Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/26/08

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/26/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
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At the DiMera mansion, Roman tells John that the drugs found at the docks were in his shipping containers. John fumes. If Phillip wants war, he’s got it. Roman sighs. John can’t really believe that Phillip had anything to do with this. Marlena says she doesn’t believe John had anything to do with it, either. Roman says this is serious. A half million dollars of cocaine was found. John continues to blame Phillip. He would never bring drugs in. He knows how tight security is around here. Marlena can believe that Victor might be behind such a thing, but not Phillip. He doesn’t play dirty like his father does. She asks John for a promise that he had nothing to do with any of this.

At the pub, EJ and Phillip sit at separate table in an empty pub. EJ asks why Phillip isn’t curious about what’s going on down at the docks. Everyone else seemed pretty interested, and he knows Phillip has interests down there. Chloe bursts in and tells them that they found a huge shipment of drugs down at the docks. Some people are even saying there was a shootout. Stephanie comes in behind Chloe and yelps, “Max!”

Upstairs at the DiMera mansion, Lucas finishes kissing Sami and tells her he thought about that all the time in prison. He has never changed in his feelings for her. She is the one that’s confused. Sami huffs. He told her that he didn’t want to see her. Lucas explains that he didn’t want to put her through having to see him in jail. Sami says she may have made a wrong assumption, but at least she didn’t shoot anyone. Lucas groans. He took responsibility for what he did. Sami nukes. He has no idea how hard this has been for her! She loves him, but he took himself out of her life. Lucas asks why her next move was to turn to EJ. Does she love him or something? Sami huffs. Lucas rolls his eyes. This is just great. What are they, one bug unhappy family?

Chloe tells Stephanie that the gunfight is unconfirmed, but there are a lot of cops down there. Stephanie heads outside in a panic as Max rushes up. She hugs him, telling him how worried she has been. She tells him about the gunfight and Max laughs it off. There weren’t any bad guys around. The cops just found some drugs, that’s all. Max and Stephanie hug. Nicole walks by, makes a face, and heads into the pub. She smiles at Phillip and EJ. She asks EJ if he knows why she is smiling. He doesn’t, so she tells him that she got her dog back. Pookie was smiling and wagging her tail, and Nicole is thrilled. Phillip thinks she was probably baring her teeth. Nicole tells him to lighten up and goes to order a round of drinks for everyone to celebrate. Phillip reminds her that she doesn’t have any money. Nicole says he can buy them then. She’d like a dirty martini. She eyes EJ and smiles. She’d like it really, really dirty.

Sami asks Lucas to stop making jokes. He wants to know why she doesn’t answer his question about EJ. She tells him that the question offends her. EJ was around to help her with the twins when Lucas couldn’t be. Lucas fumes. He doesn’t want that SOB anywhere near his daughter. Sami reminds him that Allie shouldn’t have to suffer because of the insane things Lucas did. Lucas explodes. Insane? What does she call Mr. Rapist‘s acts, then? Sami sighs. All three of them are very flawed, but they need to try to put everything behind them and do what’s right for the kids. Lucas agrees. Sami asks him if he is going to try to take Allie away, or if is he willing to come back into their lives and start over.

Marlena asks John if he had anything to do with the drugs. John breezes past her and Roman, saying he is going down there himself. Roman stops him. He can’t go, as the whole area is considered a restricted crime scene. John grumbles about Phillip. Marlena defends him. John growls at her to pick a side. Marlena tells him this isn’t a game. John nods. It’s war. He’s going to prove his innocence to Salem’s finest by getting down to the dock. Roman stops him again, saying that he isn’t going to do that.

Max explains to Stephanie that his boss called him and told him not to come to work. He stops a police officer passing by and asks for any new information, but the cop can’t tell him anything and moves on. Max tells Stephanie that he was scheduled to be working right next to the dock where the drugs were found. Stephanie is just glad he wasn’t in any danger. After all that has happened wit her brother, she doesn’t know what she would do if she lost him. Max promises that he isn’t going anywhere. They hug.

