Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/27/08

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/27/08


Written By Jenni
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At the DiMera mansion, John wakes up to find himself handcuffed to a chair. Marlena urges him to open his eyes. He wants to know what’s going on, and Marlena tells him that he was out of control, so she sedated him. Roman nods. They have to haul him in. He assaulted an officer, resisted arrest, and on top of that, he’s suspected of drug smuggling. Sami comes in, asking what’s going on. John tells her that Marlena drugged him. Sami can’t believe it. Marlena fills her in on what’s going on. Sami can’t believe the charges against John. EJ comes in and asks if anyone needs a lawyer.

Daniel comes to the pub to meet Bo. He knows Bo didn’t say why he wanted to see him, but he assumes that it must be about Chelsea.

At the station, Ava arrives to sign some papers relating to the release of her father’s body. Chelsea comes in and gasps. What the hell is she doing here? A confused Ava wonders what Chelsea’s problem is. Chelsea snorts, “My problem is you, bitch.”

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe knocks at Phillip’s door, and he opens up half-dressed. Chloe says she needs to talk. First, she wanted to tell him how proud she is of the way he handled Abe and his questions. She’s also sorry that she was so jealous of Morgan. She agreed to the “friends with benefits” arrangement, and she should have honored that. Anyway, she wanted to come by to tell him that she is leaving Salem. Phillip wonders why. Chloe says she wants to get a job and a home far away from here. Phillip wonders why she can’t stay here in Salem. Chloe refuses. Phillip moves in for a kiss.

Ava wonders who the hell Chelsea is and what her problem is. Chelsea introduces herself as Bo’s daughter. Ava nods. So it’s his problem, not hers. Chelsea rants and raves about Ava’s involvement with the plane crash and the kidnapping. Ava says she knows that what she did was wrong, but she was sick. She’s better now, and can’t dwell on the past. Chelsea huffs. She tells Ava to stay the hell away form her family.

Bo tells Daniel that he is looking into making the pub eco-friendly, and he knows he did the same with that hospital. Maggie and Nick come over and Maggie talks about making Chez Rouge an environmentally friendly restaurant. Nick asks Daniel if he as any ideas for the pub.

John tells EJ that he needs his help. He tells him that Roman is arresting him falsely. Roman tells EJ what happened and tells him what John is being charged with. Sami defends John, and he offers EJ double the money if he can get him out of these handcuffs. EJ shrugs apologetically. There isn’t a whole lot he can do, since he hit a police officer. Roman calls for some extra guards so they can take John down to the station. Sami asks EJ to help John. EJ agrees and promises to follow the police down to the station. Later, Lucas comes in from playing with Allie. Sami fills him in on what’s going on with John. Lucas can’t believe it. He guesses the mew John is capable of anything. Sami thinks he is more compassionate and tolerant now. They talk about the twins and how big they’re getting. Lucas is sorry he missed so much time with them. Sami asks for Lucas’ forgiveness. He isn’t so sure, since she said she had feelings for EJ. As EJ himself listens outside, Sami swears that she isn’t in love with EJ. She just meant to say that he was good with the twins and she was attracted to him. That’s all.

Ava tells Chelsea that she is out on bail. She can’t leave town. She does admire what Chelsea did for her father, and she’s sorry about what happened. Abe comes over and gives Ava the papers she needs to claim Martino’s body. Ava grumbles. Does she have to bury the SOB herself? Abe tells her that she can hire someone to take care of the body and the funeral, but that decision is up to her. Ave heads off and Chelsea asks Abe if he has seen Bo. Abe tells her that Bo is at the pub, and Chelsea heads off. Roman brings a struggling John into the station.

Phillip and Chloe kiss. Henderson comes up with an express letter for Chloe. She tears into it an announces that it’s her divorce papers. Finally, she’s a free woman. She and Phillip kiss.

Sami tells Lucas again that she has feelings for EJ, but she isn’t in love with him. She’s in love with Lucas. EJ stomps in the room, saying that that’s good to know. Now he needs to tend to his uncle. He heads for his briefcase, and so does Sami, who is looking for the annulment papers. They tussle for a bit and EJ hands them over, saying his part is signed. He tells Sami to have a nice life and leaves in a huff. Sami signs the papers as Lucas looks on.

Daniel isn’t sure that he can help Bo. His experience is mainly with hospitals. Maggie isn’t sure it would be much different. Once you have made the commitment to go green, the rest follows easily enough. Daniel thought that Nick knew more about this than he did. Nick insists that he is only involved in the transportation side of things. He brings up Daniel’s hydrogen car, which is a prototype not even on the market yet. Daniel picks up on the fact that Nick isn’t comfortable and asks Nick what the problem is. Nick thinks he should ask Chelsea, who walks in just then. She wonders what they need to ask her.

