Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/23/08

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/23/08


Written By Jenni
Pictures by Juanita and
Chit-Chat Haven

Lexie and Daniel make small talk in the locker room of the hospital. Neither of them have been sleeping very well. Daniel thinks that being chief of staff is a tough job. Lexie says it isn’t even her job. That’s the easy part of her life. Daniel tells her that she can open up to him anytime she wants. Lexie sighs. She’s not going to lie. Things have been tough at home with her husband.

In Sami’s room at the DiMera mansion, Marlena brings in a breakfast tray for Sami. Sami sighs. It looks nice, but it won’t fix her problem. Lucas is never going to forgive her. She slept with EJ--the worst possible thing she could have done. Sami just wishes she could take it back. Marlena understands, but that isn’t possible. She just has to take responsibility for her actions. Sami rants about Lucas not telling her she was coming home. Marlena gently reminds her that she can’t blame Lucas for this. Sami asks Marlena if she thinks Lucas could ever forgive her.

Downstairs in the living room, EJ comes in to find Lucas playing with Allie. EJ tells Lucas that heard half the police force was down here last night. Did he try to leave or something? Lucas rumbles. EJ sighs. He knows Lucas was excited to see Allie and Sami, and he also knows that he was the last person Lucas expected to see here. But they have to make the best of it and act civilized. Lucas snorts. He isn’t civilized. Speaking the Queen’s English doesn’t make it so. EJ tells Lucas that behavior doesn’t make one civilized. Actions do. Lucas laughed. Does EJ really want his actions held up to the light? Especially his actions in regard to Sami?

Lexie tells Daniel that she and Abe both work long hours. They also can’t agree on anything--from finances, to retirement plans, to Theo. She tells Daniel about Theo’s refusal to speak. His pediatrician thinks that Theo needs to see a developmental therapist, and Lexie agrees. She’s afraid to talk to Abe about it though, because he will just hit the roof, and Theo is very perceptive. He can pick up on the tension at home. Daniel thinks that Abe truly loves Lexie. Maybe they just need keep seeing the therapist. Lexie thinks he makes it sound so simple. Daniel chuckles. That doesn’t make his own life any simpler. Lexie asks if he wants to talk, but he says no. Lexie sighs. He’s good at dishing out advice but doesn’t want to take it. Daniel agrees. Lexie tells him they can talk any time he wants to. She’s here for him.

Morgan and Chelsea study at the pub. Morgan heads up to the bar to place an order. Phillip walks over, full of compliments. He wants Morgan to join him, but she explains that she is here with Chelsea. Morgan’s phone rings. It’s her father, Paul, and he wants to meet with her. Morgan agrees and hangs up. Phillip asks her how her father is doing. Morgan glares. He isn’t doing very well, considering the circumstances. Phillip shrugs. Surely she understands that he has to pay for what the did. John strides over and tells Phillip that it will never happen.

Sami cries as Marlena comforts her. She wonders if Lucas will ever forgive her. Marlena isn’t sure, but knows it will take time. Sami bawls. She can’t even talk to Lucas. All she sees behind his eyes is disappointment and betrayal. And then there’s EJ. She doesn’t want to hurt him either. He has been really good with the twins. Marlena is glad that EJ is good with the children, but if Sami really wants to be with Lucas instead, then she has to fight for him.

EJ and Lucas argue about Sami. EJ snorts. He’s done things he isn’t proud of, but at least he never shot anybody. Lucas rages. EJ wonders how long he will be in the house and how long he has to wear that ankle monitor. The twins will be old enough to ask about it pretty soon. He doesn’t want his kids Lucas ignores him. He has the perfect solution to their problem. EJ needs to move out. EJ gapes as Sami and Marlena enter the room. Sami wants to know what’s going on.

John beams at Morgan. He sincerely hopes that she isn’t fraternizing with the enemy. Phillip growls at John to mind his own business. John smiles. How rude. Morgan glares at John. If it weren’t for him, her daddy wouldn’t even be in this situation. She demands that he stay away from her father. John rolls his eyes. Whatever she says. He heads off. Morgan sighs with relief. She really hates that man. Phillip is surprised and pleased that she stood up for him. Her trust means a lot to him. Morgan asks who said she trusted him. She tells him not to get any ideas. At this point, Phillip is just the lesser of two evils.

