Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/4/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/4/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Sami stuffs baby things into a bag as Lucas looks on. She explains that she is supposed to meet her dad for coffee, but she can’t find a babysitter, so she has to take the twins with her. Lucas wonders why he can’t baby-sit. Sami hems and haws, finally admitting that sitting the twins all alone takes some getting used to. It can be overwhelming if you haven’t done it before. Lucas thinks now is as good a time as any to learn. She can leave them with him. EJ strolls in and frowns. That will happen over his dead body.

At the hospital, Daniel yanks Lexie into a cubicle and tells her they both need a break. He had a nurse arrange breakfast for both of them. They sit down to coffee and bagels, and talk about how much fun it has been to work together. Lexie notes how much of a boon it has been to have him working with them in trauma. She will be disappointed—both personally and professionally- when Daniel leaves. Lexie bites into a bagel, and Daniel wipes some cream cheese off of her nose. He leers, saying he can’t have his chief of staff walking around with cheese on her nose. Lexie gets a page and reluctantly says she has to go.

Chelsea arrives at the pub to see Nick and Dean Robbins talking to each other. They work on some equations, and Robbins tells Nick how brilliant he is. She walks over to Morgan and makes small talk. Stephanie arrives, and she and Morgan chat about how they both got their final grades for their internships. They both aced them. Chelsea sighs. She really has a lot of work to make up from her time recovering from surgery. Morgan heads off, saying she has another engagement, and Stephanie asks Pete if he has seen Max. A flurried Pete says he should be here soon, as he has the next shift. Stephanie groans. There go her plans for the evening. Max walks in just then and sees the dean and Nick together. He freezes and gulps.

At the docks, Paul hides as Nicole walks by. She looks around as Chloe comes up. Chloe says she is looking for Phillip, but Nicole hasn’t seen him. Nicole seems to be looking for john, but can’t find him either. Chloe heads off, but Nicole stops her, saying that it’s time they have a chat.

Phillip meets John at the Kiriakis mansion. John accuses him of planting the cocaine on his ships, but Phillip denies it. John brushes him off. Phillip set him up, alright, and now he is going to pay.

Lucas tells EJ to stay out of this. EJ refuses. He is not leaving his son with a convicted felon, and he can’t stay here as he has to be in court. Sami intercedes, saying that she will take Johnny with her if EJ has a problem with Lucas keeping him. EJ definitely has a problem with it, so Sami agrees to take Johnny and leave Allie with Lucas.

Abe runs into Daniel and asks if he has seen Lexie. Daniel explains that she had to go to a meeting. Daniel tells Abe that he has worked with many chiefs of staff, but Lexie is one of the most talented and special he has ever worked with. He can’t understand how they both make their busy schedules work. Abe grumbles, saying that he has been trying to make time for Lexie lately. Lexie comes over, and Daniel leaves. Abe wants to take Lexie to breakfast, but she declines, saying that Daniel already treated her. Abe suggests lunch instead. They need to sit down and talk about Theo and the trouble he has been having at school lately.

Max sits down with Chelsea and Stephanie and she gushes to him about her final grades. A harried Pete comes over, and Max asks if he can take the next shift. A crestfallen Pete groans. He’s been here since early morning. Max cuts him off and screams that he’s asking Pete for a favor. Pete gasps. Everyone else in the pub looks around uncomfortably as Max fumes.

John continues to accuse Phillip of planting the drugs. Phillip categorically denies it.

Paul spies on Nicole and Chloe as they chat about Phillip. Nicole tells Chloe that she is Phillip’s stepmother, and she is just concerned for his welfare. Chloe tells Nicole to mind her own business, but she expresses curiosity as to why Nicole is looking for Phillip. Nicole brushes her off, telling Chloe that she is watching her. She won’t let her destroy Phillip the way she destroyed Brady. They both storm off. Paul walks out from his hiding place as Morgan walks by. He stops her, telling her that she shouldn’t be down here.

Allie screams as Lucas searches frantically for her favorite doll. He finally calls Sami in a panic, asking where it might be. Sami says she doesn’t have it, so it must be in the nursery. She hangs up.

EJ comes into the Java Café for coffee, and runs into Sami, saying how nice it is to finally see her and Johnny without Lucas around. Sami thought EJ had court, but he tells her that he was just dropping off some papers, and had time before his next appointment. Sami practically snarls. Is he meeting with Nicole? EJ says he isn’t. He has lots of clients now. Sami softens, and thanks him for working so hard to provide for them. It means a lot to her. EJ promises that he will always be there for them.

Stephanie asks Max what’s wrong. He yells that he just can’t handle working today. He has to get down to the docks. He rushes off as Chelsea and Nick look after him in astonishment. He walks up to the girls, asking if anything is wrong. Chelsea asks if Nick and Max had a falling-out.

Lucas rushes around like a madman, looking for Allie’s doll as she shrieks. Lucas runs out of the room, still searching, and talking to Allie all the while. She crawls out of the front door. Lucas comes back, sees that she’s gone, and flips. He rushes out the door after her.

Sami changes Johnny’s diaper as EJ helps. He reminds her what a good team they make. He thinks this is nice. Sami fidgets.

Daniel comes into the café and orders. He calls Chelsea, telling her that he needs to see her.

