Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/29/08

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/29/08


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Steve and Kayla return to their new apartment after visiting Joe. Kayla grumbles about the nurses changing shifts, which is why they had to leave. Steve soothes her, saying that Joe is getting the best possible care right now. He plans to take care of her himself. Kayla thanks him, but she still can’t relax until their baby is home with them.

At Chez Rouge, Maggie talks to Daniel, Bo and Lexie about converting her restaurant so quickly into a “green” establishment. She mentions the solar panels she has had installed, and Bo says he wants to get them for the pub. Hope walks over as Maggie tells everyone that the party tonight is to celebrate Nick and his new prototype. Nick also walks over just then, and everyone congratulates him. Daniel takes a call, telling the person that he is going to be busy tonight. Chelsea listens in suspiciously.

At the bar, EJ and Nicole nurse a couple of drinks and she explains that she had to leave the pub because of Chloe. Nicole complains about Chloe, and EJ wonders if Nicole is just jealous because Chloe has her hands all over the person Nicole planned to make her next ex-husband. Nicole complains about Chloe already snatching one man from under her feet. She can’t let her do it with another. Nicole was just getting through to Phillip when Chloe started doing the nasty with Phillip. EJ thinks that she needs to change the way Phillip sees Chloe.

Everyone toasts Nick and his new prototype. Daniel praises him. His plan for alternative fuels could really rock the planet. Lexie stands nearby and murmurs that she wishes she could convince Daniel to stick around. Chelsea smirks. That would require a commitment, and they all know how Daniel feels about that. Two other doctors, Carrington and Whitaker, arrive and greet everyone. Daniel eyes them and cryptically announces that a cold wind is blowing. It’s time for him to set sail. Chelsea glares at him and stomps off. Bo looks after her curiously, wondering what he missed. Hope isn’t sure, but she missed something, too. Chelsea heads over to Nick and congratulates him. He fidgets and she asks what’s wrong. Nick confides in her that he wouldn’t have gotten the grant at all if it hadn’t been for a friend’s help.

EJ explains that Nicole needs to put Chloe in a bad light, and make Phillip think differently of her. Nicole chuckles. Like him, he means? She brings Lucas walking in on EJ and Sami. EJ admits that he helped Lucas get out of jail, but he thought he would go to a half-way house. He never dreamed Lucas would end up living with them. Nicole bets that Sami crawled back to Lucas on her hands and knees, begging for forgiveness. EJ frowns. How did she know? Nicole laughs lightly. She knows Sami too well, that’s all. She wonders what EJ will do now. He tells her he is working on Plan B—he will give Sami whatever she wants, including signing annulment papers. Nicole doesn’t get it. If she signs the papers, it’s over. EJ lets her in on a little secret. Sami has already signed the papers. Nicole is taken aback, “What?!”

Kayla continues to fret about Joe. She wonders if he can tell that his parents aren’t around. Steve tries suggesting her favorite movie or music, but Kayla refuses. She isn’t in the mood for any of that. Steve has an idea, and asks her to wait there. He comes back to find Kayla gone. He rushes down the hallway and brings her back, scolding her for trying to run back to the hospital. Steve tells her that he has a really good idea to keep them busy. He brings back a box full of parts for a baby swing.

Lexie walks over to Bo and Hope and she suggests that Bo talk to the others about what he and Hope are doing to make their home more environmentally friendly. Bo heads off and Lexie sighs. She is glad to see that at least Hope can communicate with her husband.

Stephanie comes in and Nick asks where Max is. She isn’t sure. Nick frets. He was a major reason why Nick ended up getting his funding. Stephanie flashes back to Max telling her about Nick’s work that he corrected. Stephanie tells Nick that she is sure Max was just trying to help. Nick gets serious. That may be, but the problem is that Max did it behind Nick’s back.

Daniel and the doctors throw back tequila shots.

Nicole doesn’t understand EJ’s tactics. How will letting Sami sign annulment papers win her over? EJ explains that he plans on being the perfect gentleman to Sami. He will be the perfect father, and her best friend. Before long, she will end up in his bed. Nicole isn’t sure how he will pull that off with Lucas around.

Kayla thinks the swing looks too complicated. Steve beams. He is the “super patch man.” Nothing is too complicated for him to work on if it’s for Joe or Kayla. He thinks it will help them both if they work on things for the nursery. Kayla agrees to read the directions while Steve puts the swing together. Kayla opens the instructions and grins. Unless speaking Swedish is one of his superpowers, they are in big trouble.

EJ lays into Lucas. He will show Sami that there is more to her life than just living with that poisonous dwarf. He treats Sami like a lady, and Lucas treats her like a schoolgirl. She has to see that eventually. He has to convince her that he is more of an adult than Lucas is.

Lexie confides in Hope and tells her that her and Abe’s marriage is on the rocks.

Bo and Nick talk about Chelsea, and Nick fills Bo in on the fact that Chelsea dumped him.

Daniel and the guys continue taking shots. Carrington leers in Chelsea’s direction, calling her a “little hottie.” Daniel shifts uncomfortably.

