Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/28/08

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/28/08


Written By Jenni
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Chit-Chat Haven

At the pub, Pete the bartender brings Ava a drink. She inquires about internet access, and when Pete tells her they have wi-fi, she opens her computer and gets online. Pete brings her a vodka tonic and she grins. She picks it up and sighs, “Hello, old friend.”

Morgan sits nearby with Max, who is reviewing a paper she turned in for class. He points out a grammatical error, and Morgan explains that her teacher is meeting her here to talk about the paper. Mark and David, the two cameramen who have been shadowing Stephanie and Morgan’s internships walk into the pub. Morgan wonders where Stephanie is.

At the hospital, Stephanie takes Kayla down to see Joe. Steve joins them and tells Kayla that the car is out front. They can leave whenever she is ready. Kayla bursts into tears at the thought of leaving Joe in the hospital. She can’t do it. She can’t leave him.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena speaks with her secretary on the phone about some upcoming appointments. EJ comes in looking for Sami, and starts to head upstairs. Marlena stops him. She tells EJ that Sami is upstairs with Lucas and the twins. Marlena wishes that EJ wouldn’t disturb them.

In Phillip’s room at the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe and Phillip make love. Nicole walks in, saying that she needs to talk to Phillip right away. She spies them in bed and gasps, “Oh! Ugh! That is not right.”

Max tells Morgan that Stephanie is with her parents right now. Mark and David set up their camera equipment and get ready to tape. Mark goes into convulsions when he recognizes Max as a famous racecar driver. He wonders what Max is doing these days. Pete walks over before Max can answer and asks if he can cover his shift the following night. Mark gapes. Max explains that his family owns the pub and he is helping them out for now. Besides, shouldn’t Mark be focusing on Morgan? Mark agrees, shame-faced, and goes back to taping Morgan. Morgan talks about Tony, and how rewarding it is to work for a creative genius. When she mentions that Tony is on his honeymoon, Max makes a joke about how long the marriage might last. Anna, after all, is a bit high-maintenance. Max decides that he had better get down to the docks and start cleaning up after last night’s chaos. Mark shakes his head. They said Max was the next Jeff Gordon. Max retorts. He and Jeff have one thing in common-they’ve both won zero races this year. Besides, wasn’t it Mark that left his camera on “accidentally” after the women’s softball team headed for the locker room? Mark blushes and takes the hint. He backs off. Max and Morgan talk about John. She says that she wouldn’t be surprised if he was guilty. Max wonders if that means that her father is guilty, too.

Ava pulls up a newspaper article online, saying that EJ Wells has been indicted for fraud. Ava flashes back to begging EJ to represent her in court.

EJ tells Marlena that he just wants to see his son. She reminds him that he mentioned wanting to see Sami, too. EJ huffs. He knows there were words exchanged yesterday, and he wants to make sure everything is alright. Marlena understands why Lucas reacted the way he did, but EJ doesn’t think there is anything untoward about a husband and wife being in bed together. Marlena thinks that EJ was glad that Lucas walked in on him and Sami in bed. She bets that he hopes this will end Lucas and Sami’s relationship.

Chloe tells Nicole to get out and Nicole lays into her. She tells Phillip that she assumed he could buy someone attractive with all of his money. Chloe flies out of bed and makes to attack Nicole. Nicole covers her eyes dramatically and winces, telling Chloe to put some clothes on. She is Phillip’s stepmother, since Victor is gone, so what she says goes. She tells Chloe to get out so that she can talk to Phillip.

Steve tells Kayla that they have a nice surprise for her at home. She can come back to visit Joe later. Kayla refuses. She needs to see her son. Steve heads off to talk to a nurse, and comes back shortly saying that they can all go in and see the baby. Stephanie wheels Kayla inside and she stares inside Joe’s incubator. She smiles, telling him not to worry, as his mother is here for him now.

Chloe and Nicole continue to argue. Phillip jumps out of bed, threatening Nicole. She takes in an eyeful and tells him that he could do so much better than Chloe. She’s just boobs and hair with no substance. Phillip grabs Nicole and pushes her outside. She yells after him to make sure he gets his shots as he slams the door in her face.

EJ reminds Marlena that Lucas is only out of jail thanks to him. Why would he have gone to the trouble of helping him if he considered him a threat? Marlena isn’t sure about that, but she was wondering why he helped Lucas. She and EJ argue about whether or not Sami and Lucas will get back together. EJ doesn’t think they will, but Marlena does. She thinks they were meant to be together. EJ wonders if she is telling him to give up on Sami. Would she do the same for John? Marlena admits that she will never give up on John. EJ nods. Then he won’t be giving up on Sami, either.

Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie gather around Joe and talk to him. Steve is glad he got his mother’s looks. Stephanie promises to be a great big sister, and give him tips on how to deal with their parents. Steve jokes that he’s glad another male is around to balance out all the estrogen. Kayla tells Joe that he gave them all a big scare. He has to get better soon. Steve thinks he will be fine. Heck, he may even grow up to be a ball player. Stephanie wants him to be a racecar driver, of course. A nurse comes by to tell them their time is up. Kayla tells Joe how much they all love him, and she promises to come back soon.

EJ tells Marlena that he doesn’t think Lucas will take Sami back, but he has no intention of interfering in their relationship. If Sami chooses to be with him, he wants her to choose him of her own free will. He and Marlena talk briefly about John’s case. Marlena wonders if EJ thinks John is innocent. EJ insists that it doesn’t matter what he thinks.

