Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/5/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/5/08


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Nicole brushes past Rolf at the DiMera mansion, asking to speak with EJ. She finds him in the living room and demands to know the status of her divorce case. Rolf hurries in, apologizing to EJ. Nicole huffs. EJ is her lawyer, and she can speak with him whenever she pleases. She explains to EJ that she needs her divorce finalized as soon as possible. Her bank account is getting thirsty. Sami interrupts them, walking in with the twins, Lucas, and the police.

At the hospital, Lexie and Daniel look over some papers and chat. Lexie notes that she has seen a lot of Daniel over the past few days. He must really like working here. She reminds him that her offer to him to stay on staff still stands. Daniel wishes he could stay in Salem, but he can’t. Lexie asks to speak with him in private.

At the docks, Max screams at John, asking if he wants a piece of him. John complies and they rush each other. Stephanie runs in between them, shrieking “STAWWWWP!!!”

EJ asks Sami what happened. Sami huffs and tells him to ask Lucas. Allie screams and EJ goes over to comfort her. Lucas grumps. He doesn’t want EJ anywhere near Allie. Sami hands Allie off to EJ anyway, and she quiets down. Nicole chuckles and pokes fun at Lucas for EJ being able to calm his baby so well. Lucas flies off the handle. Sami steps in and admits that EJ has been doing a good job with the kids. EJ still wants to know what happened and why the police are here. Lucas flashes back to Allie crawling outside, going after her, and subsequently being arrested.

At the Kirakis mansion, Phillip can’t believe that Victor has fired him from heading up the shipping department. Chloe interrupts, dragging a suitcase behind her. She tells Phillip that she’s leaving. Phillip asks her not to. He wants her to stay. Victor refuses.

Sami and Lucas explain what happened with Allie and why Lucas was arrested. Lucas insists that he didn’t do anything wrong. He was just worried about his daughter, and wasn’t thinking about that stupid perimeter. EJ takes Sami off to the side and hisses that Lucas ought to be in jail. How did he even get out? Sami explains that Roman pulled some strings. EJ folds his arms. He doesn’t want Lucas being left alone with the twins. Lucas overhears and rages. He can take care of his own daughter. He and EJ argue. The police officer takes this opportunity to leave, and tells Lucas to mind the perimeter. EJ offers to go put the twins down, while Lucas protests. EJ tells Nicole to hit the road; he will meet her for dinner and drinks later. She squeals about the date and heads off. EJ heads off with the twins as Sami and Lucas stare after him.

Stephanie holds Max back and tells him to stop being so macho as he lunges and yells at John. John smirks and tells Max to listen to his skirt. Stephanie drags Max off before he can reply. Ava walks over as John flashes back to Stefano brainwashing him. Ava interrupts, asking if he is alright. John gruffly says that he is and tells her to go away. Ava says she can’t. She knows what he is going through.

Lexie tells Daniel that she had a meeting with Theo’s teacher. She recommended he see a child specialist. Lexie knew that Abe would throw a fit, so she took Theo behind his back. Daniel asks what the specialist said. Lexie admits that there hasn’t been any definitive diagnosis. Just test after test. She sighs and Daniel hugs her. Chelsea leans on the nurse’s station nearby and stares.

Phillip and Victor argue about Chloe. Phillip doesn’t think that Victor should tell him who he can see. Victor can’t believe that Phillip is choosing a piece of trash like Chloe over his own family. At that, Phillip ruefully admits to Chloe that she ought to go. She tells Phillip that she will be at the Salem Inn and huffs out. Phillip whirls angrily on Victor, asking if that were necessary. Victor wants to know if they are sleeping together. Phillip grumps. That’s none of his business. Victor is shocked. He is, then? What does he think Chloe would say if she discovered that Phillip spent half a million dollars on drugs, which he then planted on John’s ship?

Max and Stephanie walk into the pub, and she peppers him with questions, wanting to know what’s wrong with him, and why he keeps getting into fights. Max says he has to go get ready for his shift, so he doesn’t have time to argue. Stephanie flashes back to arguing with Max about Nick’s proposal.

Ava thinks she knows a mental case when she sees one. John tells her that he recognizes her from the papers. She was holding some people hostage. Ava smirks. And he’s the town’s resident drug dealer. Ava wants to keep John company, and she tells him that she thinks that she can help him. John sighs. If that’s so, she’s the only person in town that can.

Lucas can’t believe that Sami is listening to EJ. She admits that she also thinks it best if he’s not all alone with the twins for now. Lucas accuses Sami of taking EJ’s side. EJ walks in and tells them that the twins are asleep. He says that he has to go meet with Nicole about her case and leaves. Sami sighs, saying that she wanted to go to the gym. Lucas offers to watch the twins, but Sami refuses. Lucas doesn’t think she trusts him. Sami says that she does, but he can’t be alone with them until her learns their routine and behavior.

Victor wonders what Phillip was thinking. Phillip fumes. He was taking care of business-taking care of John Black. That’s just what Victor would have done years ago. Victor rages. He was a young man that did what he had to do to keep his family business afloat. Now Phillip has left them open to all sorts of attacks. He asks where Phillip got the cocaine. Phillip glares. He got it from an old contact of Victor’s in Mexico. Victor gapes.

