Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/30/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/30/08


Written By Jenni
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At Chez Rouge, Bo wonders why Max left the restaurant in such a hurry. Hope isn’t sure.

Stephanie finds Max at the pub, and demands to know why he ran out when they were toasting Nick. Max fidgets.

In an interrogation room at the station, John paces as Abe tries to get him to confess to drug trafficking. They have plenty of proof, so it will be a lot easier on him in the long run if he just comes clean. John fumes. Abe asks if he has anything to say. John tells him to go to hell.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena flashes back to telling John that she thinks his memory might be coming back to him slowly. She comes back to the present and sighs loudly. The doorbell rings. Marlena heads over and opens it to find Ava outside. Ava asks if she is Dr. Marlena Evans. Marlena says she is the same, and wonders what Ava is doing here. Ava says that she came on EJ’s advice. Marlena lets her in, and Ava explains that EJ told her that Marlena was a really great psychiatrist. She could sure use someone to talk to.

Hope comes back and tells Bo that she called Caroline. Ciara had a good dinner, and is now fast asleep. She also talked to Kayla, and it’s still touch-and-go with Joe. Bo says that he wants to go to the hospital. Hope laughs. He must be in her head. She wants to go too, but Kayla said they shouldn’t come. They decide to enjoy the rest of their evening at Chez Rouge as Kate and Roman walk in. Bo chuckles. Well, look what the cat dragged in. He quickly tells Kate that wasn’t meant as an offense to her. They all decide to have dinner together and make small talk about Martino Vitali and Kayla’s baby.

Nearby, Maggie squeals over Anna’s engagement and wedding rings. Anna tells her all about their honeymoon. She and Tony just returned from Bora Bora.

Abe reminds John of the evidence against him. John says that it’s obvious that Phillip set him up. If his case goes to trial, Abe and the whole department will regret it. Abe doesn’t think so. John rages. He is innocent. The real culprit is still out there, so John has no choice but to admonish Abe. He needs to go out there and do his job—and catch the bad guy. John pounds his fist on the table for emphasis. Abe tells him to think about what he said and heads off. John flashes back to his arrest and begging Marlena to help him.

Marlena suggests that Ava call her office and make an appointment. Ava whines. She needs to talk to someone right now. She knows she should have called before coming over, but she is really desperate. Marlena isn’t sure that she is the right person. Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla are dear friends of hers. Shawn Brady was once her father-in-law. She was even on the plane Ava sabotaged. Ava is very sorry for all of that. Her father was keeping her drugged. She was out of her mind. He paid her shrink to make her insane. Marlena sympathizes. Ava is just glad they are both dead. She isn’t sure that she can trust a psychiatrist ever again, but EJ convinced her to talk to Marlena. She is racked with guilt over all the things she has done, and she isn’t sure how to come to terms with it. Marlena thinks she has taken the first step to recovery by admitting that. Marlena knows that she can get past the things she has done if she really wants to.

Max tells Stephanie that he bolted from the restaurant because he looked around and noticed he wasn’t dressed properly. He came straight from work. Stephanie doesn’t buy it. She thinks he might have left out of anger or jealousy over Nick. Max hotly denies it.

Tony and Anna join Kate, Roman, Hope and Bo and talk about their honeymoon. The conversation drifts toward the topic of Bo’s transplant, and Roman tells them all that he knew Bo and Chelsea would pull through. The Brady family can take a licking and keep on ticking. The group chuckles. Anna asks if Roman and Kate are getting back together. They look at one another uncomfortably.

Marlena tells Ave that she has to take responsibility for what she has done before she can move on. Ava agrees. She says she has. Marlena thinks it will really help her to speak to a counselor. She can’t do it, because she can’t be objective, but she can give Ava the name and number of an excellent therapist. She believes that Ava’s father is to blame for all of this, but now he is dead, and she is clean. She can have a fresh start. Ava sighs. She knows her father loved her, but she will never understand what drove him to do the things he did. Marlena warns her that she may never have true closure, but now she is free, and she can live her life as she chooses. Ava admits that the hardest part about that is that she doesn’t know who she really is.

John paces in the holding room and mutters under his breath.

Stephanie knows that Max changed more than just a few of Nick’s equations. She peppers him with questions. How does he understand applied physics? She knows he never went to college. If he is some kind of mathematical genius, then why doesn’t he want people to know? Max fidgets.

Roman and Kate tell everyone that they aren’t seeing each other. They’re just taking the opportunity to catch up on old times. Hope tells everyone about Maggie’s restaurant going green. Bo says they are working on doing the same with their home and with the pub. Anna thinks it’s a fabulous idea, and suggests to Tony that they renovate. Tony laughs. He thinks they need to find a place to live first.

