Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/9/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/9/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the Kiriakis mansion, EJ breaks off his kiss with Nicole. Nicole knows he’s head over heels for Sami, but he must have imagined what this would be like. EJ tells her not to try to manipulate him with what she knows about his marriage to Sami. She’s deluded if she thinks she can blackmail him. Nicole’s eyes widen. This is friendly persuasion, not blackmail. She wants EJ to see that there are other fish in the sea besides that piranha Sami. Nicole tells EJ that she will eat him up. EJ tells Nicole to stop being foolish. She looks like the piranha from where he is standing, and besides, if Victor sees them kissing, her divorce settlement will go right out the window. The bell rings and Henderson comes in, saying that Nicole has a visitor. Ava comes in and apologizes, thinking Nicole is busy with their lawyer. She came by to see if Nicole is interested in a girls’ night out. Nicole thinks it sounds fantastic, but EJ thinks it’s a terrible idea.

Max, Stephanie, and Nick arrive at the Java Café for Robbins’ book signing. Nick promises them that they won’t be disappointed. The book is all about cold fusion and nuclear power and how they can both be used responsibly. Nick heads off to get some drinks and Max groans about being stuck here. Stephanie tells him to cut the crap. She knows he is interested in this stuff, so he can quit pretending.

EJ reminds Nicole that Ava has been charged with causing a plane crash that killed thee people. It won’t do for Nicole to be seen with her. Ava agrees, but Nicole says that Ava is her only friend. She needs a night out on the town, and she doesn’t care what EJ says. Nicole heads upstairs with Ava. EJ sighs, saying he must be out of his mind. Chelsea comes in and asks EJ if he has seen Victor. EJ says no, thank God, and heads off. Chelsea seems confused. Daniel walks in and over to Chelsea. He kisses her.

Nicole and Ava sit at the Java Café. Nicole knows something that will perk up their coffees. She pulls out a flask and adds a healthy dollop to her drink. She offers Ava some, but she declines. This isn’t exactly the place to party. Nicole sighs. Their options in Salem on a Monday have been exhausted. It looks like everything is either dead, closed, or filled with losers. Ava sighs. She cant take another night staring at the walls of her hotel room. Nicole agrees. She promises Ava that they will find some fun.

Daniel throws Chelsea on the sofa, kissing her. They pant and grope one another. Victor interrupts Chelsea’s fantasy, asking if anything is wrong.

Ava sees Stephanie and groans. She tells Nicole that Steve and Kayla’s daughter lays into her every time she sees her. Not that she blames her. Nicole is sorry things haven’t worked out so well. She thinks they should blow this joint and go make some fun of their own. They’re two resourceful women. They’ll make their own party if they can’t find one. Ava reluctantly agrees and Nicole hauls her off.

Nick thanks Max and Stephanie for coming. Max says it’s no big deal. He’s happy for Nick’s success. He deserves it. Nick sense something is off with Max. Stephanie says he should ask Max. Nick says he has, but he doesn’t want to push. Max knows that he can talk to Nick about what’s bothering him anytime he wants. Max admits that he has something to tell him. Max tells Nick that he thinks it’s great he is so focused on his work. He’s amazing, and Max is really proud of him. Stephanie asks if there is something else. Max sees Dean Robbins walk in and gapes. What the hell is he doing here?

Chelsea tells Victor that she was looking for him. Since school is out for the summer, she was looking for a job. Victor suggests an office job at Titan, but Chelsea was thinking more along the lines of doing good things for other people. She was hoping he could pull some strings and get her in at the hospital. After last summer, and the mistakes she made trying to be an airline stewardess, she doesn’t want to be involved in anything like that. Victor understands. Even men his own age make mistakes. Victor says he knows just the person to call about getting her a job at the hospital--their friend Daniel.

At the hospital, Daniel finishes up with a patient. Kate comes over, asking if she can talk to him. She has been in a great deal of pain, and she fears that there is something seriously wrong with her.

At the DiMera mansion, Rolf tells John that they have visitors. John groans. He said that he didn’t want to be disturbed. Rolf shrugs apologetically. They have a search warrant. Bo and Hope step in behind Rolf, telling John that it’s just procedure. John snorts. What do they think they’ll find, kilos of cocaine? He already told them that he was framed. Bo smiles. Then he won’t mind if they take a look around, then.

