Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/3/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/3/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas calls Mickey and tells him that he needs a new address for his house arrest. He can’t stay here any longer. Sami walks in as he hangs up and says good morning, but Lucas doesn’t think it is. Sami wants him to reconsider leaving the mansion. This place has everything he could want, a pool, a theater, etc. He could really enjoy life here if he would give it a chance. Lucas is sorry, but he can’t stay here. Sami says things would be simpler for him if they got back together. Lucas rages. She went to bed with EJ, of all people. They can’t get back together. Sami blubbers. Lucas just has to forgive her.

Bo, Hope, Max, and Chelsea sit at the pub, and talk about ways they can make the pub “green.” They discuss the importance of recycling, composting, and using energy-efficient appliances. Hope tells that the group that she and Bo are doing with their home what Maggie is doing with Chez Rouge; they’re recycling energy that they can sell back to the city. Chelsea thinks it’s great, but Bo tells her that there is even more they can do.

EJ comes into the pub and sits down with a groan, laying his head in his hands. Caroline can see that’s he’s nursing a wicked hangover and offers black coffee. Nicole jumps in and tells Caroline that EJ needs a honey-banana smoothie. That always does the trick for her. Caroline tells Nicole she will have to make it herself, as she doesn’t know how. Nicole agrees, and asks Caroline to make her a bloody mary. Caroline huffs off, and EJ notes that Nicole and Caroline don’t seem to get along. Nicole agrees, but thinks Caroline might come around now that she is divorcing her ex-lover. She deftly mixes EJ’s drink, and when he asks about her skill, she tells him that she used to mix drinks at the Java Café. EJ seems surprised. He tells Nicole that he doesn’t remember much from last night. Nicole chuckles and tells him that his secrets are safe with her.

Sami and Lucas argue over whether or not he should stay at the mansion. John comes downstairs and Sami asks where the picture of Marlena is. John shrugs. She left him. Who cares? Sami tells John that she knows where her mother is.

Phillip meets Yvonne Li at the pub. She’s from Titan’s Hong Kong division. Yvonne greets Phillip, saying that she thought he was in the Marines. Phillip chuckles. He got out, but his leg didn’t make it. Yvonne asks why Phillip flew her out here. Chloe comes in and stares at them suspiciously.

At her new apartment, Kayla sits on the couch and flashes back to visiting her baby. Stephanie comes in and finds Kayla crying. She asks where her dad is, and Kayla explains that he went out to get breakfast. Stephanie comforts her about the baby, as Steve comes in with a sack of food. Steve takes a call as Stephanie takes the bag into the kitchen. Steve tells the person on the other end that they will be there soon. Kayla wants to know what that was all about. What’s going on with the baby? Steve tells her that their baby boy has taken a turn for the worse.

At the pub, everyone gets into the “green” swing of things. Max changes all the light bulbs to the newer, energy efficient bulbs. Bo, Hope and Caroline go over a checklist of changes to be made. Chelsea comes over, telling them that they have a big problem.

EJ thanks Nicole for the drink, which helped, but he still feels horribly. He hopes he didn’t do or say anything unforgivable last night. Nicole grins slyly.

Sami tells John that Marlena had to leave because her brother, Eric, was involved in a car accident. He’s fine, he just has a few cracked ribs, and a broken ankle, but Marlena wanted to be there for him while he recovers. John huffs. He wonders if Marlena used this accident as an excuse to get away from him. He stomps off. Sami knows John isn’t himself. Se hopes he doesn’t do something stupid. Lucas doesn’t understand. Sami knows that John is in love with her mother. If he thinks that he lost her, there’s no telling what he might do. Lucas had no idea that Sami cared for John or his feelings. Sami snorts. She isn’t a heartless bitch. Kate sails in, saying she begs to differ.

Chloe walks over to Phillip, who introduces her to Yvonne. He asks Chloe if she would like to join him after his meeting, but she says that she has a meeting of her own to attend. She sashays over to a nearby table to meet Arthur.

Chelsea tells the group that the new energy-efficient cooler is too small to hold the last keg of beer. Caroline smiles. Shawn made this green beer especially for St. Patrick’s Day. Caroline thinks they should tap it and drink it to celebrate the pub going green.

EJ thanks Nicole for the drink and tells her that he is glad that he didn’t put his foot in his mouth the night before. He tells her that he some things he needs to take care of, and heads out, telling her he’ll talk to her when he knows more about her case. Nicole smiles as he leaves, promising herself that EJ will be hearing from her.

Everyone toasts with green beer as Kayla calls Hope. Stephanie also calls Max and sobs about Joe. Kayla fills Hope in on what’s going on, and tells her to ask Caroline to pray for Joe. Hope wants to come down to the hospital with Bo right away, but Kayla tells her not to. She promises that she will be in touch with all of them as soon as she hears anything. Hope hangs up and fills Caroline in on the news about Joe.

Kate comes in and hugs Lucas, admonishing him for not allowing her to visit while he was in prison. Kate asks how he likes staying with John, and Lucas admits that it’s not a whole lot better than prison. Kate wants him to move somewhere else. Sami flatly refuses. Lucas’ home is with her and the twins. Kate scoffs. The last time she checked, Sami was spoken for. Sami tells her to check again. Her marriage to EJ has been annulled.

