Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/6/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/6/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Outside the pub, EJ snatches the phone away from Nicole and hangs up on Lucas. As the phone goes silent on Lucas’ end, he stares into the phone, wondering what happened.

At the pub, Caroline talks with Ciara about going “green” as she plays with her doll. Max drops a tray of glasses behind the bar and curses, heading off to clean it up. Nick comes in and finds Stephanie, who thanks him for coming. Something is bothering Max, but he won’t tell her what it is. Chelsea comes in, and after saying hello to Carolina and Ciara, she asks Stephanie if she can speak with Nick alone. Stephanie heads off, and Chelsea apologizes to Nick for hurting him. She never meant to do that. She thought she was in love with someone else, but it didn’t work out.

Down at the docks, John tries to get access to his warehouse, but a man there won’t let him in, saying that his cargo has been confiscated by the government. John curses as Bo and Hope comes over. Hope tells John that they are building a case against him. John fumes. They ought to be concentrating on Phillip. The little bastard set him up. Bo and Hope aren’t so sure. John rages. He isn’t stupid. He would never try to bring drugs into Salem. Bo tells John that they are just concerned about justice being served. John huffs off, saying that he will have to do his own investigating if the police won’t. Bo tells Hope that he hopes Victor hasn’t gotten into dealing drugs.

Chelsea admits to Nick that she thought she was in love with Daniel. Nick says that he already figured that out. She feels so stupid for trashing a great relationship, especially since she wound up with nothing. Nick admits that he still loves her. Chelsea thinks he is a really special guy. She wants to stay friends.

EJ tells Nicole to put the phone away, or else that won’t be the only thing he smashes into a million pieces. Nicole can’t believe that EJ doesn’t trust her. EJ nods. That’s true enough. He doesn’t trust her.

Lucas asks Rolf to take a message from Nicole if she calls again. He thinks she must be crazy for calling him and then hanging up. Rolf agrees. She’s always been one schnitzel short of a picnic basket. Lucas goes back to some internet research he’s doing on ankle monitors. Chloe comes in, telling him she came by to visit because she was worried about him. Lucas doesn’t buy it, after everything that happened with Brady. Chloe defends herself. Lucas says he knows a lot about addiction himself. Chloe says she knows that, and she wants to be friends with him. She’s all alone, too, and maybe she can help him. She just wants to do something nice for someone. Phillip strides in, grinning, and asks Chloe if she is sure about that.

Steve and Kayla show up at the hospital, talking about when they can finally bring Joe home. They tell the nurse that they are here to see their baby, but she says there’s something they need to know first.

Chelsea tells Nick that she really miss hanging out with him. He’s one of these best people she knows. Nick sighs. As far as being a friend goes, he’s sorry, but he can’t do that. Chelsea whines. Won’t he even try? Nick tells her that he is moving on, and that’s what she needs to do, too. He gets up and heads back over to Stephanie. They talk about what’s been going on with Max, and Stephanie surmises that he may just be wound up too tight.

EJ huffs and asks Nicole what he has to do to keep her quiet. Nicole grins. There’s only one thing he can do for her, but she isn’t entirely sure that she’s going to stay quiet. EJ waits. Nicole tells him that if he doesn’t want the info on his non-marriage to Sami to go public, then he will need to start being more generous.

Bo and Hope show up at Victor’s place, wanting to ask him some questions about the drug bust. Bo explains that John is blaming Phillip for planting the drugs in his containers. Since Victor was known for trafficking cocaine in the past, Bo thinks he may know something about this. Victor huffs. Those charges against him were never proven. Besides, it’s well known that John is a greedy man who wanted control of the docks for himself. He probably wanted that so he could smuggle in his contraband unopposed. Victor invites Bo and Hope to stay and question him further, as he has nothing to hide, but they thank him and leave instead.

Phillip and Lucas hug and exchange small talk. Phillip gets a call from Victor and goes to take it out in the foyer. Victor is furious because the Salem police are sniffing around looking for answers about John’s bust. Phillip insists that he will handle all of this. John comes in and sneers. What is Phillip doing in his house? Phillip tells Victor that he will have to call him back.

Kayla, clearly in a panic, presses the nurse for answers about Joe. The nurse beams. She just wanted to tell them that he will be taken off the ventilator tomorrow. Kayla and Steve sigh with relief.

Roman walks into the pub and over to Max. He wants to talk about his little confrontation with John at the docks. Meanwhile, Caroline gets the crowd’s attention, thanking them all for helping make the pub a “green” establishment. She wants to introduce someone important to them—the manager, Max Brady. The crowd claps as Max stares.

John storms into the living room and accosts Lucas. John invited him into his home, and Lucas shows his gratitude by contaminating his house with these unsavory people? John fumes. Perhaps Lucas needs to go back to jail. Lucas says maybe he will see John there. John nukes. He was framed! He screams at Lucas to throw these miscreants out of his home.