Max didn’t know Robbins was the one that wrote the book. Stephanie wants to know what the bog deal is. Nick asks if Max has some kind of problem with Robbins.

Ava and Nicole make drinks in a hotel room as two guys stand nearby. Nicole crows about their good luck. Ava’s hotel was having a fitness convention, so picking up the guys was simple enough. Those two are USDA prime, alright. She take the drinks over to the guys, who ask what they do for a living. Nicole grins. She works in long-term investments. Ava fidgets. She’s between jobs right now. Nicole asks how long the convention is n town. The guys tell her that it’s over tonight, but they can both check out their equipment later, if they’re interested. Ava and Nicole dance with them. Nicole flashes back to kissing EJ. Ava flashes back to John asking her out on a date, and her rejecting him for being married.

Bo heads upstairs with Rolf to investigate, asking Hope if she will be ok with John. Hope flips through a photo album of Stefano’s. She chuckles. If one went by this, you’d think the DiMeras were just one big happy family. John hopes it brings back memories for her. She says she doesn’t want to remember Stefano. John smiles sadly. That’s the thing about amnesia--you lose the good and the bad memories. She sympathizes. Not remembering Marlena and the kids must be hard. He smiles. He was actually thinking about the good times with Hope. She doesn’t understand. John beams. How about the time they had earth-shattering submarine sex? Hope gapes.

Daniel examines Kate in a cubicle and asks her about her stomach pains. She says she has had them for a few days, but she just thought it was a bug. Now she isn’t so sure. Daniel tells her that he will have to run some tests. Kate can tell by his face that he thinks this is serious. Victor and Chelsea come in, thinking Daniel is alone. Chelsea asks why Kate is there. Kate fills them in, and Daniel tells her that he wants to keep her overnight to run the tests. Kate isn’t so sure. Can’t he just give her some pills? Chelsea frets over Kate‘s pains, and Kate tells her it’s probably nothing. Kate wonders why Chelsea is here, and she worries about her health. Chelsea says she actually came down her looking for summer job. Victor says he thought of Daniel, but Chelsea doesn’t want to get him involved. Daniel says it’s ok. He even has something in mind for Chelsea. All she has to do is make a phone call. Kate asks for a moment alone with Chelsea, and Daniel and Victor head out to the nurses’ station. Victor asks him what is going on with Kate. He needs the truth.

Hope wonders how John remembers that. John says a little birdie told him. Hope doesn’t care to discuss it. John smiles. It seems he has quite a few notches on his bedpost. Hope doesn’t think this is appropriate. She reminds him that she loves Bo and that he loves Marlena. John says that wasn’t always true--look what happened between them. Hope shakes her head. It was true even then. John asks if they just cheated for the fun of it. She says it’s a long story. John says he has all night and no plans. Hope doesn’t want to relive all of it, but John threatens to ask Bo about it if she doesn’t talk. Since she is investigating him, he wants to make sure that she doesn’t have a personal ax to grind. Hope agrees to tell him.

Ava and Nicole see the guys to the door and tell them they can all get together some other night. Ava apologizes to Nicole for faking the headache. She wanted to put all of the bad stuff out of her head, but that wasn’t the way to do it. The guys were nice. Nicole understands. Fun for a night, but not really what they need. Ava doesn’t know what she needs. Nicole thinks she knows something that will help, and heads off to make more drinks.

Max tells Nick and Stephanie that he doesn’t know Dean Robbins, but he thought they were going to meet someone more famous than the head of the physics department. Max gets up, saying he’s bored and tired. He wants to go home, but Robbins heads over before he can leave. Stephanie and Nick congratulate him on his new book and introduce Max to him. Later, Robbins finishes a short speech to the crowd about cold fusion. Max rolls his eyes and tries not to fall asleep. Everyone claps at the end of the speech and Nick gushes. Max is ready to leave, but Nick wants to get his book signed first. He heads off and Stephanie smiles at Max. She knows he wants one, too. Max says no. Stephanie tugs on his arm. They’ll both get copies signed. Max fumes. He said no.

Daniel tells Victor that he doesn’t yet have a diagnosis on Kate, but he could tell Victor even if he did. It’s confidential. Victor understands. He sys that Chelsea has become very dependent on Kate since Billie left the country. Daniel tells Victor not to worry. He will help her get a job at the hospital. Victor smiles, saying he knows he can count on Daniel.

