Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/2/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/2/08


Written By Jenni
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At the DiMera mansion, Lucas plays with Allie as Sami looks around frantically for Johnny’s blanket. Lucas asks what’s wrong. Sami explains that she thinks Johnny is teething. When he gets like this, only EJ seems to be able to calm him down.

At Chez Rouge, an intoxicated EJ and Nicole dance. EJ dips Nicole and she flirts, telling him that he has some great news. She thinks he is a lot more fun without Sami around. EJ ends the dance abruptly, saying that he is hungry. He asks if Nicole likes sushi, and heads off to order some. Nicole smiles. She thinks she might be falling for EJ.

Nearby, Bo and Hope also dance. Bo asks about Hope’s shoulder, and she says that she is fine. He is the one that she is worried about. She doesn’t want him to overexert himself. Bo winks at her. He plans on doing that later.

At the police station, Abe beings to interrogate John once more, asking again if he would like to have an attorney present. John insists that he doesn’t need one, seeing as how he is innocent. Someone framed him. Roman walks in, wondering how Abe is progressing, and he tells Roman that John is stonewalling him. An officer brings some papers in, and Abe looks them over. He slams them down in front of John, who asks what they are. Roman tells them they’re a good reason for him to plead guilty at his arraignment.

In Phillip’s room at the mansion, Chloe and Phillip chat, and she wonders at the fact that Nicole and EJ left the pub together. She thinks that Nicole is most likely going after EJ. She asks Phillip what he thinks, but he isn’t sure. He flashes back to playing darts with Morgan at the pub. Chloe interrupts the memory, asking what is wrong with Phillip. What is he thinking about? Phillip doesn’t think that she wants to know.

Morgan shows up at Chez Rouge as Stephanie calls her cell phone. She apologizes and explains that she and Max had to leave because he wasn’t dressed appropriately. Besides, she’s at her parents’ new place, and she wants to wait on them to get back from the hospital with news on her brother. Morgan tells her it’s ok, as it appears everyone else has left the restaurant as well. Stephanie thanks her for understanding and hangs up. She whirls on Max angrily. She didn’t like having to lie to her friend. Does he want to tell her what is going on?

Chloe tells Phillip goodnight and starts to head off to her own room, but Phillip stops her. He thought she was divorced. Doesn’t she want to have a little fun? Besides, he wants her to stay. Phillip moves in and kisses Chloe.

Lucas grumbles. He thinks Johnny can handle not having EJ around for one night. Sami explains that there is a certain song that EJ sings to Johnny to calm him down. Lucas is surprised that that’s all it is. Heck, he can sing the song to Johnny if that will help. Sami shrugs. She isn’t sure it will work, but it’s worth a shot. She heads off to get Johnny.

EJ and Nicole take shots at the bar. In their haste to get to a lemon, they almost kiss. Nicole thinks EJ is a really fun guy. EJ thinks that she is a beautiful girl, and that she is smarter than she lets on. In fact, he’d like to tell her a little secret. He explains that the annulment Sami signed is null and void. Nicole doesn’t understand. Did the judge not approve it? EJ smiles. He approved it all right, but it seems that the annulment is null and void since he and Sami had marital relations. At least-- that is what he will tell Sami. Legally, the annulment went through. But that is his little secret.

Morgan bumps into her father, Paul, who has come down to the restaurant for a celebratory drink. The grand jury will decide tomorrow whether or not to indict him ,and he thinks that the will find no reason to do so. Morgan hopes that is true, especially in light of the drug bust down at the docks. Paul says he isn’t concerned about that, because he had nothing to do with it.

Bo and Hope continue to dance and flirt. She gets serious, and talk about how afraid she was to lose him during his illness. She is so lucky that he came back to her. Bo agrees. Now he knows that you have to make the most of every moment life has to offer.

Abe tells John that the cocaine was picked up in Mexico, at a port infamous for moving the drug. The manifest listed those containers as something else entirely. Roman think that John was counting on Paul to clear the cargo, but he couldn’t because he was being investigated. Roman thinks John is looking guiltier by the second.

Lucas bounces Johnny on his lap, and sings Frère Jacques in his best British accent. Johnny quiets down immediately. A shocked Sami thanks Lucas. He does his best Elvis impression, “Thank you every much.” Sami giggles.

EJ and Nicole take more shots. She goes over his plan again. So his annulment is valid, but at some point in the future, he plans on lying to Sami and telling her that’s it’s void. She isn’t sure that this lie will work. What if it backfires? EJ laughs. He has it all worked out, but he wouldn’t be telling her this if she were sober. It’s a huge secret. Nicole nods drunkenly and puts a finger over her lips. But maybe he is right not to trust her.

Morgan tells her father that she has heard all sorts of rumors about the bust on the docks. She wants to know the truth about his involvement.

Phillip and Chloe make love.

A salsa number begins and Hope begs Bo to dance. He refuses. Hip gyration is where he draws the line. Hope huffs. She guesses he must not be up for the challenge. Bo tells her that he will prove her wrong, and they get up and dance.