Abe comes to the hospital to ask Lexie to breakfast. She huffs angrily. Can’t he see that she is busy here. Abe practically growls. When does she plan on coming home tonight? Lexie says it won’t do any good to get upset. Abe tells her that he is just trying to make their relationship a priority. Is that so wrong? She wonders how Abe would feel if she waltzed down to the station and interrupted him. Abe insists that he would find a way to make time for her. Lexie doesn’t believe him. Abe sighs. He guesses their therapy isn’t off to a good start. Lexie smiles and says he is right. She apologizes and agrees to go to breakfast.

Sami demands to know what is going on between EJ and Lucas. They both claim that they’re just having a chat. Marlena senses the tension in the room and tells the three that the twins deserve to be raised in a healthy family environment. She takes Allie out of her playpen for a nap and heads upstairs. EJ thinks Marlena is right. He wants to call a truce. Lucas refuses. He knows damn well that they can’t get along. He thinks he needs to move out and take his daughter with him, if EJ won‘t.

Morgan rejoins Chelsea and tells her that Phillip distracted her. Chelsea continues her studies and tells Morgan about an active volcano in Hawaii that Daniel told her about. Morgan smiles. Maybe he should be helping Chelsea study. What’s going on with them, anyway. Chelsea sighs. It’s complicated. Morgan wants to know if they have kissed. Chelsea says they have, kind of. Morgan says they either have or haven’t. Chelsea admits that they have. Morgan squeals with delight. She is so happy for her. Chelsea tells her that she shouldn’t be yet. She still doesn’t know where she stands with Daniel, but they really click and have great conversations. Phillip interrupts, asking to speak with Morgan. Chelsea heads up to the bar for more coffee. Phillip tells Morgan that he has a proposition for her. If John needs a fall guy, that guy will be her father. If she helps Phillip, he will speak to the DA on behalf of her dad. Morgan asks him what she has to do. He tells her to persuade her father to give Phillip everything that he has on John. Chloe sashays over and smiles icily. Isn’t this cozy?

Abe and Lexie have breakfast in the hospital cafeteria. He thanks her for agreeing to join him. Lexie says she can think of better places to eat, and Abe agrees to set aside a date next week. She and Abe start to talk about Theo, but Abe gets a call. Daniel comes over as Abe excuses himself. She tells Daniel that she and Abe had a nice time at breakfast, and she thanks him for listening. Daniel tells them to take care. Abe comes back over and asks about Theo. She tells him they can talk another time. He asks what is going on with Dr. Jonas. He says they ran into each other earlier and had a chat. Abe asks if it was about them. Lexie is silent. He cant believe she was talking to him about their problems.

Marlena opens the door and finds Roman outside. He came by to follow up on the stolen disk. She asks if she should stay. Roman says no. He just needs to check the perimeter. Marlena tells him that Sami and Rolf are here, but Roman doesn’t want anyone to know he is here. John should know what is going on, but the people that know, the better.

Sami tells Lucas that he can get a new residence, but he can’t take Allie. She doesn’t want to have to court with him. Rolf brings in a bottle of wine and a card that have been delivered for EJ. Sami read the card, “Thanks for last night,” Sami yells about her being slut. Lucas asks if she’s talking about Nicole. EJ explains that they had a business dinner the night before, and that’s all. Sami rages. Lucas says he can see they have a lot to talk about it. Clearly, she is in love with EJ. Sami denies it. Lucas knows it’s true. She wouldn’t have slept with him otherwise. Sami flies off the handle. This never would have happened if he had told her the truth or let her see him. Lucas can’t believe that she is blaming him again. Sami reminds him that he told her to move on. Lucas didn’t mean for her to move on with EJ. She says she was lost and lonely. Lucas accuses EJ of taking advantage, but EJ said she wanted it just as much as she did. Sami says no, then yes. Finally she says she wasn’t forced. Lucas ant believe it. She did want this. How would she feel if he slept with another woman? Sami says that isn’t the issue. EJ has been here for her. He has helped her with the twins. Lucas huffs. She could have hired a nanny. Sami says he knows that isn’t the same. EJ thinks Lucas needs to show Sami some gratitude for raising his child while he was away. Lucas snorts. Gratitude? She slept with the one guy he can’t stand. He thanks Sami sarcastically and huffs off.

Chloe wants to meet Morgan and calls her Phillip’s little girlfriend. Morgan snorts. She is not dating Phillip. Chloe asks Phillip if he has been trolling college campuses for girls these days. Phillip takes her by the arm and takes her across the room. Chelsea comes back over and says that looked like some real drama. Morgan turns around to look at Phillip.