Ava frets as she reads over some past articles about EJ. Nicole comes in and overhears Ava ordering a Mojito. She sidles over to Ava and orders the same drink. She makes small talk about seeing Ava in the papers. She hopes her father left her a big inheritance. Ava is flabbergasted as Nicole drones on about her dog and fashion. She really loves Ava’s shoes. Maybe they should take a trip to Chicago to go shopping. Ava gapes. They don’t even know each other. Nicole shrugs. They both have great taste in shoes and drinks. Sounds like the start of a beautiful friendship to her. She sits down, asks Ava to pay for the drinks, and expresses interest in getting to know Ava.

Phillip apologizes to Chloe. Nicole can be a huge bitch. Chloe chuckles. Maybe that is why her best friend is a dog. Chloe thanks Phillip for defending her. The way he manhandled Nicole was hot. Phillip smiles. He just wishes that Chloe were staying in Salem. Chloe isn’t sure that that is a good idea. She doesn’t want to put Phillip in an awkward position. Phillip sighs. He guesses he will have to beg. He gets down on one knee and pleads with Chloe to stay in town. Chloe finally relents, and Phillip moves in for a kiss, saying that this calls for something special. He attacks her and they fall back on to the bed.

Nicole checks out Pete the bartender’s butt and confides in Ava that she’d like to have some of that, but her divorce isn’t yet final. Ava picked up on her last name when Nicole introduced herself, and she asks if she is married to Victor. Nicole complains about Victor and Ava thinks she’s lucky she made it to the divorce. Ava never even got married. Steve left her at the altar. Nicole nods sympathetically. All men are scum—except for the cute ones. She winks at Pete. Ava and Nicole have a few more drinks and continue to chat.

Stephanie and Steve lead a blindfolded Kayla down a strange hallway. Finally, they arrive at a door, open it, and take Kayla’s blindfold off. Steve and Stephanie have gotten them all a new, fully-furnished apartment. A surprised Kayla walks around and oohs and ahhs at the amenities. Stephanie tells Kayla about all the bad design choices she had to talk Steve out of. Steve grumbles. He at least wants to hang his Bears pennant. Stephanie gets a text message and freaks. She forgot she was supposed to be at the pub, says goodbye and rushes off. Steve is glad they have the place to themselves. He moves in for a kiss. Kayla thanks him for the surprise. This place is perfect.

Ava gives Nicole some background on her father, her relationship with Steve, and the years she was kept drugged and locked up by her dad. She hasn’t even dated anyone since she was with Steve. Nicole gasps. Doesn’t she ever get urges? Ava smiles ruefully. Not since Steve. Nicole chuckles. She knows they can find her a guy with two good eyes. Nicole can be her wing woman. She can see that Ava would be a huge stud magnet. EJ walks in and Nicole eyes him. Speaking of studs, here comes one now. EJ comes over and Nicole asks about her divorce case. Ava laughs. EJ is representing her, too.

Marlena heads down to the station to talk to Roman. He thinks she is there about John, and he tells her that the man she fell in love with isn’t coming back. Roman sighs. He just doesn’t want her wasting her life on a fantasy. Marlena says she is sure that the key to getting John back is on that disk stolen from his house. Roman isn’t so sure, and reminds her of the impending drug charges. Marlena is convinced that the drugs were planted. She tells Roman that she came by to talk about Sami, anyway, not John. Roman wonders what she has done now. Marlena chuckles. How much time does he have?

EJ wonders how Ava and Nicole know each other. Nicole giggles drunkenly. That is just one of their many secrets. She invites EJ to join them, and he agrees.

Mark, Morgan and their professor talk about her paper and Mark’s upcoming script at the film festival. Stephanie rushes in, apologizing for being so late. Their professor points at a picture of Nick on the school paper’s front page. He thinks this guy is going places, and so are the rest of them. Max looks on unhappily. If they all keep up their hard work, they’ll be on the fast track to some great careers. Stephanie pulls Max aside, sensing that something is wrong. He denies it, and she asks if he will be coming to the big dinner held in Nick’s honor. Max isn’t sure, but Stephanie urges him to come. It’s as much for him as it is for Nick.

EJ tells Nicole that a preliminary hearing has been set for her divorce proceedings. She thanks him and heads off, saying she has to go. EJ and Ava talk about her case. EJ tells her that he has set up an appointment with the D.A. to hear his offer for a plea bargain. Ava frets. She did some horrible things. EJ is sure that the D.A. will go easy on her after he learns that she was under the influence of wrongly prescribed drugs the whole time.

Phillip and Chloe head into the bar, clearly into each other. Morgan stares after them curiously.

Roman gapes. He can’t believe that Sami slept with EJ. He wonders how Lucas is reacting. Will he be able to take her back after this? Marlena isn’t sure, but she’s sure that EJ isn’t giving up on Sami anytime soon. Roman groans. He wonders how Sami gets herself into these situations. Marlena sighs. She isn’t sure, but she fears that Sami will lose both EJ and Lucas before all is said and done.

Steve tries to get Kayla to relax and think about what she wants for dinner, but Kayla is too distracted thinking about Joe. She doesn’t feel like this is home until their baby comes home. Steve assures her that the baby will be fine. He promises that he ill be home soon.


Lexie tells Chelsea, “I just wish I could convince him to stick around.” Chelsea replies, “That would require a commitment and we all know how Daniel feels about that.”

Nicole tells EJ, “If Sami signs the annulment papers, then it's over.” EJ leans in, “She has already signed the annulment papers.” Nicole backs up in surprise, "What?"

Nick asks Stephanie, "Where is Max?" She replies, "I don't know." Nick says, "He should be here. He had a lot to do with getting me my funding."

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