Nicole asks EJ and Phillip about the drug bust. Chloe makes a snide remark about Nicole’s drinking. Nicole wonders what her problem is, then asks Chloe if this is all hitting a bit too close to home. After all, she did turn her husband into an addict. Phillip tells Nicole to cool it. Nicole scoffs. Brady kicked Chloe to the curb, and two seconds later, she’s slobbering over Phillip. Chloe calls Nicole a bitch. Phillip asks them both to calm down.

Lucas isn’t sure. He wants to be with her. But she made a pretty big mistake. It isn’t as if she put his socks in the wrong drawer. Sami whines. He told her to move on, and that’s what she did. Lucas says that he didn’t tell her to move on with EJ. In fact, he didn’t tell her to sleep with EJ the first time. Sami snorts. She only did it to save his life. Lucas isn’t so sure anymore. She’s resourceful, and she could have found another way. Maybe she wanted to sleep with EJ all along, and this gave her the perfect opportunity. Sami tells him to get out. He storms off and she bursts into tears. Later, Lucas comes back and apologizes. He was just trying to hurt her and that was wrong. Sami grumbles. It worked. Lucas tells her that he is just bowled over by everything. The shock of Sami living here with John and Rolf was enough, but when he saw her in bed with EJ, he snapped. Sami wonders how he would have reacted if it had been someone else. Lucas admits that it would have hurt no matter what, but it hurt even worse that it was EJ. Lucas thinks he’s a snake, and he’s trying to worm his way into Sami’s heart. Sami says that she loves him and missed him. It was torture being apart from him. Lucas thanks her, but he needs her to be honest. Does she have feelings for EJ? Sami nods. Yes, she does.

EJ asks Nicole to come over to the bar. Chloe tosses her hair. Why is Nicole even here? Nicole says she’s here to get drunk now that Chloe has showed up. Max and Stephanie come in and Max tells Nicole that she can just leave money on the bar. Max tells Stephanie that he’s going to head down to the docks to find out what’s going on. First, he pulls Phillip aside, asking to have a word. Max tells Phillip that he doesn’t want to be accusatory, but he knows what was going on between him and John. Did he have something to do with what happened today? Phillip snorts. What happened to not accusing anyone? Does Max think that he got some illegal drugs and planted them down there? Max says it’s common knowledge that Victor used to deal them. Phillip tells him to watch himself. He had nothing to do with this. Abe walks over, saying that might or might not be true. He has some questions for Phillip.

John tells Roman to get out of his way. His business interests and freedom are at stake here. Marlena tells John that she has chosen a side. If it turns out that the Kiriakis’ have planted these drugs, she will side with John. Roman tells John to stay right there. Roman grabs him and John hits him. Roman goes down like a sack of potatoes. Marlena notes that he’s bleeding and goes off to get him something for it. Roman says he is fine. John tells him to get out of his house, then. Roman shakes his head. In fact, John is under arrest.

Sami reminds Lucas that he said it himself-- she isn’t the kind of person to have sex with someone she doesn’t care about. Lucas gets it. She has moved on. Sami says that isn’t true, either. She may have feelings for EJ, but she loves Lucas. EJ has changed, and after all the times her family has forgiven her, she has to be able to forgive, too. Lucas asks what she wants. His blessing? EJ is manipulative. Sami thinks Lucas is being hypocritical. He shot EJ, but EJ forgave him. Sami takes a call from Mickey and thanks him. She tells Lucas it’s just as she suspected--he never would have been freed from prison if it weren’t for EJ. EJ signed a statement on Lucas’ behalf. Lucas grins. That was clever of him. He didn’t really want Lucas to get out; he wanted to soften Sami up so he could seduce her. Sami sighs. EJ didn’t seduce, manipulate, or trick her. She wanted him.