Abe is angry at Lexie for talking to Daniel. They called in a therapist so they could keep this private. Lexie apologizes, but she doesn’t see what the big deal is. Abe tells her that he is angry for talking about their relationship to a stranger. She is probably making him look like the bad guy. She doesn’t understand what the problem is. Abe sighs. He doesn’t even know who the hell she is anymore. He walks off.

Daniel walks over to Morgan and Chelsea and asks what they’re studying. He grimaces at the geology text. This stuff is pretty good if you need to get to sleep. Morgan says she has to go and leaves. Chelsea tells Daniel to tell her whatever he came to say.

Chloe tells Phillip that his little girlfriend is leaving. Phillip groans. He thought they had an arrangement. Chloe says they do. They’re friends with benefits. Phillip nods. Besides, he is single. He can do whatever he wants. Chloe storms out, bumping into EJ as she leaves. She apologizes and they introduce themselves. EJ asks Chloe to have coffee wit him and she agrees. She glares at Phillip as they take a seat. Phillip calls someone, asking if it’s done yet.

Roman explains to John that he just wants to eliminate all the suspects and review all the evidence. John thinks he watches too many crime shows. Marlena tells John that Roman is just trying to help. John says she asked Roman to come, not him. He wants him off his property immediately.

Rolf brings Sami some warm milk upstairs as she cries. She doesn’t care for the milk, but Rolf tries to soothe her anyway. He tells her that the wine Nicole sent over was awful. She clearly has no taste. Sami smiles. She thanks him for saying that and asks him if he has ever done anything horrible enough that he regretted it while he was doing it. Rolf tells her that he just reminds himself that you can’t change the past. The only thing you can change is the future. She tells him to ask Lucas to come see her if Rolf sees him first. Lucas walks in, saying that he is right there.

Daniel says that he doesn’t want things to get awkward between him and Chelsea. They are just friends, and it was wrong of him to kiss her. Chelsea says she needs someone that is loyal and isn’t afraid to love her. That was Nick, and she gave him up for Daniel. Daniel wishes she hadn’t done that. She says that she isn’t saying that to make him feel guilty, but she does need him to be honest with her.

John says that he will have Roman physically removed. Marlena gasps. Roman says it’s ok. He will go. John never filed an official report, so Roman’s business there isn’t in an official capacity. He has no real right to be here. Marlena tells him to wait and asks for a moment alone with John. She asks him what his problem is. John reminds her that Roman is her ex-husband. Marlena sighs. She is just trying to help John out by getting an extra pair of eyes involved. John agrees, and they go into the living room to find Roman admiring Marlena’s picture. John bets he wishes he had one of those in his house. Unfortunately, it’s part of his private collection. Marlena tells Roman that she and John want him to help, and Roman goes off to finish the work he started.

Sami and Lucas exchange uncomfortable hellos. Sami finally breaks down and apologizes. She should never have blamed him for what happened. It was all her own fault. She is the one that screwed up and hurt him. She knows that he cant expect his forgiveness but she does want him to know how very sorry he is. Lucas comes over and tells her about how he used to lie awake at night and think about her. He used to imagine doing this. Lucas takes Sami’s face in his hands and kisses her.

Phillip takes the disk out of his pocket and stares.

EJ tells Chloe that he thinks he saw her in Vienna once. Chloe nods and glares at Phillip. EJ smiles and tells her that if she wants to make Phillip jealous, she needs to look at him, not Phillip. Sirens scream and everyone in the pub mutters in bewilderment. Chloe says it looks like the entire police force is headed down to the docks.

Marlena says that she is going to check on Sami. John tells her to knock first. She could be entertaining. Roman comes back and tells them he has finished making some casts. He just needs to send them to the lab. He takes a call and John glowers. He wishes Marlena wouldn’t have asked him to get involved. Marlena reassures him. Roman wants to be helpful. John grumbles and wonders why. Roman comes back and tells Marlena and John that there has been major police activity down at the docks. It looks like some of John’s shipments were involved. He could be in trouble.


Lucas tells Sami, “I need you to be honest with me. Don't lie to me because I can tell. Do you have feelings for EJ?”

Chloe tells Phillip, “They just found a huge shipment of drugs on the docks, and a lot of people are saying there was some kind of shootout.”

John tells Roman, “I'm not dealing drugs. I will prove that to Salem's finest.” Roman replies, "No, John, you're aren’t going to do that.”

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