John snarls at Phillip and bets that his dealer will turn on him eventually. Victor was a formidable opponent, but Phillip is nothing like him. He may have shelled out half a million to frame John, but John is willing to pay that much and more to prove his innocence. Phillip made a bad move by trying to frame him. Phillip thinks he also made a bad move when he started this turf war. John smiles triumphantly, glad that Phillip has finally admitted to planting the drugs. Jon wonders if Phillip sleeps with his eyes open. John leaves as Chloe comes in, wondering what’s going on.

Paul tells Morgan that it’s too dangerous for her to be hanging around as Max walks by, busily fantasizing about the arguments he has had with Stephanie over the last week. He comes out of it as a man comes by and yells at him to get to work. Max grumbles that he will be glad when he no longer has to take orders from him. The man snaps back that he is equally tired of having scummy garbage like Max assigned to him. Max attacks him. Morgan screams, wondering what he is doing. The man tells Max he shouldn’t have done that and goes off to notify his supervisor. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Nick have also arrived. Nick wonders what’s wrong with Max as a shrieking Stephanie confronts Max about the fight.

Sami and EJ work on changing Johnny’s diaper. She thanks him and high-fives him, and a smiling EJ heads off for his meeting. Roman shows up and hugs Sami. They engage in some small talk until Nicole shows up and interrupts them. She tells Sami that her marriage to EJ isn’t what she thinks it is. Sami doesn’t understand what she means.

Chelsea shows up at the café and sits down with Daniel, asking him what’s going on. Daniel says that it’s time he was honest with Chelsea.

The police show up at the DiMera mansion, telling Lucas that he’s under arrest for going past the perimeter. Lucas explains that his child crawled outside. What was he supposed to do? The police sympathize, but say that they have to take him in anyway. Lucas says they can’t. He is home alone with the baby. They tell him that she will have to be taken by CPS. Lucas flips. Later, as they take him into the station, he demands to have his phone call.

Lexie and Abe argue about Theo’s problems at school. Lexie wants him to see a therapist, but Abe doesn’t think there is anything wrong with him. He thinks Lexie is just overanalyzing things.

Nick pulls Nick aside and asks if this has to do wit the prototype. Max brushes him aside, saying that he has to get back to work. A stunned Stephanie tells Nick that she doesn’t understand any of this. This just isn’t like Max. John bumps into Max as he walks way, telling him that he’s here about a Kiriakis shipment.

Chloe tries to soothe Phillip as he fumes about John and his threats. Chloe tells Phillip that she believes in him, and he thanks her. Victor walks in and tells Phillip that he wants Chloe out of his house immediately. Phillip whines. He wants her to stay. Victor brusquely tells him that he is overruled. Chloe needs to get the hell out right now.

Daniel tells Chelsea that he has been seeing another woman in Salem.

Sami and Nicole argue as Sami’s phone rings. She answers, and Lucas is on the other line, telling her that he has been arrested again.

Paul and Morgan head into the pub for lunch. Morgan demands that her father tell her how he is involved with the big drug bust down at the docks.

EJ meets with Mr. Burke, the Immigration official. He thanks him for coming, and urges him to keep this meeting discrete.

Chloe says she is more than happy to leave and heads off. Phillip protests, but Victor won’t stand for it. He has just been to see Brady, and he has a long period of recovery ahead of him thanks to that bitch. Phillip sighs and changes the subject. He wants to talk to Victor about John. Victor says that he will handle John.

Max tells John that he doesn’t know anything about a Kiriakis shipment coming in, and if he did, he wouldn’t tell him. He isn’t getting involved in some war between Victor and John. John sneers. Max doesn’t have a choice. He works down here and has eyes and ears. He will tell John what he knows. John makes a move toward Max. Max puts up his dukes, screaming at John to bring it on.

Sami shows up at the police station and lays into Lucas for being so irresponsible. Lucas explains what happened to Sami, but she brushes him off, asking Roman where Allie is. Another officer brings her in and Sami clutches her to her chest. She glares at Lucas.

Chelsea accuses Daniel of making the woman up so he can brush Chelsea off. Daniel insists that she exists. Chelsea whines. Does he love her? Daniel explains that it isn’t like that. The woman isn’t available. Chelsea presses him for answers. Is she married? Daniel refuses to discuss it further. He just thought it would be sneaky of him not to tell her. He heads off, telling Chelsea he will see her around.

EJ thanks Burke for all he has done for him, again asking him to keep quiet about it.

Nick and Stephanie wonder what’s going on with Max.

Paul tells Morgan that he had nothing to do with the drug bust at the docks.

Victor tells Phillip that he is relieving him of his shipping duties. The first rule of business is that you don’t get your hands dirty. Victor knows all about the drugs Phillip planted in Johns shipments, and he is through.

Max challenges John to a fight. John prepares to go after him.


EJ asks Sami, "Samantha, would you please make sure that he's not left alone with the children?"

Ava asks John, "Are you all right?" John replies, "Yeah, go away." Ava looks on with concern, "No, I can't, because I know what you're going through."

Victor asks Phillip, "Do you really think that she's will stay with you after she finds out you spent a half a million dollars on the drugs you planted on John's ship?"

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