John groans. Obviously, someone tampered with his manifests. He angrily declares that if he were his old self, they wouldn’t even be questioning him right now. Besides, he is positive that Phillip is behind all of this.

Chloe gets out of bed. She tells Phillip that this is fun, but she knows Victor won’t stand for it once he returns from his trip. Phillip grumbles and tells her not to worry. He can handle Victor. He wants Chloe to stay the night, but she refuses. Sex with no strings attached means you go back to your own room. As he grabs her clothes, John’s disk falls off of Phillip’s desk. Phillip tells her to leave it. Chloe picks it up anyway and asks what it is. Phillip snaps, “I said, leave it!” He takes it from her and puts it away. He tries to change the subject, asking if she is hungry, but Chloe is nettled by his secrecy and leaves. Phillip heads off to the kitchen for food.

John tells Abe and Roman that he has nothing further to say to them. Abe says it is time for his arraignment anyhow, and another officer shows up to take John away. Abe asks Roman if he believes what John said about Phillip. Roman says he doesn’t. Abe sighs, saying that he doesn’t believe him either.

Bo and Hope finish their dance with a low dip, and notice Paul and Morgan talking as they head back to their table. They walk over to talk with Paul about the drug bust, and he again insists that he wasn’t around at the time because of his suspension. He gets a call from Phillip and heads off to speak with him in private. Phillip says that Paul should know hwy he is calling. Paul says it isn’t a good time and hangs up. Paul tells Bo and Hope that he plans on looking into the bust himself as soon as he is reinstated. The grand jury is set to make a ruling in the morning, and he is confident that they will drop the charges. Bo and Hope head off. They both think that Paul knows a lot more than he is letting on. Hope sighs and pities Morgan.

Nicole tells EJ that she was kidding and that his secrets are safe with her. Besides, she wants him to know that if it doesn’t work out with Sami, there are other women out there for him. EJ tells Nicole that he thinks it will work out. He and Sami are meant to be together. Nicole thinks Lucas probably feels the same way. EJ is confused. Lucas doesn’t love him. Nicole laughs uproariously. She meant he feels that way about Sami. EJ frowns. Lucas is a little boy. He doesn’t know how to care for a woman. Nicole thought that he had forgiven Lucas. EJ snorts. He will never forget how that coward put a bullet in his back. He just told Sami that he forgave Lucas in order to woo her. Nicole wonders why he thinks he can find true lobe by plotting and scheming. EJ laughs. He tells her that she thinks that, too, and reminds her of her impending divorce settlement.

As Sami and Lucas head downstairs, one of the twins shrieks angrily. Lucas heads back upstairs, as Sami gets a call from a frantic Maggie. Sami listens and huffs. EJ may be making a scene, but he isn’t her husband anymore. It’s not her problem. She hangs up and thinks. Finally, Sami throws on her coat and storms out.

John comes back from his arraignment and sneers at Abe and Roman. In case they want to know, he pled not guilty because he is innocent. He is ready to post his bail. Abe tells him not to bother. Marlena already posted bail, so he is free to go. John heads off.

Sami rushes into Chez Rouge and over to EJ. She starts pleading with him to come home. EJ starts protesting drunkenly. He is a single man now. He can do anything he wants. Sami says that she knows that, but she still cares about him. Besides, he is Johnny’s father, and he can’t be out embarrassing himself like this. Nicole huffs, saying that Sami is just jealous. Sami looks into EJ’s eyes and urges him to come with her. EJ gets up, grabs a drink off another table, and downs it as Sami hurries him out the door. Nicole curses. How in the world will she pay the bill now?

Chloe comes back as Phillip hangs up with Paul. She asks if he was talking to anyone, but he denies it.

John comes back to the mansion, yelling that he is home as soon as he steps in, thanks to his wife. Lucas comes up, and John asks where Marlena is. Lucas shrugs. He doesn’t even know where his own wife is.

Max tells Stephanie that he is who he always has been--he’s the son of a fisherman who just happens to be good with numbers--kind of like the guy in Rainman. Stephanie says she loves him no matter who he is. She tells him that she is there for him if he ever wants to talk.

Chloe wonders what is up with Phillip. She is concerned that he might get into some shady dealings and be in over his head. Phillip tells her not to worry. He can take care of himself.

Nicole doesn’t think that’s it’s fair that Sami gets to have it both ways. Maybe she should tell her what EJ is up to.

Sami brings EJ in, explaining to Lucas that he was drunk and making a scene at Maggie’s restaurant. Lucas grumps. This is the second time that he has watched her play the concerned wife today. EJ falls on the floor. John comes downstairs and Sami greets him, asking if Marlena knows he is back. John stares at her dully. Marlena is gone. She left a note, saying that she is leaving him. EJ snickers, saying that it happens.


Nicole tells EJ, “Don't worry EJ. Your secrets are safe with me.”

Kate tells Sami, “You know, Sami, the last time I checked, you were spoken for.” Sami replies, “Well check again. My marriage to EJ has been annulled.”

Kayla asks Steve, “Steve, well, come on, come on, what did they say?” Steve replies, “I'm afraid our baby boy has taken a turn for the worse.”

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