Kate says she is worried about Chelsea. Does she really think that working here at the hospital with Daniel is a good idea? Chelsea says she won’t be working with him, and besides, they already talked. Daniel said he couldn’t get over the age thing, and he had other stuff going on. It’s over, and she doesn’t want to think about it anymore. She wants to move on and focus on something worthwhile. She has to stop pining over something she can’t have. Kate wonders if she can do that.

Hope finishes her story and John accuses her of glossing over the good part. He can’t believe this all came down to his big brother messing with his head. Hope says he messed wit hers, too. They never would have gotten together if they didn’t think that they were other people. John shudders. Stefano had a weird way of getting his jollies. He just wants to know one more thing from Hope. Did they have fun on the submarine? Hope doesn’t remember, and tells him politely to back off. John gives her his word that he won’t mention it again. Hope believes him and John is surprised. Hope smiles. She can pretty much tell that it’s “what you see is what you get” with the new John. She has accepted that. John wonders if she likes it.

Ava tells Nicole that she wants to be in love again. Nicole jokes and asks if she should tell Steve to take cover. Ava laughs. She doesn’t want him. They’re different people now. She does fear that love won’t happen for her. A guy would have to be out of his mind to get involved with her. Nicole laughs. There are a ton of crazy guys in Salem. Ava admits that she did kind of meet someone the other day, but he’s married. He was strange, but they definitely had a connection. Nicole thinks that’s great, but Ava says it isn’t because he is married. Nicole asks who it is, and Ava tells her that it’s John Black.

Hope thinks that that is a strange question. John admits that he is a strange guy. Hope smiles. She tells him that she is definitely getting used to the new him. Bo comes down and tell Hope that he didn’t find a thing. John tells him to talk to Phillip. Bo tells John he’s heard it before. He set John up, right? John smirks. Here is something Bo hasn’t heard. He has proof.

Max tells Stephanie that this is his one night off, and this is the last place he wants to be. Nick comes back with his signed copy and gushes about how much money it might be worth one day. They all head off, and Max comes back a moment later, saying he forgot his phone. He comes up to Robbins, who asks if he wants a book signed. Max frowns. He doesn’t because the book is garbage. He is nothing more than a con man and a fraud. Robbins gapes.

Nicole laughs and tells Ava that she had a date with John not so long ago herself. It went well until he found out she was trying to spy on him. She wants Ava to know that John has changed a lot. Ava says there is something about him. Nicole nods and agrees. Maybe it’s unpredictability. She lights up. He and Marlena don’t exactly see eye to eye anymore. It’s not like they’re really together. She thinks that Ava should go for it.

He’s hot, and rich to boot. She could do a lot worse.

John tells Bo and Hope that Phillip has been meeting with Paul Hollingsworth on the sly. Bo shrugs. John sighs. They’re the cops. Can’t they figure this out? Bo asks if John is implying that Paul planted the drugs after Phillip paid him. John nods. Bo thought Paul was on John’s payroll. John shakes his head. Phillip is paying him now. Bo reminds him that John was supposedly worried that Paul was being paid by Phillip the whole time John was paying him. John shakes his head. All he is saying is that they need to look into the connection between Phillip and Paul.

Robbins doesn’t think that Max knows what he is talking about. Max explodes. Why? Because he is just some dumb bartender? He understood everything, and Robbins’ theories are seriously flawed. Max furiously talks about nuclear energy being distributed in the atomic lattice and explanations on how these barriers can be overcome. In short, Max thinks Robbins is a fraud, and that his premise is invalid. He’s a no-good son of a bitch, and Max is going to let everyone in town and at the university know that.

Chelsea tells Kate that Daniel will take great care of her, and Daniel tells her that they will start the paperwork to get her admitted into the hospital. Daniel asks to speak with Chelsea and pulls her aside. She knows he is worried about the job, but she wants him to know that she didn’t take this job to be near him. Kate interrupts them with a scream. Victor shouts for Daniel. He rushes over and urges Kate to breathe.


Sami asks Lucas, “We have all made mistakes. Can't we just get past that?” Lucas replies, “I'm sorry, but I don't fool around with married women.”

John asks Paul, “Are you the one who planted those drugs on my ship?”

Phillip asks Morgan “What's going on?” Morgan replies, “It's John Black. Someone needs to stop that man.”

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