand why Max is so mad at Robbins. None of this makes sense. Max is quiet. Stephanie gives up and asks to see the picture again. She thinks the baby must be Max. She tells him that his mom was pretty, and asks him to tell her about her.

Paul tells Phillip that he wants his money now. Phillip tells him he will be in touch and hangs up. Morgan apologizes. She can see that Phillip is busy. Maybe she shouldn’t have bothered him. Phillip takes her hand and asks her to stay.

Sami lays into Chloe, who finally breaks down and admits that she should have acted differently with Brady. She means it when she says that she just wants him to be happy. Sami admits that she talked to him the week before and he seemed like he was doing well. Chloe asks Sami to say hi for her when she talks to him again. Sami agrees and Chloe tells her that she thinks she should get back together with Lucas, too. Not everyone gets a second chance. Sami agrees, and flashes back to telling Lucas that the can work through anything. She sighs.

Lucas takes a package from the man and heads back inside. He takes a small electronic device out and uses it to work on his ankle monitor.

Max says that he only has one clear memory of his mother. She took him to the park and they had a picnic. He wanted an ice cream, and then he wanted to go on the merry-go-round, but his mom said he couldn’t right after he ate. He threw a tantrum, but later, she agreed to get him the ice cream on the way home. Max sighs. He was so young when he went to foster care. He isn’t even sure if that memory is real. Stephanie thinks that he might try finding his birth mother. Max refuses.

Sami comes downstairs at the mansion to find John primping for his date. He complains about the twins being back, but Sami assures them that they’re down for the night. They won’t bother him. Anyway, she cant believe that he is dating. Her mom won’t be happy about this. John tells her that he mother isn’t exactly accepting him for who he is. Besides, men have needs. Sami grimaces. John unbuttons his shirt a little, asking Sami if he should show a little chest hair. Sami huffs off, saying that he is making a big mistake. John is confused. He thought women liked that.

Lucas walks around down by the docks, smiling and breathing deeply.

Morgan shrugs and agrees to hang out for a little while. She doesn’t have any plans. Phillip can’t believe she doesn’t have a date. Morgan smiles, saying that there has been a bit of a guy drought for her recently. Phillip offers her a drink, and she accepts. Chloe comes in the door and hears them laughing and flirting. She puts her key on a table and walks out.

Stephanie thinks Max ought to think about finding his mom, but Max doesn’t want to, nor does he want to talk about it. He makes Stephanie promise not to tell anyone about this. Stephanie promises, and thanks him for opening up to her. She hopes hey won’t have any more secrets between them. Max promises not to keep anything else from her.

Morgan tells Phillip that she should probably go. His girlfriend wouldn’t approve of this. Phillip tells her that he thought that they were just friends. Maybe they could try going out to dinner sometime. Morgan huffs.

Lucas hears footsteps and hides. Chloe walks by, sobbing.

Sami searches for Lucas and asks John if he has seen him. John smirks, saying he must be around, since he didn’t hear any alarms. He warns Sami that they both need to stay out of his sight, and he calls her Tink. Sami rolls her eyes. Belle is Tink, not her. John shrugs and apologizes. Sami tries calling Lucas’ phone. He has it on vibrate, but can’t answer in front of Chloe. Sami hangs up, frustrated, and drops the phone. She finds the paper bag Lucas had earlier and peeks inside. She gasps as she pulls out Lucas’ ankle monitor from the bag, “OMG!”


Stephanie asks Max, "I don't get it. What does the professor of the physics department have to do with you?"

Chloe calls Lucas, "You and I could form an alliance-- kind of like an 'I got your back if you've got mine' type of deal."

John asks Ava, "Does the fact that I am married bother you?" Ava replies, "Well, it depends. Do you still love her?"

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