Dean Robbins (played by Roscoe Born), head of the physics department, arrives. Nick introduces him to Maggie, and Robbins gets the crowd’s attention. He talks a bit about all the hard work Nick has done on his prototype. He presents Nick with a check. Nick fidgets.

Steve thinks he has finished the swing even without understanding the instructions. He and Kayla talk about his mom, Jo, who is coming for a visit soon. Steve thinks she will be proud they named the baby after her. Kayla sighs and looks at the swing. What’s next? Steve tries moving in for a kiss, but Kayla tells him to get back to work. He grumbles about her being a slave driver. He heads out of the living room so they can work on their next project.

Whitaker tells Carrington and Daniel that he is going to try to hook up with the hot brunette. Carrington chuckles and points at Daniel. She is the pancreas donor he worked on. Whitaker shrugs. At least she still has all the right parts.

Robbins takes Nick aside and speaks with him confidentially.

Whitaker saunters over to Chelsea and leers. He wants her to join him for a cocktail.

Lexie tells Hope about her and Abe’s problems with long hours and their disagreement on how Theo’s speech therapy should be handled. She and Abe disagree about everything, and it’s nearly impossible to get along.

Robbins and Nick are joined by Bo and Robbins tells Bo how bright Nick’s future is. Nick admits that he had help with some of his equations. He doesn’t deserve to get the funding.

Steve finishes working on a stroller and puts a few final touches on the swing. Kayla reminds him that he might pay money next time to have the store put it together themselves. Steve finishes it on his own anyway and decides to test it out by putting a teddy bear in the seat. As soon as he starts the swing, it falls apart into a thousand tiny pieces. Steve groans.

Robbins chuckles warmly and insists that Nick deserves the credit. Even Einstein got second opinions on his work. He proposes another toast to Nick, praising him as an educator and innovator.

Hope tells Lexie that Abe shouldn’t be ashamed of going to marriage counseling. Lexie says they have had one session, and it actually went well. Perhaps Abe is getting used to the idea.

Chelsea politely thanks Whitaker and refuses the drink. He sulks and stomps back over to Carrington and Daniel. They both roar with laughter. Carrington tells Whitaker to give it up. He is old enough to be the girl’s father. Chelsea glares at Daniel and stomps off. Whitaker isn’t so sure age is the problem here. He saw the way she was mooning over Daniel. Daniel stammers.

EJ downs another drink and Nicole tells him to slow down. EJ laughs, saying that that’s an odd sentiment, coming from her. Nicole leans in coyly. She knows of the perfect way to make jealous. Does he want to hear it?

Steve puts the finishing touches on the swing and heads out to the room as Kayla tests it again. This time it stays together and appears to work. Steve comes back with a stuffed giraffe, which Kayla loves, and also a camera. He explains that they can hook it up to a computer. Joe can have his own website. They’ll have everything. Kayla bawls. Everything except a baby.

Chelsea glares at Daniel again and stomps off. Whitaker jokes with Daniel. Maybe she wants to experience his bed-side manner. Carrington goes into convulsions. He wipes tears from his eyes and tells Daniel that he saw Chelsea follow him into the doctor’s locker room the other day. Daniel blushes. He swears that nothing happened.

Nicole tells EJ that he needs to set it up so that Sami walks in on him and another woman in bed, just like Lucas did. EJ gets it and grins slyly. Who might that woman be? Nicole isn’t sure. It ought to be someone that makes Sami jealous. EJ tells Nicole he gets it, and he is flattered. Nicole huffs. Why does he think she is talking about herself? She goes into a tirade. EJ tells her she protests too much. Nicole caves and admits she meant EJ should sleep with her. No one is more suited than Nicole to give Sami a taste of her own medicine.

Bo toasts Maggie for beginning the green trend in Salem. Maggie toasts Nick in turn for his important work for the planet. Max walks in and Stephanie rushes over, wondering if he is ok. Max stares blankly.

Kayla frets about the baby and Steve tries to soothe her.

EJ tells Nicole that if he didn’t love Sami, he would sleep with her in a heartbeat, but he fears that Nicole’s ruse will just drive Sami straight into Lucas’ arms. She may just hate Nicole enough to hate EJ for sleeping with her. Nicole says that’s fine. That just means that they can be together. EJ tells her that it isn’t going to happen. Nicole smiles and says that a girl can dream. She excuses herself to the restroom. EJ orders another round of drinks, saying that the party is just getting started.

Daniel takes a call and tells everyone he has to go after hanging up. He says goodbye to Bo, and leaves. Chelsea watches him leave and frowns. Bo walks over and tells her that Daniel left.

Maggie offers Max champagne. Max catches sighs of Dean Robbins and claims he has to go. He tells Stephanie to congratulate Nick. Stephanie stares as Max rushes off.


Ava tells Marlena, “EJ said that you're a really great psychiatrist, and I could use someone to talk to.”

John tells Abe, “So I have to admonish you, Commissioner. You go out there and you do your job. Catch the bad guy.”

Stephanie tells Max, “I want to know why you ran out of Chez Rouge when we were toasting Nick.”

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