Ava talks to Marlena about her obsession with Steve. After he left, she was eating, sleeping and breathing Steve. Now that she’s sober, she doesn’t even think she loves him anymore. Maybe she only loved him when she was drugged. Ava moans as Marlena tries to comfort her. Ava says her reason for living is gone. Marlena thinks she has made progress just by refusing to live in the past. Ava wonders what she is going to do. She could go to jail. Marlena thinks she will find what she is looking for out of life if she sees an experienced counselor. Marlena wants to give her a name and number, but Ava thinks she has done far too much for one night. She tells Marlena she will call her office for the number in the morning, thanks her, and leaves.

Max tells Stephanie that he isn’t a genius. He is just good with numbers, and him being able to help with Nick’s proposal was blind luck. Stephanie doesn’t buy it. She thinks something else is going on.

Tony and Anna talk about their trip. Anna says she wanted to go scuba diving, but she was afraid of the sharks. Tony laughs and says he threw her in away way. They go off to dance. Roman kicks Bo under the table and waves his arm at him. Bo takes the hint, and asks Hope to dance, leaving Kate and Roman alone. Hope jokes with Bo about how unsubtle he was. Kate complains about how touchy-feely Anna and Tony are. Roman thinks they are in love, but Kate insists that they are just in heat.

Tony and Anna dance and talk about Kate and Roman. Tony thinks they must be seeing each other. He tells Anna that he can’t believe she thought he was interested in Kate. Anna isn’t so sure she was wrong about it.

Kate and Roman dance near Bo and Hope and they all make jokes as to how long Tony and Anna’s marriage might last.

Marlena comes to see John, and he rages. Is she back for an encore? He holds both his arms out, asking which one she needs first. Marlena explains that she had to sedate him. Someone might have gotten hurt. John grumbles. She must have been worried about Roman. Marlena insists that she was concerned for John’s safety first. John snorts. That almost sounded sincere. He asks why she is there, and she says she came to see if he wants to confess anything. John nukes. She does think that he’s guilty! John denies any involvement. It was clearly Phillip or his old man behind this. Marlena doesn’t think so. Victor has changed, and she has known Phillip since he was a boy. There’s no way he would be capable of doing such a thing. John sulks over her believing Phillip over him. Marlena sighs. It’s hard to believe him since he has been acting like a criminal ever since he came back to town.

Anna wonders if Tony slept with Kate. Tony laughs. Of course not. He ought to throw Anna on the ground and ravage her right here. Anna giggles, wondering what good that would do. Tony says it would prove that she is the woman for him. Anna chuckles and playfully smacks his chest. She tells him that he is hers, and he better never forget it.

Bo and Hope dance and flirt. Bo winks and tells her that he can think of better things for them to be doing besides dancing.

Kate and Roman dance and talk about Tony and Anna. Roman hopes their marriage lasts. Kate sighs and says she hopes the same thing about Lucas’ marriage. Roman warns her not to meddle in her children’s lives anymore.

Stephanie finds it hard to believe that she doesn’t know about Max’s skills at math. Max shrugs. There are a lot of things they don’t know about each other yet. It’s no big deal. Ava comes in and Stephanie nukes, screaming at her and asking why she is here. Ava stammers, saying she is looking for a friend. Stephanie shrieks. Does she anyone here?! Ava asks for news on the baby, but Stephanie is reticent. Ava gives up and asks Stephanie to tell her parents that she is thinking of them. Stephanie scoffs sarcastically. She’s sure that that will make them feel better. Ava leaves, completely cowed. Max is taken aback. He tells Stephanie that she is being too harsh. Stephanie whirls on him angrily. She will be just as harsh with him unless he tells her the truth.

Hope asks Anna if she intends on going to work for Tony. Anna laughs and shakes her head.

Kate assures Roman that she has no intention of meddling in her kids’ lives anymore. Lucas is an adult, and he can make his own decisions. Roman sighs with relief.

John sulks. Since when is a person considered guilty until proven innocent? Marlena reminds him of the evidence stacked against him. John doesn’t believe it. He wants to see it. Marlena asks him to persuade her that he is innocent. John refuses. He doesn’t think that is why she is here anyway. She’s here to try to get the old John back. Marlena isn’t sure that that is possible. John wants her to tell him from her heart, if she thinks he is innocent. Marlena admits that she believes him. She doesn’t think that he is guilty.

Stephanie presses Max for more answers. Max brushes her off, saying that he has to go get changed so he can pay a visit to her parents. She agrees, and he heads off upstairs. Stephanie stares worriedly.

Anna tells Hope that she plans on spending a lot of time at the spa and shopping. Tony makes a joke about how he earns the money so she can spend it. Roman and Kate think they are perfect for one another. Bo proposes a toast.

The guard comes back and tells Marlena that her time is up. She tells John that she loves him. He says he knows, and she heads out. John cries a little.


EJ tells Nicole, “That's the secret.” Nicole says, “Oh.” EJ says, “Keep it a secret, ok? No telling.” Nicole drunkenly puts a finger over her mouth and nods.

Abe slams a folder down on the table, “Take a look, John.” John asks, “What is it?” Roman replies, “A real good reason for you to plead guilty at your arraignment.”

Chloe holds John’s disc and asks Phillip, “What's this?” Phillip snaps, “I said leave it.”

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