Chloe tells Phillip that she can’t lie. Part of her thought that Brady might change his mind. Phillip thinks that Brady is a fool. He knows this is hard for her now, but it’s for the best. Does she really want to be with someone that doesn’t love her? Phillip thinks she deserves better, but Chloe is less enthusiastic. Phillip tells her that just because love didn’t work out for them the first time doesn’t mean it won’t. Chloe and Phillip both move in and kiss. Chloe undresses Phillip and they begin to make love.

Bo wonders what’s going on as Chelsea, Nick and Daniel all stare at each uncomfortably. He gets a call from Hope and heads off. Nick tells them that he has a class to teach and leaves. Daniel starts to go, too, but Chelsea stops him.

Marlena tells Abe that John is a special case. He can’t really be confined because of what happened with Stefano. John shudders. Sometimes his instincts just take over, and he does what he was programmed to do. Abe wants to talk about the drugs, but John says he doesn’t know anything about them. EJ comes in in a rage, yelling at Abe for the list of John’s civil liberties the cops violated. Ava listens outside, and seems impressed by EJ.

Lucas and Sami play with the twins and Lucas talks about how big they’ve become. Sami tells him that Allie has just started walking. Lucas tells Sami that Allie looks just like her and has her eyes. They talk about EJ and how they will have to let him be involved in Johnny’s life. Sami tells Lucas that everything will be fine. He is back, and she signed annulment papers. Their problems with EJ are over. Sami wonders if Lucas wants to start over. Lucas isn’t sure. Sami tells him that she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She needs him to forgive her so they can move on.

Daniel and Chelsea exchange pleasantries until a woman and her small daughter interrupt them. The woman reminds her that he operated on her daughter and saved her life. Daniel stoops down to talk to Monica, and she hugs Daniel and thanks him. Daniel thanks her, and tells Monica that she has made his day. The woman smiles and tells Chelsea that Daniel is an honest-to-God angel. She and Monica leave. Chelsea beams. She thinks that Daniel is like a rock star with the way people practically worship him. Daniel blushes.

Abe takes John down to book him as Marlena asks to speak to Roman in private. EJ follows John and Abe, as Ava stares after him. Marlena begs Roman to be sympathetic to John’s situation. Roman understands his delicate mental state, but they aren’t exactly dealing with the old John here. This new John could very well be guilty. EJ comes back and Ava approaches him. He recognizes her from the papers, and she tells him that she is impressed with his skills. She wants him to take on her case.

Sami hopes Lucas will be able to get past this, but he isn’t sure. He’s having difficulty accepting her being in bed with another man. Sami is sorry, but Lucas isn’t sure that’s good enough. Maybe he just needs time to get over this. Sami pleads with him. He is one of the few good things in her life. She signed the annulment so nothing would be in the way of them being together. He is the love of her life, and she wants to prove that to him. Sami moves in for a kiss.

EJ refuses to take Ava’s case. She begs him to rethink his decision.

Marlena asks Roman to empathize with her instead. She lost her husband, and if Roman and the police traumatize John, he may never regain his memories. Roman says he is sorry, but his hands are tied. Abe brings John back in from booking. John glares at Roman.

EJ explains that his caseload is full, but Ava is confident that EJ can handle her case as well as John’s. Besides, she will pay him double whatever John is paying.

Outside the pub, Chelsea worries that Daniel might only think she likes him because of his hot shot career. She wants him to know that that isn’t true. Daniel’s phone rings and he answers, saying that it isn’t a good time.

Chloe gets dressed and tells Phillip that this was a mistake. Phillip doesn’t think so. He wonders why she is so upset. Chloe thinks that this was a rebound kind of thing for her, and that isn’t fair to him. Philip smiles. He can take care of himself. He kisses her and she responds.

Daniel tells the person that he will meet them right away, but it has to stay between them. He hangs up, tells Chelsea to say goodbye for him, and leaves. Chelsea huffs.

EJ agrees to take Ava’s case and gives her his card. She thanks him and leaves, promising to be in touch soon. EJ sits down and puts his head in his hands. He flashes back to Sami signing the annulment papers.

Lucas breaks off the kiss, saying that he will definitely need time. He walks away. Sami sighs.

Roman asks for a guard to escort John to lockup. Abe is sorry, but they don’t have a choice. John pleads with Marlena to help him. He can’t do this.


EJ asks Marlena, “Is Samantha here? I'll go upstairs, then.“ Marlena stops him, “She's with Lucas and the twins. I wish you wouldn't go up.”

Kayla cries and stares at Joe, “I can't do it. I can't leave him.”

Nicole walks in on Phillip and Chloe in bed, "Phillip, we really need to talk about-- Oh! Ugh! That is not right.”

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