Abe asks to talk to Phillip and private and they go off to the corner. Nicole whistles. That didn’t look good. Chloe tells her to keep her opinions to herself. Nicole taunts her about Phillip’s impending arrest. Chloe tells Nicole not to push her. Nicole says she wouldn’t want to unless Chloe were at the top of a light of stairs. EJ breaks it up. He wants to take Nicole home for coffee. Nicole scoffs. And leave him here with this she-piranha?

Abe tells Phillip that drugs were found in John’s containers and Phillip seems to be surprised. Abe asks if he had anything to do with this. Phillip reminds Abe that his father’s business has been legitimate for years. Abe asks about Phillip’s war with John and asks if he set this up to win. Phillip says he wouldn’t be so stupid. Abe isn’t so sure that he isn’t too clever for his own good. Phillip insists that he had nothing to do with any of this.

Stephanie wonders why Abe is questioning Phillip. Max says that Phillip has major interests down there. They’ll probably be questioning a lot of people. Stephanie wonders if that will include John.

Roman arrests John for assaulting a police officer and possibly trafficking. John struggles. No one locks him up. Marlena tries to soothe him, saying she will go with him. Roman tries to cuff John, who flashes back to being cuffed to the chair in the basement. He shrieks, “No cuffs!”

Max wishes he could spend time with Stephanie, but he has to get back to work. He surveys the empty pub and wonders if anyone is coming back. Stephanie hopes they don’t. She dives in for a kiss.

EJ tells Nicole that if she wants to build a legitimate divorce case against Victor, then she has to stop wandering around town picking fights with people. She needs to go home. She bats her eyelashes. Not without him.

Phillip asks Abe if they are done here. He’s run out of ways to tell him he wasn’t involved. Abe says he believes him less the more he protests. Abe’s phone rings and he takes a call. Phillip asks if he has any news. Abe thinks Phillip looks worried.

Lucas gets. EJ was so sweet and adorable that Sami just had to jump his bones. Lucas doesn’t get it. He catches her in bed, and now he’s the jerk? Sami sighs. She was facing the rest of her life without him. That was a definite bottom for her. EJ was sweet and understanding, and he was good with the twins. Lucas doesn’t want to hear about it, but Sami says she wants him to understand that she didn’t just jump into bed with EJ for no reason. She tells Lucas that no matter what, he is the love of her life, and she wants to start over with him. She hopes he’ll allow her to prove that she means that.

John insists that no one is locking him up. Roman says he can’t give John special treatment. He agrees to stay there for a little while and talk until John has clamed down. John fumes. He won’t calm down. He’s too angry. Marlena takes a needle out of her bag.

Sami says that she wants a second chance. She loves him and wants them to be together. Lucas reminds her that she said she felt the same way about EJ. EJ isn’t the only person that has changed--she has, too. She is acting like a complete fool and falling for EJ’s scam. Lucas doesn’t think that they can get back together. Sami sobs.

Nicole nuzzles EJ. EJ sighs. For the last time, he is not going home with her.

Phillip tells Abe that he is just concerned about what’s going on. Abe tells him not to leave town. He’s going to want to talk to him again.

Stephanie wonders if Phillip is a suspect. Max hopes not. Whoever is involved is going to be put away for a long time. Stephanie doesn’t think Phillip has much motive. He is already rich. Max says there is something she has to know. Those drugs weren’t found on Phillip’s ships. They were found on John’s.

Roman urges John to clam down so they can talk about this. Marlena sneaks up behind John and jabs him with the needle. John crumples to the floor. John looks up at Marlena balefully. He trusted her. She is sorry, but she knows they would have hurt him if he didn’t comply. She couldn’t let that happen.


Daniel asks Bo, “You didn't say why you wanted to see me. This is about Chelsea, isn't it?”

Chelsea asks Ava, “What the hell are you doing here?” Ava scoffs, “What's your problem?” Chelsea snorts, “My problem is you, bitch.”

Chloe tells Phillip, “I came to say goodbye, Phillip. I'm leaving Salem.”

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