It seems that Arthur is Chloe’s new real estate agent, and he has several condos that he wants to show her. Phillip heads over, and asks to speak with her in private after she introduces him to Arthur. They walk away, and he asks what she is doing. He wants her to stay with him at the mansion. Chloe says that sounds nice, but they both know what trouble it will be once Victor returns. She has to find her own place. Phillip tells her not to do anything rash. He needs to speak with her further once his meeting is finished. He heads back over to Yvonne, and Arthur tells Chloe that he can leave if she has changed her mind. She says she hasn’t, and that she still wants to see the list of places in town for sale.

Phillip hands Yvonne John’s disk, explaining that it is encrypted. He needs her to decrypt it. She tells him it is no problem. She hasn’t yet met with a code she couldn’t crack.

John meets with Nicole, and after exchanging some pleasantries, he asks her if she has seen Phillip lately. Nicole fills John in on walking in on Chloe and Phillip sleeping together. John thinks that sounds interesting, but Nicole disagrees. It was actually downright boring.

While Hope tells Caroline about Joe, Max says he is heading off to the hospital to join Stephanie, Steve, and Kayla. Caroline frets, saying she will make sandwiches for everyone in case they come back from the hospital hungry.

Kate tells Lucas that she will call Roman right away. He can get him moved. Lucas says it isn’t necessary, but Kate insists. She is not going to stand by and let Sami sink he claws into Lucas once again. Lucas tells Kate that it is his life, and he will make his own decisions. She needs to mind her own business. Sami hugs him, thanking him for standing up for her. Kate rolls her eyes. EJ comes in and stares.

Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie arrive at the hospital. A nurse comes out with information on Joe. He did well all through the night, but his blood pressure dropped this morning. His heart rate is slowing because his lungs are filling with fluid. Stephanie asks the nurse if they can make him better as Steve and Kayla rush off to scrub up so they can see Joe. The nurse tells Stephanie that there isn’t much they can do. Max rushes over and hugs Stephanie. She bawls, telling him that she doesn’t think that her brother will make it.

Kayla approaches her son and whispers that his mom is here now.

Lucas tells Kate that he has to do what is best for his family. Sami hugs Lucas and thanks him, saying that she knows he won’t regret it. EJ strides in and tell Sami to think again. They’re still married. Sami doesn’t understand. EJ tells her that the annulment can’t be approved since they were intimate. Sami can’t believe EJ told the judge about that. Kate practically has a stroke. Are they saying that they—Sami nods. EJ tells Sami that that isn’t what he was talking about. He means the fact that they share a child together, and were clearly intimate. That coupled with the show they put on for immigration means that their annulment is dead in the water. Kate picks up the phone again, meaning to call Roman. Sami wails. She loves Lucas! Kate can’t do this to her. Kate snaps at her. Apparently, she loves EJ, too.

Nicole wonders why John thinks her walking in on Chloe and Phillip is funny. John says he finds the information useful, not funny. He heads over to the bar and orders coffee. A distracted Caroline pours it and huffs off. John smirks. Whatever happened to service with a smile? Hope comes over and greets John, not realizing that he had posted bail. She reminds him that the old John would never have done this. John huffs. The new John didn’t either. Hope says she will believe him if he can prove it. John tells her that he plans on doing so.

Stephanie cries about her brother as Max attempts to soothe her. He thinks it will help if they go to the chapel and pray. Stephanie agrees and they both head off. Patch and Kayla also pray with Joe. Kayla cries and asks Joe to stay strong. A worried Chelsea peers in at them through the window.

John pays for his coffee and heads off. Hope tells Bo about John claiming to be innocent. She isn’t sure if she should believe him or not. Outside, John calls Phillip and tells him that the need to meet. Hope wonders where Chelsea has gone to, but Bo says he thinks he knows. He takes the sandwiches Caroline made and heads off.

Lucas rages about Sami and EJ still being married. Kate takes it as a sign that Lucas and Sami aren’t supposed to be together. Lucas tells her to stay out of it, and tells Sami that she needs to get a divorce. Kate jumps back in the fray and Lucas cuts her off, demanding that she leave. Kate stomps out the door. Nicole calls EJ, asking him if he has followed through with his plan regarding the annulment. EJ turns white. How does she know about that? Nicole giggles and reminds him that he told her all about it when he was drunk.

Kayla wonders if the baby knows they are there. Steve is sure that he knows.

Stephanie wonders if anyone will hear her prayers. She had to go to church all those years her dad was gone, but she hasn’t felt very spiritual lately. Chelsea comes in and asks if she can do anything. She wants to be there for Stephanie if she needs her.

Joe’s machines beep rapidly. A nurse comes over and smiles, telling them that Joe’s heart rate and blood pressure are retuning to normal rates. He must be responding to the medication. Kayla thinks that he must sense his family gathered around him. Stephanie and Max come back, scrub up, and join Steve and Kayla. Bo and Chelsea watch them from outside the glass.

EJ tells Nicole that they will talk about this later and hangs up. Sami wonders who was on the phone, and EJ tells her that it was just a client. Sami heads off as EJ smiles.

Phillip makes a call, telling the person that he has set up a meeting with John Black. He’s in for a big surprise.

Nicole meets John outside the pub and asks where he is off to.

Chloe sees Phillip and asks if they can talk. Phillip tells her he is busy and heads off. Chloe follows.

Nicole tells John that she could use a lift, but he tells her to take the bus instead and rushes off. Nicole grins. Not telling her what’s going on just makes her more curious.


Pete tells Max, “Max, I'm sorry. I've been here since morning. I- I-” Max jumps up and screams at him, “Pete, I'm asking you for a favor here, all right?!”

Chelsea asks Daniel, “What's up?” Daniel replies, “It's time I was finally honest with you.”

John tells Phillip, “You set me up. And now you have to pay.”

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