Daniel and Lexie finish hugging and Lexie goes off to check on a patient. Daniel spots Chelsea and goes over to say hello. She huffs. She didn’t know he and Lexie were so close. Daniel eyes her suspiciously, saying that she is acting pretty cool about the hug. Chelsea says she is a pretty cool girl. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have spoken to him after he lied about having a girlfriend.

John and Ava talk about how both the newspapers have dragged them through the mud. John asks about what happened to Ava, and she tells him about her father paying a psychiatrist to keep her drugged. Her father wanted to keep her anything but sane. John tells her that he can empathize. A doctor once turned him into a different person against his will. John explains that old John was too good--almost like a Boy Scout. He likes himself better and finds himself more interesting now, though. The people that knew him before can’t understand him or connect with him now. John tells Ava that he is pretty sure that he is beyond help and starts to head off. Ava asks him to wait.

Victor worries that Phillip is getting more and more like him, and he tells him that he didn’t want this life for him. Phillip reminds him that Victor just did what he had to do. Now Phillip has his own responsibilities. Victor just has to trust him. Phillip leaves. Victor sighs.

Max comes back and Stephanie tells him that she doesn’t know what to do for him, so she’s just going to let him deal with it on his own. Max tells Stephanie that he is just having a really bad day. Nothing is wrong, other than that. She tells him she loves him, and he says it back, but Stephanie isn’t so sure. If he loves her, he wouldn’t be shutting her out like this.

Daniel assures Chelsea that he wasn’t lying about the woman he was seeing. Chelsea asks if the woman is married, and that is why she is unavailable. Daniel tells her that he has just been thinking about what she said about him not being able to commit. Maybe he is drawn to women he can’t commit to. If that’s true, then it’s time for him to make a major change.

Chloe and Phillip meet at the Java Café. He apologizes for what his father said to her, and she asks what else they talked about. Phillip doesn’t want to say. Chloe asks if their arrangement is finished.

Ava urges John to talk to her, as he has no one else. John admits that she makes him feel comfortable. Abe walks over, and seems surprised that they know each other. John explains that they just met. Abe smiles. And here he thought that John was using the Vitali connections to score cocaine. John says that Ava had nothing to do with it, and neither did he. Abe needs to go find the real culprits and stop wasting his time. Abe says he is keeping an eye on John and leaves.

Phillip tells Chloe that he still wants to see her. It will just take time for Victor to get used to it. He has trouble letting go of control. Sami comes in and Chloe excuses herself, rushing over and asking to speak with her. Sami doesn’t want to, but Chloe persists.

Stephanie has another flashback about Max and Nick’s grant papers. She goes over to bar and calls Nick. She tells him that she wants to talk about Max. She isn’t sure what to do about him.

EJ meets with Nicole, and tells her that they need to talk about the secret he told her the other night--that he is no longer married to Sami. Nicole grins.

Daniel tells Chelsea that he has always gone through his life without too many worries. He meets inspiring people very rarely, but she has been one of them. What she did for her dad was truly awesome. He admits that he hasn’t been in a serious relationship since his wife died. He is attracted to her, but between their age difference, his late wife, and this new woman--well, he just needs to sort some things out. Chelsea says she gets it. She promises to back off. She won’t throw herself at him anymore.

Lexie flashes back to arguing with Abe about Theo. Abe interrupts, saying that he has something important to tell her.

Ava and John walk on the pier and he asks her to dinner. She wants to know if he is married. He says he is, more or less. She smiles. It’s a yes or no question, and she doesn’t date married men. She tells him to take care of himself, and says she might she him around. She leaves.

Chelsea tells Daniel that he is probably doing the right thing for both of them. She leaves. Daniel stares.

Abe tells Lexie that he thought about what Theo’s teacher said, and he thinks that she’s right. He should see a specialist. Lexie smiles ruefully. Now it’s her turn to tell Abe something.

EJ tells Nicole that he was drunk, and never meant to divulge that information to her. Nicole smiles. She thinks there would be quite a fuss if it hit the tabloids. Whatever would Sami say? EJ sweats.

Sami lays into Chloe, blaming her for letting Brady become an addict, and then lie to the family about it when they could have helped him. Sami leaves in a huff. Chloe goes back over to Phillip, wondering aloud what Lucas sees in her. Phillip tells her about Lucas having to move into the DiMera mansion with Sami and EJ. Chloe says she has to go and rushes out. Phillip stares after her in confusion.

EJ tells Nicole that she can’t prove a thing. In fact, he has no idea what she is even talking about. Nicole laughs and takes out her phone. EJ demands to know who she is calling. She calls Lucas, who answers. When he hears it’s Nicole, he threatens to hang up. He doesn’t have time for her games. Nicole tells him he’ll want to listen to what she has to say.


Nicole tells EJ, “You are no longer married to Sami Brady, and unless you want that info to go tabloid, I suggest you start being rather generous with me, counselor.”

Nick tells Chelsea, “As far as being friends goes, I can't do that.” Chelsea wails, “You're not even going to try?”

John walks into the mansion and asks Phillip, “What the hell are you doing in my house?” Phillip say tells someone on the other end of the phone, “I'm going to have to call you back.”

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