EJ tells Nicole that he doesn’t appreciate being blackmailed. Nicole swears that she wasn’t trying to blackmail him. She just wanted to have a little fun with a friend. EJ scoffs. Is this how she treats all her friends? He thinks Nicole is insecure. It’s too easy for her to hide her real feelings behind booze and snarky commentary. Nicole insists that she can be a caring person. EJ shrugs. Then what’s stopping her? Nicole wails that she has no one to talk to and rushes off. A bewildered EJ follows.

Max makes an impromptu speech, thanking everyone for all the hard work they have done. He goes on to talk about his Pop, and how he much he cared about others as well as the planet. It turns out that making the pub eco-friendly was one of his long-time dreams. Max chokes up and Bo takes over, stressing the importance of using renewable energy sources. He thinks their Pop would be proud of the family for all they have accomplished. Bo proposes a toast.

Lucas tells John that he isn’t kicking anyone out. He agreed to be responsible for Lucas, and Phillip just happens to be his brother. Whatever is going on with John and Phillip and the drugs is none of Lucas’ concern. John grumps that at least Sami seems to believe him, and Phillip and Chloe finally agree to leave. John tells Lucas that neither of them is welcome in his home—ever again.

Kayla and Steve head into the pub as Bo finishes up his speech. Roman goes next, and several more toasts to Pop Shawn are made. Caroline is presented with a special certificate and is very thankful. Lastly, she cuts a ribbon to commemorate the opening of the new “green” pub.

Kayla fills Stephanie in on the good news about Joe. She asks where Max is, but he has disappeared. Nick comes over and tells Stephanie that he is going to go look for him.

Hope notices Chelsea moping around and asks her what’s wrong. Chelsea huffs. What, besides her life being ruined? Chelsea tells Hope that she hasn’t changed at all. In fact, she is just as hateful and selfish as she has always been.

Nick finds Max at the docks and tells him hat everyone is worried. He lets Max know that he can call him or come talk to him anytime he wants. Max thanks him and admits that talking about his Pop was just too much for him. He needed some air. Nick convinces Max to come back to the pub, and they head off. Later, when they get back, Max hugs Stephanie and apologies for his behavior. They kiss.

Steve announces that he and Kayla’s baby will taken off the ventilator soon. Joe will be breathing on his own, finally. Everyone hems him and Kayla in, congratulating them. They thank everyone for their support.

Hope disagrees with Chelsea’s rather accurate description of herself, saying that she sacrificed her health for her father. That means something. Chelsea says she has hurt Nick very badly. Hope soothes her. She is young, and everyone makes mistakes when it comes to love. She just knows that Chelsea will find the right person for her one of these days.

Chloe comes back to the mansion to talk to Lucas, again saying that she wants to be friends with him. Lucas says he’d rather not. Chloe resorts to whining. She already tried to befriend Sami, but she wouldn’t have any of it. She doesn’t care for her, but she likes Lucas. Why can’t they be friends?

Phillip comes home as Victor barks orders on the phone about doubling security around the ports. Victor hangs up and asks where the hell he’s been. Phillip smiles, saying it’s nice to see Victor, too. Victor growls at him to go back to kindergarten if he wants “nice.” He wants Phillip to stay away from John Black and let him handle things. Phillip refuses.

Max tells Stephanie that he is in a much netter mood, and again apologizes for the way he acted. Stephanie forgives him, saying that she knows he will let her know what is going on once he is ready.

Dean Robbins runs into Nick outside and invites him to his book signing.

Chelsea tells Bo and Hope that she’s going to see Victor and ask him a favor. She heads for the kitchen, but Bo reminds her that the exit is the other way. She grimaces. Nick is out there, and she doesn’t want to deal with another confrontation.

Kayla and Steve talk with Stephanie and Max about Joe and his recovery. Steve jokes with Stephanie, asking if she is ready to start babysitting.

Bo and Hope ask Caroline to watch Ciara. They plan to do some investigating of John.

John finds the man that denies him access to his warehouse earlier. John hands over a wad of cash and tells the man he needs information. He’s willing to pay for it. The man grins and tells John that Paul Hollingsworth met with Phillip down here earlier. John thanks him and hands him some more money.

Lucas ponders Chloe’s proposal. She says it’s just a yes or no question. Lucas finally agrees to be friends with her, but it’s going to take some time to get used to. He is still suspicious of her motives. Chloe says that she just wants to be a good person. Lucas grumps, not pleased at being Chloe’s lab rat. Chloe smiles, saying he is more like her guinea pig. Lucas warns her not to hurt his brother. Chloe says that she is more worried about Phillip hurting her.

Paul calls Phillip in a panic. Phillip attempts to calm him, telling him that nothing will happen if he just keeps his mouth shut.

EJ chases Nicole into the Kiriakis mansion. He says he is sorry for being mean to her, but she needs to stop—Nicole stops EJ instead, and kisses him passionately.


Bo tells John, “Yeah we heard. He set you up – planted the drugs on your ship.” John replies, “Well here's something that you haven't heard. I have proof.”

Kate tells Daniel, “I've been in a great deal of pain and I think that there is something very wrong.”

Max tells Dean Robbins, “You are a con man and a fraud. And I'm going to let everyone at the university know that.”

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